Ugly [email protected]@ Cover for Thai Lakorn

Discussion in 'Hmong' started by pangiaxiong, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. pangiaxiong

    pangiaxiong sarNie Adult

    Ok, so who here notice how crappy looking the cover are for some of the thai lakorns that are dubbed by Hmong??? If the voice suck, at least please make the cover better looking. I'm just sick of crappy editing on the cover. I know it's not easy making a cover for each lakorn but hey, you're the one receving our money right? We as customer want good quality cover! And if you can't simply do that, I for one can help you...and for free!!!! No wonder movie/lakorn aren't selling these days, it's b/c it was crappy editing, dubbing and even the cover is badly done! Done ranting.
  2. TubbyTinker

    TubbyTinker You're Average Person :)

    I want to see teh cover Pang....and yeah, I can feel your pain, but cant u return it to get ur money back
  3. kialakornlover

    kialakornlover sarNie Adult

    I see where your gettin at.... :annoyed:
    They never are able to be as good as HMong Dubbers back then. Hmong dubbers back then were the best. But now, all they want is just money. Quick money. They never really cut off parts in Dubbed movies back then. But now they cut off the best scene! Like
    Sao-Chao hi-tech.
    Some of the dubbed movies are hella epensive too. like about $60 per Lakorn or more! so BS right there! :thumbdown: :whatever: :faint:
  4. p. Zoua

    p. Zoua sarNie Oldmaid

    maybe they're too greedy/lazy to hire peeps to make their cover for them...
    I don't buy any movies anymore from Hmong peeps..I get the originals..I mean it's nice having Hmong dubbs but heck I hate them cutting..
  5. pinkdisney32

    pinkdisney32 sarNie Oldmaid

    I've gotta say....HA entertainment makes the ugliest covers ever!
  6. pangiaxiong

    pangiaxiong sarNie Adult

    Thip I would love to show it to you girl and no I can't. Hmong people are greedy [email protected]@ MF. No refund and even sometime if the disc is defect, you can't hardly exchange it b/c there's so many booths that are selling the same drama that they won't believe you. Some will let you exchange but most of them are beeches, so you just have to call the dubber and have them ship out another copy. I hardly buy dubbed lakorn nowadays unless it's one of my fav. lakorn.

    OMG girl, YES!!!!!!!! SCHT, they cut so many parts out. You're right, the Hmong dubbers these days are just out to scam customers. They cut so many parts out of the lakorn, and burn it to cheat [email protected]@ disc, with no freaking cover on it toooo!!! and then sell it at a high price! I always bargained with them, and some are nice enough to lower it, but some make shit up like "Oh, no I can't b/c I bought it very expensive from the owner, so if I lower it, I'll lose my profit..blah blah blah", otherwise if you buy it from the owner itself, they say something like this "Oh no, we can't sell it lower than this b/c we spend a lot of time translating it, making the cover (which is f-up crappy looking btw)..blah blah blah...and that why we can't do that".

    If they too lazy to hire people or greedy, mmmm...I'm sure they're greedy to hire people to make cover, there's are tons of people are there I'm sure that would love to help out for me!!! I don't mind as long as my copy of the lakorn have a nice looking cover.

    LMAO...HA, YKM (tho I usually don't mind them back then b/c I used to love their old dubbers but ever since they changed the dubbers voice for the mains, I stop supporting YKM) and Hmong Production. Gotta say that Hmong Production used to make some pretty nice covers until recently too, when they merged with YKM, then the cover starts looking ugly as heck. Sun production cover are crappy sometime too but at least they don't cut that many parts out and I love their dubbers for the mains voice, but lately they have been cutting a lot of scenes out too. The guy who dubbed for the main pra'ek sounded like he doesn't have any emotion when dubbing, it's so boring listening to his voice lately.

    This whole shit with Hmong dubbers,SERIOUSLY,makes me wanna go learn Thai so that I could dub or sub the lakorn myself, and make it good quality. >.<
  7. bakaPX

    bakaPX sarNie Adult

    Just to make this clear, ALMOST every Hmong Entertainment/production out there makes ugly/crappy covers for their movies.
  8. pangnerlicious

    pangnerlicious sarNie Adult

    like Kula Saen Suay! they juss get randaomm ass pictures of Aom and Jame and put it on the cover.
    i was soo pissed cause i was a big fan of them too. i was like.."wtf, that picture isnt a boran picture..." lol
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  9. pinkdisney32

    pinkdisney32 sarNie Oldmaid

    OMG...I SO agree with all of you! Sometimes they have a scene picture from the lakorn on the cover, but they didn't even dubb that part.
    I wish I knew how to speak Thai.
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  10. pangiaxiong

    pangiaxiong sarNie Adult

    Count me in too. I was actually glad that they decided to dubbed that boran, but one look at the cover and I'm ready to throw a rock at the person who edited the cover. WTF, are you freaking drunk you made this cover or what?! Look like a piece of crap seriously. Even a 12 years old person could of done it better. Grrrr....and those dubbers are complaining that dubbed drama aren't selling anymore and they aren't sure why...well, b/c first of all your dubbing is horrible, your cover is shit, your disc are cheap and w/o cover, also you're selling the lakorn at a BS price!!! Now you know!!!

    Girl, sometimes I wonder why in the world would they do that too. They're just plain STUPID!!! ESP when they put the wrong couples as the main couples on the cover,.... hello?! you dubbed the whole lakorn and couldn't get it straight who's the main and who's not? *roll my eyes
  11. pinkdisney32

    pinkdisney32 sarNie Oldmaid


    Lol, I know right? Someday I'm going to email or call those hmong dubb companies and tell them to not cut too many parts!
  12. pinkdisney32

    pinkdisney32 sarNie Oldmaid

    At first I thought HA entertainment had some bad ass covers, but YKM makes even worse covers.
    Here's one that I found....The picture of Min in the yellow outfit does not go with the's a picture of her in a boran.
  13. pangnerlicious

    pangnerlicious sarNie Adult

    lmfao heck yeah..that picture of Min is yellow was from Bla Boo Tong. lol
    i wonder if people goes back to the seller and ask them how come they
    didnt see the part of them wearing those clothing. lmfao
  14. kialakornlover

    kialakornlover sarNie Adult

    WHAT! OMG that picture looks horrible ! Even people here on AF can do better than that ! EWWWWWWWW
  15. candi

    candi sarNie Juvenile

    The titles are worst.
  16. mainhiathao

    mainhiathao sarNie Granny

    aha, totally agree with u!
  17. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    I laugh every time i walk past a movie stand at the tournament .. Some of them are quite something.
  18. kulyia

    kulyia RUK

    thats what i say too. ive stopped watching hmong dubb unless ive absolutely nothing to do so im sitting on the couch watching hmong tv and its on lol.
  19. Bieluvr

    Bieluvr XiaojuXiyou

    actually, i'm okay with the covers, it's just the cutting out too much. i mean Bie's first movie there were over ten episodes and they cut down to only four disks, then when i finally found one that had more, their voices sucked. ugh so annoying, if i had access to get the real version, i would. i could download it and watch it on my laptop, but i'm a person who likes to watch big screen.

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