Tye Nattapol & Donut Manasnan


sarNie Egg
I've seen Tye paired up with many other actresses such as: Noon Siripan, Yardthip Rachapal, Rita Jensen, Matt, etc..
But no one has ever made my heart flutter as much as the pair of Tye Nattapol and Donut Manasnan! I really like
this couple for some reason- and I'm glad I made the decision to watch "Khun Nu Chantana" (Little Miss Factory Girl"
because it turned out to be so loving and funny. I'm a huge fan of Rom-Coms (Romance Comedy) types of series, lakorns,
etc. Tye is most definitely hot considering his gorgeous eyes and hot-bod, whereas Donut is a beautiful, talented
actress in and out! If anything, they deserve to "hook up" with one another. I wouldn't mind at all :)



sarNie Egg

Most recent video of Tye and Donut on-set of
their new, upcoming Thai lakorn called "Hua
Jai Ruk Karm Pope". Donut is done with her
fitting shots and decides to interview her
co-star (male lead) Tye and the other cast
members on-set as well. ENJOY!


sarNie Hatchling
i love this couple! from their first drama to the one airing now....wahhh~ they are just too adorable together....i hope they continue filming more dramas together....i'm all for it.


them two are just adorable. totally love them in huajai rak karm pope. wish they'll have more lakorn together.


sarNie Adult
I thought he is cute, has good chemistry, and looks good with Matt too. I like their first lakorn and I hope to see Tye and Matt pair up again in the future.