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Chapter 1

“Pinky swear na P’ Nadech?” the sweet looking teenaged girl about to turn sixteen looked at her best friend. She entwined her finger with his. He was a very mature boy for his age and she vowed in the near future they will more than friends. He promised the same. It was very rare that two individuals had so much in common, aspire to be generous individuals and give back to society. In future they wanted to open up their own little bistro on the Pattaya’s beach. Living the most simple and wonderful life together but right now it is all about studies and giving respect to their parents by being obedient kids.

“I know I love you. But we are too young still so give me five more years and I will let our parents know that we are fated to be best friends and married. Am I scaring you Nong Yaya?” he inquired.

He was still unsure about how to act around this girl but he knew he never wanted to part from her. Yaya just nodded her head enthusiastically. She didn’t know how to explain it too. Some people even their other friends Mario and Mint thought they were a little odd believing in such a love.

Until they experience what she and Nadech have and felt for one another they will not understand. He patted her head and ventured out from their secret hiding place in the cave that was secluded. You had to swim down to get to it. In here it gave off a serene environment to just relax and be at peace. Their families were very close too. Everyone was just waiting for the future to come and blessed their children of their union.

Walking side by side Nadech notice Yaya was short of breath. He bent down and told her to jump on. He will piggyback Yaya the rest of the way to their family’s beach house. Yaya didn’t hesitate to take advantage of her best friend’s encouragement; he was so good to her. Wrapping her arms and legs around his body she rested her head on his back. She wasn’t feeling well all of a sudden. Closing her eyes she wanted to rest just a bit. It was a little bit far to get back.
As he was carrying Yaya he noticed she was getting heavier or was it he was tiring? He laughed out loud and asked her,

“Hey are you eating right now? You are always eating.” There was no response from her. He made it to the front door of their beach house and Yaya slid off his back immediately. He turned to catch her on time. She wasn’t conscious. What was wrong with Yaya? He cradled her in his arms and started to yell for their parents to come out now. Something was extremely wrong here; staring down at Yaya she looked so very pale and lifeless.


sarNie Hatchling
Hi FF readers. YES already another FF, well I already had this one storyline in my head as I was writing the first one. I just wanted to finish one more FF before TNNKK takes away all of my time na! LOL. Yes this is not a slap/kiss so IDK if you ladies will like this? Feeback would be much appreciated ja.


sarNie Hatchling
They didn't want the young people to attend the discussion but Nadech followed her parents and his around the corner where the doctor continue on with Yaya's prognosis. He waited in earnest and set his ears to better hear what was being said about his best friend. She was still unconscious and with tubes attached to her, she looked just like a shell of a human with the artificial ventilation of technology keeping her alive at the present moment. He'd tried to still his young heart from breaking further and willed his tears to not flow, but yet one drop escape and the rest followed. Why must they be dealt this hand? Thought Nadech, this was his best friend and his future; he couldn't bear if anything was to happen to her. The doctor continued on and seeing Yaya's mother fall back into her husband's arm it became apparent that it was not good news which followed.

"We are quite surprised that she lasted this long. Angina was present since birth I believe but now it has worsen so much now that her body can no longer adapt to its suffering of this poor heart condition of hers. She is only 15 but her heart is like of a 90 years old. I can only advise that you and your family prepare yourself. Again we are sorry it is out of our control and hands."

With that the doctor left the family and his parents to register what was said. To lose your youngest child was the most unthinkable and devastating experience that no parents can ever want to go through. Burying your child was the biggest nightmare any parents would not want to encounter. Nadech's parents were speechless too, they didn't know how'd they'd be able to relay this tragic news to their son. He was already boasting about marrying his best friend with them since age 3. The children grew up together alongside their families. They were all so very close, it was inevitable that the children would transpire to become fast friends and future spouses; but all of those dreams were come crashing down around them.

Nadech turned and made a mad dash outside of the hospital. He stayed in the gardens weeping his pain and sorrow. Yaya was so very young and she shouldn't have been subject to this. Actually they all shouldn't have been dealt this hand; why was life so unfair. They are good people wasn't good things suppose to happen to good people. What sort of wicked joke was this? Nadech realized his promise to not leave Yaya ever and scolded himself that he had run from her and their situation. He quickly ran back inside and entered her room. The sound of each beep coincide with his heartbeat dying of pain realizing his best friend and only love was slowly being taken away from him with every pulse beating on the heart monitor.

He held onto her hands, she didn't show any sign of life. He held her hand tighter and in a unsteady breath promised his vow,

"No matter what I will only love you..." his silent tears rushed down his puffed up cheeks, then he felt the first sign from Yaya, he waited and there was the twitch of her fingers, she was waking. He pressed the button immediately to get the nurse to come and help them. Maybe prayers did get answered.


They sat in silence staring out onto the sun setting. The picturesque horizon of the ocean meeting the sky gave hope that there are always light at the end of the tunnel. The two best friends sat comfortably on the beach. Yaya wrapped up in Nadech's shawl, it gets a bit cold during the nights. This was the last night in Pattaya. Listening to the beautiful waves making love to the beach shore. Yaya wished she was able to get up and just wade through the waves hand in hand with Nadech. She had the oxygen mask on and clearly that hinders her moves dramatically, Nadech stuck to his promise he never left her side and since she was allowed out just before the weekend started she made him and her family take her to Pattaya. She would never tire of this place and there were so many memories and promises on this very beach. She and Nadech promised forever after. She thought with melancholy, forever was not to be for her. She ripped her tubes off, she couldn't handle it anymore. Within her she knew her body was dying. She didn't want to delay it any further if she was going to die, she'd die happily in his arms.

Nadech stared at her dumbfounded, what was she doing. She was crazy he tried to convince her to use the mask but she shook her head. Tears pouring down her face but yet she smiled genuinely at him.

"I love you P" Nadech. No matter where we are you will forever be in my heart. Please don't cry. Promise me you will continue to live and live your life to the fullest. I know we are meant to love but destiny and fate has other plans for us. I shall cherish everything that we have been given. Life is too precious to wallow and so I want to watch the sunset with you. Memories to continue on once I am gone." she closed her eyes and laid her head on his shoulder.

"I will never love again ever. I can't promise you anything you've asked other than I will never forget you Yaya." his words were true. There will never be anyone else but her. He was young but his soul was old, her soul matched his but her life was fading fast. He pulled out a slip of paper. It was a promissory note stating he will work very hard to the best of his capability and one day he will own a piece of this beach front and open their bistro that they've always dreamed about.

"You make dreams come true always. Always do everything for me. I know I am spoiled but yet I am greedy too..."she choked on her words, really wished that she had more time, more time with her young love.

Nadech draped his arm around her, she felt cold but it was a more ominous coldness, he stiffened but managed to pull out the homemade rings, he promised to marry her the day before this life changing event but now it was time to give it to her, even though it was 5 years before the right time. He cried openly and so did she. Fate was harsh this day.

"Promise. I will always love you." Nadech slid the ring on her finger and she did the same. He hugged her tight and didn't let go even when the sun had set and the last breath was released from her. She was gone. Nadech didn't let her go, he couldn't. Life as far as his young heart was concern ended for him too as his first and only love parted this earth.




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"P' Margie ka. P' Margie...." Margie slowly answered to her sister's voice. What was Yaya doing here? They were on their honeymoon and Boy she looked over was still fast asleep beside her. She closed her eyes again and thought she was still dreaming and her sister's voice was there.

"May I stay with you?" she asked, she sounded so distant. Margie readily agreed. She wasn't going to turn her back on her own sister. But why would she ask her such a question. She must be dreaming. Margie drifted back to sleep but in the back of her mind a bad premonition crept its way to her.


The funeral procession took place two days after her death. There was no lacking of tears, everyone felt the loss of a young life but one must realize that was part of life. Life and death was the only constant in this world. There was no sign of Nadech but his friends and family knew that he suffered the most; there wasn't just one life gone, a second as well but in a different way of loss.

Nadech has always been a strong person, the silent type that could handle the many storms that is thrown his way but this devastating blow made him fade, fade into an oblivion of anguish and suffering to his heart. They tried to tend to him, give him words of encouragement that life will be better. Grieve now but don't let it drag you down as life in this way; we must learn to bend with the many winds of changes only to survive and see the new light that awaits. All these words just bounce off him, he didn't want to hear their words right now. He needed them to leave him alone with his memories.

He couldn't make himself look at her laying there in the coffin in her white satin clad dress. She looked like a snow princess returning to her kingdom. He wanted to be her guardian white knight, never wanting to leave her side. He wish now that he could go with her to the end of the earth if he could.


"I know with bad news there comes good news mom. I just wanted to let you know I am expecting too, but right now I can't believe Yaya is gone." her tears slid gently down her face as her husband rubbed her back to console her. There was almost a 10 years gap between the sisters. After her strange dream her parents called her to return back to Thailand from their American honeymoon that same night, her parents phone call registered tragedy had occurred in their family.

Her mother hugged Margie, she was very happy for her eldest daughter. With death little miracles make up for it. She was expecting a grand child, it will at least help lessen the pain of losing her youngest daughter. Yaya I hope you seek the light and karma will protect you journey where ever else you may reincarnate in future. Margie mom prayed for her deceased daughter as well her blessed eldest daughter now going to become a mother herself by next year.


sarNie Hatchling
Exactly one year later Margie and Boy welcomed a little daughter. She had light brown hair and the biggest chocolate colored eyes which was the cutest thing ever. It was coincidental that they born a daughter the same date as her deceased sister Yaya birthday. They named her Christina Urassaya Pakorn. It was in memory of her sister who passed last year.

Nadech visited the baby and he just went through the proper task of acknowledging the girl child. She was a little cherub. As he saw her eyes open she actually smiled at him. He was a bit taken aback because no person had tugged at his heart strings or make him emotional in a long time because since Yaya had passed he lost all emotions within him. The little sparkle in her eyes and toothless smile actually made him feel a bit of joy. She was a little innocent coming into this world that wasn't always peace and happiness. He wanted to leave the family and return back home to his studies. He wanted to challenge himself to finish his high school with the highest honors as he was going to study medicine. Cardiology to be exact. If there was one thing in which Yaya's death created, it made him want to understand all there were involved about the health of the heart and the many diseases that occurs to it. He wanted further to set up a foundation in her honor too.

"Oh Nadech she likes you! See if you can make her laugh she is old enough to do that, but we couldn't get it out of her yet," exclaimed Margie. She picked up Christina and handed him to Nadech, he didn't get a chance to say no.

Baby Christina squealed out loud with joy. Nadech beamed at her and everyone was so overjoyed that they finally seen Nadech smile again. It had been ages for his smile to reappear. Maybe this would be the first step for him to find himself. Return to the way he was when Yaya was alive. He didn't realize he stayed longer than expected but dinner came around he had to return home which was right Margie's home; it was right beside them. He couldn't stay any longer as he still had to accommodate his parents at home.


"Our valedictorian, Nadech. Can you give these 'heart' doctors some advice young man?" asked the Dean at the university. Nadech said his speech. A round of applause and loud cheers for him.

"Work hard and do it for the patient and their family. We are their only hope. One life saved is worthwhile for a whole family."

Seven years had passed since he entered med school. He still had another 3 years for work experience he needed to gain and then he would be officially able to run his own medical clinic. However long it took he had dedicated his life for this. There were woman who vied for his attention but he never paid any mind to them. He was a twenty four year old man and a virgin, but he didn't desire anything currently. If he didn't have this dream for Yaya's memories he'd become a monk already and live his life in peace until his death.

Everyone was waiting for him at home to celebrate his graduation. So many families and friends were here to help celebrate his soon to be doctor status. He graduated with high honors yet again since graduating high school. His favorite girl was there; Christina. She was always tagging along whenever he came to visit her and called him Grandpa Nadech since she first learned to speak a sentence. She was Boy's and Margie's only daughter and so very spoiled by her grandparents and his parents as well. He wasn't an exception either. Because he seem to be around her grandparents and his parents she put him as the same status as the grandparents hence the name stuck. He gave her a present too, it was a little porcelain horse, she was an equestrian in training.

Her eighth birthday was coming up soon and he wanted to give her the present early. Because that special day he'd go to the beach in Pattaya and just let his soul remember Yaya, he never wanted to forget her or love any other woman. Sometimes whenever he sees little Christina he couldn't help notice more and more she resembled her deceased aunt. Of course as she was related to Yaya. Yet Christina had dimples, much the same to his. She was definitely going to be a heart breaker once she is older.

He finally allowed himself to enjoy life a little more especially when he had so many friends and family supporting him throughout everything. Some days he's forgotten about Yaya and felt remorseful of it but he knew she wanted him to continue to live and be happy. It was definitely tough without her, he lived life with all the questions of what ifs? Angina was curable but hers was too advanced that nothing could have been done for her. He didn't blame anyone but just fate. It wasn't meant to be for him and Yaya. If they weren't fortunate this lifetime hopefully the next they will be.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 5

[Hello...not much dialogue and I hope it isn't boring you FF readers but soon the two will meet!]

Margie had to look at her daughter again. Sometimes she was Christina more but in her earlier years it was eerie that it seemed her daughter was her sister Yaya. Randomly little Christina would say true facts about herself, about her being Yaya. Especially when she was around two or three years old she would ask her mother about P’ Nadech, how she missed him and wanted to see him; sometimes she would cry for days if Nadech didn’t come visit from his studies. Or once in a while she would tell her random things about herself as “Yaya” and talk to her as if Margie was her sister not her mother. In Southeast Asia reincarnation was the norm for a lot of people. It was part of the whole Buddhist philosophy. Sometimes when children are younger they remember their past life but as they get older they lose this ability. Her daughter was slowly losing this ability but whenever she spoke at times it sounded exactly like Yaya; as if her sister had never passed away. Christina would relay the one story where Margie was tattle tailed by Yaya when she was first was dating Boy. How would her daughter know this? She spoke to her mother and that is why Christina is so spoiled. Her mom believed wholeheartedly that they all got a second chance with Yaya through Christina. But this secret was kept only within their family. This time around there wasn’t a chance of the same heart condition befalling Christina. She was a very strong and healthy child. They made sure of that. It was unfortunate that she couldn’t have any more children but they still felt blessed to have Christina.

Christina was now a blossoming sixteen year old. If she didn’t smile without her dimples she looked too much like Yaya. Nadech had yet to visit since he has been busy with his medical practise. If he did, the whole family didn’t know what they’d do or didn’t want to see how Nadech would react. He still was sensitive about Yaya’s death. On the outer surface his Yaya was right here just by looking at Christina. The identical image before that devastating short life diminished 16 years ago. On Christina’s birthday he would always send her a porcelain horse. He never broke the tradition with her daughter.

Christina looked forward everyday that by chance her Grandpa Nadech will visit but each year no sign of him. Their family would always talk about Nadech and Yaya, maybe that wasn’t a good idea as sometimes she thought her daughter may secretly have a tiny girl crush on Nadech. She would come excitedly into her parents’ room squealing away with any news article about her Grandpa Nadech. How he lead the Thai medical field into new developments and procedures to better manage the cardiac issues that arise everyday. He was a very successful and intelligent surgeon now. He lived in Pattaya currently. But he will make the trip to do some of the required difficult surgery in Bangkok. Margie wanted to make sure Christina made a life for herself outside of the influence from her aunt’s story and life.

The grand celebration of her sweet sixteen was a big event. Everyone was there, you only turn sixteen once and for Christina’s family it was an event most cherished because their deceased daughter and sister died long before she past this threshold. Living this moment through their granddaughter Margie’s parents were overwhelmed with so much happiness and little bit of sadness. They would always keep good memories of their daughter Yaya. But life did go on. Christina announced that she will open up her own horseback riding tour in Pattaya. She always dreamed about horseback riding on the shores of the beautiful Pattaya beach. It was still another few years until her dreams can turn into reality. She loves horses so much and now must study hard to get into the best equestrian club and be accepted into the travel and tourism program at the top university. Bit by bit Christina dreams were hauntingly similar to Yaya. Whereas her sister Yaya and Nadech wanted to open up a little bistro on the beach together once they settled and were ready for it; but that was not meant to be because of her passing. Yaya loved experiencing in the kitchen it only made sense she became her own chef but her daughter Christina didn’t like to be anywhere close to the kitchen. She did enjoy eating her mom’s and grandmother’s cooking but lack the interest in trying her hand in cooking. Christina was all about horses.

On her 18th birthday Christina wanted to celebrate it in Pattaya. She wanted to scope out a region to start the first phase of her dream business. Her grandparents set aside some funds for both her education and business funds. Christina was exceptionally intelligent in managing a business. She continued on to add additional courses in business management on top of her other courses and yet she still pulled honours in her grades. Her family was so very proud of her.

Secretly she wanted to look for her Grandpa Nadech she missed him so much as of late of course he was a famous surgeon but he stopped visiting since he moved away to Pattaya, what was keeping him there? Did he already have a girlfriend, she couldn't help but feel a tinge of jealousy of the phantom love interest of Nadech but in the end she'd be happy for him. Only now she was pouting because she really did miss him in general. If he wasn’t coming to her she would go to him. She looked at herself in the mirror. She wasn’t an unattractive woman. Her long brown hair French braided for the most part because she couldn’t be bothered with all the maintenance involved with long hair. Smiling she was proud of her mischievous dimples. She never meant to break boys’ hearts but she wasn’t going to give them false hope whenever they approach to ask her out on movie dates. One she was still young and secondly she felt she already belong to someone else. Whoever he was she still have yet to have met him but maybe soon, her instinct was telling her.


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Chapter 6

Walking along the shores of Pattaya’s beach was the most relaxing past time a girl can only ask for. They just arrived today and the weather was most cooperative. Christina loved the feel of the warm sand and refreshing splash of the cool ocean waves playing with her toes and ankles. She suddenly noticed a memorial like post off in the distance. They always came here to their beach house at Pattaya but yet she’s never noticed the flowers before. Coming closer she stopped in her track. One simple but endearing line was carved into the small stand: Love Always. N&Y.

With her curiosity she kind of envies the love that the couple had. Maybe one day when she is older she would find and have this sort of love. All she knows is that love can wait. This was the most exciting time for her. There was a spot she wanted her grandparents to look at as it was near a hill of a cave. That would protect her horse stalls in case storms occur in the region. But the land didn’t look like it was for sale she had to find out who the owner is and try to convince them to sell it to her.

Looking back at the memorial she notice there was a little wood box sticking out from the sand. She instinctively touched it and dug it out of the sand. She felt guilty doing so but maybe someone accidently dropped it? Opening the box, there inside was the most unique looking handcrafted ring she ever saw. It was a simple ring but it looked and felt that it was made with love. She slid it onto her ring finger, it fit perfectly. As she was trying to take it off, it wouldn’t budge. She started to panic, whispering out loud,

“Oh my goodness this isn’t good. Ouch! What do I do, I must find soap.” Getting up she turned and was steadied by strong arms. She didn’t get a chance to see who it was or say her thank you his words surprised her.

“Yaya! Is it really you! You came back to our place. This is unbelievable but I miss so very much!” The man started to hug her tight. As well he was shaking with excitement in which she couldn’t help but feel pity for him because he was passing on an emotion onto a stranger.

Christina was flabbergasted. He held her so firm yet so gently at the same time. Yaya? That was her aunt’s name. She tried to pull away from him but he wouldn’t let her go. She had to get his attention.

“I am sorry. That’s not my name. I think you are mistaken.” When her words registered the man let her go. A tall, wide shouldered gentleman with black frame glasses stared dumbfounded at her. He was so handsome as well even if he was an older gentleman. Christina would never forget the face of the famous Cardiac Surgeon, old neighbour and close friend to her family. He grew his hair longer too.

“Grandpa Nadech! Oh it is you! How I miss you not remember me? It is little Christina.” She flashed him her dimpled smile almost came up to hug him but chastised herself, as much as she sees him as family she couldn't hug a man; he was still a man.

Nadech heart stopped. She wasn’t Yaya but yet she looked exactly like her but now with the dimples she wasn’t. Christina? It finally hit him. Baby Christina? When did she grow up? How come no one ever told him about how eerily similar in feature she had to her Aunt. His earlier misconception made him become embarrassed. He was a thirty three year old man. A mature and professional individual but once he saw Yaya; he had to correct his thoughts, and Christina he acted as if he was fifteen again. Overjoyed that his first and only love came back to him but that was not meant to be. What was Christina doing here alone? Were her parents and grandparents here too? That meant P’ Boy and P’ Margie are here too; he blushed now because he hope that they won’t find out about his embracing their only daughter. His parents never mentioned about the Pakorns and Sperbunds coming down to Pattaya. Would it matter if they did, he never really paid much attention to anything but his work and now this new project of building the Bistro in Yaya’s name.

Looking back at Christina and he shook his head. What a small world that they should meet like this. He had been neglectful in visiting her. Since she turn sixteen he had become extremely busy and never got much time to visit Bangkok and his parents. Needless to say she was here and all grown up too. Did eighteen years really pass by that quickly?

“Did you get my porcelain horse for this birthday yet?” he asked her. Christina blushed. She looked up at her Grandpa Nadech and her heart skipped a beat. Why was he so very handsome, none of her young friends who were boys looked like him or can even compare to his handsomeness. Be stil my heart, she cautioned her young heart.

“I think I am bit too old now to be playing with toy horses. I am not sure but it may be at our home now because I am here.” She explained. Nadech nodded to her words.

He was trying desperately not to stare at her because without her smiling he couldn’t get pass the identical image of Yaya. Why was it that fate or destiny trying to test him once again? He had enough heartache that will last him this whole lifetime.

Glancing down at her hands, he noticed the ring. Where did she get it, he thought he buried it a long time ago after Yaya’s funeral. He became angry, that wasn’t hers and she had no right to wear it. Christina noticing his mood and downward glance, she quickly hid her hands behind her.

“I happen to find it in the sand and tried it on as it is so beautiful. I am sorry but it is stuck. As soon as I get back home I will remove it and return it to its owner there. See the little memorial. How heart warming that there is that kind of love still existing in this world...”

She was cut off by Nadech’s words.

“I think your parents raised you better than to touch or take things that aren’t yours Christina. Come with me I will help you remove the ring.” He took hold of her elbow and escorted her back to their family’s beach house. Why was he angry with her? She apologized and explained to him it was by accident that the ring became stuck. She wasn’t a child that he could boss around. She then started to become angry as well.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 7

Christina dug her heels into the sand. She wasn’t going to be dragged around like a doll. Where did he think he was going to drag her off to? As far as she was concerned there wasn’t anything she did wrong it was an honest mistake and through pure curiosity she tried on the ring. If she knew it was going to become stuck she wouldn’t have tried on the ring.

“I would appreciate if you let me go Grandpa Nadech...” she asked calmly.

Nadech released her elbow. Grandpa Nadech? He wasn’t that old or maybe he was they have a 16 years age gap between them. When he saw Christina with the ring, it just squeezed his heart because it should have been Yaya wearing that ring still, if she hadn’t been diagnosed with her fatal heart condition it would be she that he’d be looking at now. Christina had no idea how much she resembled her aunt this very moment with her pout and pleading eyes.

“I am sorry Christina. It just that the ring you are wearing was Yaya’s promise ring. My promise to love only her and my vow to marry her...” he looked away, clearly after so many years the memories of what could have been still struck a resonant chord within him.

“You guys are N&Y? Oh I am so sorry. Mom and Dad told me about you both I hadn’t realized it all happened here at Pattaya. You must really love Aunt Yaya, I know that she was only a few years younger than me when she passed?” inquiring openly yet not realizing that with every question, Nadech’s heart took a beating.

But because it was coming from her he did open up; sharing his memories of Yaya helped soothe the soul. He found himself relaying the first time he and Yaya met at the daycare; he was able to remember that young when he met Yaya that she was the one for him. She stole his cookie that his mom packed and threw sand in his eyes but yet she made him smile and laugh. They had always been together; best friend’s attached at the waist. As they grew into their teens their feelings changed into something more than friendship and then and there they made a vow that when they were all grown as adults they’d be happily married for the rest of their lives. Destiny had its own mind and so here he is now, a thirty three years old surgeon; successful, rich and not lacking anything. Yet he was still lonely. Even with all the people and family surrounding him and his new Cardiac family helped him feel love again but in the sense of work; he was proud of all that he achieved in this industry. But that lost love feeling never returned and never will be given back to him.

Placing her hand in his, Christina reassured him that sometimes love happens more than once in a person’s life. She didn’t have any experience of this but she has seen it on television. She was a huge romantic at heart but he didn’t need to know this. One day he will find love again and whoever she may be she hoped the woman appreciate how deep this man loves and he loves in a forever kind of way. She kind of felt impatient about wanting to meet her true love. Was he here in Pattaya or where in the world was her Prince Charming?

Pleading yet also demanding, “Please don’t tell mom and dad I took the ring. Let me get it off and you can have it back. Now that I know you are the owner and crafter of it. It will be returned immediately Grandpa Nadech. As well today is my 18th birthday I don’t want to be lectured today; it is a bad omen for me. You always watch out for me so let’s keep this as our little secret okay?” she flashed him that dimpled smile again, patted his hand one more time and walked back up to her beach house. On a mission to either find soap or baby oil.

Nadech didn’t realize he was smiling at her retreating back. Christina had always been a happy child. She always found ways to make him laugh or smile like he was doing now. It would be nice to meet everyone again he would come by during dinnertime. Making his way back to the memorial he bent down to his knees and whispered “Happy 34th Birthday Yaya...”


Everyone was surprise and ecstatic to see Nadech drop by. They already knew through Christina that he was here. His new home was permanently here in Pattaya anyways so they were bound to meet. The grill was on and everyone was outside enjoying the beach, the seafood and celebrating Christina’s 18th birthday as the beautiful sun was setting. Christina came by with a plateful of butter shrimps; she knew it was her Grandpa Nadech’s favourite.

“Here you go. Remember it is my birthday so eat up Grandpa Nadech...” she teased and also winking at him to remind him about keeping their secret.

“Christina, I don’t think you should call Nadech grandpa any longer. He should be either uncle or Khun. He is a famous heart surgeon now it sounds too funny to call this still young and handsome gentleman grandpa.” Stated Margie but all the while shaking her finger at her mischievous daughter.
Christina just shrugged her shoulders and stuck her tongue out at the Grandpa and sauntered away.

“She is now 18 but look at how she acts. How are you? Are you still very busy with everything? So is there any news about anything...or anyone?” Margie looked at Nadech. She always considered him as her brother none the less; even if things didn’t work out for him and Yaya she still sees Nadech as her kind and supportive young brother. He adored her daughter and by the looks of it still does. She only hoped that he didn’t confuse Christina with Yaya. She wasn’t ready to approach that subject.

“She looks so much like Yaya P” Margie. The years I have missed visiting changed all that much? How come no one sent me pictures? Don’t worry about me mixing those two up. Yaya was the prim and proper type but your daughter....I guess I better stop because she still is your daughter.” He laughed gently but embarrassed too that he was unintentionally insulting Margie's daughter.

Nadech just realized he was sharing a lot with Margie. And it was okay to both him and her as they had that sort of relationship. They both laughed out loud. Appearance is the only common thing with Yaya and Christina. Christina has a very bubbly personality and an outgoing person. She always turns everyone’s mood from bad or sad to one of joy and happiness. She had that affect on both elders and youth alike. As for her looks there were always boys following her but she again was quite blunt. If she wasn’t interested you would know; plain and simple.

Margie noticed too Nadech glancing periodically at her daughter. She hoped nothing turns complicated in future. But maybe nothing is to worry about either. Nadech never did answer about his relationship status. Did he have a lover tucked away up in Pattaya? Just by talking to her parents who were still very close to his; he was being set up with a woman of the same calibre as him. She was a very mature and sophisticated neurosurgeon. How talented to have both beauty and intelligence. Her name was Kim. She hoped Nadech was able to move on and really start a new life. Have a wife, kids and all of that. No one deserves to be alone for the rest of their life.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 8

“Can you believe it Jalina? Who takes part in arranged marriages in this day and age? I heard my grandparents talking to his parents about this exceptionally talented and beautiful woman who is perfect for my Grandpa Nadech? He only loves my aunt you know.” explained Christina while her best friend listening attentively to her tirade. She continued on, “I mean he deserves to have someone who loves him and he loves that woman the same or more than aunt Yaya but to marry a stranger because society dictates it and his parents wanting grandkids that is not right. You should only ever marry for love; don’t settle for anything less.” She was so vehemently against society and marriage of convenience that as much as she wanted to understand this way of things she couldn’t.

Jalina looked at Christina. She never saw her before like this, so passionate about a topic and it was about her Grandpa Nadech. To be honest he didn’t look like a Grandpa, she always wondered at first whenever Christina mentioned him in school and she was expecting an aging and chubby man but not this mature-looking and very handsome man with the most intelligent eyes behind his black frames he wears. Sneaking a glance at the man they were discussing. He was looking this way too but it wasn’t at her; Christina was clueless that she was being watched as she rambled on. Jalina secretly smiled to herself, her friend had this sort of affect on boys and men in general so her Grandpa was not exception and he wasn’t immune to her beauty. Christina stopped talking and wondered why her friend was grinning at her.

“Did I say something wrong?” she asked Jalina.

Her friend nodded in the direction behind her and she turned to see Grandpa Nadech looking at them. Oh no did her voice carry over to him? She was so embarrassed. In the end it really wasn’t any of her business what his marital status will be currently or in future.

Nadech almost choked on his drink. To be caught ogling an eighteen year old was beyond humiliating. He wasn’t looking at her in that way but just he felt he was looking at Yaya again; how he missed her still and he missed her so much. All night he had to catch himself, Christina was not Yaya. He really had to do something about this obsession. Yaya was not coming back ever. Maybe he should try to move on, he wasn’t getting any younger as his parents have now been pressuring him to get married and give them grandchildren. He and Kim met up a few times but at the moment he really didn’t have that romantic sort of feelings with her and he didn’t think she returned any affection to him either. They were the same age and it just feels that they were both older and was required to follow traditions. Get married and settle down with a family.

Was he mad at her? She really didn’t want him to overhear her rant earlier with Jalina. He still hasn’t wished her a happy birthday and she was feeling a little annoyed. Grandpa Nadech whenever in her company gave her his undivided attention but tonight it was so different from the old days. She followed him to the beach and waited for him to turn towards her but he was so deep in thought he didn’t notice anyone following him. Clearing her throat to get his attention he turned at her sound.

“Christina what are you doing here? You should be enjoying yourself over there with friends and families” he advised her. He really wanted to be alone right now to think seriously about his future.

She stuck her palm out and there the ring lay. He took it from her. Contemplating suddenly that as much as he wanted to cherish his memories of Yaya it was becoming a bit unhealthy for him as of late. Especially now looking at the young woman who looked so much like her aunt he couldn’t take it anymore of this heartache. He placed the ring back in her palm.

“I think you should have it. You have no memory really of your aunt Yaya so you should have this. I don’t know why I would treat this precious item and bury it away in the sand. It is better to give it to someone who would really appreciate it. Keep it and don’t lose it.” That was the hardest thing he just did but he was glad he did it.

“Thank you. I will always treasure this ring. It symbolizes the most loyal heart in this world. Aunt Yaya would have been very proud to have you Grandpa Nadech.” She pocketed it. Her white baby doll dress had pockets which were most convenient.

Unconsciously he patted Christina on the head. She was a good kid. Her happiness was infectious. He smiled at her and turned to continue on with their stroll on the beach. He turned at the sudden splash in the water. Christina yelped in pain. Rushing to her side he looked her over. Tears brimming she cried out loud.

“Oh my foot, it felt like something stung me!” she exclaimed.

Christina didn’t cry prettily it must be very painful. He picked her up and rushed her to dryer land. Looking at the bottom of her foot it looked to be the poor thing got stung by a jelly fish. Red marks underneath her foot pad. He needed to get the ointment from his house and they were almost there.

“It is okay I carry you Christina. We need to get it treated as soon as possible or else you are not going to like the pain.” Christina nodded she was concentrating too much on crying from the pain.

This was the worst pain she ever felt in her life. Nadech carried her easily to his beach house it was right behind the hill of a cave in which Christina wanted to buy and set up her business here. Now if it wasn’t fate that brought them together then it was too much of a coincidence.

She bit her lip from crying out loud as Nadech applied the ointment on her foot. It cooled down a bit but the burning and itching sensation was still there. Note to one self never go bare foot in the ocean at night thought Christina. Jellyfishes were out to feed during this time. She was also given medication to ease the pain.

“This is a nice touch on my birthday. I have never gotten injured before on my special day” Christina managed to laugh at her situation in which it caused Nadech to join in too.

She always seem to get herself into trouble, he remembered when she turned ten for some reason she thought it would be nice to chop off her long hair and on her birthday too; he reminded Christina of this. Margie was so devastated but she managed to make it turn into a nice bob cut as her daughter was only half way done with her makeover.

“As long as you stay away from scissors your mom will be glad.” He teased her.

“Oh the hair cut incident. I was ten Grandpa Nadech! I am not a kid anymore ja!” she exclaimed.

Smiling hard and her dimples showed with the twinkle in her eyes.
They both looked at each other and a brief spark ignited behind their eyes. Nadech quickly ignored it.

“Well we better get you home. Do you want to walk by yourself or can you walk yet?” he asked her.

“I will try. It feels better.” She answered.

As she got up she lost her balance and Nadech was not paying attention and so she knocked him off balance and they both fell onto the sofa behind him. Her chest pressed up against his he had to catch her weight on top of his. Looking up, her nose brushed up against his chin. Christina blushed right away. This was the first time ever to be in an intimate position with a man. But he was Grandpa Nadech she told herself. But her body screamed out but he is also a man.

“I am so sorry. I don’t know why I am so clumsy?” whispering she scrambled off Nadech.

Rubbing her arms as she sat their on the sofa beside him. All of a sudden she felt chilled but it wasn’t due to the cold temperature more of a shiver from something else. What it was she didn’t quite understand.

He got up slowly and gave them some distance. What was this about? He felt her heat and yet he also felt something stirring in his heart as well. His heart was beating too fast for his own good.


[He’s not that stubborn. Body language defies his heart! I hope you ladies are still enjoying ja!]


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 9

He turned to look at Christina. She didn’t look up from where she was sitting and her hands were held tightly together. Was she scared of him he pondered, she really shouldn’t be afraid of him he would never do anything to hurt her. How could he scare an innocent girl like that? Pacing now he was a mature and professional surgeon but at the moment it was like he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He turned to her and advised her that he’ll go tell everyone at the birthday party that she’s hurt but Christina didn’t want her parents to worry about her. She told him to just allow her some time, she just needed to rest for a few more minutes and then they can attempt to head back.

“Okay stay here. I don’t really have anything for beverage in the house but let me go back to your parents beach house to get you something to eat and drink. I noticed you didn’t eat or drink yet either, I guess as you were too busy chatting with all or your guests and family members.” He stated all casually.

Christina couldn’t help feel that her Grandpa Nadech was taking extra notice of her today. It may not be only because it was her birthday today. She wasn’t too sure if she was joyful of this attention she was getting from him or what it really made her feel. At one point she did secretly crush on him. Her parents and grandparents story painted a picture of the most loyal, romantic man on earth. To have that sort of love as a woman from this sort of man it was a most fortunate blessing. That crush to her was just a girl’s fantasy as she never really had any other man in her life but Grandpa Nadech. There were boys but sometimes she felt she was a 30 years old woman trapped in an 18 years old body. Her ambitions and dreams went beyond the interests of a teenage girl. Her equestrian career was taking a good turn she was going to go to Canada to train further. They had one of the best schools for her. Next year she would be enrolled; she hoped to win a few trophies for herself as she had that much confidence for herself. Her family all supported her wholeheartedly.

“Yes thank you.” She replied as she watched him leave.

Sitting here in silence she looked over his home. It was very masculine; simple, neat and organized. When did he move here? It was at least 3 years why did it look so uninhabited? She got up and put as little pressure as she could on her injured foot. Walking to the other room she realized it was a studio of some sorts. Canvas spread out everywhere and it looked to be aside from being talented in surgery he had an eye for art; drawings to be precise. Her curiosity got the better of her again and she stole a peak underneath the big canvas. It was her? Not it wasn’t it was aunt Yaya. There were no dimples on that beautiful smiling face. Her heart ached for the both of them. She quickly covered up the painting, how long had he sketched that? It must be when her aunt was still alive. At least this room felt some human touch and presence here but everywhere else it felt, well, cold.

“Christina?” Nadech had returned he was looking for her. Why must he always catch her snooping or doing things that she wasn’t supposed to?

He found her in the studio and he raised his eyebrows.

She tried to explain. “I needed to use the ladies room but obviously I do not know where it is.”

She shrugged and now really did needed t use the bathroom.

“Upstairs, did you want me to carry you up there?” Christina nodded. She didn’t think she’ll manage without his help.

He scooped her up gently and she instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck and he carried her up to the washroom. He placed her down and she went quickly into the room. Nadech waited for her to finish. She was a good kid. She stopped complaining immediately about her foot. Other people from experience as there were many random jellyfish stinging incidents near his home would cry the whole time. The jellyfish sting was the worst sort of pain to ever experience as their little poisonous stingers prove pain worthy. Christina washed up and came out. She easily allowed Grandpa Nadech to take her back downstairs too.

“Hmm I hope that you are not getting ideas that this is a normal service I provide Christina.” His comment made her giggle out loud.

“I was starting to worry too that you may be too old to carry me Grandpa Nadech.” In turn she made him laugh out loud and almost dropping her at the same time.

She held tighter to his neck and he stopped laughing immediately. Placing her back on the floor he told her he’d be getting the food for her. The parents and grandparents were fine by it that he told them they were catching up as it has been three years since they last seen or spoken to each other. They’d be back soon enough.

He went to get her food and called her over to sit at the bar table set for two. His furniture items were small and meant for one or two people only. He didn’t have any need to purchase bulk items. It was only him and maybe just him for the rest of his life.

“This is such a sterile place Grandpa Nadech. You need a woman’s touch. I heard...” she stopped herself.

How could she let him know that she knew things about him that she really shouldn’t have be knowledgeable about his life? She almost brought up Kim with him. It was not any of her business regarding his love life.

“You were saying a woman’s touch? I like it this home of mine but do you not like it much? Suggestions then you seem to have a good eye for colours and designs. I heard your parents saying that you continuously love to learn and you learn quickly too.” He waited for her to respond. Christina was relieved that he didn’t catch on to her slip.

“Well for starters you need shells and sand stones. Those rare pink ones will be nice. Yes I said pink but they are such a light shade that it won’t make your room look too feminine. Of course it has to be fresh green foliage for you because you are a man. If you were a woman I recommend fresh bouquets of tropical magnolias. They will make your home smell florally fresh everyday!” Christina got quite excited about decorating her Grandpa Nadech home she hadn’t realized he was looking at her seriously. She wiped at her mouth. Did she have food stuck on her face?

She did have a little piece right on the corner of her mouth. Like a moth to a flame he grabbed his napkin and proceeded to slowly dab at her mouth removing the stubborn fleck that attached itself there. Her body tingled with the lightest touch he given her.

Christina was dumbstruck telling her self that he was only doing what a grandpa does for his kid. But really he wasn’t her grandpa. He was a very handsome older gentlemen being too kind in hanging out with her. She knew also sometimes she was too blunt in her ways, even her parents and grandparents didn’t have much time for her goofiness. It was her birthday but he didn’t have to accommodate her so much like right now.

“Thank you. Did you know I am a sloppy eater too especially when I am starving?” she tried to turn the seriousness in the atmosphere to one of humour.

“Your aunt was the same way in this. She loves to eat and cook too. Do you enjoy cooking” he asked her changing the subject. He couldn’t believe either his taking liberty with her. It is like he just naturally found himself like a magnet to Christina. Maybe that is why he stayed away for so long. He tried to stop himself but his actions were of their own accord.

“Oh no I stay away from the kitchen. If I do marry one day, my husband will have to do all that. I don’t have the patience but I do so love to eat!” she exclaimed further.

“It’s way too early to think about the marriage status for you young lady. Just concentrate on school and job first. Love can wait.” He told her.

She replied. “That’s true but if my Prince Charming come calling I am not going to turn away. Love can happen at anytime it is how you deal with it afterwards that is important. Oh I won’t be marrying anytime soon but if my true love is in the picture I will be more than happy to accept him. We will wait until the appropriate time comes up and then decide to marry in the far future. I do want my adventure before I settle down first.” Christina explained her life’s goals.

Nadech listened to her in silence. She was only eighteen but the maturity of her words made him proud. Margie and Boy should be proud the same. Speaking of them they needed to return back to the birthday party or tongues will surely wag in scandalous remarks and comments. He didn’t want anyone to ruin Christina’s reputation. She had so much to look forward to in her life; so much adventures ahead of her.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 10

“Thank you so much for the meal Grandpa Nadech. I guess we better get back.” She pushed up to get out of the stool and Nadech was there to help her. He was cradling her weight so the pressure stays off her injured foot.

“Easy there. Don’t you worry I will carry you most of the way and help you when we are closer to our family’s beach house.” He advised her.

Christina stopped at his words “our” but she knew he didn’t mean anything from it. What was wrong with her? This was her Grandpa Nadech. He was her idol and her family. But yet the butterflies in her belly didn’t stop reacting to his words. Her crush was steadily creeping back into her life. She was much older now and shouldn’t be still reacting this way unless it was something more that she felt?

“Are you okay? Too cold maybe I will turn down the air conditioner but as we are leaving anyways you’ll meet hot air once more.” He asked a little concerned for her as he noticed the goose bumps on her bare arms.

“Oh I am fine. Ready when you are.” She replied. Nadech lifted her off the ground and walked out the door with Christina holding tightly to him.

As they approached the crowd, he placed her back down on the ground and held her shoulders to steady her walk. Christina told him she felt much better and tried to walk slowly herself but he insisted in helping her further.
Margie noticed her daughter limping. She rushed to her daughter’s side.

“Christina what happened luk?” she asked. She took over from Nadech and helped Christina to sit on the outdoor settee.

“We had an incident with a jelly fish. She’s a bit in pain but it should go away in a couple of days.” Nadech inform her concerned family.

“I am okay now Mom. But it sure did hurt awhile back.” She tried to ease her mom’s distress.

Margie looked at her daughter then Nadech. They had been gone for a long time and now seeing her daughter in this condition she felt a little worried. She didn’t want to consider in a bad light but maybe it was best the two stay apart. She didn’t want the repeat of what happened 16 years ago. It was devastating to witness Nadech suffering and her daughter was still very young; she knew Christina was partially infatuated with Nadech. She knew Nadech would not behave in such a way but Christina looked so much like Yaya that maybe at times he may not be able to differentiate between the two. As a mother you always worry about your daughter’s happiness first and foremost.

Boy came up to his wife and daughter he was bit tipsy and sobered when he saw his daughter’s foot. He gave a questioning look to Margie but she waved him away. It was no big deal. He turned to Nadech instead.

“Hello. How have you been Nadech? How long has it been? I just finally made my way back to Pattaya. If I had help at work I could’ve gotten here sooner. As a father I do not want to miss out on my only daughter’s birthday. Will you be visiting Bangkok any time soon? We should catch up.” Boy always liked Nadech.

He was a good kid and if things worked out for Yaya and him he’d always be happy for them. But things happen for a reason and he wish this younger man who was like a brother to him future happiness. Although as a man he didn’t know how Nadech survived without a woman’s touch and companion. He was thankful he met and fell in love with his wife. She wasn’t perfect but she sure was the right one for him. She was a mix of mother and wife to him and him like it that way. She was his Margie.

“Yes I think I need to get back to discuss things with my colleagues at work. Of course let’s make lunch and or dinner plans. I don’t think my schedule is full next week.” He didn’t have a problem with Boy and getting reacquainted.

He realized suddenly that he was almost living a hermit existence. He had both families and friends and he couldn’t forget this.

“Oh yes please do come to Bangkok and visit us. I wanted to show you how advanced I am with my horse back riding. Maybe next birthday you will get me my own horse rather than the porcelain ones?” she teased him.

Her parent looked at each other and at Christina who looked so excited about Nadech's visit. Their daughter always wanted her Grandpa Nadech to visit and encourage her. It wasn’t enough that her own family was there for support, she still wanted Nadech to show his support too.

“Of course I will. I haven’t been a good Grandpa as of late right? Well happy birthday and I hope that all your wishes and dreams in life come true for you Christina.” He finally gave her the birthday greetings.

Christina smiled. Well her one wish of seeing her Grandpa Nadech came true so she only prayed for the rest of her wishes to follow suit.


The stark and empty house was a silent haven. Staring at the canvas painting of Yaya, Nadech sadly reminisced about their life. He painted this just last year and couldn’t believe the solid memory he had of her was still the same. The smile and the sparkle in her eyes remained unchanged in his memory. He made a decision it was time to move on even though he felt guilty of doing so he still had to live his life for her too. She asked him too and now he finally realized he should accommodate her last request before her short life ended. As well he realized he had a drinking problem. Every time her birthday came he would put his sorrow in the alcohol thinking it would help ease his unmanageable pain. A shameful secret he didn’t want anyone to know. It always started on this night but as of late he seeks it for more comfort every other night as well. No one knew and now he had to check himself in to the rehab centre in Khon Kaen; away from everyone. He needed to start over immediately.


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sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 11

Why wasn’t he here yet? He said he was coming but there was no sign of him or neither did he call. She was up next to perform and Christina felt a little heavy hearted because her Grandpa Nadech said he will be here to support her. She sent him the invitation and he responded that he will be attending. He always kept his words but scanning the audience she didn’t recognize his face amongst them. She readied herself to perform and she wasn’t going to let this one set back stop her from going after first place and its prize.

The obstacles consisted of four foot poles, agility courses and speed zones. Through practise she and her horse, Willow, made it look easy and her coach clocked it in good record time. She was going to put all her effort and show how hard work and dedication would pay off during this competition.

Her parents, grandparents and Nadech’s parents were cheering her on but her heart felt heavy because her Grandpa Nadech wasn’t here. As she finished her last jump the crowd stood up in awe and loud cheers and applauses. Her accomplishment was sealed.

As she was trotting back to her stall with her horse she caught the vision of her Grandpa Nadech. He waved at her and she waved back instinctively. Only realizing late that someone was with him. It was a woman. She had dark shades on but her smile shined radiantly as they were in deep conversation. She was a tall woman maybe the same height as she and shiny straight black hair as Christina noticed. She shouldn’t be surprised as he brought a guest as her invitation allowed invitee and guest. She just wondered who his guest was.

She waited anxiously for the winners to be announced and when the first place name was called out the crowd roared with excitement. Miss Christina Urassaya Pakorn. She readily accepted her trophy and the cash prize that came with it. Her Canadian equestrian school representatives were here too. In a few months she was going overseas to the school and the prize money would help with her expenses and schooling.

The luncheon was then served to the guests and families so everyone had an opportunity to meet and greet within the circles of riders, trainers and scouts. Christina walked over to her parents, grandparents and Nadech’s parents. She still wore her skin tight breeches, white blouse and riding boots. She looked quite mature and serene in her equestrian outfit. Her parents each hugged and congratulated her. As well her grandparents and Nadech’s parents exchanged greetings and congratulations with her. She looked over to see if her Grandpa Nadech and his guest were coming to join them and he was making his way through the crowds. The woman removed her sunglasses and her smile was still plastered on her face. She was beautiful and very sophisticated. She didn’t give off a bad vibe either. Her smile was warm which made the weird bitterness Christina was feeling seem illogical. What was the matter with her? She chided herself.

Christina felt sad and a feeling of jealousy too. She didn’t know why but now she realized maybe Grandpa Nadech no longer can live his life in loneliness. Maybe it was finally time to move on without her aunt Yaya. It was maybe time to give his love to someone who was living and can be part of his life. They looked like a suitable couple.

“This is Miss Christina and I am her Grandpa Nadech. This is Kim.” He introduced them.

He flashed Christina his dimpled smile she just gave him a cool and quick smile in return. Yet she welcomed Kim with a huge smile. What was the matter, was she still mad at him with being so late? Nadech silently asking her and giving her a questioning look. He did manage to catch her last jump over the poles and he was proud. He knew she always loved this sport and it showed how hard work pays off. She did her best and she was rewarded for it.

Finally Christina’s group of friends came over and one admiring youngster. John never backed away from her refusal. He wouldn’t take no for an answer. He praised how talented she was which made her blush and she told him to stop fussing about it but readily accept his bouquet as well. They continued to chat about the show and her future trip.
While in the elders group including Nadech and Kim discussed the event and Nadech’s parents asked about John and Christina and turned to ask Margie.

“Is that her boyfriend there Margie? He looks quite smitten with her.” inquired Nadech’s mom. Margie didn’t know. She knew if he was a potential boyfriend Christina would eventually tell her.

Nadech looked over to see Christina blushing and smiling away. His mom was right. The young man was really in awe of Christina. Maybe her Prince Charming has shown up. He on the other hand was very proud of her too. He realized too that he wasn’t getting any younger and so he approached Kim. He told her up front that he wasn’t able to give her love in the sense of a man and woman in love as he already loved once and deeply and felt the hurt last; he didn’t want to go through it again. Kim felt the same too she didn’t have the patience or time to be dating. If she wasn’t getting older her life of solitude was all she wanted. Her life was all about medicine but again both their parents were aging and they wanted both of them to settle down and start a family. First they needed to get to know each other. In which they both knew realistically it wasn’t a love match. Kim was a very beautiful woman he wondered why she wasn’t married already. She laughed it off, it was because she didn’t allow any man to be more important than her studies of the human mind and medicine but now realizing her age was catching up to her she thought it best to at least try. What they have was a companionship sort of relationship and they were friends. If that was all that becomes of it, it was fine with her. It was fine with him too.

Christina looked over to her Grandpa Nadech. He didn’t even come over to congratulate her. She was fuming inside and she couldn’t help feel a little betrayed on behalf of her aunt Yaya. Why after so many years and why now? She thought to herself. She knows nobody deserve to be alone but in all honesty she hoped one day he realized as she is now grown that maybe he was waiting for her. She tried to snap out of it. What was she thinking? He was her Grandpa Nadech. It felt like that a deepest loss for her and her life had plummeted to despair and where his attention on her will never be any longer. He was taking the next step in his life and it seems without her too.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 12

Sneaking glances at the older couple Christina heart felt even more sadden. Grandpa Nadech was finally dating and with the help of the elders match making she worries that a wedding will be in the near future. Her family invited Nadech’s parents and Kim over for dinner and here they all were sitting and enjoying dinner. Well everyone except for her.

“Christina I heard you got accepted in the best equestrian school in Canada. How exciting. And I must say you are exceptionally talented especially on first impression from me,” said Kim trying to engage the younger woman into the conversation with the adults.

She noticed too Christina’s subtle glances at her and especially Nadech. If she wasn’t mistaken she felt Christina may secretly be crushing on Nadech. Unfortunately it seems that Nadech didn’t respond with the same affections, but with Nadech he claimed to have loved and never again. He was like that with every woman. She hoped Christina could move on with her young life and enjoy it while she is still young and free to do what she loves. Herself she kept too much inside and didn’t make time to find her prince, but she wasn’t much of a romantic either. Here she was now accepting her life and if Nadech proposes accepted the companionship relationship type of marriage with him.

Nadech looked over to Christina. She wasn’t the same. She distant herself since earlier today he wondered what the matter is and if something happened to her and maybe John. Normally she’d be giving him her full attention like the last time he visited or at Pattaya last month.

“When are you leaving for school Christina?” he asked her. She looked up and blushed. He noticed that and wondered why?

“Umm in the summer, “she replied. Christina was not much for conversation today. She didn’t call him Grandpa Nadech either. She didn’t see him any longer as her Grandpa Nadech. She didn’t want him to see her as little Christina any more.

“You will be there in the summer? What date specifically because we have a conference for the entire Cardiologist international team to be there too around that timeframe. I will try to visit you too if it is okay? I am sure your parents wouldn’t mind someone keeps an eye on you,” he teased her. Not realizing she was deeply affected by his words. He would really want to visit her? Or just as a guardian keeping an eye on his child?

She realized her secret infatuation for him was more than a girl’s crush. She was in trouble; she was in love with an older man. That is why all day today she felt every emotion. Pain, anger and mostly jealousy reeled its ugly head. Yet she had no claim to feel this way because there was no such relationship between them. She held tight to the ring that was resting on her neck that he gave to her. Which was his gift to her aunt and he said she could have it as she cherish their love story and keep her aunt Yaya’s memory alive. She really cherished this ring; handcrafted with love. True love was rare.

Kim was departing and she drove her own car here. As Nadech and Christina walked her out the new couple just waved goodbye to each other and Nadech decided to stay a bit longer to catch up with Boy and Margie. He had a surprise for Christina too. Getting into the trunk of his car he pulled out a certificate. Christina was handed the paperwork. She was now the rightful owner of a new horse. A horse! Just when she thought he didn’t care. She ran to him with so much surprise and joy and gave him a huge hug. He was taken by surprise and he had his hands on his side and looked dumbfounded by her expression of affection. He slowly hugged her back and smiled. Taking a deep breath he noticed her light vanilla scent too. He had to catch himself and started to pull away. Just in time as Boy and Margie returned to them and noticed their daughter’s huge smile. She had some form in her hand.

“Grandpa Nadech is so kind. I have my own horse. Only Grandpa knows how to treat me well while my Mom and Dad not so much!” Christina jumped for joy and ran back inside to show her real grandparents what Nadech had done for her.

Boy and Margie couldn’t respond to their daughter as she didn’t stay long enough for a scolding. To be more biased with her Grandpa Nadech and not her own parents. The three all laughed out loud. Everyone knew that Christina deserved the best and she was a good kid. Spoiled at times possibly but she was both humble and very grateful with her life.

“I don’t know if it was a good idea to agree to Nadech’s request of getting Christina her own horse. She clearly thought we were uncaring and that Nadech here was the only one who does,” said Boy to his wife. They looked at Nadech who blushed at their words.

“Let her have her moment honey. She has been pleading with us for years since she started at age seven. It is about time. We thank you Nadech for helping with this surprise. It’s fantastic that Mario and Chalida are horse breeders in Khon Kaen. How are they those two? They just had a son right?” asked Margie.

The four teenagers when Yaya was alive were inseparable. The later couple were always bickering with each other but then one day Mario and Chalida announced their marriage and now it has been almost ten years and a new baby added to the union last year.

“Sweetly happy with each other and owning a very prosperous farm and as well they are very famous race horse breeders. I actually finally had the time to visit earlier this month. I had something to do in that area and so by chance I met Mario with his little daughter at the grocery store there. I was shocked to see him with a toddler or that he was the daddy type,” explained Nadech.

He too felt a sense of loss and envy that he could have had that lifestyle once upon a time. This time he wasn’t going to turn to alcohol to mend his sorrow. That was why he was in Khon Kaen for rehabilitation and he told Mario and Chalida about it when Mario invited him to have lunch with his family. They always supported and understood that he needed this sort of help and they were here to support him to a fast recovery. They immediately told him about Christina too. She was so identical looking to Yaya but with dimples that even they were surprised when they first met her all grown up. She was down there with her parents in Kon Khaen for an equestrian competition too earlier last year. If they didn’t know better they almost thought they met up with a ghost.

Christina returned from her grandparents and gave her parents huge hugs and kisses as well. They knew all along she was getting a horse. The Broenners were great people as they were also involved with this surprise. She met them once last year and they told her again all about Nadech and her aunt Yaya. They were all very close friends and still were with Nadech. Although he has been busy but they still corresponded here and there.

“All of you kept this from me. But I am so grateful and thank you again!” she exclaimed. Wow she now owned her very own horse. Now she can practise anytime and not worry about scheduling practise time with Willow. Maybe they could visit Khon Kaen to see her horse next weekend after her school finishes she suggested. They all agreed. Nadech didn’t commit his time, he didn’t know if was able to make it but will try and will double check his schedule.

In all honesty he didn’t want Christina and her family to know about his stint with alcohol addiction. He didn’t want to ruin her idolism of him. He was ashamed about letting others know but he knew also that he was ready to get out of this situation and start fresh. He needed to live his life finally and regrettably without Yaya.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 13

At his parents home Nadech looked out his window. Staring up at the dark night sky filled with the scattering stars shining down to earth. Each specks of light twinkled with joy in the oasis of the open sky. He remembered spending all night lying on the beach counting stars with Yaya. As he ages he couldn’t forget his times with Yaya the memories came in full force it was like something was enticing him to remember the past. It may be because he wanted so badly to be with her. Things were not meant to be for them. So then his next option was trying to move on. He approached Kim because she seemed to be the obvious choice. They met at med school and hit it off as intellectual friends. Truthfully he couldn’t see himself falling in love with her and he felt guilty that he was treating another woman like this. He tried but he couldn’t force his heart to do things that it didn’t want.

Then his memories went back to this evening. Christina was such a breath of fresh air for him. Yes she looked so eerily similar to Yaya but as well she was her own person; she was young and full of life. Her personality was influential and she was always vivacious. She made him feel the energy and joys of it too whenever he was around her. But today she seemed to have changed towards him since today’s equestrian competition; she didn’t approach him with her usual eagerness. Did something happen or was something said by the elders? His parents were a little concerned about her reputation when they both disappeared at the same time and for a long period while in Pattaya. He assured with them there was nothing between Christina and him and besides she was very young. He considered her as a niece that was all and she calls him Grandpa for a reason. Their age difference made it impossible for any romantic relationship to occur. Yet deep down he also felt sadden by this thought too but lectured himself of his hopeful heart too. Christina would never see him in that light. Especially the elders wouldn’t allow such a relationship. He wouldn’t allow himself to think that way any further; that sort of relationship was too unattainable.

At the dinner table he noticed too how Christina held tight to the ring he crafted for Yaya. She was wearing that ring around her neck. He was glad at least someone was able to cherish the ring he crafted from love. Christina would be the next best person to have this ring. It will keep her in close ties with her aunt Yaya’s memories.

Just then he noticed a shadow underneath the trees at the Sperbund’s home. Who was outside this late at night? He went to retrieve his spectacles and saw Christina. She was sitting in the home-made swing that he built for Yaya when they were younger. Christina was dress in all white. Her tank top nightgown showed off her smooth arms and her long braid aligned her back. He started staring down at her she looked like a enchanting sprite within the gardens. She also looked really sad though. Maybe it was young love because he went through that when he and Yaya fought but Christina looked to be thinking so deep and she was staring up at the stars as well. Before he noticed he was putting on his robe to go downstairs and outside. He stopped in his track. It was like something invisible calling to him and making him behave in such an odd way whenever Christina was around. He listened intently. Was she talking to herself?

Sighing Christina looked up to the stars. Was it too late to make a wish? It was both a good and bad wish if she thought long and hard about it. She wished for her Grandpa to take notice of her as more than the little girl who resembled his aunt but felt guilty that she wasn’t allowing him to move on with his life and start a real life with Kim. She honestly believed and something that she couldn’t explain that she was born to be with Nadech. She only called him Grandpa Nadech because the name stuck with her. Since she met him again in Pattaya officially she didn’t see him as her Grandpa at all. He was too kind, generous and easy going. Even if he was in his thirties he did not look it. His glasses made him look intelligent but never old. If only he saw her differently. Her mom noticed things too with her but she didn’t dare confess to her mom. She was not sure if her parents would accept her feelings that she has developed for Nadech.

She whispered out loud, “Oh how I wish he loves me. I love him and I know it in my heart that I am born for him...” she sighed out loud yet again.

At her age she knows she shouldn’t be having affairs of the heart issue. But it is so hard now that she sees Nadech everyday. Her feelings only intensified and she would in a flash confess to him but she knew he most likely will not accept it. He really only loved her aunt Yaya. If that wasn’t the case he would be happily married and with kids by now at his age. Well he was starting to think about it with Kim as she saw today. But yet she didn’t think there were any sparks between them. Were they not older adults, how is it they were not allowed to live their own life? Must they really adhere to the conventions of marriage without love? She will refuse to marry for any other reason but love. But now she put her self in a position where right now it seemed impossible to obtain with Grandpa Nadech; a solid relationship with love between them. He was clearly not interested in her that way or noticed her in that way. How does she go about to change that way of thinking from him to seeing her more of a woman than a girl?

[Well how is it so far? Age difference was an issue for me too, but yet she isn't in love with his status, money etcs. Love is blind, non judgemental and very unconditional. I will reveal a little more once they fall in love. Soulmates is what I truly believe in. Enjoy ja]

Lots of love,

Sary aka YNSE.