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I rarely post in this forum/section since lately there is no K-drama that excites me or I am 100% in love with. But I bit my own tongue when I said I was not going to watch this version of the reply series. 
This is the 3rd installment after all. If you follow the reply series you know there was a Reply 1997, which I loved LOTS and said nothing was going to beat the original.
Sorry Reply 1994 Fans, I couldn't get pass the first few episodes without thinking this one was trying too hard and all the bickering between the two leads were also trying too hard. It just didn't come off natural to me like 97 did. As much as I like Go Ara I just stopped watching the 2nd installment.
So when it was announced that there was going to be a 3rd one I just didn't want to believe seriously how many times are they going to use the "Reply" topic to make/waste a good drama was my thought. I guess I was asking for it when I didn't want to believe it will do well or live up to my expectations like the first one did but I guess 3rd times a charm.
Reply 1988 has TOPPED my list of "all time favorite Korean dramas" right After Sang-Doo lets go to school and Baker king. SO NOW I WANT TO SHARE THE ENTERTAINMENT/LOVE.
If you weren't planning to watch it I suggest you give it a try! if this is your first Reply series its ok because for thinking it will not be as good as the original I jinxed myself and now I can shamefully say it has exceeded the first Reply.....and became my FAVORITE. 
Ok, enough blabbing about how much I LOVE it and on to what its about!
  • Title: 응답하라 1988 / Eungdabhara 1988
  • Also known as: Answer to 1988 / Answer Me 1988
  • Genre: Youth, romance, comedy, family
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: tvN
  • Broadcast period: 2015-Nov-06 to 2016-Jan-16
  • Air time: Friday & Saturday Night 19:50
  • Original Soundtrack: Reply 1988 OST
  • Related TV Shows: Reply 1997 (tvN, 2012) and Reply 1994 (tvN, 2013)

Unlike the other Reply series, this one also focuses more on FAMILY so its a family oriented drama with romance, comedy and OFC what the reply series is all about: guessing the husband! 
This version resolves around Hyeri and the block she lives on with her 4 male friends. *Ahem one of them is her potential husband.
Ok, that's my brief summary LOL but that about sums it up watch to SEE for yourself & get ADDICTED like me.
This is one of my FAVORITE teasers...btw I have been hearing that this teaser for tells who her husband will be but who knows its all a guessing game for now!
I won't spoil any more haha, see for yourself GO WATCH it at DramaFever, sadly its not at Viki. does an AWESOME job with recaps and her comments are good to the ears to read!


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Yes, 94 was dull even with two hotties and fan war. They had less focus on side characters which is a booming factor for the reply franchise. Like ever so endearing parents, confusion and embarrassment of youths are what make the show. Hyeri's acting is not the best but she has screen presence and has a natural style like Eunji's. I first like the reply shows because of Eunji. Her rapid fire cursing in Busan accent is the best. And the bromance. What could I say when you like the girl who your bro also likes? The dilemma, the participation and the heated competition for her attention.