[True4You] Jao Wayha Series 1: Fang Nam Jarod Fah (6 Hanuman)


sarNie OldFart
Looks extremely boring. I don't understand why soldiers would be involved. The job seems more fitting for swat teams and policemen.  


sarNie OldFart
Mahalo said:
It takes a lot of trust and confidence. At the end of the day, the wife knows he's going home with her. Lol. It's awkward for the husband and co-star though.
I can never be an actress because my heart would fly like a butterfly with each pra'ek. And I would never get marry during acting cause my indecisive heart will not able to commit. Too many beautiful people around. I would stay single and play the field till I leave the industry.

Lol...I probably get fired anyway for not doing my job. If someone handsome looks me in the eyes and say those love lines. I will not remember what I have to say next...concentrate would be hell :)


sarNie OldFart
The action looks good, but romance looks blah. They need a balance of romance and action to make it good. I'll watch a few episode just to see what's it about.


You're Average Person :)
so Andrew, Pan, Mai, Tik will be introduce in this part of the series. Tik and Andrew will first meet their nangeks at the ballroom dance.

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sarNie Oldmaid
Mahalo said:
Looks extremely boring. I don't understand why soldiers would be involved. The job seems more fitting for swat teams and policemen.
They use the military a lot in Thailand for drugs trafficking and big crimes with powerful supporters. Not only in Thailand but here too, seals team are often the secret team that helps with big drug raids it's just that the police and swats takes the credit in front of the media.


You're Average Person :)
I'll post their scenes in here as well since it'll be taking place in this part.

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Mrs James Ma


sarNie Adult
wow the trailer was actually really good. I'm really interested, the action scenes were awesome.  Though, I do hope they have a good balance of action and romance.  Aum and Noon's characters seem really nice and sweet together.  Aum as the macho military man yet loving and caring toward his woman.  Noon looks so graceful, she's still so beautiful in my eyes, and the scene when he first saw her as the doctor, that was memorizing, I fell in love too.  I'mma definitely tune in to this one.
But looking through the pictures, I am loving Aum with Mai, I think they look so much better together.  I think Mai looks cute with Tik but it was just "nice," but gosh the pictures of her and Aum is soooooooo gooooood!  They should switch lols if not, pair them up in another lakorn


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