[True] Rub Sab My Boss (?)


Mahalo said:
I thought it said Joy Rinalanee, his ex. I was about to say. Lol. Was so excited.
Me too! Haha. That's why I clicked it immediately and then I realized it's Joy Siriluk.
What's the storyline anyway? Looks like Joy will be the "boss." Haha. Are "True" productions good? I don't think I've seen any of their lakorns before.
BTW that other dude in the very first pic looks like Keanu Reeves. Hehe.


sarNie Juvenile
Omg, this just make my day.
Now I can go and work happily.
Miss Joy very much and hope this is airing soon, i know they haven't film yet. Lol


Staff member
Freaken heck yeah!! I miss my girl Joy!!! Can't wait to see her back on screen again... I am so freaken happy!!! and Oil is in here too!! reunion~~~ though I didn't exactly finish their other one... but anyways, I'm just freaken excited to see Joy again.. *sniffsniff*


sarNie Hatchling
I ant see her with exact again ....
or some lakorn where she and Pol are together ss rai or support role......whatever


Staff member
I want to cry.....
Found out that this isn't a lakorn... it's a sitcom instead :( *sniffsniff* boohoo...


sarNie Hatchling
so shame that this channel  did not though about subbing any drama   to make ppl know more about it , true have good and fresh drama but to find it like i search for something  rare 55555 , recently i saw some  dramas and even did not know the name but found it is good  , but i have not ant time for watching it now , joy who would say anything about it , she is shine , never grow old  , so beautiful , good looking , can act what else to see her more on tv