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    Hello, this is my first time posting a fanfiction here on AF. I heard from my sister that AF is not quite as active as in the past, but I just want to at least one person to read and enjoy my writing. Also to give me feedback on ways to improve my writing. So now I will share my writing with whoever comes across this and wants to read it. :)

    True Love
    Chapter 1:

    I watched the seconds ticking by on the clock, waiting for work to be over. My heart wanted the day to end as fast as possible because it knew there was someone waiting just for me at home. Just as I thought of his face, the bell rang, releasing the workers. Gathering all my belongings, I headed out to my beautiful light-blue Mini Convertible, that my sweetheart had gotten me for my birthday this year. A big smile was spread across my face because just the thought of seeing him soon, made me the happiest.
    I got home from work, seeing my brother Jisung at the door. I ran and hugged him before we headed inside. Then I saw Daniel sitting in the diner room smiling at me. I smiled back at him. With my amazing sense of smell, I could make out a delicious scent coming from the kitchen. Just then Minhyun walked in, holding my favorite dish, two whole plates of Dumplings, one in ach hand. We all sat down and ate the food.
    “Okay I’m going to go.” I said after eating.
    I got up and headed to my room, but ran into Woo Jin first. I dodged to go around him, but he grabbed my arm to hold me back.
    “Careful, there are a lot of Lego pieces in the hallway.” Woo Jin said.
    “Ok thanks, I’ll watch where I’m stepping.” I replied.
    I went into my room and grabbed my towel to go take a warm bath. Turning the hot water on, I laid down and closed my eyes, relaxing. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.
    “Yo-ryo-jwo!” Daniel shouted from the other side of the door.
    ‘’Wait five minutes!” I shouted back to him.
    “I need to poop!” Daniel said, sounding like he’s holding in his last breath.
    I laughed at the sound because it was so cute.
    “Hold it in for just a bit longer.” I said, teasing him.
    I tried to stay in there a bit longer just to tease him again, but I knew he couldn’t hold it in any longer. Feeling bad, I quickly dried myself and got dressed before opening the door for him. His face was red from holding his breath and he was covering his ass with his right hand; His left hand was rubbing his stomach. Just the sight of him was hilarious and I couldn’t help but laugh as he pushed pass me into the bathroom. As soon as I closed the door behind me, I heard the explosives blowing up and grossed out, I quickly went into my room.
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    Bieluvr told me to come and read this. I'm glad I gave it a try. I love that it's funny and the main character is so straightforward. Please Continue.
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    Well thanks! It my first FF ever! I was waiting to see who is going to read first. But no one else read it, so I was like ''Fine, I should stop.'' then you finally read it and I will make sure to do the chapter 2. And also, thanks for reading it. You just lighten up my day! Go Wannable!!!!!!

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