[True] Coffee Prince (Nadao Bangkok)


sarNie Egg
OMG...they got some really ugly casts...i don't remember any lakorn with such ugly leads... :lmao3: :lmao3: :loool:


Expired Sarnie
I know I am not pretty but that's okay, I am still going to be shallow. The castings are just a bunch of tiny little kids that are not attractive to the eye. Hm... so sad even with Korean idol groups they seem to get younger and younger. It's so sad to see a bunch of kids dominating more so like entering the entertainment industry.


sarNie Oldmaid
Second teaser...On air tomorrow.

The Cast:

Mac Weeradon Wangcharoenporn as "Win" (Choi Han Kyul),
Maxine Inthiporn Tamsukhin as "Nut" (Go Eun Chan),
Beau Thanakorn Chinakul as "Tee" (Choi Han Sung),
Data Darancharas Sukheviriya as "June" (Han Yoo Joo),
War Jirawat Vachirasarunpatra as "Som" (Hong Gae Sik),
Boss Thanabat Ngamkamolchai as "Doe" (Jin Ha Rim),
Ben Benjamin Varney as "Pued" (Hwang Min Yeop),
Pum Pawornrat Kittimongkollert as "Nan" (Go Eun Sae),
Tao Sattaphong Phiangphor as "Chain" (No Sun Ki),
Yee Chonlathep Leethanaset as "Tor"


Expired Sarnie
the pra ek is decent. not so sure about the rest of the casting. teaser is too korean for me which is kind of sad. I know people remake other country stuff but at least they add their own vibe. the girl is hard on the eyes


sarNie Oldmaid
The open credit.


First episode


I agree with you fun4fun. The storyline is so Korea version. Might as well watch the Korea version. lol Just from the teaser look like they not going to change the storyline and put their own spin on it. Like how other country do their own version BOF or Y'B or HNKE...ect....


sarNie Egg
Ugh..I'm sorry, this may sound shallow...but I like to see good looking p'aek and n'aek...and I see none in the above pix!


sarNie Adult
wow, even the way this lakorn is filmed is different. its filmed like a movie rather then a lakorn. I never liked coffee prince and didn't understand all the hype about it so def. i will skip this one. although, i love the way its filmed though.


Expired Sarnie
its actually not the first. pang sanaeha and khun suek aired in HD.

im just so so disappointed in the first episode. they literally copied scenes off the korean version frame by frame the first 25 minutes. i dont know about the rest but i gave up. yes u should keep the same storyline and characters should be similar but it doesnt mean u copy it frame by frame.


sarNie Oldmaid
I agree wit you fun4fun. The first episode they literally copy off the k-version frame by frame. I'm so sad about that. I really hope the second episode is different I might give it another change if its different but if its going like the K-version and still copying frame by frame I think I have to give it up. I would weather watch the K-version if its frame by frame in this version.

Yeah about the storyline and characters agree with you there it doesn't mean you have to copy it frame by frame. They could have change it a bit to make it like a Thai lakorn or have a Thai lakorn feel to it. Like make it like Thai. Like other country when they do remake of BOF, ISWAK, Y'B,....ect they put their spin on it and make it their own and culture in it..........The first episode I watch its feel like a Korea drama and not a Thai drama.