Toomtam-Ak-Yingying-Mo Celeb Drama?

Discussion in 'Thai' started by Anonymous<3, Mar 13, 2019.

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    Oh noooo what happened to Toomtam and Ak? They were so close for years along with Mo after filming their sitcom but have stopped following each other on IG now. :( Before they became a trio, Mo was already best buds with Toomtam since they debuted around the same time and had similar interests. Mo was also good friends with Ak since he always played her second lead in lakorns.

    I'm wondering if Ak and Toomtam had a fallout because of Toomtam breaking up with his ex? But Ak knew Toomtam before becoming acquainted with Yingying after they started dating. Why would he drop Toomtam because of their personal relationship issues? Toomtam and Ak are still following Mo and vice versa so I'm just glad she wasn't caught up in all this drama between them. I've always adored their gang. It's too bad things happened this way. :( Toomtam has always expressed how he's close with Mo but man, I thought Ak and Toomtam's friendship was on the same level as Toomtam and Mo's.
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    Maybe he thought TT was wrong in the breakup and realized he's not the person Ak thought he would be? Just guessing.
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    Maybe he see the way he treat YY and don't agree with his ungentlemen -like behavior. TT is playing victim and blaming the girl. His family is harassing the girl.

    As a friend... you can leave anytime for whatever reasons. Someone personal problem can show a person's true colors and we might not want the involvement

    I had a few friends....after a long time I see more of their colors... it's like damn... you shady as Fuck...bye...I can't trust you... I'm out...or just plain toxic
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    I didn't know Toomtam's family is harassing Yingying. That's messed up. But yeah, I wasn't blaming Ak. It's his decision and I can understand it. Likewise, I understand and won't shame/judge Mo for remaining friends with Toomtam either-who aside from Bella is her best friend. I've seen so many huge cheating scandals with famous daras like MK, Matt, Push-Jui, New-Now, Sean-Gypsy, Sean-Pim, etc. where their friends who are respected or "prim" people like Yaya, Anne, Taew, Nadech, Mew, etc. and many fans still support them through their controversies. I guess it's different for each person and some things just aren't that black and white. In this case, I'm just sad as a fan of the three who are now split and someone who sympathizes with Yingying.
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    Some might not be that close...or maybe Ak knows more. . .some are more like acquaintance. I have plenty of those. Where I'm cool with them but won't seek them out. I have a person where I use to be good friends with but they showed me their shade....sooo...

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