Toey, Mew L. & Mint C. (IMAGE. vol. 26. no. 8. August in 2013)


Toey is sexy yummy kekeke He's so hot and I love love love his dark skin :D
LOL at his face expression on the 6th pic. 555 Mew's face expressions aren't as great....
I actually love Chalida's cover :) She looks almost unrecognizable 

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sarNie Coma
Gee, 17 year old Mew has her boob right on Toey's chest........I don't think my mom would be happy with me if I did that type of shoot.


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I love Mew, but I admit I was surprised upon seeing the cover.  She's so young to be seen doing those kind of covers.
But anyways, looking at the insides...  I think she's getting a bit more photogenic.  Thanks for sharing,  I'll share some other pics from her fc later.


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Jaia_loves_Yadech said:
I can't tell who is who
On the first cover:  Mew is the girl & Toey is the guy.
Second cover:  Mint C.
the small pic with the guy:  edison chen I believe..  the girl:  Lookade Metinee :3


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Wow mew is now all grow up!!! She no longer tat girl in wanalee...she is totally growing on me tbh :) For 17 year old girl...i dont really mind since they are cele who are not naked...i see wrost tbh :)