TiK vs Oil


sarNie Egg
Tik has always been the best in my mind. but if i had 2 chose b/w him & Oil based on looks...I can't decide! they're both oh so fine.


Talking about natural handsome looking has to go to OIL THANA. :)

Tik looks gay&old with long hair. :shocked:


sarNie Egg
iono who you think is natural handsome
but i know the one and only here is tik
thats F*i*o*n*e!!!


sarNie Elites
Oil doesn't has talent at all to me... His acting is still very weak and has not improve dat much :wacko: ;) -_-


sarNie Adult
I dunno...hard one...I just stick with my CHAKRIT, cuz I like him more and his acting is better than Tik and Oil's........but if I really had to choose, than OIL....for some reason I just like him better than Tik...Tik's only hot when his hair is spiked up..other than that he's not that hansome, although his acting is great....Oil, he looks good almost all the time....and his acting is good from what I've seen...regardless Chakrit is still best for me...


sarNie Hatchling
when it come to look oil is def. cuter than tik but when it come to talent tik is better than oil. i like oil more than tik


sarNie Coma
well they both look good in different ways..i think tik is HOT/Sexy..he got the body..the attractive eyes/player/flirtatious look..and cute smile..and Oil is handsome..he looks more of a gentlemen..and innocent sweet type..