Tik J.


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:wub: Ok of all the praeks in the Thai industry I would have to say that Tik J. is my favorite. Like I can look at him forever and not get bored. He is soooooooooooooooooooo hot and fine and handsome and sexy and gorgeous...ok many of you catch my drift right????? So I'm watching Prissana right now and I just wanted to list my top 5 Tik J. lakorn...and I would like to know many of yours also...so please feel free to post.... :yahoo: :drool: :drool:

many of you probably won't agree with me with this but....

1. Prissana (with Teya Rogers) haaaaaaaaa...very gentlemen but also very sexy character
2. Kaew Ta Pee (with Cherry Khemupsorn) man for a blind man he can work it baby....and his body :drool: :drool:
3. Roy Lae Sanae Rai (with Aom Piyada) again how can one person be soooooo sexy
4. Tang Fa Tawan Diew (with Janie T.) I just loved his playful character in here and I love how he was always kidding around and flirting with nek all the time.
5. Laerd Kattiya (with Aom Piyada) didn't like the ending wanted him to become Aom's consort lover but heyyyy for love and for country I say.... :spin: :arrg:

These are my top 5 any others not on here is either because I haven't seen it or I didn't like the plot or the neks.... i.e. Fun Fueng, Tawan Tud Burapa!!!!


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yeh I can never get tired of looking at Tik :wub: hes so handsome..its not just his looks that i like..but his acting too..hes got the whole package..talented and good looking..oh of corse the body too..hehe

my top 5 fav lakorn of Tik is..

Roy leh Sanae Rai
Luerd Kattiya
Tawan Gup Burapa
Kaew Ta Pee(currently airing) :D


I like Roy Leh Sanae Rai, Lueard Kattiya, Tang Fah Tawan Deaw and that's about all the lakorn i have seen that has him in it.


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So far...here's the list of my favorite tik's lakorn:

1. Roy leh Sanae Rai
2. Tawan Gup Burapa
3. Wang Waree (I was surprised nobody mentionned it! it's a good suspence, mystery lakorn)
4. Tang Fa Tawan Diew, currently watching it..so far so good!


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01. RoylehSanaeRai (i'm infatuate with his player altitude :lol:)
02. GawTahPee (Love the sweet romantic side of him)
03. Twana Gup Burapa (Something about bad boy seem captivating)
04. Tang Fa TAwan Diew (Hahaha..who wouldn't love such dorky handsome guy)
05. Leud Kattiya (A true gentleman that will always be remember and love)


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Mine are...

1. Wang Waree
2. Roy Rey Sanae Rai
3. Prissana
4. Fun Feung
5. Tawan Tud Burapa


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Mines Are:
Luerd Kattiya (Aom)
Roy Leh Sanae Rai (Aom)
Soda Grub Cha Yen (Pin)
Warng Waree (Nat Myria)

Those Are My All Time Favorites Now if Only They Would Reunite He and Aom Together!! acCCk still awaiting that moment *crosses fingers* hope they do soon but omg Tik is Hot,Sexy, and oO cute at the same time! I Love him very much as an actor!! and man can act!! especially them aggressive roles :wub:


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Well, I watch all of Tik 's lakorns

My favorite lakorns are:

1. Roy Leh Sanai Rai
2. Wang Waree
3. Twana Gup Burapa-- (my first lakorn of him and he so hot )
4. His lakorn with Mam
5. Tang Fa TAwan Diew

no one didn't mention Tik and Aum yet


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omg.i love tik jesadapon!he is so cute.alongside cee siwat of course.but anyways yeah i liked tik in the lakorn roy leh sanae rai,tang fah tawan deaw and keaw tah pee.i didn't watch his other lakorns because i didn't like who starred in it with him so that's about it.


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Laerd Kattiya is my all time favorite lakorn.

And I also like Roy Lae Sanae Rai because I love P'Tik with Aom. I think they belong together and can only hope that they'll do another lakorn together.