Tik, Benz, Cheer, Baifern, & Ek got award 2011


sarNie Oldmaid
I'm not sure what the others got but I read Cheer interview and she got the Person of the year award from this event.



sarNie Tombstone
chok dee to P'Tikker ur :rockon: and u still look handsome and dee mak mak to the
gorgeous Angel P'Benz :flowers:


sarNie Oldmaid
Nope, he doesn't want a kid YET......he'd better to, before he can't have any kids. He doesn't seem to concentrate on his wife much either. Maybe he doesn't want kids.
LoL don't say he doesn't seem to concentrate on his wife much...he's just a very, very private guy, we didn't even know he had a GF then BOOM he got married...and said he's been dating her for like 7 yrs Good Dangit...those papparazzi's did not do their job ahahah...sometimes i forget he's married...but he will still be able to have kids until he's like 80, guys are that way, but its his wife he's gotta worry bout or not..