this's for who want to give a respestful opinion about MarKim relationship

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    so u say kim to blame bc she dump jett????? put urself in her shoes, if u cannot love this one guy and youre not even happy around him. are u saying u will put up with him and pretend to love him??????? im not kim, but only she knows her heart best. once she decide that she cannot contuine to pretend she "loves" jett, she has to cancel him out before too late. are u people just so pissed off at kim because mark was the man she chose to get close and chose to jin with? is she wrong for following her heart? so cheat on jett???? how can u say she cheat? she isnt married to him. she was not with mark when she broke up with jett. mark and kim have worked for many years togther. they know each other and are good friends to begin with. who knows why or how they became so close, but they always say because they think alike and have the same perception of the world thats how they click. about people cursing mk like their family got murdered by mk themselves..its ferocious and malecious of people to curse mk on such things...when mk has done nothing to no one. please dont make jett the victim anymore..the more i read into it, the loser he is becoming to me....please just stop. bc even if kim did not date mark, she will probably never going to marry jett. it was wiser that she ended things with jett earlier on, bc leading on with a relationship she does not want will hurt them both long term. as for mk, i like them as actor and actress. i dont care if they really date in real life. but i want them happy. i dont see the need for petty people to be cursing on them like they murdered ur family. they did NOTHING to u. they dont even know u exist.
  2. byebye

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    Since I can't quote :)
    So, you say that they don't know the ones that are against them exist how do you know that they know the ones for them exist as well? These stars are entertaining for money...that is their job so they probably doesn't know and care much of who thought what about them as long as at the end of the day they make money. That's their job just like anyone that has a job.
    I don't know why some of their fans are victim blaming...whether he is a man twice her size or twice her age that has no bearing on the fact Kim was not being sincere and faithful in her relationship, cheating is cheating no matter how you spin it...add sprinkles or draw a rainbow over it, it is still wrong. One of M/K's fans has the nerve to say that so what if Kim cheats...Jett should get the blame because he can't hold onto her? WTF is she thinking...I was lost for words when I saw that. I hope to GOD she is never in a relationship where she is being abused or cheated on. Because I hate to have her look for every excuses in the world to blame herself because she's a victim. It was so sad to see a girl think that way.
    Just because Kim is not married with Jett does not matter because she was in a relationship with him. So, if she dates and cheated on all of them it doesn't matter because she's not legally married? If that is how one think then the world is going nuts and moral is as loose as a stripper trying to shed her clothes. When you are in a relationship, you as a decent human being need to have the courtesy to at least be truthful to him/her that you once loved. And honestly, I don't understand why that is hard to comprehend. Because it truly isn't.
    I think no one wants to see their beloved stars in a negative light but the blindness of such devotion leaves me baffled. I don't hate nor do I love a star to the extend of me unable to see the wrongs or the rights. Because these stars will never know who I am and will not impact my life in any way. I have yet to see any celebrities come knocking on my door to ask me if I needed anything....and that leave me wondering why so much unreasonable love for someone that you'll never in reality even know?
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    @byebye Amen! Well said!
  4. billyjeans

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    a broken relationship took two sides to end. if u look from one side, u'll be blind forever. but if u look both side, you can see why it didn't work or meant to last. kim is a girl that can make a good decision. i dont know jett but im sorry he got dumped. he has to move on. if he is broken like the people defending him, yikes, how long will he be stuck in that situation. i dont say cheating is okay, but to be stuck in an unwanted relationship is more miserable than not being in one. so long as kim is stable and happy, im happy for her.
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  5. byebye

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    Jett is in a relationship and has moved on...that was not the point in some of the comments are being made. And yikes as well if people are so nonchalant about unfaithful people. Jett getting dump isn't an issue because people break up all the time, but it is how it ended.
    Nobody says she should stay with someone she doesn't love and I think some are confusing themselves in trying to defend her. It is more disgusting the way she goes about it. Anyone that isn't biased will see how it went down and says she is wrong. Only those that truly never take their blinders off see it as nothing.
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    I don't even know why people are still talking about this. It is normal that people date, break-up, cheat, make-up, move on, get married, etc. What can be established at the moment is that they're all moving along nicely with their lives.
  7. byebye

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    It's normal for people to cheat? But is it right?
    I don't think people want to talk about it as it's the next coming, but people are talking about it because some (not all) Kimmy's fans can't handle a little criticism thrown her way. When others point out what they see as wrong in her actions her fans immediately started to spew non sense and comes up with stuff that leaves others shaking their head. That is why the conversation keeps on continuing.
    I can understand being supportive of those that they "love" but using a tad bit of common sense isn't much to ask. It isn't all about fantasy land and lakorn world. The issue of relationship whether good or bad is a human thing. So, some takes it and see it from a human side while I think most of her fans just keep in the world of la la land and not see the whole picture. Anyhow, I don't think anything will get resolve because those that love her without reservation will never see the flaws in her and those that are neutral in all of this can see the entire picture and point out what they deemed wrong.
    I guess, enjoy this while you can. Once one grow up and mature a bit will understand a lot better :)
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  8. Mahalo

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    I think what matters most is that everyone gives a respectful opinion. This thread was made for the purpose of discussing their relationship and that includes how they came to be. As long as no one starts attacking another member, I think it's fine to have a little debate here and there. It keeps the forum active. So far, most of us have been able to provide his/her perspective respectfully. Some just need to learn how to take criticism with a grain of salt. Although most of us may not be on the same page, I'm glad that no one started cursing one another out. Lol. Remember guys, AF is a peaceful environment. I think most of us are mature enough to have controversial discussions without feeling hostile towards one another.     
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  9. owlcity

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    someone said jett happily moved on. good for him. no need to drown on a failed relationship.
    if kim did not love him now, what u guys think she will love him in the future? dumbing him now is no difference to dumping him later if she has no love in the relationship. guys, relationship is painful and complicated. if u cant bear to be in one, dont bother. it's heartbreaking. ask why so many people are singles? or unhappy in relationships? so many possible reasons. 
    let them move on. do their own thing. a successful relationship is when two people make it happen, a failed relationship is when the love is missing and its empty. my two cents.
  10. Ncmeowmeow35

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    Most people seem to be criticizing Kim and victimizing Jett but what about what Mark did to Vill? How Vill got the rough end of the stick in all of this? Ugh, so much I wanted to say but the fire burnt out and I don't want to fan it back up again. On a good note, I'm glad Kim and Mark are together. They look so cute together and has so much chemistry. Hopefully they last because they really are perfect for one another despite how they got together.

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