The Yearning Heart-Starring Mark K & Benz N Chapter 13 & Epilogue Updated

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    Alright. For those who cannot seem to get over the lack of skinship and romance of Saipoo. This one is for you/us!!! LOL. This FF is a fan's account of the English translation of 90's Lakorn "Loy Alai". This is Not for profit obviously. For pure entertainment purposes only.

    Perhaps I can make it a bit shorter with less side characters but that may deviate from all the drama that surrounds the couples' path to love and happily ever after, but please have patience with me.


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    Ohhhhhhh, is this One Shot?
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    Not one shot, maybe leave that up to you? Lol. But like I stated I will keep it to under 30 chapters?
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    The desperate woman laid down and bent her head to Dao's feet she bowed to Dao. Dao couldn't understand why this woman, under normal circumstances have so much pride, would be willing to do this. As far as she was concerned, the woman hated her.

    "I want what any woman wants, a husband for her child. You are young and still beautiful, any man would be so lucky to have you. Please give me Wat, you both married for the wrong reason he told me. And you don't love each other,"she calmly looked at Dao, pleading and in tears.

    Dao knew this day would come, her current husband was a womanizer and she knew that he was careless with everything. As far as she was concerned, this woman can have him should she wished it! She herself was waiting for him to sign the divorce papers for their marriage. She had had enough drama for this lifetime.

    She took a deep breath, steadying her own heartache and replied,

    "I am not too sure why you think I have any power to make that decision, it is personal between you and him. Keep me out of it. Aunt Sila, please show Miss Pimala out. I wish you the best. I mean it."

    Standing, Dao left the scene, trying to hold back the tears that wanted to flood her whole being. What was wrong with her? She hated that man, since he entered her world, it was problems after problems. Should she not be dancing with happiness? This was her ticket out of this marriage of convenience. She could raise her nephew without his involvement. Wat, what did you do to us? She stared out her bedroom window, he had left almost a week now, running away from his responsibility.
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    Omggg yess yesss!! BENZ MARKKK!!!!:aaaaa::cheer::love::icon12:

    Watching this thread!
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    Ohhhhhhh yeah!!!! Re-live 'Narree Rissya' :icon12::icon12::icon12: I want to write their fiction too but lazy lol , want to write one shot but I feel weird ...she too young :risas3:
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    I feel the same about Benz's age but look how she performed in Naree Risaya, I will keep it PG and leave it to imagination of FF readers lol
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    Thank you very much @Mz_Em!!!!:love::icon12::cheer::aaaaa:
    This might be the closest to Benz/Mark K being cast for this remake. Even if they do cast others for this remake one day, I'll always imagine Benz/Mark in here. Lol
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    I am totally going to promote them and if there's a will, there's a way lol. Where are all of Saipoo's hardcore fans???!!! Lol

    But for now let's enjoy FF world!

    I have to stop watching Lakorn, new on screen couples are making me fall in love with them.

    Yadech, Weir n Praew now Mark & Benz
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    Ummm I was cheating on SAIPOO this week... Mark and Eye, Mark and Pimdao.

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    Lol, she is like an older version of Benz in that pic!! That's alright, I am not that possessive yet, let him go star with other stars so that he becomes close to or same level of Benz with acting !! Lol

    Omg I should be working, this is bad, real bad!!
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    don't really bother me who Mark hang out with LOL . i only fangirl actress :risas3:
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    6 years ago...

    She held her breath as long as she could. This was so very disgusting, her hands encased in double gloves. Trying not to gag as she smeared the dog feces along the side of his car, from top to bottom and most especially underneath the handle on the driver's side. She almost vomited all over the ground doing this last bit. She quickly gave pause, was it worth all this effort? Of course, every time he was here he'd ignore her and even dared to show public display of affection with her older sister, P'Din. He should give more respect; her sister was wife material not arm candy fluff!

    She started at the sound of foot steps coming, she had to hide fast! She ran into the nearby bushes and tossed the evidence there. She listened attentively to them. Making a face as he came into view. He thinks so highly of himself but not to her. He was an arrogant jerk. Even though she was only six years younger than them but she knew enough about how one should be behaving in public.

    Wat walked hand in hand with Din. He was tall with broad shoulders and with a thick gloss of dark hair. Women were very attracted to him but he only wanted Din. She was a breath of fresh air, different from all of those high society girls. Who most of them only cared about Hermes brand name bags and Burberry luggages. And where next they want to vacation on their parents' credit cards. He turned towards her, his first love.

    "I promised as soon I finished studying my degree overseas I hope you will accept my marriage proposal. There's no one else for me Din." Wat took his girl's hand and kissed it affectionately. He couldn't ask more from her when it came to intimacy between them. She deserved the utmost care, especially as she wasn't as rich as him and his family she would be focused on by people within his circle. But a woman like her was priceless. He couldn't afford to lose her. Din playfully swatted his shoulder.

    "I will give you an answer once you return but remember I will be waiting, although five years is a very long time but you are worth the wait. Although maybe it's you who may change your mind once you see all the beautiful women across the other side of this world. Tall and blonde, I heard that's how they are in Switzerland. Oh Wat, don't you have to go, aren't you late meeting with your dad? Sorry I cannot meet him for an official face to face because I have to take Dao today to orientation for her high school that she will be transferring to this year. Supposedly she is a math whiz and needs the challenge at this elite school..." Din apologized.

    Wat interrupted,"Don't take this the wrong way but will you have enough to pay for this private school and does your brat of a sister know the sacrifices you had to make?"

    Din nodded in answer, "We are fine. Mother left us enough to cover both our education in her will. If she didn't, father would have put us further in the poor house."

    She ushered Wat to his car, he turned to say goodbye but underneath the handle of his new BMW sedan driver's side, there was something warm and soft; and pulling his hand towards his face, took a big sniff. He almost vomitted up his lunch.

    "What in the blazes is this! Who the hell thinks this is funny!" He hollered, scanning the bushes as movement came from behind there.

    There came out Din's obnoxious little sister. She was dressed in ripped jean shorts and a washed out t-shirt. Laughing hysterically with her braided pig tails. She was young but at seventeen she should've known better, this was ridiculous and not at all funny, even though she seemed to think otherwise. This was beyond grotesque what she did to his car, and what was on his hand?

    As if reading his thoughts she answered,"Dog poo. It suits you, you deserve it as you are a sly dog, behaving indecently towards my sister! It's because we are orphaned and poor that you think to take advantage of our disadvantages. I hope you stay overseas and never return, P'Din is too good for the likes of you!" She yelled even louder.

    Why was she screaming at him? Wat never thought he had the inclination to commit murder but this child needed discipline and at this rate what kind of trouble would this wayward tomboy get into in the future or was it only him that she had a personal vendetta with?

    "I am so sorry P'Wat, Dao apologize now. You have crossed the line! Dao, Where are you going, you cannot behave this way. Dao come back here!" Cried Din, but her baby sister stuck out her tongue at her victim and ran into the neighbours' yard.

    Wat had to get cleaned fast. He was actually being introduced to the board of directors at his father's company but not in this present condition.

    "Don't worry, soon enough I will be her brother in law and perhaps we can help each other discipline her. For now can we have Aunt Sila arrange a cleaning service for my car and I do have a new pair of clothes in the trunk to change into. Excuse me I am already late."

    Wat walked back into Din's house to change into his new clothes but he was still fuming inside. Indeed if he was the man of this household, that brat's backside would not be able to sit on any hard surface for a week, once he finished with her. He was smirking as he imagined her in tears, that'll teach her. But could he really hurt a woman? The way Dao was hostile to him, perhaps he could go through with it. What he had to go through during this relationship with Din. Lots of patience but love was blind. Although he felt that he was running out of patience for his girlfriend's sister. She was no angel only the polar opposite.


    Nak looked over Dao bent over body, she was uncontrollably in hiccups as she continued to laugh.

    "You should've seen his face P'Nak, oh the wretched smell. I cannot believe he didn't embarrass himself right there, in front of my sister. I swear that he was going to vomit all over himself." Dao wiped away her tears from all the laughter she couldn't contain.

    "Dao, that was uncalled for. The guy is trying his best to be nice but everyday you come up with ill conceived pranks on him. You know sometimes when one tease another, there's an underline attraction or seeking of attention from that person. Ouch, you punched me hard and in the gut." He squirmed from the hard fist to his belly.

    Dao was small but she had strength,"Don't you dare repeat those words or utter them again. You know I am one level away from black belt. Mr soon to be police officer, not so quick to defend oneself now huh P'Nak. Next time it will be a black eye! That guy is no good, mark my words. I don't trust him one bit. Not in a million years would I ever be interested in a guy like him. He was born with a silver spoon so he has no idea how hard life is. He thinks he can come into my sister's life and be her knight in shining armour. To take her away from me, not a chance!" She exclaimed.

    Nak looked at his beautiful young neighbour. He didn't have the courage to let her know his feelings, it wasn't brotherly. Maybe when she became legal he would confess his love and adoration and she would return his feelings. He was tall, fit and most would call handsome. They shared the same interests and hobbies; and only a couple years older to her seventeen. But right now the person she loved the most was Din, both an older sister and mother to Dao. She was very overprotective of her, no one could ever hurt her sister or else they will have to deal with the vengeful wrath of Dao.
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    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

    Omgg while reading I can imagine out these scenes and wanting to create a vid with Naree Rissaya sceness. Thankyou waiting for more~~
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    haha that's nasty ^^^ update soon
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    Starting off good!!! I love it!! This lakorn does have a few bed scenes so I hope you keep all that in here. Lol
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    What u mean few? There bed scene almost in every esp HAHAHA
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    Okay, there was more than a few. Hahaha
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    You girls are hilarious, in every episodes since they get married? Lol

    There's only part 7-11. And I haven't rewatched until only recent so some chapters will be improvised lol
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    Don't forget to mention how much cleavage Saiparn was showing when he done the deed in your fiction b/c in the lakorn she have too much LOL
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