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The Undying Love

Love makes you do crazy things


Atichart as Thanatorn

Taksaorn as Saylanee

Rated - PG 13

Genre - Short story, Romance, Drama

Summary :

Thanatorn; a loving husband and a new father seems to have everything; an adorable baby girl and a sweet and loving wife. Although his life seems picture perfect, it is far from that. When the doctors diagnosed his wife, Saylanee with a terminal heart condition,
Thanatorn refuses to believe that she is dying. In the mist of the ongoing battle between a disease and their lives, there's also a war going on between his country and a neighbouring enemy.

What happens when he is call to duty? Will his love still be alive to see him when he returns?



sarNie Oldmaid
ahhh ghost story? gonna get the chills while reading this....

as always it sounds interesting lome! i cant wait...


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yes an other fiction from my lovely lome!!!! nice wallie my love :wub:
hello there Jenna.... yes..... I love writing fics! This is like a career, but no money coming in. :loool:

sounds really good. can't wait for the first chapter!
Thanks girl... There won't be chapters though, instead there will be 3 or 4 scenes.

ahhh ghost story? gonna get the chills while reading this....

as always it sounds interesting lome! i cant wait...
thanks.. this is a short story.. rated PG- 13, so it will be safe to read at work. :D
I love the wallie. And interesting prolouge.
Thanks... it took me 2 hours to make the poster..... I had to do a lot of layers. wheww.. glad you like it though.
ohhhh...... sounds goood lome! love the poster. :D can't wait to read it!
Thanks gir..I should be writing this really soon cause my other fic is coming to a close.


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YES..another story...OOOOO girl..i love that banner....I can't wait!!!
Thanks Chenada. I finally am starting to get familar with photoshop.. it has gotten a bit easier since then. :D

I will start this story as soon as tomorrow if time persists.


Staff member
woah. i lOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE SUPER LOVE the poster .. that's hot ..
the plot sound so SAD .. i wanna cry :lmao:

haven't read a good sad story with ateam, wanna cry in here with them ..


sarNie Oldmaid
lol you should already know lome by now..

she loves drama..lots of it...

the last two ached my heart til almost the end...very well written too btw..

im waiting to cry too...