The Royal Wedding


sarNie Adult
Anyone stayed up all night or at least stay to watch the Royal Wedding? I totally did myself hahaha :lol: ...and all i got to say is it was totally amazing :thumbsup: like i say to my sis. we've just seen history made :clap2: live in front of our eyes... :D this wedding is by far one of the best wedding i will ever live to see...totally classy and elegant. Love how they wave at their fans and people all around the world, this show how genuine and proud of those who came to show support of their wedding... I wish them the best of life and may God bless their lives with many more blessings to come... ^_^

This Historic Kiss ever :bravo: :thumbsup:


Expired Sarnie
I loved her wedding dress. It fit perfectly with her body. I didn't see the whole thing but did get a glimpse.


sarNie Hatchling
Kate is beautiful ! Her dress.. :eyetwitch: so simple, so elegant... Her smile ! I love her smile !

Sorry but William has lost his handsomness lol

I hope there wont be any drama like Diana or Grace...


sarNie Hatchling
I woke up and watched the wedding. And BBC America has been replaying it all day, just in case anyone else missed it.

I'm very happy for them, but I'm glad it's over and done. Weddings are a happy occasion and it could not have been good for them to be hounded like they were by the paparazzi during the planning. It's stressful already without all of that extra scrutiny.

I about died when she got out of the car. Her dress was stunning. And the flowers in her bouquet are called Sweet Williams. :crush: Isn't that sweet?

@SugarLya: I agree with you. William was the heartthrob before, but I guess not so much now. Harry on the other hand.... :wub: