The Palace Walls


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Chapter 2

“UGH!!! I HATE HIM SO MUCH!!! I SWEAR I’LL GET MY REVENGE ON HIM SOON!!! ALWAYS PICKING ON ME!!! AHHHH I HATE YOU!!!” shouted Kwan as she pulled her hair from stress and tears rolling down her face.

“I think you should go back to class now.”

“And why should I listen to you?” asked Kwan as she turned around.

“I got rid of that problematic teacher so you have no need to worry.” said Weir as he walked away. “I don’t want to see commoners like you crying on my school grounds. It brings disgrace!”

“Do you really think I want to cry here and everywhere else?“ shouted Kwan as she clenched her fists.. “It was not my fault I am born a commoner. And just because you are the prince doesn't mean that you own everything, including this school ground.” She walked away with her head held high.

"What a crazy woman? But how interesting.. She's the first person to ever use her tongue at me." thought Weir as he puts his hand on his chin. "Whatever, I have to go find Pinky."


"Kwan.. Kwan.." said Matt.

"Are you alright?" asked Taew.

"Yes.. I'm fine.." smiled Kwan.

"You sure? You're eyes are really red." said Min as shepulled Kwan in closer.

"Yes I'm fine.."

"Oh yeah and guess what?" said the three.


"Our teacher is fired! The one that always picked on you."

"Why? How?"

"We believe that it was the prince's doing or so.. somewhere along there."

"What a relief.."

"I know right? I've always hated him for picking on us, especially you."

"It's fine, as long as he's gone then it's fine."

"You sure Kwan? Now remember, when we get a new teacher, you can't be this weak. You understand?"

"Yes yes, don't worry about me. I have all of you so why would I be scared."

Cartoon intruded. "All of you? You crazy when was I included."

Matt rolled her eyes. "I think you're the crazy one."

"Yeah, you came into the conversation that wasn't even about you." said Taew as she crossed her arms.

"Shoo shoo.. Go away." Min smacked her hands giving Cartoon a shock. "Oops did I scare you? It was just a fly.."

"UGH.. WHY YOU!!!" shouted Cartoon.

Nok pulled Cartoon's arm. "Shhh.. we shouldn't get involved with them yet until we see and impress the new teacher. That way it'll be an easy win."

Cartoon laughed. "Why that's a good idea." She cleared her throat. "Well that settles it for today.. hahaha.."

"Sigh.. I'm glad they're gone. I didn't want anymore ruckus."


"P-Pinky?" stuttered Weir as she touched someone's shoulder.

"P-prince!!! Why are you here??" said Pinky in shock.

"Why I did as you said. I transferred here." smiled Weir.

"W-why?" She quickly put her hands behind her back and tried to take off the ring.

"What are you doing?"

"N-nothing." Sweat slowly formed on her forehead.

"Let me see your hand please. I got a present for you."

"Uhh.. "

Weir took out a ring from his pocket and grabbed Pinky's hand. As he was about to put the ring on her finger, he spots another ring.

"Who's ring is this?"


"I said who's ring is this!?" He threw her hand away.


Weir laughs at disgust as he glares at Pinky. "What a little shrew you are."

"Wait.. it's not what you think..."

"PINKY! WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO THIS LOSER?!" The guy comes to Pinky's side.

"I was obviously a better taste yet.." He scans the guy. "You chose him.. It was a mistake on my part to think I could trust you.. but then again, I had my doubts since I did meet you at the club. Well, this is goodbye. I don't EVER want to see you around me again." Weir threw the ring at her and walked away.

"A.. a d-diamond ring......" stuttered Pinky.

"Babe.. that ain't no diamond.."

"Are you dumb or what? Then why would the prince give me trash?"

"Prince.. you kidding me.."

"See what you made me do.. I just lost the prince!!"

"Psshh.. I'm way better than him any day."

"Psshh.. yeah right.. there goes my life of luxury.."


The class bells ring.

"Ahhh.. I'm so tired.." yawned Taew.

"I'm so hungry.. Let's go grab a bite to eat." smiled Matt.

"I know a good place that just opened.. Hurry let's go." said Min.

"Are you coming Kwan?" said the three.

"Uhh.. I'm sorry I'm going to have to miss out with you ladies again. I have to go work at my part-time job and pick up my little sister later.."

"Awwwe.. well.. We're going now then.. Next time for sure ok?"

"We'll see."

They walked away as Kwan slowly dragged her feet. "Sigh.. Why is my life so boring." She kicks a can on the street. *THUD* *HONK HONK*

"HEY!!! JUST WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO TO MY CAR?!" shouted Teng as he got out of the car.

"Ahh.. Umm.. I'm so sorry." Kwan bowed to him as she continues pleading for forgiveness.

"Oh my, you're quite pretty." Teng clears his throat. "But.. that doesn't mean your free of charge."

"I'm so sorry.. I didn't mean to. I .. I'll pay you.. I'll give you all my savings... I.. I.."

"Just how much can a commoner like you have? I'm curious now. Where do you work at?"

"I don't have a lot.. It's only a little saving from my part-time work..."

"You're avoiding my question. I said where do you work?"

"Umm.. I work at the coffee shop around the corner here."

"Oh.. I see.. Well then, I'll give you an offer.. From the look of the damaged car.. it should cost a few hundred..hmm so how about I keep coming to your workplace so that I can keep my eye on you?"

"Uhh.. you don't have to.. I won't run away.. I promise."

"No no.. that won't do.. Someone ran away from me before.. So you can't be trusted."

"Then.. I guess that's fine then.."

"Ooo.. You're a good girl aren't you?"

"I'm sorry I have to leave... I'm late for work.." Kwan runs off.

"Hey! Wait! Darn it.. I didn't even get her name.. Oh well.. I shall be dropping by later." chucked Teng as he got back into his car. "What a pretty girl indeed."


"Here's your order Mister." smiled Kwan as she handed him the cup of coffee.

"You're so cute and pretty Miss. Can I get your name?"

"Uhh.. It's Kwan. I'll get going now."

"Wait." He grabs her hand. "Wait don't go yet Kwan. Have some coffee with me too."

"I'm sorry Mister. Please let me go.. I have to go serve the others... I- I.."

Teng grabs the guy's hand. "Please don't touch my girlfriend while she's working please."

"Awwe damn it." The guy turns away.

"W-why are you here?" Kwan said in shocked.

"I don't get a thank you?"

"Ahh.. I'm so sorry.." she bows to him once again.

"You're just so adorable." *coughcough* He clears his throat once again. "Well give me two cup of coffee please."

"Uh.. yes mister.." Kwan quickly goes to get the order. She then thought to herself. "Why is he here though? I hope he won't abuse me.."

Teng waves his hand. "You're finally here. It took you long enough."

Weir smiled at Teng. "What happened to your car? That's an interesting mark there."

"A girl incident you see.." chuckled Teng.

"Really.. A girl you say.. She must've been really pissed with you."

"I doubt that.. She looks too sweet and innocent. It was a pure accident."

"Nothing in the world is an accident." Weir looks away.

"Oho.. What's the matter pal.. Don't tell me.."

"You guessed it."

"So it was Pinky after all. I told you."

"Yeah yeah. You told me alright. But I just wanted to test it out."

"Look at yourself. Such a playboy. The prince too while at it."

"Shh.. Quiet down will you."

Kwan walks by with the two cup of coffee. "Here you g-go...." She accidently knocked down the cup on Weir's lap. "I'm so sorry.. I'm so sorry.." She bows her head down.

"Isn't she cute Weir?" smiled Teng.

"Cute? She just spilled coffee all over my lap." Weir quickly got up. "Who are you?!"

Kwan looked up and quickly bowed again.

"Ahh.. Why isn't it a coincident."

"You know her Weir?"

"Not really. We just happened to pass by eachother actually." He stares at Kwan. "My my, you had your head held high earlier today but.. now you're finally bowing."

Kwan looks up. "I didn't mean to spill it on you!" She then turns to Teng. "I'm sorry mister, I haven't got the money yet but.. I'll pay you as soon as possible.."

"Oho.. that's not a problem at all miss.. By the way, tell me your name would you."

"Hahaha.." laughed the guy. "And you said she was your girlfriend. You don't even know her name." The guy looks at Kwan. "Kwan, can you please fill up my cup. I'll tip you even more than these two. Heck, I can even pay off your debt for you."

"No no.. Please don't bother yourself with them." said Kwan as she refilled his cup.

"Kwan eh.. Anyways I got a new favor for you to do while you're still indebted to me."

"I only owe you money, how much more do you want me to do?"

"Well.. you see my friend here.. His pant is a mess. Can't you do anything to help?"

Weir rolls her eyes. "What more can this insolent girl do? She's been a pain all day."

"Hey you! You don't know what I go through..." Kwan looks at the clock. "Sorry misters.. I'm off now and have to leave immediately. Please deal with it yourself... Manager, I'm off now."

"Yes yes, thanks for the work today Kwan."

Kwan quickly went to the back and readies herself to go pick up her little sister.

"Psshh.. How can she just leave like that?" thought Teng and Weir. "New plan, follow her!"


blah blah blah.. how've you all been readers? i havent been updating any ff since forever.. sorry.. hmm plot to this ff.. totally changed.. kwan's character is nice and weak.. but she does have some strong points-ish.. la la la.. anyways.. do enjoy this update..



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Chapter 3

"Ohh.. why is the traffic so busy? I'm late.." said Kwan as she continues pressing the crosswalk button.


Kwan looked at the car. "Do I know you?"

"Of course you do darling. Hop in and I'll take you somewhere fun." said an old guy.

"Thanks for your offer but I'm not interested.. Have fun yourself grandpa.." smiled Kwan as she hurriedly ran to the other side of the street.

The old guy hit his horn. "Arghh.. I'm no grandpa..." He drove off.

Weir and Teng poked their heads out from the window. "Hmm.. she is rather unique. Don't you think so Prince?"

"I have no comment what so ever. She seems annoying."

"She looks fun to play with. I'm quite interested.."

"Do what ever you want playboy, just don't involve me. Hurry up and follow her."

"Yes Prince." smiled Teng.


"Shoot.. I'm very late... I hope she won't be mad.." said Kwan in concern.

*Bell ringing* The little kids all rush out of the classrooms to go home.

"P'Kwan.. You're early today.. Yay.." smiled Aelin.

Kwan looked confused as she looked at her watch. "What? I'm early?" She then realizes that her watch was broken. "I should have realized this sooner..."

"P'Kwan.. Did your manager let you out early today?"

"Yes Aelin. Now, let's go home now shall we?"

"Uh-huh.." They both smiled as they hold hands tightly. "P'Kwan, I want you to pick me up early like this everyday.. Can you?"

"I'm not for sure though but I'll try to ok?" said Kwan as she slowly pinch Aelin's cheeks.


"Awwwe.. how cute? Is she your daughter?" smiled Teng as he got out of the car.

"W-what are you doing here?" asked Kwan in shock.

"P'Kwan, who is he?" asked Aelin as she hides behind Kwan.

"Aren't you the cutest thing?" Teng continued smiling. "I knew she wouldn't be your daughter.. your younger sister ehh? Cute, just like her older sister huh?"

"P'Kwan, is he your boyfriend?"

Kwan knelt down. "No he's not, I just owe him some money."

"Money? Why do you owe him money? Did you borrow from him?"

Teng came over and rubbed Aelin's head. "You're just too adorable!!" She quickly hides behind Kwan.

"I'm sorry but I'll try to pay you as soon as possible." said Kwan.

"No, no.. Take your time paying it.. "

"Thanks, but I'm going to keep my words."

"Fine fine.. that's up to you.."

"If that's all then we'll be taking our leave now. Come on Aelin. Let's go." She grabbed her hands and walked away.

Teng walked back to the car.

"Was it her daughter?" asked Weir.

"No. It's her younger sister." replied Teng.

"I see.."

"Did you wanted the girl to be her daughter so bad? She still looks young herself."

"You never know. There's so many girls pregnant at such a young age these days."

"Well she seems different. I find her very amusing. Are you sure your not interested?"

"Amusing? Please take her out of my sight. Do what ever you want, I'm not interested at all."

"Well, you better take your word for granted. I found a new love interest now and I won't let you ruin it."

Weir stared confusingly at Teng. "When did I ever ruin anything for you?"

"How can you not remember? I was the lady's man until one day "Boom" the crown prince appears out of no where and takes my girls.. Remember?"

"Ahhh, I sort of.. But it wasn't my fault. Who can resist me?"

"Oh boy, you think you're hot stuff now huh? Anyways it's a promise, she's mine now."

----------------------------- TO BE CONTINUED -------------------------------

hello everyone.. it's been a while.. i totally where this story was headed but.. im putting stuff together and hoping that everything goes well lol.. anyways.. i hope you all enjoy it..


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Chapter 4

Kwan and Aelin walks the secluded road toward their house. Aelin holds onto Kwan's hand tightly.

"P'Kwan, even though we walk this road everyday, I still find it scary."

Kwan smiles at Aelin to cheer her up. "There's nothing to be scared about. Remember that I'll always be walking it with you."

Aelin lets go of Kwan's hand as she stares down at her feet. "I don't believe you. Mama said that too but she left me in the end."

Kwan embraces Aelin tightly. "Don't worry about that Aelin, I know that your mama will come back to you one day."

"Well, I don't want her to anymore..." Aelin pauses slowly. "You treat me better than Mama. I don't want her to take me away from you."

"Don't be scared if your mama comes back to you. It'll be because she loves you that's why she came back. Don't think to much. Let's hurry on home so dad won't be worried ok?"

"Fine, fine." They hurried on home.

**rustle rustle**

"Damn it!! Why is the brat always with her!! I need to find away to separate the two if I want to get closer to Kwan. Arghhh.. darn little brat!!" said Sek. "I'll make you see how serious I can get."


"Oh Prince.. you got a call from Pinky.." laughed Teng as he threw Weir the phone.

"Why the heck did you pick it up for?"

"HEY I CAN HEAR YOU YOU KNOW!!!" shouted Pinky on the line.

"Does it look like I care? And why the heck are you still calling me? Aren't you a bit two-face right now? I can see everything clearly about you!"

"Awwe, you still remember our romantic night Prince?"

"Oh I absolutely don't. Care to refresh my memory?"

"Well, you see. I'm pregnant." said Pinky as she fakes her tears over the phone.

Weir paused for a bit as he stared at Teng. Teng stopped his laughing and gave a straight face in disbelief. "No way..." said Teng.

"Oh really now? What makes you think that I'll believe you Pinky?"

"Why would you deny it?"

"I'm denying it because it definitely ain't mine. I'm the Prince. Why would I just sleep with anyone?"

"B-but.. you said that you loved me."

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. But for sure, I don't love you anymore after finding out you were cheating on me."

"But it's still your baby!!!"

"I don't think you really want to know what happened that night Pinky if you don't want to lose your image."

Pinky begins thinking deeply in her head. "Just what is he talking about now?" She then continues talking to Weir. "Which night are you talking about?"

"See, how am I to believe you that it's my baby when you don't even know what I am talking about?"

"Argh!! Darn you Prince!!"

"First off, we're over! Can you get that into your little head? Second, you can't be carrying my baby because we never slept together. I won't let my image be ruined because matters like these. Lastly, STOP CALLING ME!!! You can say what ever you want but it can't fool me. I'm not like those dumb p'eks in lakorns. You got that?"

"Argh!!! Damn Prince!!! Remember that you will be mine!!!" Pinky quickly hungs up the phone as she shouts hysterically.

"Whooo..." sighed Teng in relief. "You scared me there for a bit Prince."

"You should know me by now, I'm not that stupid to fall for tricks like that." Weir threw the phone down.

"Fine, fine. You're just lucky. Imagine if it was a real situation?"

"Well, there won't be any."

Teng scans the prince up and down and then covers himself with his hands. "Don't come any closer!!!"

"Are you crazy or something Teng?!" Weir walks closer to him. "Oh my, don't tell me you think I'm gay."

"Who wouldn't think that in this situation!!"

"Well, I can tell you that I am 100% man!!"

"Whoo.. that's a burden off my shoulder. So, anyways what did you mean there won't be any real situations?"

"Well, it's kind of embarrassing to say..."

Teng backs up slowly. "You really are gay.. aren't you?"

"Can you stop with the gay accusation? I am not gay!! What I'm trying to say is that.. I'm a v--v--"

"V-v? V what?"

"That.. I'm still a v-v---v-ir--vir---virgin.."

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" laughed Teng hysterically. "Oh my god!!! I can't believe it!! The prince still a virgin? Oh my god, I don't know how to react.. HAHAHAHAHAHA."

Weir pushes Teng to the wall. "If you don't want to die, you must not tell this secret to anyone!!!!"

Teng gulped as sweat forms on his head. "Got it P-prince.."


*clang clang* Pots and pans were scattered everywhere.

"Father, father." shouted Kwan as she ran to her father. "Are you alright?"

"Get away from me!" he shouted as he stood up.

"Father, what's wrong?"

"I said get away!!!" he pushes Kwan aside making Aelin fall to the ground scraping her arm. "Now look what you've done!"

"Aelin, Aelin... are you alright?!" Kwan quickly picked her up and look at her arm. "It's bleeding so much.. Let's hurry into the house."

The three hurriedly entered the house.

Kwan's father hugged her tightly. "I'm sorry Kwan, I didn't mean to do that to you but.. I had to because there's been suspicious people around here."

"Suspicious? What do you mean?" asked Kwan as she got a clean towel to wipe off Aelin's arm.

"I'm sorry dear.. but.. one of my friend became a gambling addict. He's been coming to me left and right asking for money. Of course I lent him money but it's just been weird after I stopped. I'm getting a cold vibe as if something is going to happen."

"Father, I want you to report to the police if anything serious happens ok? I don't want you to get hurt." She looked at Aelin. "Is your arm better?" Aelin gently nods. "By the way, where's mother?"

"She went out grocery shopping awhile ago."

"I see, I hope she comes back soon. It's getting late."

"Oh Kwan, you're such an understanding daughter. I don't know what to do if you were to ever get married."

"Married? I don't plan on to. I just want to spend the rest of my life with you all."

"That's a promise now you hear?" smiled her Father and Aelin.

"Yes father." Kwan and Aelin went to their room.

Kwan's father sits on the chair mumbling to himself. "Damn it!!! I couldn't find any money!!" He stares at Kwan's room. "I'm sorry dear. It's me who has become a gambling addict. I'm scared I'm going to be doing cruel stuff to you. I'm sorry."

------------------------------------ TO BE CONTINUED ------------------------------------

okies.. here's my update.. i hope it wasn't too long and it was understandable.. i switched my theme up a bit.. im trying to make it comical yet serious at the same time.. ahahaha.. hopes that this doesn't bore you...

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oh no! Kwan's dad is a gambling addict. But then it's good because she'll be with the Prince. hehehe. Or I hope she gets with the Prince.

Poor Aelin. I hope her mom isn't a bad mom. And ROFL @ the Prince for being a virgin. For some reason, I can't imagine him as one in real life. haha.


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Chapter 5
"Aelin, how's your arm?  Does it still hurt?" asked Kwan as she carefully bandages the wound. 
Aelin shook her head.  "This is nothing compared to the pain in my heart when Mama left me."
Kwan hugged Aelin tightly.  "I wish I can take away all your pain and give you only smiles."
Aelin snugged closely to Kwan's chest.  "Can't you be my mother instead?"
A little drop of tear rolled down Kwan's cheek.  "Feel free to call me "Mother."  I will always be there to console you.  This I promise you."
Aelin silently cried.  "Thank you sis... Thank you Mother.."  Kwan gently stroked Aelin's hair until she fell fast asleep.
Kwan's father saw the scene through the small crack on the door.  "My poor daughter..  Look what I've put you through."  He silently thinks to himself.
It's sad enough that your mother died when you were only a teeny tiny toddler.  It's even sadder to see that you got abused by your ex-step-mother who abandoned Aelin.  And I also know that your new mother also abuse you.  I only wanted to give you the best.  I wanted you to have the world, but what have I given you? 
How can I say this?  I'm a two-face person myself.  I partially blamed you for the death of your real mother.  That's why I ignored your new mothers' abuses, I let them abuse you in my place because I couldn't bring myself to hit you. 
I'm not a worthy person for you to call "father."  I apologize that I never really shown you love these past years.  I still can't accept it that your mother left us.  I don't even bother for Aelin or her mother.  I didn't really even love her.  I know that she isn't my daughter too because when I married her mother, she was already 3 months pregnant. 
As for your new mother, she's young enough to pass as your older sister.  You two are only 5 years apart.  She's only waiting for me to die so she can get my insurance many and run off with another man.  To be honest, I don't even know why I married her.  I just happened to, it could have been anyone else.
The stepmother walked over to Kwan's father.  "What are you doing here old man?"  She looked at them in disgust.  "Hurry up and go to sleep it's passed bedtime already.
Her father nods his head.  "You go on ahead first."
She rolled her eyes.  "I'll be locking the door in 5 minutes, if you don't make it to the room by then, then too bad.  You'll just go sleep on the ice cold couch."
"Yeah yeah.. I know.  Just lock it for all I care.  I'm going out anyways."
"Hmph!  Fine then."  She quickly walked over to the room.  "Why can't he just hurry up and die already!"
While in bed, Teng laughed hysterically.  "My, my, who would have known?  Mr. Playboy Prince is a virgin."  He continues laughing.  "This is the most hilarious thing ever.  I wonder how he pleases the ladies that they fall head over heels.. Cause I mean he never even reached third base let alone going for a full home run."
Teng scratched his chin.  "I really wouldn't be surprised if he turns out to be gay."  A chill went down his spine.  He shook his head.
"No, no.. Let's not talk about that.  Instead let's think about Kwan.. the pretty girl I met today.. hehe.."
A smirk formed on his face.  "I wonder what fun stuff should I do to her.. hmm.."
Prince Weir was drinking a warm cup of milk as he read the late night report of the world news.  He gave a slight sigh as he read the last tidbits of news. 
"Politics are no fun, I wonder why people are so obsessed."  He drank the last remaing drops of milk and walked over to the open balcony. 
"The throne is in reach, but I'm not even interested in it." he mutters to himself as he gazes at the moon.  "Where's an "angel" when you need one.."
He quickly covered his mouth and looked around.  "What the heck did I just blurt out?" He thought in his head. 
He shakes his head nonstop.  "I'm going crazy.. since I'm nearing the date... the date when I take the throne." 
The prince looked down at the flower filled garden of white roses.  "Are you happy brother?  I'll be taking up your throne..  The throne you so wanted as a child.."
"I need some scenery.."  He grabbed his coat and ordered the chauffer to cruise around town.
Kwan gently opened her eyes as she heard some rummaging noises in the corner of her room.  "Mother, what are you doing?"
The stepmother continued rummaging through Kwan's stuff.  "Where is it?"
Kwan got off the bed.  "What do you mean?"
"Don't act stupid!  Where's my gold necklace?!" shouted the stepmother as she begins turning the room upside down.
"Stop it mother.  Why would I have your gold necklace?  I don't even wear jewelry."
"I'm not stupid!  What kind of girl doesn't wear jewelries?"
The stepmother walked over to Kwan and gave her a hard slap.  "You think I want to rummage through your pild of crap?   There's nothing valuable in this house!  I don't even know why I'm still in here."
"Then leave... " muttered Kwan as she touched her face.
"You think I won't?  I'm just waiting for when your old man dies.  All of his insurance money will be mines."
"We're so poor these days.. I don't even know if father even has enough money to pay for insurance.."
The stepmother smirked.  "Then he'll just have to die then so the insurance money won't go to waste."
Kwan clenched her fist.  "You're so evil."
"When have I've not been evil?  I've been evil all along?  Do you think it's that fun to be married to an old man like your father.  I only want his death bed money."  She leans in close to Kwan's ear.  "Once he's gone, I'm selling you two to some old perverted rich men.  I can make a fortune off you since you have such a pretty face, though it's inferior to mines."
Kwan shoved her away.  "Just leave already.  Leave my family alone!"
"Of course I will, when the day comes. I can't rot inside this filthy place."  As she heads out the door, she shows off something in her hand.  "Since I can't find my gold necklace, I'm taking this small crappy dented gold ring instead."
"What... ring?"  Kwan searched through her rummaged items.  "Mother's ring... Give it back.. give me back my mother's ring!"
"Over my dead body!  I'm selling this ring!"  She slams the door shut, and locks it from the outside.  "This goes to show how my your father adores me, he got me a gold necklace while only giving your mother this crappy ring!"
Kwan pounds on the door.  "GIVE IT BACK!  GIVE ME BACK MY MOTHER'S RING!"
The stepmother walks out of the house with the ring in her hand.  "I wonder how much this'll be worth."
Sek pops right in front of her.  "Hello Darling!"
She dropped the ring.  "You scared me there Sek..."
He picks up the ring.  "Did that dirty old man give this to you?"
"No, I stole it from his daughter."
"Oh, it's Kwan's ring.. How interesting."
She grew a little jealous.  "Who do you like more?  Me or Kwan?"  She turns the other way.
He softly rubs her shoulders.  "Of course you.  Now let's go have some fun..."
Sek accidently drops the ring into a man's coat pocket when they bumped into each other.  "Hey you!  Why'd you steal for?"
The man removed his hoodie.  "What are you talking about?"
"My ring.  You took my ring damnit!!"
The man showed off his finger.  "Which ring?"
Sek and the stepmother's eyes were glued onto the man's hand filled with 2 giant gold rings.  "They whispered to eachother.  Let's rob him."
The man smiled.  "Don't try to do anything stupid.  I can lock you two in jail for years just for bumping into me."
Sek grew angry.  "Damnit!  Do you even know who you're talking to?!"
"No, do YOU know who you're talking to?" replied the man.  His chauffer ran toward him.  "Prince, I got the car up and running again."
The stepmother's mouth began to tremble.  "P-p-p-prince?  Did I hear Prince?"  She looked at him.  "Are you really Prince Weir?"
Weir gave a disgusted look.  "Let's go Ton, take me out of this place.  These people make me sick."
"Yes Prince." said the chauffer as they walked off.
Sek spat on the ground.  "You think you're all powerful just because you're the Prince.  I can kill you right here!"  He spat once again to thr ground.
The stepmother looked over to Sek.  "Now that I think about it.  Where's the ring?"
"Who knows.  Let's go."
As the car drove off, Weir slowly converses with Ton his chauffer.
"Yes Prince."
"Do you want the throne?"
He slammed on the brakes.  "I'm so sorry Prince!  I didn't mean to step on the brakes... it's just that, that question is so out of the blue.."
"Do you want it or no?"
"Everyone dreams of the throne Prince."
"So, is that a yes?"
"Yes and No."
"I need a direct answer."
"Then it'll be a no.  I enter the palace when I was young.. being brought up inside the palace walls, I realized how cold and empty it is.. I wouldn't want the throne.."  He quickly covered his mouth.  "I deeply apologize dear Prince.  I should be punished for speaking such nonsense!"
"No need, I understand.. for I too feel that way.."  he let out a sigh.  "Don't tell a single word of this to the queen.. I don't want to answer her future questions.."
"Yes Prince.. I won't."
"Then take me to Teng's house.  I'll sleep there for tonight."
As Teng was about to nod off, he hears rocks being thrown at his window.  "What kind of bastard dares to disturb me when I'm about to go to sleep!"
He rushes to open the window.  "YOU!" he shouts, as a rock hits his face.  "Darn it!  Who's out there?!  Show yourself!"
Weir climbs to the window, giving Teng a surprise.  "It took you long enough.."
Teng covered his body.  "What are you doing here?"
Weir rubs his neck.  "I'm sleeping over tonight.."
Teng's jaw dropped.  "Oh dear... you really are gay.. now get out get out!"
"Are you stupid or what?  I already told you I'm not gay!"  He jumps to the bed.  "Thanks for the bed, now good night 'my love'."  Teased Weir as he quickly dozed off.
Getting flustered, Teng folded his arms.  "Even if this is a king sized bed.. I can not.. I definitely can not sleep with a man..."
------------------------------------ TO BE CONTINUED ------------------------------------
A/N:  It's been a super long time..  I felt like coming back to this ff..  I must admit.. I'm changing the storyline again.. I'm sort of rushing it.. BUtI hope you readers don't mind.. *whistles..*