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    I'm working on it. Truthfully guys, hold on your horses coz I think we'll have more than a handful. Pardon but I wanted to post sloooooowwllly coz once the FWB theme began...:naughty2::nut:

    I'm not sure I can take that much scene all at once :risas3::risas3::risas3:

    Note to readers: Please let us all be open minded here and get yourself ready for the next chapters.

    P.S. This is just my second fic with r-scene so me still hesitating to post for I'm still shy AND this is NY my poor innocent babies :risas3:
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  3. I'm waiting hihihihi.. Don't be shy @annmott :cheer::cheer::aaaaa::aaaaa:
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    Warning: The following scenes below are not suitable for minor and not open minded people. So if you dont want some scenes like that then feel free to skip this chapter. Or the whole fanfic itself because the story will now revolve around this. Thank you.

    Song for today: Play it for more feels

    Chapter 7 - The crazy, crazier and craziest

    "Is he gone?" Yaya asked herself, squinting her eyes at the direction the man took while hiding behind the large stone wall.

    Today was a not so good day for her as her parents once again tried to set her up for what seem like the nth time with someone they think is quite suitable for her.

    Honestly, between her and her parents, she didnt know who's more desperate on the thought of her settling down.

    To think that her crisis on finding the one actually started from the pressure she got from her parents when they kept on pestering and asking about her single status since they never really got comfortable with the idea of her being a celebrity and then proceeded on telling her about their friend's sons, cousins, relatives or whomever they knew of that is interested on her. They were so serious then that she wouldn't be surprised if they suddenly pulled out a brochure complete with those guys resume by the way they are talking her ears off.

    From then on, her parents bombarded her with blind dates making her painfully aware of her situation which she never even cared of before, the only solution she could think of is to search for a potential boyfriend.

    She was not even asking for too much, the only criteria is that he should be a guy that is taller than her, coz she's quite tall for a woman and wouldnt it be awkward if she'll have a midget boyfriend? The hugging and even the talking would be a pain in the ass not to mention the kissing... Not that she had anything against them but its just a no-no for her.

    He should have a mind of his own. That one almost always gets her with the blind dates her parents set her up with for they always agreed with whatever she says. Put an emphasis on 'everything that she says' like she could say the sun is blue and they'll just nod their head. Damn, that was annoying as hell and not to mention a little bit creepy.

    Next, he should be gentleman, romantic and sweet but not too much because that could be just sappy.

    Then for the face... Handsome? Manly features is enough. She's not really particular in the looks department but it would be good if he happen to have a nice smile and a sharp jaw line. And of course the eyes should be deep and if he had long lashes then it would be perfect.

    Family background is not a problem for her, she's not in it for the status. He could be poor as long as he works hard. She'd already had enough with those rich boys who leeches off their parents money but knows nothing in the real world.

    Lastly, the guy should be able to like her for who she really is and not the one she portrays in the media. Because there are only few people in her life in which she really feel comfortable with. Wouldnt it be nice to have someone accepts and loves you at the end of the day behind closed doors?

    Now where to look for that perfect guy... That person is not so hard to find though? There is still someone like that right?!

    "Yep. He's out of sight now" She breathes out a sigh of relief upon hearing an affirmative. She should have known that it is a trap when her mother called her asking for help in their business. After all, what does she know about business?

    That one is a particular tough fellow though because she's been trying on getting out of her date for what seem like hours only succeeding after he got a call from an important person.

    "Sure?" She had to ask for assurance.


    "Thank God I-" she started but stopped mid sentence.

    Wait, what?!

    As far as she knew, she was alone in her hiding spot...

    Turning to her right, she had to swallow her scream upon getting suddenly face to face with another person she is avoiding the past few weeks. It was none other than her Pra' ek, the man who stole her V and the one person who could shake her feelings with unwanted ones.

    She had been trying to get him off her mind after their kissing scene, burying herself with workload and making sure that meeting with him would be next to impossible but damn.

    Did she do something bad to him her past life that she had to suffer in his hands in this life?

    Okay... she's being too dramatic now.

    Excuse her for her hormones had been acting really odd lately. What with feeling hot whenever he's on close proximity.

    "So this is what you've been doing the past few days eh? Still looking for the one?"

    Nadech questioned her while glancing at the direction she's looking and turning back to face her again with a look of accusation.

    "W-what are you doing here?" She didnt think he was the type of person to go out at night in a romantic restaurant nonetheless. Unless... he's having a date?
    But that's just absurd because that is out his character.

    "Oh just checking up on... business"

    Raising one eyebrow at him, she bit her lip to stop herself from asking more personal questions.



    Yes sure.

    "What about you? I see you're still not giving up on finding your Mr. Right?" he continued with a playful smirk.

    "For your information, It's actually a misguided attempt of my parents to set me up on a blind date" she quickly defended her dignity, or at least what is left. "I'll let you know my parents were conservative and strict. They want me to settle down already."

    "Isnt that your goal though? Why are you running away now?"

    In a way, she understood his question for she asked herself the same too before.
    Only, her stubborn ways and
    independence got in the way.

    "You dont get it" she tried to explain after she comes out on her hiding spot, rubbing her arms and walking at the pavement along the streets, looking for a cab to get her home for she really thought her parents would be able to give her a lift.

    "My family is great but sometimes they get erm- too much? They've even gone too far with threatening me on fixing me on an arrange marriage! Would it be so wrong if I wanted to do things on my own way this time? Find love and experience things naturally."

    "Hmmm" Nadech hummed while he walked next to her.

    "Wait" Yaya turn to look at Nadech who raised his eyebrows at her. "Are you following me?"

    "You're one assuming gal eh?" Nadech shake his head at her and nods at the parking sign with a smile that never slips off his handsome face, his dimples showing off, "I parked in this direction, see? Here is my ride"

    He goes on patting a black big bike like a proud daddy that she had to surpress the urge to roll her eyes at his antics.

    She had to admit it is a little, tiny bit impressive though.

    A Harley Davidson?

    She'd never actually ridden a motorbike before and she do not have any plans to change that but she knew which ones are the bad ass from the movies she'd seen.

    "Maybe you were the one following me?
    Did you miss me that much? After all, we've not been seen each other quite often as before" Nadech told her while he got his helmet.

    "You wish-"

    Before she could finish, she was caught off guard when he suddenly lifted her unto the seat and wore the helmet on her, bringing her face close to his.

    "What are you doing?" she whispered, her heart beating fast.

    She therefore conclude that being next to him even for a second is not a good idea and not to mention not good for her heart.

    "Ssssshhhh" Nadech breathed, pressing a finger on her lips as he got even closer to her, cupping each side of the helmet to hold her in place. "That guy you're hiding from is at your back just now"

    "What?!" her eyes widen and she began to look at the direction they come from only to be stopped by him.

    "Let's get out of here"

    With that, he snaps the tinted face shield down before tapping the forehead once and riding before her, wrapping her arms securely around his chest.

    "Hold on tight sweetheart"


    "So what do you plan now?" Nadech asked her as they make their way towards the street of Bangkok "If you don't find your the one before your parents arrange for you?"

    "I dunno- Let myself be crazy?" Yaya chuckled lifting the face shield up so she can feel the night breeze. She never knew this could be so nice, she could literally smell freedom in the air.

    "Isn't that your normal?" Nadech chuckled aloud that she loosens her grip and hit his shoulders.


    He only grunted and speed up that made her wrap her arms around him again, earning another chuckle from him.

    "You're enjoying this huh?" Yaya asked, looking at his smile through the side mirror. He should be thankful she really had a weakness for pretty smiles and match with that dimples is just a killer.

    "So what is your definition of crazy?"

    "Do things that I never thought of doing before I got trapped in a loveless marriage? Like... this! I never ridden in a motorbike before you know?" she added as an afterthought. "Did you know that I had so many 'I Never' things to last me a lifetime?"

    "Hmmmm... We've got to do something about that. Take me with you when you think of doing your list.I am a willing partner." For once, he sounded genuinely serious that her heart almost flutter. "After all, I bet I already helped you with one"

    She should have known that there'll be a catch somewhere and she couldn't help but pinch his side upon hearing his laughter knowing the train of his perveted thoughts.

    "Hey" Nadech hold her arms with one hand as he directs with the other to make sure she stopped. "I'm sure dying is not on your list so please stop."

    "You started it" Yaya pouted, laying her chin on his left shoulder and wraping her arms around his torso again.

    "Alright I'm sorry" Nadech could only sigh and give in, "If you want... we'll start now with your err- craziness?"

    She looked at him to check whether he's serious before nodding her head.


    No time better than to start now.

    "So where do you wanna go?"

    "Hmm..." Yaya think for a moment before an idea pops up, "I know somewhere!"


    "For the record, this is not crazy but damn stupid" Nadech protested slightly shivering and swimming closer next to her.

    He's got a point though, feeling the cold seep through her being but then again who in their right mind would do skinny dipping at night and in the middle of nowhere? But she'd be caught dead first before she admitted that to him.

    "Hey!" Yaya splashed water across his face "It is crazy for me, Stupid for you. I didn't force you into coming here with me. Besides, you were the one who brought us here when the earlier plan failed."

    The first plan was to visit the amusement park because believe it or not, she's never been into one. It's just one of the public places she never got to go. The price she had to pay for being a celebrity. Unfortunately, the park were closed already when they got there.

    Honestly, she shouldn't be surprised anymore with the luck she's having these past few months as the universe seems to be conspiring against her and they ended up in a beach somewhere in the south after she told him she do not want to go home yet.

    "What? I never tried this one" Nadech answered defensively rubbing his arms "Thought it would be fun but damn I'm freezing"

    "I say it's still fun even though I cant feel my limbs" Yaya insisted and couldnt help the bubble of laughter that came out of her from the adrenaline rush even while she was feeling cold as hell, her words were slightly blurry.

    "You are really officially crazy"

    He must have noticed her shaking that he went closer to engulf her in his arms, rubbing his palms together and then placing it on her cheeks.

    "Totally" she said feeling like a child again, welcoming the heat from his hands as she leans towards him. "I never knew being crazy is so much fun!"

    "Well" Nadech began with a strange tone that she had to turn to him. Her brows slightly furrowed in surprise upon seeing the different look in his eyes, "I know something crazier"

    Before Yaya could ask, Nadech grabbed her shoulders and cupped her face. The next thing she knew was her being crush into his chest as he kissed the living daylights out of her.

    images (4).jpeg
    A/N: The pic too big? Let me know. Sorry me using mah phone.

    Slowly pulling out from his kiss, they stared at each other for a few minutes, looking for something, anything in his eyes that could deny the attraction she's been feeling before she spoke in a low voice.

    "And this is probably the craziest"

    She didn't knew who moved first as they seem to attack one another, with him lifting her up and wrapping her legs around him while they kissed and tasted, exploring the other side that they did not dare talk about. Only going on with the feeling, the instinct and the pleasure their touches brings.

    "You're not drunk or on something right?" Nadech managed to ask in between their kisses, finding a large stone nearby to lift her up, tracing kisses on her jaw unto her neck.

    "Mmmmm... " Tilting her head to give him more access on her neck, she couldn't help the moan of approval escape her as his lips began to travel downwards, his hands caressing every inch of her. "-I'm pretty sure I'm not."

    Silence followed her statement and her breath hitch as she watch him slowly bringing his finger up to follow the outline of her collarbones.

    Swallowing thickly, she felt goosebumps on her arms making her slowly look up to see his eyes full of desire. He is obviously trying to hold on his patience judging by the way his jaw was clenched.

    "Is this okay?"

    Sweet Jesus.

    Pray and tell how can she even manage to think in this kind of situation when all she could do is feel.

    And damn, she didn't even care about being in the middle of nowhere and the coldness of the water that seep through her skin when Nadech lower down his head, brushing a kiss on her neck down to her collar bone before going back to stare at her eyes again.

    How can he bring up different emotions and make her feel things no one had managed to do before?

    It is overpowering and consuming all of her senses she didn't have any will to deny herself anymore.

    Slowly, she nodded her head earning a dimpled smile from him before going in for another deep kiss.


    She had to let out another moan, feeling herself shiver not from the cold but the pleasure his hands were giving her as he circled her peak with his thumb while massaging the other.

    Throwing all inhibition in the air, she traced the downward path of the hair on his chest to his abs with one hand while the other gripped on his hair.

    "So goooood" Her hand suddenly tighten on his hair after his mouth latched and sucked one before proceeding to blow on it. His other hand slowly travelling downwards unto her sacred triangle and she cried out when his finger found her pleasure knob, rubbing it teasingly.

    If this ain't what paradise feels like then she didnt know what is.

    He sure know what he is making her feel for she could sense the smile on his lips when his mouth found hers again in a searing kiss.

    And he seem to be loving her purr whenever his fore finger put pressure on her knob while the other pinch her left peak.

    Damn it was making her feel weak that she laid her head back on the stone behind feeling an orgasm coming.

    She didnt know what happen to him but he suddenly growl and the next thing she knew was him entering her in one swift motion.

    "Uhmmm" Her nails scratched his back at the slight pain after his intrusion for she think that she could never get use with his size.

    "Mmm... Sweetheart. So tight..."

    It was a good thing he stopped first, hugging her on to his chest tight before he moved again seemingly in a rush.

    "Slow down! We're not in a goddamn race" Yaya slapped his back, protesting loudly "My back f*cking hurts"

    Nadech's eye brow furrowed for a second before a cheeky smiled appeared as he brought up his hand to caress her cheeks.
    "Sorry... my bad" he whispered pressing a kiss on her fore head sweetly. "Now be a good girl and turn around"

    He is not asking her what she is thinking right?

    They stared at each other for a few minutes and damn he knew her weakness when his hands began on rubbing her again that she had to roll her eyes and follow his instruction as he placed her right hand on the large stone.

    His left arm immediately wrapped around her, pressing her unto his chest and playing with her nips, pinching and rolling it while the other hold her right hand tight on top of the stone.

    Pressing a kiss on her shoulder, he said, "By the way, I love it when you talk dirty with me sweetie"

    His statement made her head turn to him to make face only for him to take advantage and kiss her before he entered her again, starting with a slow rhythm before he snap and continue in a rush pace.

    Good God.

    She would never admit it but this position is so much better with him hitting the right spot with his every move.


    And he seem to agree with her if his tight grip on her gives any indication as he moves even faster she couldnt hold the feeling any longer.

    Orgasm came crashing down on her while he quickly followed with him limping on her shoulders and hugging her so tight she almost had trouble with breathing.

    "Oh my god"

    After the pleasurable feeling passed, rational thoughts finally entered her mind.


    "What the hell have I done? Oh no. No no no" she mutters swimming near the shore and quickly wearing her clothes while Nadech holds her arm and she turn back to look at him only to glance down at his 'thing' which is standing proud again.

    Upon her instinct, she closed her eyes and placed one hand above it to hide him from her view earning a chuckle from him.

    "Why are you laughing? Damn. This is serious!" she whined, stomping her feet on the sand and at the verge of crying, "What if... What if someone caught us? If someone photograph us and - damn, damn, damn I could just imagine the damn headlines tomorrow if-"

    She heard Nadech sigh before he turn her to him and stopped her rant with another kiss.

    "You'd think I'll let that happen?" he asked her, placing her hair behind her ears "This is my private beach. You dont have to worry because it's only us here right now."

    "Really?" She had to ask. If that is so then... A naughty grin slowly appeared on her cheeks and he seemed to be thinking along her line of thought as his eyes twinkle flashing his dimpled smile.

    Now that she think about it. It is kind
    of strange that they never met a single person when they are walking their way before on the beach.

    "I thought for a second you regret what happened earlier" Nadech told her before he went and carried her in a bridal style.

    "Hmm?" she hummed teasingly, wrapping her arms around his neck "We agreed to be crazy together remember?"

    "Right" he nodded his head, walking towards the direction of a villa she could see from afar.

    "Promise me you'll take me with you whenever you feel on doing something crazy?"

    "Hmmm" She hummed again making him look at her and giving her the look of warning only succeeding on making her laugh as she finally nodded her head.


    "I'll hold you to that" Nadech said before sealing their deal with a kiss.


    A/N: Hello again. I know I know this is late but better late than never eh? I havent reread the chap yet so excuse me for wrong grammar and mistakes. This is probably not the hottest rscenesw I've made coz personally, that first one from silverlinig would always always hold that title to me but yeah. This is where the FwB begins. Hope you enjoyed. :risas3:

    P.S. Comments or just anything you want to tell me is greatly appreciated. Almost 9k views?! You guys rocked. I knew you were all waiting for this. :aaaaa:
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    Omg.. :love::love: like it so much.. i like their craziness.. wait dont tell me if nadech carry yaya to the villa and they will do it again.. :pancarta: if it yes.. so please continue because i know they are still not enough about it and want more pleasure. Especially for nadech:risas3: please continue the next chapter soon @annmott give us more rsceneswwilling| :aaaaa::aaaaa:
    Sorry for my pervert thought..;);)
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    This is sooo cute and hot..:aaaaa:Keep it going, ! Thank youuuuuu
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  7. How I wish I can read their craziness right now.. But I have work to do.. Thank you @annmott for this chapter hahahha.. :clap::clap::clap: I will read when I'm free:crybaby2:thank you again @annmott :icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12:
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    I’ve been lurking here for a while now and has been waiting for your updates. My grandfather just died and NY updates are one of the little few things that made and still makes me smile this week. I always check if you’ve updated so I could use some distraction and now I saw you did. Can’t help but smile. Thanks for making this fanfic and updating.
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    This is hot, so I'm guessing next chapter it will geting hotter and hottest :nut::naughty2: Love this chapter, cannot wait for the next chapter :aaaaa: Thanks for the update :icon12:
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    It’s crazy and hottt. I like it. Thank you for updating. Can’t wait for what will happen next in the villa. Just wonder why was he at the restaurant? Did he stalk her?
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