the new andrew gregson


sarNie Coma
wow, hes looking better as ever!..check out those biceps. its so great to see him back ^_^

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방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
oohh! Andrew is still lookin fione! hahahaha buttah yeah he leuks like he did gain a little weight..:]


sarNie Hatchling
he looks happy than ever! cant waittt to see more of him!!


sarNie Adult
i think he looks goooooddd! his weight gain is actually a good thing for me because he was a bit scrawny before! mmmm more muscle babbyyy! :wub:

Muddie Murda

OMG HE LOOKS SOOO HAPPY. Heard he was such a personal guy. Read one of his old interview and he was really secretive? lol but latest interview he was sooo cheerful and friendly! And these pics of him he looks soooo good and friendly. omg he's so sexy. can't wait to see him back.


sarNie Egg
ohohoho, i likie! Me likie the muscles...can't wait for a rape scene so he can take off his shirt...hehehe.


sarNie Juvenile
uhhhhh is so hot :drool: nope he's prefect to me, dont like too skinny guy. so excited that he's returing to the spotlight


sarNie Juvenile
I like the extra weight on Andrew. I think he very good, and the smile is a heart breaker. Hope he'll be in another lakorn soon.