The Fact or Fiction Game


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Oklies this is how it works... state either something real or fake about yourself and see if the next person can guess it ... like ill go first the next person says either its fact or fiction and then write down their fact or fiction make sense? i didnt even make sense to me lol try it out =x lol

p.s dont state something obvious like "i was raised with wolves"-we all know this is fiction no matter what kinda weirdo u are

I Love writing....


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Boy....this is a tough one. But I'll have to go with fact....and thats my final answer.

(wait a minute. do we know if we're right or wrong? Is the person asking suppose to come and say yes or no afterwards? Soo....right right afterwards? or whenever? UMMMm.....)

Lets see....urmmmm......

I once slapped a guy because i was drunk.

True? Not true?


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LADii_TiMELESS said:
not true.

i didn't like one of the girl at my school so i flat one of her tire. :p
true or not true?

urmm....that my friend, is true. lol. what can i say? he told me to slap him (just for fun) and since i was drunk....well.....i did. :D Felt great. My first slap too.


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Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa are you seriousssssssss???????

I'm my mother oldest sister last life time; and died in the khmer rouge war....cause I took a handful of rice.




I love my baby so much

fact or fiction


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Um... I danced around in public like a weirdo at night time in a big city...?

true or not!?!


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partially true and partially false only ur right foot is webbed


im the tightest baller to ever walk this planet


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uhm i never seen you play but my guess is your probably good at it so partially true.

i have a hello kitty tongue ring