The Birth of SarNworld

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  1. Muddie Murda

    Muddie Murda smile...

    I gotta head to class right quick, but I was curious....

    when was sarNworld born?

    So we can celebrate its bday!!

    also...WHEN'S SARN'S BDAY!?!? (include year please B) )

    wooo! i'm out! ;)

    -Muddie Murda
  2. Nameless

    Nameless N i n j a

    I should go ask sarN. When her site started. The forum came after.
  3. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

    where do i start .. it a long story really .. but the domain sarnworld was around since 1998 i believe when i sign up for a domain den some how it was close due to nonpayment in 2001 lol -- so i have to buy it again .. but it was orginal a site of my BiO .. i was kind of obuess wiht myself in the days hehe i have some weird stuff up it was quite embrassing lol i was like asaiavenue outcast lol -- anywho i left it alone for like 3 years or so got bussy wiht life and i was alway out hunting for a man but it turn out i have a better chance of meeting one on line .. so i start working on my website again in 2002 i think .. I delete all the stuff i have i make it like khmer site with news and movies preivew and song , karoke .. some other stuff .. den i never update it for a long time got lazy adn den when i start update i change the site to some chinese site one .. i have picture of kissing scene in chineser series or so and i make flash of my favorite scene blah blah i was on fire for a while but even den I NEVER HAVE A FOURM .. i left it along for quite soem time after dat lol . I never really make it active or put in more effort in my website till March of 2004 . I decided to make a thai site wiht screen cap of lakonr dat wat orginal it have and i created a new layout of sarnworld ... it was publish on my birthday March 19 2004.. den there some other stuff happen hahhaha and during dat time i STILL DON"T HAVE A FOURM .I figure nobody goin really go to my site so i never go around and post my site at every thai forum out there but i just have it in my signature to vist my site when Star2Drama was around and i ask the Webmaster of Star2drama if i can put her fourm link in my website cuz i thought since her forum is about thai stuff and so is mine so i might as well use her forum for pppl dat vist my site go join the discussion at her forum ! Welll , it turn out dat the ppl dat vist my site was making postes "TO : SARN" ...spaming her fourm :rolleyes: so i feel i shouldn't cause dat kind of spaming in her forum so i make my own forum .. 1 month before star2drama when down ...i guess the rest is history but the one person dat really support me and acutally recuite ppl was Ann ...yes it was her .. i remeber her lol she is one of my oringal member dat started my fourm off o yeah and Samtly !!
  4. Rakniran

    Rakniran Guest

    wow,1998? i was still a noobie to computer. I didnt know about Sarn til 2005..hahahhaa......Im slow
  5. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

    hahaah but it wasn't active till 2004 when i created a forum so the birth day is March 19 2004 when i change everything to lakorn screen cap and i UPDATE EVERY DAY ... yes everyday for several months. Cuz i was determine to update and never leave it untouch like back in the days
  6. sunflower

    sunflower Guest

    yeah and sarn had lakorns on stream for us to watch too! lol... i remember one of the lakorn was ruk dai mai ta hua jai mai pion! i would watch it almost everyday on my break at work! lol... and she had many screencaps also... i think one time i was looking at some khmer screencaps and thought that it was a new thai movie! lol..... and after stars2drama died... i was LOST... went to almost all the thai entertainment forums to find where everyone was... and i believe it was Ana who told me that sarn put up a forum... and i found a new home... and lived happily ever after... the end :lol:

    THANK YOU SARN... i assure you that i'm not wiping my tears as i type! LoL
  7. kitkat

    kitkat sarNie Elites

    wow..1998? but it's actually 2004? in 1998, i was at stars2dramas forum..until it's closed down..i found about this.. i'm totally hooked with it! thank you sarN! :D
  8. kels

    kels Guest

    yeah, sarnworld is my addiction. EVeyone, especially sarn, the moderators, uploaders are so generous and sharing. Without them, I wouldn't have become an active member so a BIG thank you to all of u!
  9. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member sad to see star2drama gone..i love that forum..nice the
    storyline and the ppl there are super nice..after i found out about
    star2drama..found sarn..and been a part of the world eversince..kekek..
  10. BlueMoon

    BlueMoon SArNWorld STAFF

    oh yeah I was one of the few who was their before everyone migrated
  11. dee_vang

    dee_vang sarNie Juvenile

    I remember when i got here there wasn't much people. The only people I could remember was Ana and of course Sarn! :D

    How I remember Ana:

    Ana posted a topic of how much she hated her sister. lol :D I felt sad for her plus me myself been through it too. I PM Ana and we started talking. And soon become FRIENDS! :lol:

    How I remember Sarn:

    I remember sarn by the website name. LOLz... PLus.. i asked her for help! You see... sarn can become very ...very useful sometime! :p :lol:
  12. Kristie

    Kristie Yunho's GF~*

    WOWWWWWW sarN since 1998 ?? o_O

    but i started to come in ur website when u put some leh ratee clip and i was addicted to this lakorn then u put the whole lakorn :lol: then forum come LOOL =)))
    and see how active it is now :p

    congratz sarN u made it ^_^
  13. Ana

    Ana sarNie Adult

    :p :lol: I was also of the people that spam S2D w/ TO: SARN :lol:

    I remember u STAR :lol:

    OMG! LOL! U still remember?! Ahahahaha :lol:
  14. BlueMoon

    BlueMoon SArNWorld STAFF

    yes yes I remember u too Ana.. my buddy...weren't we the first few who spammed...I remember reading ur'e topic on u're sis wouldn't rent Mae Ai Sa Eurn of Noon's lakorn and you were pissed...hahha.

    And Sarn stealing a khmer movie poster from her vdo store window...Sarn did u manage to steal that
  15. Ana

    Ana sarNie Adult

    LOL!! Yup Yup!! I was so damn piss then :lol:
    We were one of the 1st that posted in Sarn sailormoon forum but it wasn't active then, till later on :p . O yea, u kinda disappeared came back :D

    Sarn, was gonna steal Nop's movie poster I think>? was it? :unsure: :lol:
  16. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

    yes it was dat khmer movie call "3 Aces" lol i did went to steal it after the store was close but the problem was the poster was inside the glass window of the store .. i thought it was tape outside teh store lol ---
  17. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

    --- add to dat .. i got the poster from another store she willing to lean it ot me
  18. darvil

    darvil sarNie Adult

    ummm I missed out alot.

    I blame it all on muddie who disappeared from my life. :(
  19. missjoy

    missjoy sarNie Elites

    seems like sarnworld has been around forever, but I remember now. It all started from Stars2dramas and then you started posting screen caps for thai lakorn... :) Than I kept checking your site for clips and screen caps.. then your forum developed!! now I can't live without it.. ehehehe
  20. BaBeeLaiLai

    BaBeeLaiLai BaBeeLaiLai

    Yeah i didn't know about sarnworld until 2005 as well..imma late bloomer. I actually found out about this forum when i was hunting down some pix of Gomin..and it lead meeh to sarnworld..hehehe..and then i came in here..and it i saw that there was sooo much on it was hella active and shit i decided to sign up and join. then after that i started watchign hella more lakorn..because theres so much talk about it up in here and stuff...

    Damn i love this place though. It's soo warm and homie! Thanks alot Sarn...damn Sarn i old are you? such a mystery.

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