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    You know you had a hmong childhood life when One of these relate to your hmong childhood,........
    1. You stayed with your grandparents when your parents went somewhere
    2. Watched thai lakorn hmongdubbed
    3. Went to hmong new year and snacked like hell
    4. Playing "sister" with your sister and girl cousins
    5. Messed in your grandma's garden
    6. Got " quarter" or "egg" when you were being bad
    7. When your cousins all go to jingle bells and you all stick together
    8. One of your parents were born in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, or other asian places.
    9. You have a lot of cousins and siblings
    10. Wanting to go with your parents to hmong store just to buy candy or chips
    11. Lived in a neighborhood where all the hmong og knows each other

    These applied to me, I know I missed some, but feel free to add more.

    (It's hmong not hming on the top) lol
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    hahahah!! Couldn't agree more!!! I think every hmong child raised in the states all had a similar lifestyle, that is if you were a first generation. I can't speak for most second gens.
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    Yess, I'ma first generation in the U.S.
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    Lol, so true!
    These are mine and I'm first generation in the U.S
    1. When you have to do the new years thing and you get a chicken as a pet for 1-2 days before it is killed for the new years
    2. When everyone you meet is told to be your cousin
    3. When your old cousins invite you over to hang out, but then they just drink with your dad
    4. When your parents leave someone's house and that someone is important to them, they do the money exchange thing where they give them money and they don't accept it but really you know they want to but they don't cuz they wanna show respect. And they know you don't want to give them money, but to show respect you do.
    5. When you play that jump rope game or the hmong version of dodge-ball
    6. When you get so dark over the summer
    7. When you play that hand game w/your cousins to see who has to do something or who is it.
    8. When you play a game where you place something in someone's hand and the person w/their back down guess who has that something in their hand
    9. When you see your elders kill pigs, chickens, and goats
    10. When you have rice with water for breakfast
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    I want to hear more!
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  7. LOL :)
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