Thang Charng Puark(Tv Scene)


sarNie Juvenile
Them two again?
I dont kn ow why but im not a fan of tye....
Isnt that ploy's sister Noon... funny how actors and actresses all connect in some way.


sarNie OldFart
omg.. tah is following yard everywhere, lol in another lakorn with yard its good he isn't the praek here tye looks better with yard! so is tah and noon getting together? i haven't seen noon forever its glad to see her again this is a must watch lakorn! i miss noon so much, she was such a great actress and so pretty too!


sarNie Coma
^^no, he isnt getting with Noon. probaly with this girl but hes gonna die anyway. i guess hes going back to the vilian?

I'm happy to see Noon back too. i thought we wouldnt see her again after Ruen Tard w/Chackrit & Joy



sarNie OldFart
tah is the bad guy again.. lol my cousins hated him in oum ruk, lol. i don't really think he is praek material. tao, tah, and yard reunited from leh kulard.. lmao. together again, its so weird. but yeah i didn't know noon was in that lakorn. i thought she has retired since i never see her anymore i don't know all those lakorns she was in since she was only the supporting cast.


sarNie Coma
her roles still stand out though. like in Ruen Tard, she was the vilian. i guess she only comes back once in awhile


sarNie Oldmaid
i like Ta more. but Tye is o.k. but i prefer Ta as pra aek in here if i were to choose but it's o.k. Ta playing as a villian will be interesting and a challenging for him. but i hope he will play as pra aek role again though.


sarNie Adult
i like when tye's hair is gel back in here kinda like in Nang Fah Rai Peek. so cute. he looks all gentlemen like in here

Behind The Scene with Tye
credit to anonymous @ AFC
Thanks for sharing it, Tinah. Love to see Tye and Yard again, especially in Romantic Drama.

P.S. His role with Janie is still in my mind. Cannot get enough of their CUTE scenes together in TepTida Kon Nok. Hope to see similar cute scenes in this one, but with YARD.


sarNie Granny
omg... they look soo cute ...tye and yardtip is such a cute couple...can't wait to see the lakron...


sarNie Oldmaid
Anyone know what role Maprang is playing in this lakorn? Is she going to play a good role or the bad role? I just want to know.


sarNie Hatchling
for some unknow reason other than she's really annoying...i don't like yard at all....
but tye is so hot...


sarNie Adult
i think she pretty they look good together :]

hey is it really true that tye and mai broke up?


sarNie Adult
Tye and Yard should totally get together in real life instead of their gf and bf right now. They had sooooooo much chemistry in "Love Strawberry", and they were cute. Can't wait for this one to come out. I hope it's soon like the begining of the month next year.