Thai Stars with perfect english

Discussion in 'Thai' started by Jieb_Lover, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. erinhang

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    Min and Alek
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  3. Hmm......maybe we weren't call it "perfect" English, but very fluent to understand. With that said, Poo and Yaya are two actresses I think have near perfect English! Others who have fairly fluent English but we can still hear the Asian accent are: Chompoo, Janie, Kim, Taew, Mai, James Ma, Mario, Marcos (Mario's brother), and Dome. :)
  4. aymieluvsyu637

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    Chippy Sirin seems to speak fluently.
  5. Marigold

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    Is there a video of him speaking english
  6. Cupid Candy

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    I remember watching one years ago but it's probably removed by now.
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  7. mayag

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    Yea there was a behind the scenes video of Stephan and Poo for their lakorn together but it's no longer on YouTube.
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    I just came across this YouTube series called Loukgolf's English Room. It's so entertaining! Haha I'm not sure if it's brought up yet but they're are so many episodes. From actors to singers, just fun interviews in English. I also love the opening where they mention that not everyone's English is perfect and they encourage to keep using English to communicate and all. Haha I learned a lot about the singers/actors too. Here is a clip of Aimee Morkarot. She's really good! She mentions it was her first time speaking English on TV or any kind of entertainment platform.

    Prang's interview is cute hehe.

    I love Ploy's haha. She never knew English but actually learned through Loukgolf and practiced. She passed an English exam and all.

  9. Koy123

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    I’ve seen some videos from the channel on YT. I didn’t know Aimee grew up in London. I like her accent. She’s very pretty. I applaud everyone who tries to learn English or just a 2nd language. It’s hard learning a language when you don’t speak it often.
  10. spanky

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    heck, i speak it daily and i have 2nd lang. though
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  11. SuzieJ

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    Alex rendell speaks fluent english without an accent. I love hearing him speak english!
  12. Koy123

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    Didn’t know Sara Legg can speak English either. She has a mixed of Asian and English accent.
    Credit to GMM25 YT
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  13. SuzieJ

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    I can listen to alex speak in english all day long! Hes very well spoken and i love how much he cares about the environment. It makes him even sexier :love:
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  14. Anne22

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    Danggg i don't know he can speak reallyyyy well.
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  15. SuzieJ

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    I also was shocked the first time i heard him speaking in english. I was drooling over his voice!
  16. Lol aw cute! He is fairly fluent in English! You can’t hardly hear the accent! I’m surprised! Go Alex!
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  17. Koy123

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    I forgot that Alex is also half. He is well spoken and has a big heart. Gotta love the guy for that. He has a great passion for the environments and acting. :icon12::love:
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  18. True. Too bad he’s not a leading p’ek. I wonder why. He’s little and short but so? There are little petite actresses who he can easily pair with!
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  19. SuzieJ

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    Yeah i think the biggest reason is because hes short. He used to play p'ek but only once or twice. Kao makes Alex look tall! They were an amazing pair!
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  20. Lol. Yes Alex is so short and little. Lol. I remember him in RP with Nadech and Kim. Oh my goodness Kim looked like an extreme giant next to Alex! It was so weird! Then meaning this Kao girl is extremely short then?
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