Thai Stars with perfect english

Discussion in 'Thai' started by Jieb_Lover, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    Half Thai Filipino actor Toon Hiransap. You might remember him as Weir's father from Lah Rak Sut Korb Fah and Ploy's father in Samee Tee Tra. 
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  2. Mahalo

    Mahalo sarNie OldFart

    He's Filipino??? I didn't know that. He sounds kind of like Mufasa from Lion King. Lol. 
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  3. 040156

    040156 sarNie Adult

    Whoooaaaa! Philippines, represent! Hehe well, Filipinos are taught American English and presumably our accent is similar to those from Alabama? I don't know if that is true though. But we speak with a different accent when we speak in English with fellow Filipinos than if we speak English with foreigners. Haha I don't know,at least personally that happens to me. It's almost like I get carried away with their accent so I try to assimilate it? What I want to know though is who are the Thai Actors who have a foreigner accent when speaking Thai thus making it obvious that it isn't their primary language.
  4. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    Stumble on Poo's Tedtalk today ... I like the stuff she talked about
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  5. erinhang

    erinhang sarNie Adult

    Poo's got a fluent enough English. After watching this, I have become a fan of hers. Does anyone know her G.P.A? Going to an I.B school is HARD! I'm going through it now. My school is rated as the 2nd most challenging in my state and the 69th most challenging school on The Washington Post’s list! I think IB schools teaches freshman, junior things, and sophomores, seniors things. When you get in Junior, and Senior you go through a much HARDER process. Poo's got to be super smart too be able to work and go to an IB school. She graduated from there right?
    ​I know Min was an exchange student and went to Colombia Falls High school in the U.S, but her English isn't very fluent. Here are some pics with her friends
  6. mayag

    mayag sarNie Adult

    Wow she spoke quite well. I'm impressed! And yes, IB is definitely not easy. I regret taking it. I can't believe she worked AND took IB at the same time. Kudos to her. 
  7. winkwinkitsme<3

    winkwinkitsme<3 sarNie Egg

    She speaks very well. I took IB in high school and yes it was challenging. 
  8. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    I now see Poo in a new light, I used to think she was just a crazy party girl but now I see that she's quite intelligent and she seems to be more genuine than some other actresses out there. That was an impressive speech, I don't think I can ever be as eloquent as her. 
  9. byebye

    byebye sarNie Oldmaid

    :bravo: to Poo, that was a very good, thought out well spoken speech. She worded everything nicely with a relax confident. And nothing is sexier than going on stage and make yourself heard in such a way.
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  10. eikcivx

    eikcivx sarNie Egg

    IB is definitely hard, I joke about dropping out of this program everyday. I'm so impressed with her, she's such a big inspiration to me. I'm going through the same exact process with IA, Orals, essays after essays and test, such an inspiring person b/c she makes me feel like if she can do it then I can do it as well. Kudos to her!
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  11. byebye

    byebye sarNie Oldmaid

    After seeing Poo talks she can be a successful business woman. She's a beautiful gal, negotiating wouldn't be hard j/k. Beauty and brain is hard to compete with :)
  12. Step

    Step Mrs James Ma

    WOW. Poo is not stupid like I thought :facepalm:
    I like the quote she said by Gandhi be the change you want to see. I think I should follow this :)
  13. Mahalo

    Mahalo sarNie OldFart

    Fair Gundon  :wub:  @2:25
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  14. mayag

    mayag sarNie Adult

    They have similar features. Fair and Donut could pass as siblings! Hehe
    Fair sometimes reminds me of New Chaiyapol.
    I could hear a little bit of the Thai accent in his English.
  15. Mahalo

    Mahalo sarNie OldFart

    He was born in England. That's why he has a bit of an English accent. 
  16. Prakaidao

    Prakaidao sarNie Adult

    His voice is so sexxyy though, ^_^ sounds even better in English lol.
  17. rockateur

    rockateur sarNie Hatchling

    Swooooooonn! Fair oh fair! Why are you so charming?  :wub:
  18. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    Awww he has a British accent! That's so cute!
  19. mayag

    mayag sarNie Adult

    Louis Scott at 3:00

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  20. Step

    Step Mrs James Ma

    Kim, James Ma, Margie, Yaya

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