Thai Stars with perfect english

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Here's Paula Taylor's english since the previous one that was posted was deleted.


^ Yayyy, Pinky!
I've actually never heard her speak English but I've seen her English writing and it was superb!
Thanks for sharing that. I love her slight accent.^^


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pete doesnt have perfect english...i watched one of his movie that took place in LA his english suck...


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I don't have a video of Aerin, but I know she speaks perfect english too :)

Some people making shout outs to DJ Buddha and some from these two videos are:
Lydia, Matthew Dean, Janesuda, Bow Benjawan, Sirita Jensen, Vicky, Cris H., Janie, Ann Alicia, Ase Wang, Paula Taylor, Khan(thaitanium) MANY MORE...speaking in "perfect" English::

(warning, the ending of this video is kind of disturbing LOL)


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Mike D Angelo is speak English too. :baby-scene-pop-corn: :baby-scene-pop-corn: cuz he alway sing song an English and have friend that only speak English. Lol love mike english it so naruk


Nat Nattaraht. Such a darn cutie. keke


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when i hear hugo chakrabongse speak english...its hot! LOVE LOVE his english accent and his voice is deep too! love his music!


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Marie Broenner from 3 Num has good English. I randomly found a video of her talking to her bf. I'll try to find that later


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Guy Ratchanon
It's nice to hear thai daras speak english. Guy Ratchanon grew up in the U.S. so that may explain why his english is good. Ploy Jindachote and her brother Sean can speak english really well because they too grew up in the U.S.