Thai Stars English forum/site


sarNie Hatchling
i think its something geocities...i accessed it a fwe weeks ago but now i forgot the can check at e-charm an english fanclub of janie and ann


dee oNe aNd oNlee sUnNy!!!
hi guys as some of you may heard me and pze did this forum called R.U.N and what it ish, ish about conectiNg artists wid fans and artists with artists.... also we features celeberties from all around the world so as u been hearing he have feature menina( rain's dancer & in kickin old skool), jonney blu (singer miarcles happen in princess daires 2 royal engagement) Chinawut (g-jr), P'nueng (sleepless society) far east movement (round and round MV for tokyo dirft) and silly fools (thai rock singers)....

does anyone know if there's a fanclub for Sririta Jensen (in english)? because i've been searching everywhere and there doesn't seem to be one...:( if anyone knows about one, please post up the link. i'd really appreciate it! thanks in advance! :D


sarNie Egg
if anyone know anything on sririta jensen or rome patta, please let me know. i really like these two. thank you so much.