Thai lakorn with super obsessed pek


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Hands down....Khun Charles fr GRGR all the way!
I concur! Khun Charles from GRGR top my list. Next up is Willy Mcintosh as Naparot from Fai Luong and Kawee from Sawan Bieng. Speaking of Fai Luong, I would love to see a remake of it. I think Nadech is the perfect guy for that role. Wishful thinking. ^_^


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As much as I loved Kwan and Win's chemistry (gotta say, they're amazingly cute together) in BRRA, the drama itself got REALLY bad after episode 10. It wasn't even about their romance anymore (their romance sort of just took a complete backseat) and the later crazy developments just made Win seem like an indecisive wimp jumping from one girl to the other -he became the kind of p'ek I detest. Too bad, from their intense development before episode 11, I really thought Win was gonna be one of my favorite p'eks because of how he fell in love with Kwan despite thinking the worst of her -sort of against his own judgement. Plus with all their bickering and forced hug scenes, I was utterly captivated. I was heartbroken by the utter butchering of Win and Kwan's characters later on. But episodes 1-10 were one of the greatest and I can't deny their chemistry -LOVED all their scenes!

So any more recs that have eng subs because I can't understand Thai? Thanks so much!

hi, do u have any links where u watch lakorns w eng sub, im having a hard time finding one :S


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I concur! Khun Charles from GRGR top my list. Next up is Willy Mcintosh as Naparot from Fai Luong and Kawee from Sawan Bieng. Speaking of Fai Luong, I would love to see a remake of it. I think Nadech is the perfect guy for that role. Wishful thinking. ^_^
I would definitely watch a Fai Luang remake- I have the original one downloaded and i can't understand a word of it but I love Willy and Tao in it.


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hi, do u have any links where u watch lakorns w eng sub, im having a hard time finding one :S
maybe this link will help




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Besides the ones you listed, I gotta say these:

Jone Plone Jai - (Num & Donut) luved this
Ka Neung Ha - (Patson & Ning) *more comedic, but once p'ek loves her...he loves her*
Rahut Rissaya - (Paul & Noon)
Ploy Lom Phet - (Bee & Namfon)*anything w/these two are great!! "Mia Jumpen!!"
Sapai Tornado - (Paul & Kob)
Samee - (Pol & Joy)
Sao Chai Hi Tech - (Om & Jui) *more comedic*

I love obsessive-possessive p'eks! They're the best kind out there
But then I also love Khing Kor Rar Kha Kor Rang w/Oil & Kwan because P'ek keeps denying his love for n'ek, but he is in love with her (you get the r scene in this) & n'ek was great @ fighting back. One of my faves
I loveee LOVEEE sao chai! It's refreshing not so intense but super cute and lovey dovey. Lol. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE ka neung ha because p'ek in there is absolutely adorable and determined. (my kind of guy) lmao.


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Nakim (A poot hang ratree) from Sera Daran. I love that lakorn. He was over the hill for her from looking at her picture hehe.


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Pra ek with the right way to be obsessed:

Ka Neung Ha LOL I didn't think of that until it was mentioned. He claimed her his in a cute way. Not scary. He didn't treat her like crap like how most pra ek would do. He straight up tells her he loves her once he figured it out. He didn't delay it. He was pitched perfect lol


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Pra ek with the right way to be obsessed:

Ka Neung Ha LOL I didn't think of that until it was mentioned. He claimed her his in a cute way. Not scary. He didn't treat her like crap like how most pra ek would do. He straight up tells her he loves her once he figured it out. He didn't delay it. He was pitched perfect lol
I know right! HAHA. He was a total cutie in there. Feeling a little nostalgic, I'm gonna go watch me some KNH clips. HAHA.


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Yuukie said:
I have to include these lakorns lol - Sud Sai Pan (ToomVill) and Ngao Asoke!
will add more to the list later ^_^
I freaking love how Thiti obsessed with Gan, I just love.....


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Push as Kongpope in RLSR..
I watched both version and I actually think that push's version of kongpope was way more obsessive and possessive than tik's. Seriously, I thought he was gonna go mad if he didn't get neung. CRAZY!


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Any recent lakorns with super obsessed peks who love their neks unconditionally like Charles from GRGR and Por from Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter?


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Not a lakorn, but I watched a Pakistani drama on Netflix recently and wanted to recommend it since it fits this thread to a T. Only the male lead is a villain rather than a hero. I saw him as the villain because he's pretty much the main antagonist of the series and never gets the h's love.

Basically, the premise is the h's twin brother gets into a altercation with the villain (rich spoiled son of a politician) and ends up dead. It's disturbing how the villain feels no remorse after killing a person over a petty argument. This is because he grew up in a family that never taught him right from wrong and gave him whatever his heart desired. Anyways, the h's family is devastated and initially pressed charges, resulting in the villain's arrest. But his family is powerful and they, alongside the villain, managed to coerce the h's family into signing "apology papers," indicating that they had forgiven the villain's deeds, thus dropping all charges.

Only during this whole process, the h was the only one with a backbone and refused to cower before the villain/his family's power. Initially sticking to her guns and refusing to sign the apology papers, she stood up to the villain a few times before he went over to their house to force them into signing. Their unpleasant encounters (the villain at one point even held a gun up to her forehead and she still wouldn't relent) eventually caused the villain to become curious/intrigued with the h, esp. after she told him that he may be free from the charges, but will be forever cursed by her, sister of the person he murdered. Her words really rang true as she herself became both the source of the villain's torment as well as his salvation.

I was only interested in the first 21 episodes (31 episodes in total) as that was all about how he came to be obsessed (wasn't right away and it was awesome watching the "falling" process) and stalked/chased after the h like an unyielding, bulldozing tank. Seriously, once the villain realizes his feelings, he's batsh*t crazy obsessed and nothing can deter him from trying to make the h his. He does many crazy things: Stalks her everyday, whacks himself with a glass bottle so he'd have a legit reason to be near her at the hospital where she works, threatened to kill himself when he found out his disapproving parents tried to kill the h (would have gone through with it if the h died for real), and forcing her to get engaged with him.

Seriously, the villain's one of the most obsessed I've ever seen and it doesn't hurt that he's absolutely gorgeous and shares explosive chemistry with the h. All their scenes together are gold and I just couldn't get enough of the way he looks at her like he wants to devour her. The actor is phenomenal and I loved all of his facial expressions (his eyes just ooze emotion and dude's seriously got swag), esp. when he's around the h. He seriously can't bear to be away from the h once he falls for her. It's been a long time since I've felt this way about a pairing.

I also loved how the heroine sticks to her resolve and isn't weak to his advances. Khaani's romance plot was so compelling and intense!

Sadly, this drama is a tragedy and the villain ends up serving a life sentence due to him murdering the h's brother. The h also married someone else (didn't bother me because she never loved the villain and it'll be impossible for her to be with her brother's killer). I also didn't watch the last 10 episodes or so, because they strayed away from the romance and focused on the villain's redemption/seeking forgiveness for his past indiscretions. But the first 21 episodes is a must watch for anyone in the mood for a highly compelling "villain obsessively in love" storyline with hot hot chemistry btw the leads. The drama's also got an amazing soundtrack.

Here are two mvs: One featuring the twisted romance and the other is the official ost mv:

Now I want something else similar to the plot in the first 21 episodes as I'm suffering from withdrawal symptoms...


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OMG, I recently watched two amazing Chinese dramas with this type of hero (not a lakorn, but I have to share because they fit this thread so well and are also really good quality shows):

"Romance of Tiger and Rose" (very well-executed drama with a witty script about a screenwriter female lead who time travels into her own script and tries to survive to the end without being killed...)

"Goodbye my Princess" (55 episode director's cut; lots of details below)

Both dramas feature ruthless and powerful male leads who's only soft towards the female lead and can't live without her -my favorite type of ML!

I watched "Romance of Tiger and Rose" right before "Goodbye my Princess" and thoroughly loved both. Only reason I prefer GMP is due to my preference for more serious dramas ("Tiger and Rose" is a comedy with some heavier angst later on). But both are good quality dramas with leads that share amazing chemistry. I'm glad I started with a more comedic drama before following up with GMP because the latter was so heavy/haunting that it seriously would have hampered my enjoyment for any drama that comes after. I'm seriously poisoned by GMP with no hope of an antidote anytime soon. I got really lucky with these two dramas and villainous, relentless (neither can ever let the h go), black-bellied MLs (Han Shuo and Li Chengyin) that I doubt I'll find anything else comparable.

SPOILERS below about "Goodbye my princess......"

I initially never even bothered to look at "Goodbye my princess" as not only is it a tragedy, it's based on a novel by Fei Wo Si Chun, an author I avoid like the plague because I don't like the type of angst she writes -depressing plots and angst just for the sake of torturing her characters. Even when someone who shared my exact taste for possessive MLs recommended it, I still resisted. Luckily, my sister stumbled upon some clips and finally convinced me to watch at least the first and last 10 episodes since they have the kind of angst I like and an extremely compelling obsessive ML as well as a very lovable FL. The clips she showed me peaked my interest and the rest is history. I hunted for the director's cut and knew from the first episode that this drama was going to be my jam. It had everything I wanted in a drama:

Irreplaceable leads with explosive chemistry, an obsessive/powerful ML, high quality production, and a decent script that mainly stayed on track even if the pacing did slow down massively from episodes 15-29. I loved episodes 1-15 and 30 to the end the most. The ending was unforgettable and will haunt me for ages.

And aside from being a tragedy, GMP surprisingly embodied the kind of romantic angst I love and avoided almost every type of angst I hate.

GMP mainly had angst I liked and it all fit into the story naturally and didn't feel forced. I generally can't tolerate the ML sleeping with anyone other than the FL, but in GMP, he actively avoided it as much as he can while keeping up his charade and it can even be argued the number of times he may have touched the OW (other woman) was minute as she was constantly subjected to house arrests by the Empress due to his shenanigans (ML's a crown prince in an unstable court and wanted to protect the FL from his enemies, the empress and another powerful court official, as she's his weakness, so he acts like he dislikes her and loves the OW -very obvious to us viewers that it's all an act). I was able to handle it because the drama made it clear the ML, Chengyin, only wants to be with the FL, Xiao Feng, but is forced to spend the occasional night with the OW to keep up pretenses. Even then, he does his best to keep himself pure by using work/the Empress to ward her off. Luckily, the drama only showed two scenes of him spending the night with the OW and the first night he was drunk and passed out, so definitely didn't do anything. The other scene just showed him with his clothes on lying awake/miserable, so it can be argued he didn't touch her -only went to the OW because it was the night before an important festival and it's tradition for the crown prince to not spend the night alone and the FL was missing (he didn't have full power yet and needed to avoid doing anything suspicious).

Above all else, the ML, Chengyin encompassed everything I could possibly want in a leading man. He's obsessive/possessive and unrelenting when it comes to XF -will never give up on her. Plus, he's faithful, capable, intelligent, charming, charismatic, hot as hell, and can see through subterfuge.

He can be ruthless to everyone except for his beloved XF and that just really appeals to me in a romance story. Ruthless and powerful MLs who's only soft towards the FL and can't live without her is my kryptonite in a romance. Never in a million years did I expect one of Fei Wo Si Chun stories to have this kind of ML. Especially when the source novel has Chengyin being abusive and always hiding his affections. I never expected the drama to portray the "abuse" in such a humorous and charming manner. It just never felt malicious to me (there was too much love/affection in Chengyin's eyes and mannerisms -he acted more like a spoilt child) as the drama made it so blantantly obvious that every cruel act's a show that I was thoroughly entertained and enjoyed all of their bickering. Lol, I found it as endearing as Chengyin did. He's literally engaging in foreplay with the heroine even in their public fights and whenever he gets mad for real, it's always due to his petty jealousy. Lol, this guy becomes wary of every male Xiaofeng has a good relationship with. It's like he wants to be the only recipient of her smiles and laughter.

I really felt his all-consuming love for the Xiao feng: I actually loved watching their married life because even though he couldn't display his feelings in front of his beloved XF, he still wore his heart on his sleeve for us viewers. Every one of his supposed "mean" actions against the XF was juxtaposed by his pained/regretful reactions when he later talked to his subordinates.

Lol, as a viewer, I actually thought the OW suffered more in the palace than XF because of Chengyin's fake love that effectively used her as a meat shield to protect XF from the Empress's jealous antics. Many people in the palace were very nice to XF as the ML concentrated on surrounding her with trustworthy people.

Unlike some fans, I didn't mind his scenes with the OW as his fake interactions with her made for a brilliant contrast compared to his genuine interactions with XF. His eyes literally light up whenever he sees XF, even when the OW's around -his eyes are always kind of dead when he's spending time with the OW. In my opinion, the OW's presence in this drama highlights Chengyin's deep love for XF even more.

He always acts so distantly polite whenever he interacts with the OW and it just gets worse as he finds it harder to rein in his passion for XF. Towards the end, he looks like a zombie and is struggling to even maintain decent courtesy whenever he bothers to see her. I found it hilariously entertaining.

I love Chengyin and find him to be one of the most fascinating and compelling protagonists I've ever seen. I've always loved more villainous MLs and Chengyin is a poster child for that trope. I live for drama characters like him. Honestly, the only thing Chengyin did wrong was to fall in love with the key pawn in his plan to decimate the FL's maternal clan (the plan was set before he officially met the FL). His unwavering love for Xiao Feng is both his curse and salvation. My heart bleeds for both XF and Chengyin as she can never be with him with her memories intact and he can never stop himself from chasing after her because she's his only hope of happiness, the light to yank him back from the darkness. Only when Chengyin is with XF does he let down his guard completely and show her his true self. I completely understood why he went nuclear and full on yandere when he thought she hated him and loved someone else. He's terrified of losing the one thing he can't live without. It's utterly heartbreaking when what he feared the most inevitably happened and he couldn't even follow after her as he was binded by his promise to her to live on. Even then, he had to delude himself into thinking she faked her death in order to make it through those 30 yrs. His love for XF is all-consuming and he will go down as my favorite ML along with Ye Hua from "Ten Miles."

Whew, sorry for rambling, but I'm so consumed by this drama and needed to vent out all my thoughts. I just want Chengyin and Xiaofeng to be happy together and I'm in so much pain for the both of them.

Luckily the production team felt sorry for the fans and shot an epilogue where our leads are happy together in modern times. They couldn't be together in their previous life, but found salvation in another lifetime.

SPOILERS over....

Here's an incredible and intense mv of them based on the ost song, "Love Catastrophe" (spoilers):

Here's another really intense mv that portrays the ML's obsessive love for the FL:

This third mv showcases our ML's devilish/dark side -the actor's incredible and really brought this compelling character to life (can't imagine anyone else playing Chengyin -love his eyes and all his facial expressions):

I highly highly rate this drama for the unforgettable leads with amazing chemistry, a villainous ML who's desperately in love with the FL, and a romance that'll tear your heart out. It's the only tragic ending drama I've watched since 1997 and it was worth every moment of my time because of the plot and characters.

Dang, now it's going to be really hard to find good/well-scripted dramas with heroes like Han Shuo (Tiger and Rose), Li Cheng Yin (Goodbye My Princess), Ye Hua (Ten Miles), and Khun Charles (Game Rai Game Ruk). I fell in love with all four because they all share the most important traits: Powerful, intelligent, and upon falling hard for the heroine, never committed noble idiocy (pushing the h away for any reason) and could never let them go for any reason. They're all really attractive with the best eye gazes (esp. when looking at the heroine) and are relentless/aggressive when it comes to pursuing their beloved too, lol!