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Discussion in 'Thai' started by BellaRaneeFan, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. BellaRaneeFan

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    Not sure if this is allowed but if not sorry!! I am new to Thai dramas and only discovered it because of Bella and Pope in Love Destiny. I am watching Bella and Great right now but patiently waiting for episode to be subbed. Can I get some recommendation on some good dramas? I like romantic drama or where male lead is obsessive and jealous because I see alot of sweet male leads in cdrama and kdrama!! Can I get some recommendation of thai drama subbers to? I notice that there is no place like viki that have subbed thai drama I manage to find some on the official channel but nothing that interest me. I only know of Muse sub where I watch Love Destiny. Are there any other sub channels I can go for sub Thai drama? I check this forum and saw a list of subbing channels but many are no longer there. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!
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  2. tweedaly

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    For the romantic genre you should watch the 4 Huajai Hang Khun Kao series. It was a huge hit in Thailand when it aired. One with an obsessive p'ek I'd say would be Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter.
  3. SuzieJ

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    Here are some of my recommendations for you!
    Romantic Drama:
    1. Padiwarada. Bella is also in this one. It is about arranged marriage and the male lead gets jealous sometimes.
    2. Two Spirits Love. Mint Chalida and Mario Maurer. It is a romcom/bodyswap lakorn. If you liked Love Destiny, you will love this one
    3. Tarm Rak Keun Jai. Nadech Kugimiya and Mew Nittha. Cute and simple story about a rich city girl and a farm owner.

    Jealous/Obsessive male lead:
    1. Sawan Biang. Ken T and Anne T. Male lead hates female lead and her family but he always messes with the female lead and ends up loving her. He is very obsessed with her and gets jealous too
    2. Raeng Tawan. Aum Atichart and Chippy Sirin. Male lead tries to take revenge on female lead because he thinks that her brother killed his sister. Male lead gets very jealous and possessive when he sees her with other men.
    3. Ngao Asoke. Pong Nawat. Male lead is really obsessed with female lead even though he hates her. He always tries to mess with her by touching her and stuff. He ends up falling in love with her

    I will put the eng sub links for all of the recommendations in the spoiler tab.
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  4. BellaRaneeFan

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    thank u for responding. this is a list of lakorns I am interested in after looking around mydramalist. does anyone know if any of these are subbed and where I can find them?

    Koom nang kruan
    Look tard
    Plerng chimplee
    Khun seuk
    Chat payak
    Payak ka
    Nueng fah tah diew
    Wihok lhong lom
    Phet roy rak
    Sai ruk sai sawat
    Ruen kalong
    Game rai game ruk
    Pin anong
    Dao kiao duen
    Barb ruk talay fun
    Mia taeng
    Sanaeha sunya kaen
    Taddao bussaya
  5. 040156

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    If you mean "Nueng Dao Fah Diew" (One Land One Sky) with JamesJi and Taew, it's available at Jirayuhomedrama's Facebook page (and a lot of other troll pages actually....) and the first three episodes have subs in the Official Youtube Page of Ch3 Thailand.
  6. Fikachu

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    Ooohh! Thank you for creating this thread @BellaRaneeFan I'm fairly new to thai lakorns so I don't know as much as those who have been here for a long time. I can recommend a few things though but I don't know if it will be really helpful....:confused12:
  7. NY2018

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    Hi! Welcome and I would recommend these lakorns :):icon12::

    1. Roy Leh Sanae Rai
    2. Kleun Cheewit
    3. Talay Fai
    4. Rak Rai
    5. Paragit Series: Yeut Fah Ha Pigat Ruk
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  8. BellaRaneeFan

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    thank you everybody for the recommendations. These 7 are the ones I want to see the most because of these videos made by fans

    I found sai rak sai sawat on dailymotion but no sure if it is same lakorn with sai rak sai sawat the people look different? The other lakorns on the list I found some of them but cannot access them for some reason.
  9. Katelyn

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    If you haven't, watch Game Sanaeha with James Ji and Taew.
    First time ch3 YT allowed fansub on their lakorn.

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