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  1. PhoneO_5

    PhoneO_5 sarNie Oldmaid

    Wanted to post their official YouTube channels. If you have more...just post them below & I will add it to this 1st post so others don't have to scroll to find them & it'll be listed in alphabetical order [​IMG]

    Aof Pongpat (AF1)
    Aof Supanat (AF2)
    August Band
    Bank Preeti (Clash)
    Ben Benjamin (Silly Fools)
    Bird Thongchai
    Candy Mafia
    Chain Tana
    Chin Chinawut
    Dan Worrawech & (old)
    Dome Pakorn
    Gam the Star"][/url]
    Golf Pichaya
    J Jetrin
    Jakjan Akumsiri
    Kan Kantathavorn
    Kitty Kanlayawee (Kiss Me 5)
    Koen Pataradanai (K-Otic)
    Mac Weeradon (AF6)
    Mai Davika
    Mike D. Angelo
    Mintita Wattanakul (AF3)
    Neung Arthit
    Nathalie Davies
    Note Panayanggool (The Star 7)
    O Anuchit
    Pete Pol (AF4)
    Pune Treerat (April Fools' Band)
    Rose Sarintip
    Sugar Eyes
    Tata Young &
    Taya Rogers
    The Mousses
    TJ Jirayut (3.2.1)
    Way Prinya (Thaitanium)


    Arfu (Kamikaze RS Executive Producer)
    Bell Chaichan (Genie-GMM Producer)
    Chanon [Genie-GMM)
    Ch. 7"][/url]
    Cokeza (Genie-GMM Producer)
    Dano Danai (Genie-GMM Producer)
    Didavideoproduction (CH7)
    Dodge Mukapol (RS Producer/Director,etc)
    Duck Bar
    Exact Channel"][/url]
    Genie Record (GMM)
    I Here TV
    Mono Music
    Phra Nakorn Film
    Sahamongkol Film
    Sanam Luang Music
    Small Room
    Top Line

    Let me know if I have them in the wrong category!! or if u have more info on them (i.e. if their name is wrong or company is wrong) Thanks.
  2. aikoden

    aikoden ♥DREAMER♥ Staff Member

    ^ i know of a few more but cant recall what channels..

    but lol.. i just found dome hilarious.. i found his page the other day.. i dont know why but his videos just seem so funny to me lol.. like him eating.. fixing his hair.. ahaha.. but is dome cute though.. XD..

    i've know koen's channel for a while back already.. i love his vlogs.. hehe.. he's such a cutie pie!! i love his imitation of dome fixing his hair lol..
  3. roselovesice

    roselovesice 방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan

    Same here with Aiko.
    Thanks for sharing :)

    Ahahah I'm watching Dome's Video and they are just plain hilarious.
    It's just nonsense. Lol
    He's totally entertaining me. ahahha xD
  4. PhoneO_5

    PhoneO_5 sarNie Oldmaid

    yeah. i think Dome's is funny. I haven't watched all of it because I'm so busy. As for Koen...I subbed 2 so many channels that I didn't even see his update & thought he disappeared lol. I love how he's a Gaga fanboy.
  5. PhoneO_5

    PhoneO_5 sarNie Oldmaid

    Just added Chin..any others?
  6. cecilia

    cecilia .: KHANG :. Staff Member

    Here's Way of Thaitanium :
  7. TheGurlo22

    TheGurlo22 sarNie Adult

    Wow :) I didn't know they have youtube accounts <3 LOL
  8. PhoneO_5

    PhoneO_5 sarNie Oldmaid

    Just updated some more. It would be so much easier if I knew how to read Thai :) Enjoy the new ones I added. Time to stalk them all haha.
  9. monk5y

    monk5y sarNie Egg

    Nathalie's youtube username is nathalie6887. She does make up tutorial, sing, etc.:)
  10. PhoneO_5

    PhoneO_5 sarNie Oldmaid

    Thanks :D Just added her to the list.
  11. PhoneO_5

    PhoneO_5 sarNie Oldmaid

    added a few more :)
  12. Areeya

    Areeya sarNie Adult

    yea i jus found dome really open up to his fan...hes really different from other celebrity because he made a vdo diary of his life which i found it amazing...he doesnt look like a stuck up type either which i also think its hi vdo diary on youtube...he doesnt care wat he recored as long its abt is
  13. thai4ever93

    thai4ever93 sarNie Oldmaid

    Hey, Golf just joined youtube----
  14. PhoneO_5

    PhoneO_5 sarNie Oldmaid

    thanks :) I added it to the list. wow, he added even more videos now.
  15. thai4ever93

    thai4ever93 sarNie Oldmaid

    i think this is Jakjaan's youtube...

    Mai Davika...
  16. smilealways06

    smilealways06 sarNie Adult

  17. thai4ever93

    thai4ever93 sarNie Oldmaid

    Bank Preeti (singer for Clash) ...
  18. thai4ever93

    thai4ever93 sarNie Oldmaid

    Mike Angelo
  19. PhoneO_5

    PhoneO_5 sarNie Oldmaid

    Finally! Koen returned to his youtube channel yesterday. i thought he forgot all about it!
  20. PhoneO_5

    PhoneO_5 sarNie Oldmaid

    Found Taya today :)

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