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    Ok, thought this would be something fun to do, because I do it with some co-workers in real life lol. Sometimes, we just want to vent and complain, rant about stuff anonymously. It is super hard to do! At the same time we want people we are somewhat familiar with to vent to, but don't want them hearing it from us. Well, I've a solution! Go to this link

    Post your vent, questions, or whatever anonymously and I will post them here under this account (NO ONE, not even ME) will know who you are. If you do not want to go to that link you can just send me a message here and in no way will I ever share who wrote the post. I will delete the message you send me after I post them to this thread (You have my word that if anyone ever finds out it was you, it did not come from me).

    To get started, I will go first.

    Ok, so in this clinic I work at. A couple came in having just had sex the previous night. Well, there was a condom stuck inside her. The doctor I was under told me to remove it. When I removed it, it was a pretty large condom. The doctor made ME explain to the guy that the condom was too large for him. Awesome. After explaining to him, he got pissed off at me and started saying I was saying he had a small d* (penis). Anyway, I explained to him that was not the case, and we are just going by facts that presented itself. He was like, "Well maybe my penis was too big and it slid off," Then offered to show his penis as proof. I explained to him that wasn't necessary and it isn't how it works. I also had to explain to him how using a condom too large for your size is risky for pregnancy, sti's and etc. The guy got so angry with me and told the doctor I was mocking him. The doctor had to pretend to scold me in front of him. He then went to the office manager and demanded I no longer work there. I don't know what to be more mad at, him or the doctor who didn't have my back, knowing damn well I was doing what he told me to do. This is not a joke.
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    Wow...sorry to hear what you went through. If I were you, I would be more upset with the doctor. I'm guessing you are a woman and the doctor is a man. I think the doctor didn't want to break the news to the patient since it may hurt his pride more so he told you to do it instead. How long have you been working under the doctor? I hope this situation didn't have any effect on your employment.
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    Thanks! I think it is worst though hearing it from a woman, no? I mean a woman telling you that you're using too big of condoms is probably a hit to dignity for a man lol. I haven't been there too long, but it shouldn't have effect on my employment, since I'm the only person willing to work OT.
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    Wow, what a jerk of a doctor. I guess his mentality is that of “the customer (or patient) is always right.” I’d have given the doctor a “wtf!” look after he scolded me :mad::fighting12:
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    I have a friend who went through a similar situation. She was a manager at a coffee shop, and her boss had her fire an employee. In the end her boss didn't even have her back and made it seem like it was her who chose to fire the new employee. It got so awkward and toxic that she eventually left her position. Sometimes it is best to take yourself out from a place that's not going to give you the respect and credit you deserve. It will definitely cost you financially and a job, but it is better to give yourself peace and freedom. Doctors - not all but most - are always going to act like they're the best and will look down on anyone else that is not a doctor. This doctor is the one at fault, and they clearly did not want to take responsibility for their actions and words. People like this who can't even take responsibility for what they said and did should not be a doctor if they are not going to be honest, sincere and trustworthy. I wouldn't want to trust myself with such a doctor. All I have to say is that KARMA will get to him soon. You just do you and what you think is best for you. I'm sorry that you had to experience such a thing too. Hope all goes well and smooth for you from here on.
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    Thank you everyone for the feedback. Gonna post some Anons that I got. Sorry, I haven't checked back been busy.

    I am pissed off. So I work with this one guy at work.. who’s married. He hasn’t told me he’s married. I did some FB research to find out he’s married. Well, seriously, every time he’s around me, he stares at me for so long and likes to make major eye contact, also likes conversing.. making me think he liked me. Then I find out he’s married? What the?? Either he’s confused about his feelings or he’s not into me as I thought? I don’t get it! It made me think he’s into me, got my hopes up and everything. I respect that he’s married and please to him: Stop acting like you’re single and ready to mingle when you’re married! A woman’s feelings was hurt when she found out you weren’t into her as much as you seemed. Oh yeah, the guy is like twice my age! I am starting to think, older men can be quite a danger because they’re more experienced in life and have dealt with more..

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