Tat Dao Butsaya [Wave Media Production]


sarNie Adult
I finished todays episode summary if anyone wants to read.

I have to say Jao is finally starting to see that he likes Tad! "Thanks Bang, now I know that I'm not gay!" - Jao Noi

I love that line!! Bang is annoying but i loved the scene! Can't wait for tomorrows episode!!


sarNie Oldmaid
Today it's just suck, when it's starting to get good, they only show 30 minutes of it. :angry: :(

But today episode is just too sweet between Jao Noi and Sutad(Taddao) :wub: can't really complain much. :lol:


sarNie Adult
Yeah I was like why is it so short! This also happened in PYLGNM. But I love the relationship between the two. Jao is starting to like Tad. SangKum is developing feelings for Witton. I must say Witton is a good singer. Can't wait for this weeks episodes!

I also finished today's episodes summary.



Glamorous Diamond
OMG, I just love the chemistry between Jao & Tad. They just too sweet...^_^

Thanks for the summary iluvjin.


sarNie Adult
i don't like how she's still a guy. i was thinking by now he should at least know she's taddao and not tad lol. ugh...she probably wont be a girl until the last 2 episodes. -_-
tad reminds me of justin bieber lmfao. they look like twins! :lol:


sarNie Adult
They left us with a cliff hanger, can't wait to see the next episode. I hope they don't wait til the end to reveal the truth like the other versions. I rather see Jao Noi and Taddao have more sweet scenes as a guy and GIRL.


sarNie Oldmaid
ep.10 was so funny/cute. he kiss her and admit it and said it meant nothing was drunk and pretend to be all mad yell at her about working. the piggyback ride was so funny/cute while talking about the kiss.i luv this version the most. i watch the other 2 ver. with kob/donut but luv this ver.more cause Por and Punch play their characters very well and cute and have chemistry together. if reality jaonoi is consider bisexual for have feelings for a boy. always funny in a lakorn like this when nang'ek disguise as a boy after pra'ek fell in luv with her he start to think he's gay. 555.can't wait for next eps.


sarNie Adult
@SunRise, Lyn said that it was cut short for a soccer game. It has happened before to other lakorns too.

I do hope that he finds out that she is a girl! I hope he finds out before she finds out that he knows that she is a girl. It'll be so much cuter because Tad will be shy around Jao Noi but Jao wouldn't care since he knows that she's a girl!!


Expired Sarnie
Last week episodes, I like 10 best. Punch was so adorable at the party and that kiss was just lol... what made it even more hilarious was that the bg music was just awkward. Bad editing there. And omg Witoon and Saengkham, they are so boring lol... I find Jao Pattana and Jitree relatonship more entertaining.

So how many episode will this lakorn have?

Anyways if according to the summary I read, Witoon will somehow develop feelings for Taddao or will it even be in this version?


sarNie Adult
I think Rita's lakorn is replacing this lakorn on the 25th so I think there will be 20 episodes? Not really sure.

I wonder if Jao Pattana will go looking for Jitree? It seems he likes to make her jealous. There relationship is weird but I hope it changes him. He always seem drunk and mad.

I do wonder if Witton will develop feelings for Taddao. It's kinda late now though, he doesn't seem to be attracted to her at all, and he seems to love SangKum a lot.

I wonder who will find out Tad is a girl first? Jao or Witton or Taem or Khun Ying or Puen? I remember seeing Duen chase Tad and Jao in the forest. lol!! Can't wait for that scene!! Can't wait for more Jao and Tad moments!!


Expired Sarnie
iluvjin, it is obvious that Jao will get the end of the stick. LOL pra ek are usually always the last to know.

I am wondering too if Witoon will develop any feelings toward Taddao. I would like to see some jealousy from Jao Noi.


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AUGH! cute pictures!

Loving Tad and Jao Noi! >.< But it's epi. 10 already, i'm getting really impatient for SOMEONE anyone to find out that she's a girl! i don't want Jao Noi to distance himself because he thinks he's gay for too long. lol, but i guess it's good he still doesn't mind having Tad around even after Bang got him worried! ^^ they're so adorable! i love the way she knows all he thinks about.
Crap! but then later on Jao Noi will feel guilty for liking her because there's still Saengkam! Witoon needs to make her fall for him already!
LOL when Jao Noi was like "Or else you'll get kissed like last night" I was LOL-WTH! He remembers but doesn't care! he looks at Tad so tenderly! <3

Is Witoon the singer of the themesong for real? very nice voice, and nice song too!

Whew! good thing Taem almost hit Puang with his car, that way Witoon can watch over Puang until he finds the truth!