Tangmo crying


i heard her bf broke up with her thats why she cried.
its so sad:(

man, i wish she can get it over.
she's a tough girl.
she can do better!

Muddie Murda

LOL sorry....I just find it funny. Yeah I know I have no emotions. Sorry :D


sarNie Juvenile
Agree, very unprofessional and it's funny. Hopefully she's not doing this in public to stir publicity.


Umm, I didn't follow the link so I can't legitmately express my opinions. :unsure: But I'll be damned if they bring Janie into this. Uhh, uhh, uhh, Dum Kham is hilarious btw.


sarNie Elites
so, the guy walking next to her is her bf/ex-bf? oo, he is one oogly dude. she'll get over it. as for being professional or not, it's not completely her fault. she's only human. but i gotta say, it takes one big asshole to be breaking up with a girl while she was on the job/catwalk. is he out to destroy her that way too? haha


sarNie Juvenile
i'm surprise she didn't walk away from the show
her face expression was priceless...it was so embrassing with all the people around her and her face was perfectly caught on picture...sad
she's so sensitive...how can she cried publicly and why not in private, behind door...
i'll take it that the walk only last no more than 5 minute, i'm sure she could wait that long


sarNie Elites
i take back my post from earlier. she deserved what she got. she's crying because she cheated on someone and he broke up with her...and way before the show too, might i add. but because they had this modeling job together, she couldn't hold it in when she saw him...so she cried during the job. i still say she's only human, but she got what she deserved. this is not the first time she cheated on him either.

the messed up part is that he's already taken her back. how pathetic...both people.