Taming the Beast :: Oil/Kob


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Hey, everyone. Some of you might have already read this story, but I've updated it and will be posting a sequel, so I'm reposting the story. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter One

They called her “The Beast�. The students weren’t the only ones who called her that either – most of the staff shared the use of the name, as well. All of the graduate students were terrified of her and even the freshmen knew of her. She was almost like an urban legend except everyone knew that she was real. Not many have seen her person but they all knew that she existed.
“You’re kidding me right?� Oil asked his brother, chuckling as he listened to the story his brother was telling.
Andrew stared intently at him and shook his head. “No, I am not kidding. I had her last year for Law & Ethics and I swear that, whenever she picked on someone that person pissed their pants.� Andy looked pained for a moment as he remembered when he was called on to argue a case. “Don’t get me wrong – she’s a great professor, but she’s one scary ass lady!�
“Wow! Maybe I should reconsider taking this job,� Oil grinned, half-joking.
“Trust me, if you want to be able to walk through the hallway without having to look behind your back, don’t take the job!� Andy said, still trying to convince his brother to decline the offer.
Oil snorted. “Oh, I’m definitely taking this job now. I love a challenge. Besides how mean can this old woman be?� He said before getting up to leave the room.
Andrew raised his hand, ready to call his brother back. “But she’s not old…� Andrew said under his breath. “The complete opposite, actually,�

The Beast was having a bad day. When the news spread over campus, everyone decided to steer clear of her. Unfortunately, however, a select few were unlucky in their quest.
Kob walked through the women’s locker room, kicking the door open in her rage. She just missed hitting a woman walking in front of the door. Pat jumped back, tightly clutching the towel over her naked body.
“What the?� Pat screamed, turning to look furiously at Kob’s back. Kob never slowed her steps.
“What the hell is her problem? I mean, she seems bitchier today.� Pat asked.
“Didn’t you hear?� One of the women said.
“No, what?� Pat asked.
“She didn’t get the promotion.� Another woman answered.
“You’re kidding?� Pat gasped, giggling before laughing out loud. The other women joined in.
“Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. Apparently, President Utanal hired some hotshot lawyer with a degree from Harvard Law. He’s also a senior partner at Suttikamol and Krong.� The woman added.
“And I heard that he’s single, young AND hot.� Joy squealed.
“Ah, so, The Beast got dumped for a hottie lawyer,� Pat said, smiling. “When does he start?� The women laughed and continued to talk about their new employer.
“You know what? I think that he’s here now,� Joy said. She was adding some more red lipstick to her already painted lips. The other women quickly did the same.
Kob straightened her thick pony-tail, tightening it until it hurt. She welcomed the pain. She didn’t stop until she was in front of her favorite boxing bag. She did a little stretching before she began to completely pulverize the bag. She was barely visible in the cloud of dust that flew with every punch and kick.
It wasn’t long before she drew an audience. The boys whistled while the girls stared in disgust. The show went on for about five minutes more before there was an interruption.
A bull-headed gym instructor walked through the dust and grabbed the punching bag.
Kob stopped immediately to glare at the man holding the bag away from her.
“You know, I am sick of cleaning up after you. Do you know how many of my precious bags you’ve destroyed?� Punyong asked, glaring at the girl.
“Do I look like I care?� Kob retorted in a hard voice. “Now, let go of my bag.�
“No!� Punyong answered; unaware of whom he was dealing with. He had just started two weeks ago.
“Last time I checked, staff and students can use this gym. Now, for the last time, let go of the bag!� Kob’s voice had risen to a high pitch.
“Come on, babe, why don’t we take all that passion to the mat. You and me,� Punyong suggested, smirking.
Kob pushed her rage aside for a moment to assess him. He was a tall man, with well-defined muscles. He was obviously very self-absorbed. She noticed how he would glance occasionally as the girls, making sure that they were looking at him.
“Fine, bring it on,� Kob answered, walking swiftly to the mat in the center of the large gymnasium. She turned around to face her opponent and got into fighting position, her legs wide and her arms up.
“I’ll try to go easy on you, sweetie,� Punyong said loud enough for the girls and women in the room to hear him. His grin grew when he heard them giggle. “Go ahead, you start.�
Kob shrugged and pretended to aim for his head. As his hands went to block his head, she kicked him full force in his stomach. For a large man, he flew pretty far. He landed a good hundred yards away from her. The room silenced, disbelieving that the skinny woman with stringy hair could so much power. Another gym instructor ran to his friend’s side. Punyong groaned but couldn’t get up. The other instructor laughed.
“Hey, lady, can I have a try? My friend here is pretty wimpy apparently.� The man didn’t even wait for an invitation. He ran onto the mat and began to strike out at her.
Kob barely broke a sweat as she sent him to join his friend. She stood in the center of the mat, hands on her hips. She felt slight better. Who knew that these muscle airheads would prove useful to her? Oh, yes, kicking some asses was what she needed to vent her anger.
Oil stood from the doorway, intrigued. He had watched the girl beat up the men more than twice her size. And she hadn’t even broken a sweat. Smiling, he strolled up to the mat. As if on cue, another man landed in a heap at his feet. He looked down at the man, who was curled in the fetal position. He looked up and grinned at her.
Kob blinked, disbelieving the beautiful man in front of her. She didn’t like that reaction, nor did she like the way he was looking at her with those beautiful brown eyes of his. She decided to remedy that by kicking his ass too.
Lifting her chin, she smirked at him. “Wanna get your butt kicked like the rest, do you?�
“You can try,� Oil said. He waited for her to take the first move. She didn’t disappoint, aiming for his stomach, which he blocked effortlessly. In fact, he blocked very well, but he never made a move to hit her. This frustrated her to no end. She got to the point where she was blind with rage, lashing out at him, trying to get a hit in. Soon she became a little sloppy. Oil saw his opening and he took it. He put his foot behind one of hers and pushed her down effortlessly to the mat. Kob’s ponytail holder came loose in the process, causing her hair to fan out on the mat. Oil lay over her and stared down at her, shock and surprise evident on his face.
Kob watched in horror as the man above her looked down at her, his eyes scanning over her face. She could feel every fiber of his being. He was hard and muscular but still lean. His legs were entwined with hers and his chest was directly on top of hers. His mouth was only inches away and boy, were they beautiful. His lips were full and curved. Kob blinked when she saw that his eyes were staring intently at her own lips. Reality came crashing like ice water and she took advantage of it. She pushed him off of her by flipping over her head. Satisfied that it was he who was now flat on his back she walked towards the exit, not even bothering to go to the women’s locker room.
She heard hoots and hollers around her as everyone congratulated the man that had managed to best The Beast, if only for a few minutes…

Chapter Two

As Kob walked towards the University, she knew that it was the beginning of a hellish week. Not only did she not get the promotion as Dean and Head Director of Law, but she also supposedly had her butt kicked. Kob sighed as she walked into her office, all the while thinking if anything else could go wrong. She practically walked in on the “anything else� in her life.
Joy, her secretary, was leaning over Kob’s desk, her breasts almost falling out of her shirt.
“What the hell—“ Kob began. Her mouth stayed opened as she got a view of who was sitting in her comfy leather chair. It was the man that had made a fool of her at the gym last week.
“What is going on here?� Kob started again, dropping her briefcase with a bang.
Joy jumped up a little, her eyes widening in fear. Kob turned a menacing glance in her direction. That was all it took for Joy to run out of the room, making the door slam shut behind her.
Oil grinned as he watched the woman’s fists clench at her sides.
“Dr. Kongying, I presume?� Oil inquired, his eyebrows raised. He leaned back comfortably in his seat.
“Yes, you presumed right. Who the hell are you?� She walked around the desk to get closer to him. “Get the hell out of my seat!� She demanded.
Oil ignored her order. “I am the newly appointed Dean and Director of Law at the University, of course. I would think that you, of all people, would know that. After all, weren’t you after this job?� Oil smirked, knowing that he was testing her anger. He didn’t care – he wanted to see how far he could go before she erupted full force. He loved watching her face. Right now, her face was flushed and her nostrils flared.
Taking his time, he perused her from top to bottom. She had on what looked to be a man’s suit. It was hideous. First of all, it was about 2 sizes too big for her. The “black� suit barely had any color on it, it was so faded. It also looked to be made of wool – the kind used to make potato sacks. Amused, he looked down at her shoes. They didn’t match. One was brown, the other a dull red. He hoped that she was color blind – no one could have such bad taste. Lastly, Oil took in her hair. It was stringy in its ponytail. It also looked dusty. He didn’t even want to known the reason for that.
“Are you quite finished?� Kob asked, tapping her shoe on the carpet.
Oil’s mouth curved into a small smile. “Yes, of course.�
�Good, then kindly get out of my chair. I have work to do before my next class.� Kob said, forcing herself to speak more calmly.
“I’m sorry but I can’t do that. I am the Dean and Director, after all.� Oil emphasized the “and� between the Dean and Director.
Kob’s face became beet red. She hated being reminded of her own personal failures. Not getting the position as the Director of Law had been gut-wrenching to her. She had so wanted to prove to her mother that she just wasn’t some book genius. It was really hard, but somehow she managed not to punch him into the wall.
“Ahem,� Kob cleared her throat loudly. “I don’t think you understand. I don’t care that you’re the new Dean or whatever. I just want you to get out of my chair. That is my desk – my chair, and my office.� Kob said in a possessive voice, her hands on her hips in a fighting stance.
Oil arched a dark brow in admiration. He had heard stories of The Beast’s short temper. “No, I don’t think you understand. This chair – “ He rubbed the smooth armrest. “ – is mine. This office now belongs to me. Well, actually, us. We’ll be sharing this office until my new office is finished.� He paused, letting her absorb the information.
Kob gasped and then gulped. She was speechless. She had never suspected that she would have to share her office with anyone – especially a man. And boy, did this man look …manly, Kob thought as she continued to stare, stupefied, at him.
“So, for the time being, your desk is that one,� He nodded over to the desk nearer to the door. He decided to take pity on her; she didn’t have anything else going for her except her career. “I’m sorry about the change, but, I promise you that, when my office is done, I’ll be out of your way. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a meeting with the other deans.� He stood up to his full height, almost 6 feet, nodded in her direction and strolled out of the room.
Kob stood there for a few seconds more before letting out a screech. Her mood had just gotten worse. Not only had she not gotten the job and been beaten on the gym mat, but now she had to share her office with the same man responsible.
“Ugh! You handsome jerk!� Kob cursed the man, lifting her chin at the door. Goodness, she was twenty-four years old, a successful professor at the top law school in the country, possess a genius IQ, but she was also innocent of the male species. How was she supposed to share her office with him?
“I know. I’ll just treat him like one of my male cousins.� Kob said. She thought of her eleven male cousins and quickly changed her mind. She had to work with the guy not wrestle him. Sighing, she took her new seat at her new desk and moaned how unfair life was. All the while, unaware that she was being talked about the Dean’s meeting across the hall.
“So, I heard that you bested The Beast at the gym,� Paul commented, nudging Oil.
“Yeah, sort of,� Oil laughed.
“Don’t be modest, Oil,� Utanal said. The man was about 60 years old, with gray hair and a slight belly. “You’re a hero now. That girl’s needed a whipping since she started here five years ago.�
“Girl? Five years? How old is this woman? Thirty?� Oil asked, curious.
“No, she’s twenty-four. She’s the girl who graduated at the top of her class, at this University actually, at the age of eighteen. She went to work for a law firm for a year, before deciding that teaching was what she wanted to do. She’s a genius. Her IQ is off the charts. I’ll admit that, despite her fiery temper, she’s a fantastic teacher. She’s not easy, but that’s good. Students who used to complain about her now value her teaching ability.� Utanal praised his prodigy. “I just wished she’d loosen up a little.�
“Yeah, she never goes out. Not even to social events.� Paul added. From the look on his face, it seemed that he had tried – and failed – at the opportunity to date the professor.
Oil listened intently. “Maybe that will change.� He always loved a challenge.

Chapter Three

“Yes, I remember. Sure. How about Saturday? Great,� May spoke into the phone. “See you then,� She hung up the phone and turned to her husband. “That was Pim. She’s interesting in seeing Kob.�
“She’s not thinking about…you know, is she?� Vanik asked, looking at his wife over the rim of his glasses.
“I don’t know, but she wants to see Kob this Saturday. I’ll tell her when she gets home. She won’t be happy.� May said. She was right.
“What! Who is this Pim person? I’ve never heard of her.� Kob asked.
“Well, she and your grandfather made a pact that their grandchildren would get married.� May answered, looking disapprovingly at her daughter. She reached out to touch her hair. “How many times do I have to tell you to wash your hair? It looks gray.�
Kob’s lips pursed as she waited for the lecture to begin. Her mother didn’t disappoint.
“Goodness, Kob, you are a twenty-four year old woman. You mustn’t dress like a man and an ugly one at that. Now, I know that you’re not as beautiful as your sisters are but you’re not helping matters by this ensemble. You’re a respected professor. Please act and dress the part. You don’t know how many times our friends have wondered about our ‘son’. I hate having to remind them that we don’t have any sons.� May said. She sighed. “At least, you’re a genius.� She got up and walked towards the door. “Well, goodnight.�
Kob watched quietly as her mother left the room before she turned to look at the reflection in her mirror. The face staring back at her was barely pretty. To be honest, Kob thought she looked constipated. She never smiled. She always looked so miserable. She tugged her hair loose, letting the soft curls fall around her face. She then took her brown contacts out. She now found startling light blue eyes staring back at her. It was a curse, wasn’t it? She was full Thai but she had light blue eyes. She only wore the contacts because she wanted to fit in. But, she found out that she never did fit in…anywhere. She didn’t fit in with her beautiful family, nor did she fit in at work or at school.
“Maybe I should just forget about fitting in.� Kob said angrily. She walked to her phone and called the nearest salon. “Can you be here tomorrow please?�

“Are you sure I should look like this?� Kob asked, staring at herself in the mirror.
“Yes, of course,� Monica answered, smiling at her work. She knew that her teacher would approve. If only Lulu could see this, then Monica would get promoted from shampoo girl to stylist.
“Well, you’re the expert…� Kob said in a low voice.
“Yes, of course. Trust me; this is the fashion and style now.� Monica assured her client. She couldn’t stop beaming. She was so glad that she had snuck behind her boss’ back to make the appointment with Kob.
“Well, then, thanks,� Kob said before leaving. She was too focused on holding her head up that she didn’t notice the servants. They all froze and stopped in their tracks to stare in horror at their mistress.
“Hi, mom, dad,� Kob greeted her parents. “I can’t stay, I’m late,� She waved goodbye to them and walked towards her car. Wonder why Mom and Dad looked so shocked, she thought. Maybe I do look good. Feeling confident, Kob smiled and drove to the University. Again, whoever saw her stopped and stared.
Oil was looking through the stacks of paper in front of him for the witness’ testimony. He had a meeting with the district attorney later that afternoon. He was just swallowing his coffee when Kob walked through the door. He almost choked.
Coughing, Oil looked at his coworker. Dr. Kongying’s face was covered in paint – red cheeks, bight crimson lips and cloudy blue eye shadow. Her hair was teased and hair sprayed to resemble a small beehive.
Oil threw his head back and laughed a rich laugh, slapping his knee all the while. “Y – you look like a clown. N – no – wait, you look like Frankenstein who got caught in the middle of a game of paintball.� Oil managed to say between laughs.
Kob stood, fuming. “Are you quite finished?� She asked curtly. “I do not appreciate being laughed at.�
Oil continued to laugh, every now and then pointing at her and slapping his knee. “No one told me you were going to be such a riot.�
Kob turned quickly on her heel and walked to the small washroom connected to their office.
“Huh?� Oil wondered. He walked to the closed door. “Kob, what are you doing?� He asked, pounding on the door.
Kob splashed water on her face to clean the makeup off. She was almost done wetting her hair when she felt a shove behind her. The water in her hand ended up on her shirt instead of her hair.
“Oh!� Oil said, once he saw what she was doing.
“What the hell was that for?� Kob screamed at him, her arms at her sides as she stared at him in anger. “First you laugh at me and call me Frankenstein, and now, you’ve gotten me all wet.�
Oil gulped as he looked at her. All of her makeup was gone and her hair lay damp on her shoulders. But it was her shirt that he was staring so intently at. The shirt was plastered to her chest and showed the white lacy bra she wore underneath. “Wow…and here, I thought you wore a wife-beater.� He breathed.
“Oh!� She gasped and spun around, turning her back on him. She crossed her arms protectively over her exposed chest.
“Wow!� Oil repeated. He ran a shaky hand through his hair. He had never reacted so quickly or so strongly to a woman before.
“Would you get out already?� Kob yelled, her face hot and red. Why did I wear my lacy bra today of all days? She asked herself silently.
“My, my, my, but the Beast isn’t a Beast at all,� Oil commented.
Once she heard the word, Beast, she saw red. With her arms still covering her chest, she turned to him. “Oh, is that so?� She said before she pushed the door – and him – out of the room. “And stay out!� She yelled through the door. “Sick, stupid bastard,� She murmured to herself. She looked back down at her shirt, which was soaked through. Class started in 10 minutes, how was she supposed to get to class without looking like a drowned rat? Well, she could probably make it work, she thought – she was definitely mean enough.
While Kob tried as best she could to clean up, she still didn’t have a shirt to wear. She had just finished combing her hair and tying it up when she heard a knock on the door. “What is it?� She called out.
“Mr. Thana left something here for you. He said you might need it.� Joy said.
Kob was about to refuse but thought better of it. She reached her hand out through the door and Joy placed the bag in her hand. Reaching in, she retrieved a shirt. Breathing a sigh of relief, she took off her damp shirt and slipped the new shirt on. The first thing she noticed was that there was a built-in bra. Relieved, she quickly changed shirts. It wasn’t something she would normally wear, but she had no other choice at the moment. The shirt was red satin with rhinestone buttons that fit her snugly, but was still respectable and comfortable.
“Hmm, I guess it looks good.� Kob said reluctantly. “Oh, no, I’m going to be late,� She quickly grabbed her things and walked quickly to class.
Kob opened the door and walked to the front of the lecture hall. She opened her briefcase and took out her notes.
“Okay, class. We ended class yesterday on evidentiary support. Now…� Kob looked up and found her students gazing at her with strange looks on their faces. “Is something wrong?� She asked sharply.
“You look nice today.� Someone yelled out. The others agreed.
Kob was so shocked; all she could say was “Thanks,�

Chapter Four

“How much was the shirt?� Kob asked him the next day at work.
“Don’t worry about it. It was a gift,� Oil answered her, smiling.
“No, I don’t accept gifts, especially from strangers.� Kob said.
“We’re hardly strangers, Kob. After all, I did see your pretty breasts—“ Oil began.
“Okay, okay,� Kob cut him off.
“That’s what I thought. How about you pay me back with by having dinner with me tonight,� Oil suggested.
Kob pondered this for a moment. “Well…�
“Oh, come on, you’re not scared, are you?� Oil taunted.
“NO, of course not!� Kob denied hotly. “You’re on. You and me, dinner tonight!�
“And a movie.� Oil said.
“And a movie!� Kob said before thinking. “Hey, wait!�
“No, no, you’ve already agreed.� Oil gathered up his papers and piled it neatly into his briefcase. “I have to get to court. Meet me back here around six. Until tonight…� He nodded at her before leaving.
Kob gaped after him. “What have I gotten myself into?� She moaned. This was her first date ever. She shook her head at the thought. No, this wasn’t a date. She was just repaying him for the shirt.

Oil looked down at his watch. It was exactly six o’clock. When he looked back up, he saw her walking towards him. His lips curved in amusement. She was back in her shell again. Her tan slacks were loose and wide-legged. Her black buttoned shirt hung down her body. If it weren’t for her face, anyone could’ve been mistaken her for a man. Heck, she even walked like a man. She also looked extremely annoyed.
“I see the Beast is back,� He whispered under his breath.
“Excuse me?� Kob shouted, even though she only stood a few feet away.
“Nothing,� Oil rubbed his burning eardrums.
“Good. Now, let’s get this over with. I’m driving.� Not waiting for a reply, Kob turned around and walked out of the building.
“Sure,� He said, grinning as he followed after her.
Kob glared at him as she got into the driver’s seat of her sleek black Jaguar. “Where do you want to eat?� She asked curtly as she put the car in gear. The car sped forward on the road.
Oil gave her directions to his favorite restaurant. Kob put the pedal to the metal and put the car into high gear. She worked the stick like a pro, weaving through traffic.
Oil looked at her as he held on for dear life. He held his breath when she just made it through the light at a wide intersection.
“You were supposed to slow down at that light.� Oil said.
Kob just shrugged and turned to give him a smile filled with teeth. “I didn’t know you were afraid of high speed.� She said.
Five minutes – an eternity according to Oil – later, they arrived at the restaurant.
After giving their order to the waiter, Oil said. “You really want to get this date over with, don’t you?�
“This is not a date!� Kob denied as she sipped her water.
“What would you call two people going out to dinner and seeing a movie?�
Kob’s brow furrowed. “Well…if other people were doing this, then that would be a date. But we’re different. I’m merely repaying you for the shirt.� Kob smiled at herself for her explanation.
Oil’s eyes were drawn immediately to her mouth. “You’re something else, Kob,�
Kob looked into his eyes and for a minute forgot who she was. “I know. I’m mean.� She said.
“Oh, I don’t know about that. You haven’t been mean to me.� Oil said.
“I scare my students.� Kob told him.
“And the staff. President Utanal is afraid of you.� Oil laughed. “You know, my brother, Andy, had you a couple of years ago. Did you really make that boy pee his pants?�
“Yes, I did.� Kob answered seriously. She hadn’t thought it was funny at the time. “It wasn’t funny.�
“Oh, I’m sure of that, especially for the poor guy.�
“So, you don’t think that I’m mean?� Kob asked him.
“No, intriguing is more like it. I had to see for myself what the beast was like. That’s why I took the job,�
Kob waited for their food to be placed on the table before speaking again. “And do you find me beastly?�
“No, far from it actually,� Oil flashed her a smile.
“Should I be flattered?� Kob’s voice dripped with sarcasm.
“Is something wrong?� Oil asked, arching a brow.
“Well, let’s see. You’re telling me that you took this job because you wanted to meet “The Beast�?�
“Yes, you’re one of the reasons, but – “ Oil tried to explain.
“You are an arrogant, egotistical ass. We both know that you don’t need this job. You could’ve declined the offer. But no, you had to take this job so you could just check me out? If you think that I’m not beast-like, you don’t know me! You just wait.� Kob put her spoon down and glared at him.
“What’s the problem with that?�
Kob shrugged. “Maybe because I really wanted the position? If you had wanted to check me out, you could’ve done so easily.� Kob said.
“Oh, come on, Kob. We both know you don’t need the promotion.� Oil said in a thin voice.
Kob saw a hint of anger in his eyes.
“I know that you’re the heiress to the Kongying family fortune.� Oil said, leaning back to look at her. “I am a lawyer, Kob. Besides, everyone knows of your family hotels and resorts, not to mention fashion empire. You, of all people, definitely don’t need the money.�
Kob’s mouth straightened into a thin line. “I don’t want to live off my family’s money, Mr. Suttikamol. Besides, even if I did I wouldn’t want to sit at home and shop all day. That promotion would have made me important.� Kob confessed.
Oil sat silently, assessing her. Her voice had sounded at once mature and child-like. “You’re only twenty-four,� He said.
Kob nodded, still lost in her thoughts. “So? You’re thirty,� She said.
“Yes, but you’re only twenty-four and yet, most of your students are older than you,� Oil stated.
Again, she nodded.
“Why would you think that you needed the job to feel important?� Oil asked. “Isn’t it an accomplishment enough that you graduated with two PhD’s at eighteen?�
Kob stared at him. “It’s not of your business.� She said with finality. “Now, if we’re done, let’s go see that movie.�
“Sure,� Oil waved the waiter over and gave him his credit card.
“I thought I was paying,� Kob said.
“No, this one’s on me. You can repay me another time.� Oil said.
“But there won’t be another time.� Kob protested.
“Ah, won’t there?� Oil asked.
Kob didn’t answer him, instead averting her eyes.
Oil smiled at her, unaware of the loving gaze he was giving her. “Ready for the movie?� Oil asked.
“Sure, whatever,� Kob replied. They both walked to the car and got in.
“How about the new thriller?� Oil asked. “I heard it’s good.�
“I heard it was scary.� Kob said, unsure.
“Scared?� Oil teased.
“No, of course not. It’s just some stupid movie.� Kob said.
Oil grinned as they walked up to the ticket master and bought their tickets, which he paid for.
“You know, I’m supposed to be paying,� Kob complained.
Oil just smiled. He bought a drink before they both went into the theater. When the movie began, Kob inched away from him. Oil notice and lifted the armrest between them and slid in closer to her. Kob glared at him and tried to push him away. Oil wouldn’t bulge. Kob sighed and decided to focus on the movie instead of the arm around her. The movie claimed her attention as it was chilling and kept her on the edge of her seat. At one point, a scene caused her to jump. In the next minute, her face was burrowed in Oil’s shoulder. When she realized what she had done, Kob immediately raised her face from his shoulder and looked at him. Oil was watching her with an amused grin.
“Sorry,� Kob apologized, before turning her eyes back to the screen.
Oil just smiled as he also turned back to the movie.
When the movie was finally over, Kob breathed a sigh of relief.
“You were so scared.� Oil teased her as they walked out of the movie theater.
“I was not!� Kob denied.
“Yes, you were.� Oil countered.
Kob didn’t say anything as they both got into her car.
“Do you want to be dropped off at home or the University?� Kob asked him, stopping at a red light.
“The University – I want to pick up my car. Unless you want to pick me up tomorrow?� Oil grinned.
Kob turned to glare at him.
“Damn!� Oil exclaimed.
Alarmed, Kob glanced at him. “What is it?�
“I think I forgot something.� He answered.
Kob pulled onto the shoulder. She put the car into neutral and pulled the emergency brakes up. “What did you forget?� She turned to ask him.
“This,� Oil said before leaning towards her. He kissed her fully on her lips. Kob sat, shocked as she felt his warm lips move over hers. Before she realized it, she felt herself responding to the kiss. Her lips went all soft and pliant under the onslaught of his.
Oil ended the kiss as abruptly as he had started it. He stared at her in wonder, his mouth opened. “Wow!� He said, his voice shaking slightly. That had never ever happened to him before. He had never wanted a woman so much.
Kob snapped back to reality. “Get out!� Her voice was a deadly whisper.
Oil looked at her and noticed the tick in her cheek. She had never looked so angry. Thinking better of it, Oil slowly got out of the car. As soon as the door closed behind him, the Jaguar sped into the night.
“Shit!� Oil cursed as he watched his ride speed away from him. Pulling out his cell phone, he called his brother, Andy.
“The Beast did this to you!� Andy asked as soon as his brother got into his car. It had been only fifteen minutes since Kob had left Oil stranded on the highway.
“Yes,� Oil answered reluctantly.
Andy went into a spout of laughter. “I told you.�
“Yeah, well, I didn’t say that I didn’t like it,� Oil grinned mischievously.
“Ah,� Andy looked at him knowingly.

Chapter Five

Kob didn’t see Oil for the rest of the week. He was busy in court while she was busy with midterms. He didn’t want to admit it to himself but he missed her. He’d heard from Joy that Kob had tortured her students by giving them two midterm exams in one week. The students had complained that the tests had been extremely tough. Unbeknownst to everyone, was the fact that Kob planned on only using the higher of the two grades. The students didn’t know and grumbled even more about The Beast.
“Quit your complaining.� Kob told her class on Friday. “As most of you know, the class average was a fifty, but the exam that I gave you this morning, was an eighty.� Kob stopped speaking at the sound of cheering. “Now, here’s the deal. I will only use the higher score to factor in your grade,� Kob rubbed her ears at the loud hoots and cheers. “But…� Kob smiled when everyone abruptly calmed down. “You have to promise me that you won’t tell anyone about this. I don’t want everyone to think that The Beast has gone soft.� Kob made a face at the word. Everyone laughed and nodded at once, elated.
“Great. Now, let’s get back to the topic at hand.� Kob immediately transformed back into The Beast, speaking quickly and efficiently as she lectured.

“Kob!� Ploy pulled the covers back from her cousin’s face.
Kob opened her eyes and glared at her older cousin. “Get out!� She said, turning around.
“Come on, sleepy head. Wake up,� Ploy said.
�Why? It’s Saturday,� Kob whined.
“You have a date with Pim, remember?�
“Who?� Kob asked, finally getting up.
Ploy gaped at her cousin. Kob’s hair was in a black halo around her shoulders, her skin gleamed ivory and her sky blue eyes were startling.
“Wow!� Ploy exclaimed.
“What is it?� Kob yawned and stretched as she rose out of bed.
“Nothing,� Ploy answered. She smiled. “Go take a shower. I’ll wait here,�
Kob gave her an odd look but went into the bathroom.
“Well, you do know who you are going to see today right?� Ploy asked. She was blow-drying her cousin’s hair.
“I don’t know, some woman?�
“You’re going to meet the grandmother of your future husband.� Ploy answered. She fluffed out Kob’s hair, assessing it in the mirror. Satisfied with her work, she went towards the closet.
“My what?� Kob yelled, dropping her contacts into their case. She walked to stand next to Ploy. “I’m getting married?�
“Maybe,� Ploy shrugged. “Pop-pop made a pact with Mrs. Suttikamol that you would marry her eldest son. However, depending on if you and Mr. Suttikamol wants to or not, you will or will not marry,� Ploy pulled out a white dress. “Perfect.� She turned to Kob and held the dress out towards her. “Here, change into this.�
Kob took the dress, too distracted to argue. “Mr. Suttikamol?� Her eyebrows furrowed at the name. “Oil Suttikamol?�
“Yeah, I think so,� Ploy answered. “Now, go change.�
Kob took the dress into the bathroom to change. “What the hell!� She cried.
Ploy hurried to the bathroom door. “What’s wrong?�
“How am I supposed to wear a bra with this thing?� Kob asked, stressed. “Can’t I just wear jeans or something?�
“No, Aunt May specifically told me to make you wear a dress.� Ploy grinned. “No being masculine today.�
Ploy heard grumbling before the door opened. Kob walked out stiffly, looking uncomfortable in the white dress. “You look great. Who knew you had a figure under all them sweats.� Ploy assessed the dress with a critical eye, making Kob turn in a full circle. The dress had spaghetti straps and a flowing skirt that ended below the knee. It had tiny yellow flowers spaced widely throughout the thick cotton fabric. It also showed off Kob’s slim, curvy body to the maximum. “Now, to complete the ensemble,� Ploy retrieved yellow sandals. “Here,�
Kob put the shoes on and had to hang on to dear life. “Sheesh! I can’t walk in these!�
“Yes, you can. They’re barely two inches.� Ploy said. “Walk,�
Kob walked and almost fell flat on her face. She gave Ploy a defeated look.
“Like this,� Ploy showed her cousin. “Heel, toe, heel, toe,�
Kob made a face but did as her cousin showed her. She found that she could walk but it still felt odd. “I feel like my hips are swinging more than usual,� She said.
Ploy laughed. “That’s what’s they’re supposed to do. Now, come back and sit; I have to finish your makeup,�
Kob walked to the chair and sat down with a plop. She grinned when Ploy was putting light pink eye shadow on her eyelids.
“What?� Ploy asked.
“I can’t believe Oil needs his grandmother to set him up,� Kob amused.
“So, you know him then?� Ploy asked as she lightly put clear gloss on Kob’s lips.
Kob nodded, waiting for her cousin to finish before she spoke. “Yes, I hate his guts. That’s the only reason I’m going through this thing. I want to make fun of him.�
Ploy gave her cousin a disapproving look. “That’s not nice.� She said, fluffing out Kob’s hair one last time. It fell into loose curls to frame her face. “Perfect,� Ploy said. “You’re ready,�

“You’re what?� Oil exclaimed. He stared in horror and disbelief at his grandmother.
�I’m setting you up,� Pim answered calmly. She sat demurely in her favorite chair. Her bejeweled fingers lifted a china tea cup to her lips.
“But why?� Oil asked.
“I’m getting old. I would like some grandchildren before I die.�
“Don’t say that. You’re not old.� Oil argued. “Besides, I prefer to find someone on my own.�
“Well, I haven’t seen you bring any girl home since what’s her name.� Pim said.
Oil sighed. “You know, I wish I could stay but I have extra work to do at the University.� He smiled softly. “I’m sorry,�
Pim pouted. “Sure, you are,� She sipped on her tea. “Fine, you can go to work, but you owe me,�
Oil grinned. “Of course, Nana,� He kissed his grandmother’s cheek before making his way towards the hall.
“Good-bye, dear,� Pim said.
Oil got into his Bentley and was driving along the circular driveway when he saw a Rolls Royce drive through the gate. He stopped the car and waited. Silently, he watched as the chauffeur opened the door. Oil’s mouth dropped open when he saw a beautiful woman with killer legs step out of the car. The woman looked up at her surroundings, straightened her dress and walked around the car towards the steps that lead into the house. Oil watched as her hips swayed seductively with every step. Her raven black hair bounced jovially behind her.
“Maybe I could say hi,� He said. “No, no, I have work to do,� With one last glance in the direction of the pretty woman, he put the car into gear and sped off.

“Who are you?� Oil asked the empty room. He stared up at the ceiling, his mind on the beautiful woman of this morning.
“Who is who?� Kob asked, walking through the door. Her hair was pulled up into a ponytail and she was wearing a black gym suit.
“None of your business,� Oil told her. He assessed her attire and asked, “Are you going to the gym?�
Kob nodded. She went to her desk, opened her drawer and pulled out a stack of papers. She shoved it into her backpack.
“Wait,� Oil got up. “I’ve been here all day and I can’t seem to concentrate. How about I join you?�
Kob merely shrugged, but she waited for him. “I do need a good punching bag. I guess you’ll do just fine,�
Oil laughed.
Some thirty minutes later, Oil held one hand over his heaving chest and the other in front of him. “You weren’t joking when you said you needed a punching bag.�
Kob shrugged and aimed for his mid-section.
Oil managed to block off her blows, but soon found himself in a head lock. In no way worried about life, he watched her face and breathed in her scent. He had never known anyone whose sweat smelled so sweet. He smiled and leaned in to kiss her cheek.
Kob gasped and released him instantly. She covered her cheek with her hand and stared wide-eyed at him. Her face became pink. “You – you – “ Kob pointed at him.
Oil nodded and kissed her other cheek. He smiled when he saw Kob cover her other cheek with her free hand.
“You – what the hell is wrong with you!� Kob stammered. She quickly got off the mat and walked towards the exit, her hands still on her cheeks.
Oil followed her and lifted her up into his arms. She kicked and screamed in his arms, but he held her struggling form easily.
“Let me down,� Kob screamed. “You have no right!�
“I think that’s the least you deserve for leaving me at the side of road.� Oil said, grinning.
“Hey, you deserved it!� Kob yelled, still squirming in his arms.
“Why did I deserve it?�
“Because you kissed me without my permission!� Kob shouted.
“But you kissed me back!� Oil shouted back, staring into her eyes.
Kob stopped her squirming immediately and averted her eyes from his. Oil watched her curiously, wondering what she was thinking. He was shocked when she looked back up at him. Her full lips were in a pretty pout.
“I didn’t mean to,� She said quietly.
Oil felt his breath stop. His playful attitude vanished and slowly he put her down. Before she could rush away from him, he put a hand on her arm. “I’m not sorry for kissing you,� Oil said.
Kob gave him an angry look. “Fine, then I’m not sorry for this,� Kob caught him unawares and stepped on his right foot. At his gasp of pain, she turned away from him with a smirk.
Oil watched her leave while jumping on one foot. He was grabbing his injured knee with a pained look on his face. “Damn it!�


sarNie Egg
Chapter Six

“What is your problem?� Kob asked on Wednesday. It was the third she was disturbed that day by Oil constantly yelling into this phone.
“Nothing,� Oil answered tersely.
“Fine, whatever, just don’t get in my way,� Kob said. She went back to reviewing the next week’s lectures.
Oil stared at her. He had been pretty rude to her today. He was very pissed off because he was trying to find this Suvanant person, but he was having no luck. His grandmother absolutely refused to divulge any detail about the mystery woman. “What are you talking about?� Oil asked.
“You practically shoved me out of the way this morning. You’re lucky I didn’t break your leg. I don’t appreciate rudeness.� Kob said, her eyes on her laptop monitor.
“Oh, I see, only you can be rude, is that it?� Oil quipped. He quickly regretted it when he saw her face.
“You know, I’m only rude at those who are rude to me. Do you think that I like being known as The Beast to my staff and students?� Kob couldn’t contain her anger. “Of course, I don’t. So, please, just shut up and stop yelling at the phone.� Kob looked away from him and quickly grabbed her laptop.
“Wait! Where are you going?� Oil asked.
“Away from you!� Kob said, before slamming the door behind her.
Oil watched her leave. He didn’t blame her; he had been rude to her all week. While she had given him the silent treatment, he had done everything to be mean to her. He wasn’t sure why, but that week, he just wasn’t feeling himself. He was crazy with curiosity about the woman that Pim had tried to set him up with. He had tried for almost a week now and still, he didn’t have the answer. Sighing, he leaned back in his chair, his mind drifting back to Kob. His eyes slid closed when he remembered the sensual kiss they had shared in the car. She had tasted so sweet and smelled even sweeter. He could not understand how someone who acted so masculine could smell and taste so feminine. He moaned again.
Later that day, Oil found Kob knelt next to one of the front wheels of her car. He walked over towards her.
“Need any help?� He asked, crouching down beside her.
Kob barely glanced at him. She got up and went to get the spare tire in her trunk. Briskly she dropped the tools and tire next to her car. Oil jumped out of the way of the tools. He watched, amused, as Kob changed the flat tire.
“You’re acting like an unsatisfied wife,� Oil baited. He received the reaction he wanted when she raised her head quickly to look at him.
“I am not your wife! Nor am I acting like one!� Kob said sternly.
“I just wanted to apologize for my behavior,� Oil said.
Kob shrugged and slipped into her car. Oil opened the passenger door and slid into the seat.
“What are you doing? Get out of my car!� Kob ordered.
Oil shook his head. “Not until you’ve forgiven me.� He said, giving her a handsome smile.
Kob looked at him through narrow eyes. “For what? It’s not like you care what I think of you,�
“That’s no true,� Oil said, surprised.
“Fine, you want forgiveness, you won’t get one. You needn’t apologize to me – you were right. I am rude, so I should suck it up when I’m being dealt the same treatment,� Kob said, staring at him through hard eyes, her voice monotonous. “Now, please, get out of my car,�
Oil stared at her. Despite the tone of her voice and her eyes, he knew that he had hurt her feelings with his words. Respectfully, he bowed his head. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Kob,� Oil pulled the handle to get out of the car.
“It’s Dr. Suvanant Kongying to you,� Kob said as he closed the door. She sped off, unaware of the look of disbelief on Oil’s face.
“Suvanant?� Oil said, shocked.
Oil arrived at the University earlier than usual the next morning, having had a sleepless night the night before. He was up all night, thinking about what Kob had told him. He wasn’t sure if she was the same Suvanant that his grandmother had tried to set him up with. In the end, he had denied it. There was no way that Kob was the beautiful and stylish woman he had seen from afar.
He was surprised when he opened the door to the office and saw Kob behind the desk.
“Good morning, Kob,� He said in a silky smooth voice.
Kob glanced at him, nodded and went back to her work.
Oil sighed and walked to his desk. He put his briefcase on his desk and walked to sit on Kob’s desk, next to her chair. “Kob?� Oil asked.
Kob ignored him. She continued to type quickly on her laptop.
Oil repeated her name. Still he received no response. Perturbed, he grabbed her hands off the laptop and pulled her up out of her seat. She tripped from the momentum and fell against him. She looked at him, shocked at the feel of his body against hers. Oil’s face changed instantly, his gaze becoming hot. Quickly, he switched positions with her. He placed Kob on the desk and stood between her legs, his chest touching hers. Kob stared at him wide-eyed. “Wh—“ Kob began only to find her words muffled by his lips.
Oil moved his lips over hers, coaxing them to open. His hands caressed her waist and back. He groaned when he felt her hands tighten on his forearms. She gave in that instant, opening her mouth to his intruding tongue. They clung to each other for what seemed like an eternity, learning each other’s taste. He trailed his lips down her neck, licking and kissing her skin. Kob moaned and held onto him, her fingers tangled in his thick hair. Oil breathed in her sweet scent, moving his hands to her buttoned shirt. He kissed the upper part of chest.
“Wait! Stop!� Kob pulled his hair, raising his head from her chest at the same time.
Oil kissed her hotly. Kob bit his tongue. When he released her suddenly, she moved away.
“Ouch! What the hell was that for?� Oil asked, his voice muffled because of his injured tongue.
“I don’t appreciate being manhandled in my office!� Kob yelled, her chest heaving.
Still in a haze of desire, Oil reached for her again, grabbing onto her shirt. Kob pulled away roughly, causing her shirt to rip.
Oil stared in horror at what happened. “I’m sorry – damn! That was an accident,� Oil apologized profusely.
Kob looked down at her torn shirt and gasped. Without another word, she grabbed her jacket and left the office.
“Damn it!� Oil cursed, roughly running his hands through his hair. He had been so hot with passion; he hadn’t realized his own strength. “Shit!� He cursed again. He had never been so hot for a woman. He wasn’t sure what about Kob that made him so attracted to her. She was like an aphrodisiac – after his first taste of her, he had wanted more. I’m going to have you, Kob, Oil vowed, finally relaxing his face muscles. “One way or another, I will have you,�
Kob was a foul mood. After that scene in the office, she wanted nothing more than to be left alone. That wasn’t going to happen, however, considering she still had classes to teach and meetings to attend. She was meaner than usual to her students as she lectured so quickly that she had covered more than twenty pages of notes in over an hour. She was curt and icy to everyone that spoke with her. During the meeting, she was quiet unless spoken to.
“There’s a delivery for you, Kob,� Joy told her when she came into the office.
Kob merely nodded. She opened the door to find it empty except for a big bouquet of gorgeous blood red roses. She walked towards it and picked up the card. “Sorry about this morning, I don’t know what came over me, Oil.� Kob read. Sneering, she threw the note on the floor. Looking back to the flowers, she pondered what to do with them. Smiling for the first time all day, Kob grabbed a pair of scissors and pulled one rose out. The thorns were still intact.
“Great,� She said, before she snipped off the bud from the stem. She repeated the process for the remaining 23 roses. Once she had all the thorny stems, she placed it on the chair of his seat. She then took the buds and pulled out all the petals, spreading them over the stems. She nodded in satisfaction at her work.
Oil walked into the office less than thirty minutes later. He found it empty. He didn’t see the flowers on her desk, so he assumed that she took them home. Smiling, he went to his desk. Without looking down at his seat, he sat. He jumped up and yelped in the next instant. His hands massaged his backside as he looked down to find the pile of rose petals and thorny stems on his seat.

Chapter Seven

“Nana! I want some answers,� Oil exclaimed. He walked onto the patio next to the pool.
“Yes?� Pim answered. She was doing tai chi next to the pool.
“No more playing games with me. I am interested in Suvanant, but I need you to tell me her last name.� Oil demanded, standing in front of her.
“Whatever for, sweetie? Why don’t you just wait to meet her instead? As a matter of fact, I think she’s here now.� Pim sat in her chair and took a drink of water.
Oil turned to look at the French doors and his eyes almost popped out of his sockets. Kob was walking towards him and he barely recognized her. She was wearing a yellow tank underneath and short-sleeved white shrug and long white shirt. Her hair was piled loosely above her head. She looked as fresh as a buttercup. She also had on thick dark sunglasses. She ignored him when she passed him.
“Darling,� Pim said with pleasure.
Kob greeted her respectfully. “Mrs. Suttikamol,� she smiled.
Pim waved her hand. “I told you to call me Nana. Now take a seat.�
Kob obeyed.
Oil cleared his throat, causing Pim to look at him. “Kob, I think that you’ve met my grandson, Oil,�
Kob acknowledged him with a nod before turning back to Pim. “How was the disc?�
Pim smiled warmly. “Great. Thank you, the music was very soothing and relaxing.� Pim said. “Well, I think I shall excuse myself to clean up before dinner.� Pim patted Kob on her hand before getting up. “Oil, take care of our guest,�
Kob sat with her back straight when she saw him approach her. She turned her face away from his, clutching her sunglasses in her hand.
“Well, well,� Oil said, taking a seat across from her. “Who would have guessed it?�
“What do you mean?� Kob asked, still not looking at him.
“Oh, nothing. I’m just surprised, that’s all.� Oil shrugged. “I just didn’t see you as someone who was looking for a husband.�
Kob turned to look at him and sneered. “I didn’t know that you were so desperate that you needed your grandmother to find you a date!� She shot back.
“Wow!� Oil exclaimed. He found himself staring into startling sky blue eyes. They were shockingly beautiful on her face. He had never known a Thai person to have eyes that color before. As shocking as her eyes were, he realized how natural they looked on her. It went extremely well with her ivory skin and ebony black hair.
“Are they real?� He couldn’t help asking.
Kob shifted uncomfortably in her seat.
“Oh, come on, are they? It’s not like I’m asking if your boobs are real,� He said, unaware of the hot look in his eyes as he watched her.
Kob turned away from him, crossing her arms over her chest. “They’re real,�
“Why do you wear contacts?� He asked.
“That’s none of your business,� Kob said. “How is your – um – backside?� Kob laughed, turning back to look at him. “Did you like the present?�
Oil frowned at her. “Oh, I loved it.� He said sarcastically. “It was great having to pick out every thorn from my ass,�
Kob giggled. “Did you really?�
�No,� Oil said, smiling at her. He had never heard her laugh before and he loved it.
Kob stopped giggling as soon as she saw him smile at her. Not wanting to drown herself in his eyes, she averted her eyes.
“You look very pretty today,� Oil said.
“It’s the clothes,� Kob quickly replied.
“Your eyes are so blue. I can lose myself in them.� Oil smiled.
“I was cross-eyed as a child. I had to have surgery.� Kob told him tersely.
“Your skin just glows. You’re so radiant.� Oil complimented again.
“It’s the sun,� Kob denied.
Oil grinned at her.
Kob sighed with relief when a servant called upon them for dinner.
“So, how was work today, Kob?� Pim asked, bringing a spoonful of rice to her lips.
“Good, save for some rudeness here and there,� Kob answered.
Oil just grinned. “I said I was sorry. But, it was actually your fault,�
“Is that so?� Kob couldn’t contain the high pitch in her voice. She stared at him, waiting for his reply.
“I was rude because I was having no luck finding who Suvanant was. It was you all along. So, it as your fault I was so stressed.� Oil answered.
“You’re a lawyer – how could you not know your colleague’s name? Some lawyer,� Kob shot back.
“I thought you were just Kob,� Oil replied.
“Well, why did you care who I was anyway?�
“I didn’t care…until I saw you step out of the car.� Oil said.
“Oh, I see. You saw me…�
“And I had to know who you were. You took my breath away,� Oil told her.
Pim beamed as she watched the two young people argue. Happily, she watched the show.
“I was right under your nose the whole time. You didn’t notice me then. I don’t see why you would care now!� Kob said, her voice barely containing her annoyance and irritation.
“You were beautiful.�
“So you want me, is that it?� Kob waited for his nod before speaking again. “Well, thanks for your honesty. And would you have courted me and treated me with respect?�
“Of course,� Oil said. “I always do.�
“Is that what you would call mauling me in the office this morning? If that is what you call respect? If that is, then I don’t want it!� Kob said hotly, staring hot blue fire at him.
Pim barely contained her excitement. She was thoroughly enjoying the two fall in love.

Chapter Eight

“What? When did I decide to this?� Kob screamed, watching in horror as racks of dresses were rolled her way.
“Please, honey, we are short one person and the show’s about to start in less than an hour.� May said urgently.
Kob groaned. “But, Mom –“ She began.
“Honey, please! Just this once! I need you to fill in for one of our models.� May cried as she assessed the make-up artist. She waved her hands. “Less blush, less blush—we’re going for natural, not showgirl,�
Kob sighed as she watched her mother. Usually cool and reserved, May was quite the opposite tonight. Kob had never known her mother to sweat so profusely. “Fine! Fine! But I have once request—no heels!�
May sighed in relief, throwing her hands up in praise. “Thank you, honey.� She whistled for a make-up artist. “Make my daughter more beautiful.� May kissed her daughter’s forehead before heading off to take care of the clothes.
Kob sat in awe as the swarms of artists and stylists flew around her. She screamed in pain when her eyebrows were plucked. “Ouch!� She yelped.
The woman didn’t stop until had she plucked Kob’s formerly bushy eyebrows into clean, elegant arches. Next she felt her hair being pulled at the same time someone was putting powder on her face. Kob moaned in agony. Her mother was lucky she loved her.
“Why am I here?� Oil asked, helping his grandmother into her chair. They were sitting in the front row, with a great view of the catwalk.
“You’re my date,� Pim said, smiling. “Andy would’ve been here, but he has a big deposition Monday,� She pulled an elegantly embroidered silk fan from her purse and began to wave it in front of her. “Did you have somewhere else to be?�
“Yes, at home, watching the football game,� Oil murmured, sitting down next to her.
“Would you rather watch a bunch of sweaty men kick a ball around or beautiful women parading in skimpy dresses?� Pim teased.
Oil snorted but said nothing. He sat silently with his arms crossed over his chest.
“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,� May said. The room immediately dimmed except for the spotlights on the catwalk. May was dressed elegantly, in a pale green gown with matching gloves. “Welcome. Tonight, you will be viewing my new spring collection. Enjoy the show,� May smiled at the cameras and audience before disappearing backstage.
“Okay, okay, get ready,� May said, her excitement showing. Once the beginning of the song came on, she gestured for the first model to take the stage.
Oil watched in boredom as the female models pranced onstage in shirts and pants, pantsuits and tanks. The colors were vibrant but sedated all at once. He blinked for one second and heard gasps of pleasure, followed by applause. He opened his eyes and they almost popped out. There, strolling down the runway was none other than Kob. A different Kob. This Kob had straightened hair that glistened and swung with every sway of her hips. The dress she wore was pale pink on the top that became darker until it was a hot pink. It was one-shouldered and hugged her slim waist and round hips before flaring to end a few inches above her knees. White ballet pumps completed the ensemble.
Unaware of her pouting lips, Kob walked towards the end of the walkway. With one hand at her hip, she turned to show off the dress before walking back down the runway.
Pim hid a grin when she felt her grandson sit up straighter. Oil opened his mouth to speak but was speechless. He lifted a finger and pointed at Kob’s retreating back. “That was Kob,� He stammered.
“Yes, that was,� Pim answered him, giggling behind her fan.
Oil barely paid any attention to his grandmother. He was too entranced by his colleague.
Kob walked down the catwalk again. This time, in pink cargo Capri’s and a white halter top that hinted on her flat stomach. Oil gulped as he watched her prance onstage. He watched Kob walk onstage ten more times before the show ended. In the end, Kob walked out in a stunning halter multi-colored dress and white strappy sandals. Oil stood up with the rest of the audience to applaud May, who was walking down the catwalk to wave to her fans and guests.
“Thank you, thank you,� May waved, smiling. “Please, join me in the ballroom for the after party.� May bowed and walked towards her husband, who waited for her.
Kob smiled when she saw her father kiss her mother’s hand. With her eyes still on them, she turned to walk backstage but her legs didn’t move. She would’ve hit the floor if the man hadn’t grabbed her in time.
“What the—“ She gasped, finding herself in the arms of her savior. She brushed her hair away from her face to thank her knight. “You!� She pointed at Oil.
Oil grinned. “Hello, beautiful,� Before thinking better of it, he leaned down and kissed her lips softly.
Kob immediately struggled.
Oil sighed and allowed her to slide away from him. He put his hands in the pockets of his slacks as he looked down at her.
“What was that for?� Kob demanded, smoothing her dress down her body.
“For doing so great a job as a model,� Oil replied. “You looked like a professional up there,�
Kob glared up at him. “That’s quite a compliment. Thanks for telling me that I walk well,� She made a move to turn away from him, but tripped on her own feet.
Oil quickly lifted her in his arms. He carried her high on his chest so his face was close to hers. “Sure, you’re a great walker,� Oil teased.
Kob lifted her chin up at him. “You can let me down now!�
“I could, but I don’t want to,� Oil said, walking towards the ballroom. “First, you tell me why you’re suddenly clumsy.�
Kob’s lips thinned into a straight line and crossed her arms over her chest. “I am not clumsy,� She said in a small voice.
Oil chuckled. “Then why did you fall twice into my arms?�
Kob glanced at him from beneath her eyelashes. “My feet hurt,� She squeaked.
“What?� Oil positioned his ear to hear her better. “I’m sorry, what?�
Kob knew he was just baiting her, but she couldn’t stop herself from baiting him back. “I said that my feet hurt!� She shouted in his ear.
“Ouch!� Oil feigned pain. “So being a model isn’t easy, huh?�
“No, no! Modeling isn’t easy. Now will you let me down!� Kob squirmed.
Oil stopped at the entrance of the ballroom and deliberately let her body slide down his as he released her. When she was fully on her feet, he stared down at her. Kob was leaning into him, her full lips slightly opened. Oil smiled as his eyes looked deeply into hers.
“I said, let me go!� Kob told him.
“I did,� Oil said. He smiled when he saw the confused look on her face.
Kob looked down and saw that she was holding onto him. She quickly released him and cleared her throat. “Um…uh…� She stammered, her cheeks red.
“Ah, here’s my daughter, our star model tonight,� May’s voice saved Kob’s embarrassing moment.
Kob didn’t look at Oil again when she walked towards her parents.
Oil smiled after her, enjoying how her hips swayed sensuously. He had never imagined that she could look like that. He always knew that she was beautiful, but she was just incredibly sexy tonight. He had never been left speechless or sweaty after just seeing a woman.
For the remainder of the party, Oil stood by her side, never leaving her for a second. He even stayed after his grandmother left early – she had insisted that he stay at the party. Oil had obliged happily. At the end of the party, May asked him to escort Kob home.
“I’d love to,� Oil answered. “I’d be honored to take your daughter home.� Oil bowed and turned to face Kob. “Shall we?� He held his arm out for her.
Kob looked at it in disgust. “Goodnight,� She bowed to her elders before turning towards the exit.
Oil caught her arm before she fell. He pulled her up tightly against his side. “You really must try not to be so clumsy, darling,� He whispered in her ear. He grinned when he heard her gasp in outrage.
Taking her by the waist, Oil led her out to the entrance of the building. He still held her as they waited for the valet to get his car.
“You can release me now!� Kob ordered, pushing his arm away from her.
Oil resisted the move – instead, pulling her closer to his side. “I’m just being considerate, honey. I don’t want you to fall flat on your face,� Oil breathed in the scent of her hair, loving the subtle sweetness.
Kob stared up at him through stormy eyes. “Stop calling me honey!� She ordered.
“Sir, your car,� The valet opened the door for Kob.
Kob slowly slid into the passenger’s seat, making sure to keep her legs tightly closed.
Oil watched her buckle up. “You really are an enigma,� He commented.
Kob looked at him. “What do you mean? What you see is what you get,�
Oil stepped down on the brakes at a red light and turned to her. “No, you aren’t.� He turned back to the road and continued on. “You are a phony.� He said slowly.
Kob looked at him in anger. “I am not! How dare you call me that when you barely know me!� She yelled at him.
“Part of being a good lawyer is to be a good judge of character. You have to be able to read and know what your client is like, if they are lying or not, if they are sincere or not. See, Kob, I am a damn good lawyer and I can tell you this—you are a total fake!�
Kob jumped in her seat and turned her full body towards him, her chest heaving and her face flushing in her rage. “I am not a fake!� She denied.
Oil pulled the car onto the shoulder of the highway. “You are a woman, true and true.�
Kob snickered. “And that makes me fake?� She asked.
“No, that doesn’t make you fake. But what does is the fact that you hide behind a manly façade. You think you’re such a smart-ass, kicking everyone’s butts and being mean to people. You deliberately scare your students and colleagues just so they won’t know the real you. Your own family probably doesn’t even know who you are!� Oil paused and stared at her. “I’m not trying to be rude, but this is my honest opinion. You act unapproachable and sarcastic because you’re afraid what other people might think of you. So instead of being hurt, you decide to make every scared of you instead. You’re afraid of what people would say if they knew the real you, Kob. As physically strong as you are, you are a coward, Kob.�
Kob turned away from him, as she let his words sink in. She shook her head slightly, amazed that this person saw through her. She had only known him for a few weeks, and yet, he knew her better than her family did.
Tears gathered in her eyes and spilled down her cheeks. Blinking, she reached up and wiped the tears from her eyes. “I want to go home, now,� She squeaked, crossing her arms over her chest.
Oil sighed and stared at her for a few seconds more. He hadn’t wanted to sound so harsh but he was sick of her behavior. He didn’t want to fall in love with someone who didn’t love herself first. Love! Oil blanched, his face pale. His knuckles grew white as they clenched the steering wheel. When did love come into the picture?
While Oil was contemplating his thoughts about love, Kob had her own worries. She thought about what Oil had said to her. She hated that he had called her a coward. But she hated even more the fact that he was right.
Neither said a word when Oil pulled into Kob’s driveway. “Thanks,� was all Kob said before getting out of the car.
Oil stared as Kob took off her shoes and scampered up the steps into her house. Sighing, he put the car into gear and drove off.


sarNie Egg
Chapter Nine

The next day, Oil got into work early, having come to some drastic conclusions the night before. He expected to see Kob there, but she wasn’t. In fact, she didn’t come in for the whole day. Worried, he called Joy into the office.
“Yes, sir?� Joy asked.
“Where is your boss today?� Oil nodded towards Kob’s empty desk.
“Oh, she doesn’t have any classes today.� Joy answered.
“Oh, okay, then,� Oil watched her leave. The phone rang just as he was about to get back to work. “Hello?�
“Oil, let’s go party tonight,� Andy said. “I got some buddies to come along to,�
“Sure, why not?� Oil agreed. “Later,�

“Are you sure this is appropriate?� Kob asked, staring in the mirror.
“It’s fine, now let’s go,� Ploy said, pulling her cousin towards the door.
“We’ll be home around 1,� Fah, Kob’s other cousin, told her aunt and uncle.
�Okay, have fun,� May smiled.
“Ugh, I can’t believe I’m agreeing to this,� Kob moaned, hugging her stomach. “I feel so bare,�
“Please, nothing’s showing,� Fah said. “You look great,�
“Yeah, Kob.� Ploy hugged her cousin.
Kob grinned. “Let’s party,� She said.
“All right!!!!!!!!� Fah and Ploy screamed in unison. The three women had spent all day together, taking their little cousin shopping for new clothes. They had been quite shocked when Kob had asked for their help.
Nonetheless, they had had a great time.
“Damn! She is fine!� Will said, holding a beer bottle in front of his mouth.
“Really? Who?� Andy turned to look and almost dropped dead. “The Beast?� He whispered.
Oil, his arms on the bar counter turned his head towards the entrance. His mouth opened in awe as his eyes traveled up and down her body. There, across the room was Kob. She was dressed in hip hugger jeans and a black tank that showed about half an inch of her flat stomach. Her hair was down in soft waves. He saw red when a man went up to her. He suddenly found himself walking up to her. He interjected himself between the man and Kob by putting his arm around her waist. “Hi, honey, I’ve been waiting for you,�
Kob went rigid in his arms. “What do you think you’re doing?� She asked, watching the man walk away.
Fah and Ploy shared a knowing look and excused themselves.
“What do you think you’re doing? Dressed like that?� Oil asked, furious.
“Dressed like this? I’m dressed normally, like every other woman here,� Kob explained. She tried to push his arm away from her, but he didn’t budge.
“You’re coming with me,� Oil led her out of the club. “I want you to go put on some real clothes,�
“The hell I will!� Kob cried out. “You’re acting like my father. No, wait! You’re acting worst. I’m dressed pretty conservatively compared to the other girls in there. Besides, why the heck do you care what I wear? We’re not even friends.�
“Because I do care, damn it! I don’t want other men to see what’s mine!� Oil shouted. He closed his mouth once the words had left his mouth.
Kob stared at him with her mouth opened. “What?� She said, shocked.
Oil pulled her into his arms and kissed her lips hard. Releasing her as abruptly as he had kissed her, he turned and stalked away, leaving her to deal with what had just happened.
Furious, she stomped after him back into the club. She found her cousins at a booth surrounding by guys. “Scat,� She gave them the deadly order. The men obeyed when they saw the piercing blue eyes shooting daggers at them. “The nerve,� She said, moving to sit next to her cousins. The older women immediately put their arms around their younger cousin as they all stared at Oil across the room.
“There, there, honey,� Ploy said. “You’ve got him now, so no worries,�
“What are you talking about?� Kob asked curiously.
“He’s jealous, dear,� Fah answered. “Just look at him, standing there, glaring at you. He totally wants you,�
“Why, he’ll probably fly off the chain if you so much as danced with another man,� Ploy said, taking a sip of her apple martini.
“Will he?� Kob looked slyly at her cousin. “Let’s just test that, shall we?�
“Oh, but I don’t think that’s a good idea…� Fah protested.
Kob paid her no mind. She motioned to get out of the booth. Her cousins reluctantly obliged. She winked mischievously at them before strutting onto the dance floor. She swayed slowly to the music; her hips moving seductively. Her eyes were focused on Oil who stood stiffly, watching her.
“Oh, man,� Ploy exclaimed. She was surprised by her cousin’s boldness and dance skills. “She’s really pushing it now,�
Fah nodded, unable to turn away. Her back became rigid when she saw Oil slowly make his way towards Kob. “The shit’s about to hit the fan,�
Kob wasn’t sure what happened, but it seemed that one minute she was watching Oil from across the dance floor and in the next; he had her over his shoulder. He stalked purposefully out the door, ignoring the roar of applause from the bar. Silently, he unlocked his car door, dumped Kob in it before sliding into the driver’s seat. Then he just sat there. He didn’t turn on the car, nor did he look at her.
Kob watched him silently, unsure of his behavior. “Oil?� She squeaked.
Oil pinned her with a stare filled with controlled hunger and desire. He reached for her, pulling her onto his lap. “Lady, you have no idea the danger you’re in,� His hand shook as he smoothed it over her soft cheek. His lips immediately trailed a path along her cheekbone to her lips. “You have no clue how much I want you, Kob.� He whispered harshly before claiming her mouth in a long, open-mouthed kiss.
Kob shivered as she lost herself in his kisses. She had pushed him to this, she realized. This man, who seemed so self-assured and in control had lost his cool. For her, no less.
“We have to stop, baby,� Oil said, finally forcing himself away from her. He set her back in her seat, and turned the car on. He didn’t look at her when he dropped her off at home.

Oil walked in on his grandmother and her friends that Saturday.
“Oh, excuse me,� Oil began.
“Hello, Oil. You remember May and Vanik Kongying,� Pim gestured towards her guests.
“Hello,� Oil bowed to them.
“And our daughter,� May motioned towards Kob.
Only then did he notice her. She was being abnormally quiet as she stared down at the floor. She was dressed in a long blue skirt with flowers on it and a tight white tee. She looked young and fresh and…different.
“Kob,� Oil nodded at her curtly.
Kob finally raised her head and looked at him, saying nothing.
Oil tried to stare at her but something about the way she was looking at him unnerved him. He glanced away and looked at his grandmother. “Is there something you wanted me to do?� He asked.
“You can show Kob the garden,� Pim said, before turning back to her guests.
“Go on, Kob,� May told her daughter, beaming.
Kob nodded obediently before getting up. She went to stand in front of Oil. “Shall we?� She said.
“I missed you at work this week,� Kob said bravely, walking next to him.
Oil was shocked by her words. He stopped when they were by a tree that had a swing hanging from a thick limb. “Wow, that sounded sincere,� He said, sitting down on the swing seat.
Kob averted her eyes, not wanting him to see her pain. “You were right, you know. I was hiding. But you had no right to speak to me that way.� Her words came straight from the heart.
“In what way? I was just being honest.� Oil answered her.
Kob stared at him and for that instant, she was sure of his feelings for her. Feeling a little timid and vulnerable, she gathered up as much courage as she could and walked to stand in front of him. “It amazes me that you of all people saw right through me when everyone else didn’t. But you don’t know what it’s like.� She said, forcing the words out before she loss her courage. “My mother said that I was cursed with blue eyes. So, I wore brown contacts. My father wanted a son, so I chose to be athletic. I couldn’t help that I grew up with a genius IQ, nor was it my decision to accelerate my education. Do you know that I never have interacted with people my own age? I was always the youngest in my class – the geek. All of them took advantage of me. They pretended to be my friend just so they could copy my notes. Well, by sixteen, I was tired of it and decided to do something about it. And so, I took tai chi, tae kwon doe, karate, kickboxing, shooting, and archery, everything you can name – I took it. I gained new confidence, but in the process, I became a smart-ass. I was mean and unreasonably cruel.�
Oil watched her eyes as she told him about her past. All he could see was her as a young teen kicking all the boy’s butts. It was laughable. He chuckled.
“It’s not funny,� Kob said to him, hurt. “I’m telling you my feelings and all you can do is laugh at me!�
Oil opened his mouth to explain but was cut off.
“Forget this! I can’t believe I actually thought you were being serious.� Kob turned away from him but found herself pulled backwards. She fell onto his lap on the swing.
“You control your temper. I am tired of all of your tantrums.� Oil dug his shoes into the ground and pushed them back and forth.
“I do not throw tantrums!� Kob shouted. She closed her mouth quickly after she realized what she had done.
“My point exactly. You get angry like any woman, but you try so hard to pretend that you don’t like being female. I know that you love feminine things.�
“How would you know that?� She asked, struggling to get off of him.
“Quit moving for a minute and let me explain,� Oil grabbed her hands and held them on her lap. “I saw your bra, remember. That white concoction was definitely female, no doubt about it. And, I’ve seen you stare at babies and puppies. No man would go “coo� at a baby. A woman would and you have. Also, you screamed when we went to the movies. Yes, you, Kob are definitely female. And how you respond to me when I kiss you is amazing. � Oil said. He nuzzled the side of her neck, inhaling her sweet scent. “God, baby, it was so hard to leave you last night – but I had to. I almost lost control then and there in the club.�
“So you do want me then?�
“How could you ask me that?� He made her turn around to straddle his lap to show her the evidence. “There, that should be answer enough,�
“What is going on here?� Pim screeched. She tried not to smile. “Oil, what are you doing to poor Kob?�
Oil reacted first, standing up out of the swing and causing Kob to fall to the ground. Kob stared up at Oil.
“No, Nana, it’s not what you think. Nothing happened.� Oil rushed to explain.
“What is going on here?� May asked. “Kob, get off the ground.�
Pim stared at Oil and shook her head. “You dare to do that in public. Goodness, what must you two do in private? I will not have this! I tell you, Oil. You will take responsibility.� Pim pointed at her grandson is disapproval before stalking away. “I am so sorry, May,� She winked at her secretively.
“Oil,� Kob called out to him, as she forced herself up.
The look he gave her stopped her cold. “Don’t say anything,� He said in a stern voice.
Kob gasped in pain as she watched Oil follow his grandmother.
May watched in horror as her grown daughter burst into tears. She rushed to her offspring immediately. “Darling, Kob,� She pulled her daughter into her arms and closed her eyes, wishing she could take the pain away. “It’s alright, honey, everything is going to be fine,� May whispered into Kob’s ear.
Kob shook her head as her body quaked under the force of her tears. He hates me, he hates me, she thought. I’ve trapped him and he’s going to hate me forever…

Chapter Ten

One week later, Kob found herself sitting in her bedroom, in front of her mirror. She was being fussed over by her mother, aunts, cousins and stylists. It was her engagement day to Oil. In one month, she would be getting married.
“Oh, who knew that she was so beautiful? Gorgeous…� Someone was saying.
Kob barely heard them as they moved around her. Her hair was curled into big, loose ringlets and pulled away from her face to be clipped at the nape with most of her hair going to one side. A big orchid adorned the clip in her hair.
“Come on, let’s help you into your gown,� Ploy said, noting how sad her cousin was. She moved to whisper in her ear. “Kob, everything is going to be fine,� She tried to assure her.
Kob said nothing as she clenched the robe she wore.
“Honey, you can let go of the robe.� May told her daughter.
Kob released the robe to allow her engagement gown to be put over her head. She wore a white strapless bra and white tap pants underneath.
“Beautiful, just beautiful,� May kissed her daughter lightly on her cheek. “I have to go meet with the guests, honey. I’ll see you downstairs.�
Kob nodded. Ploy took her cousin by the shoulders and made her stand in front of the full length mirror. “This is you, Kob. You’re lovely, stunning. Even without the makeup and change of clothing.�
“What?� Kob asked.
Ploy turned to look at her cousin. “I said that you were always stunning and lovely. Inside and out, if he doesn’t see it, then it’s his fault. However, if I didn’t think that he didn’t love you, I would help you get out of this. But, I know that you love him,� Ploy said, smiling.
Kob’s lips trembled. “I do, but he…� She said.
“Shh, shh,� Ploy hushed. “He doesn’t hate you. He just doesn’t like being forced into marriage, but I don’t think that he’ll regret it. Now you stop this crying and start acting like the Kob that I grew up with. You’re strong and beautiful and you’re getting engaged to a very handsome, successful man.�
Kob nodded and took the tissue her cousin offered her. Breathing in new air, she puffed her chest out. That’s right, I am strong, she told herself. I am not going to cry over him.
Oil sat on the gorgeous Oriental rug, waiting for his future bride to show. All the elders were seated in their rightful place except for Kob. Ploy walked into the room and presented him his bride. Oil couldn’t believe his eyes. Oh, how her beauty continue to amaze him. Even through his anger at her, he could still admit that he wanted her. He watched at she walked towards him. She wore a one-shoulder tan dress that hugged her magnificent figure and showed off her glowing skin. Her eyes were absolutely mesmerizing, as they were lighter than usual.
Kob sat across from him and turned to properly greet her elders. The engagement proceeded smoothly, with Oil presenting her with a glorious six carat diamond ring. Pictures were being taken every second. In the end, Oil lifted her hand to his lips, to the requests of the guests, and kissed it.
“Oil, I know that we haven’t really had a chance to talk before the engagement, but I just wanted to say that—“ Kob whispered.
“No! I don’t want to hear it, Kob. It’s done and over with. In a month, we’ll be man and wife,� Oil said.
“But…but—“ She began again.
Oil turned to look at her, his eyes hard and stern. “You’ve done quite enough!�
Kob stared at him in shock, a little afraid of this side of him that she had never known existed.
“Fine, be like that!� She turned gaze away from him as tears welled in her eyes. What was wrong with her, she cried out silently. It seemed that every second she felt like crying.
Oil smirked, pleased with himself. Good, why should he be the only one miserable in all of this?

Two weeks before the wedding, Kob found herself in deep depression. She was exhausting herself at the gym. It came to the point that she could barely drive herself home after a day’s workout. Her muscles were so strung out that it pained her to do the very simplest of tasks.
“Honey, you really must stop working so hard. You teach for most of the day, then you go and teach self defense at the gym? That’s crazy. I’ve only seen you twice for the past week.� May was saying.
Kob swayed a little from where she stood. “I’m fine, Mother. I just need some sleep,� Kob managed to get into her room before she collapsed in exhaustion on her bed.

Oil was furious. He had just gotten back from the University staff meeting and was now waiting for his fiancé at the office. All of the staff had congratulated him on his upcoming wedding, but his bride and colleague was nowhere to be found.
Kob stumbled into the office just then.
“Where the hell have you been?� Oil grabbed her arms. “I had to face the staff by myself,�
“What’s wrong? What did I miss?� Kob asked, trying to focus on his face. She felt hot and cold and saw black and white all at once.
Oil didn’t notice her unusually pale face in his blind fury. “Where were you? You missed a very important meeting. I do not like looking bad in front of my peers, and since you are my fiancé, what you do reflect upon me!� He said.
“I’m sorry. I woke up late!� She rushed to explain. “Please stop shaking me,� She said, her head spinning. “I don’t feel well,�
“Kob?� Oil asked, alarmed. He pulled her body close to his and felt her body go slack. He laid her to the floor, supporting her neck and head with the shoulder. “Joy! Joy! Call the doctor,� He shouted.
Joy rushed in, saw the scene and ran in search of a doctor.
“Kob! Kob!� Oil called, touching her forehead and cheeks. “Kob, Kob,� Oil repeated, frantically trying to see if she was injured.
Kob opened her eyes to see Oil’s face directly above her. Feeling lethargic, she reached up and smoothed her palm over his cheek, feeling his five o’clock shadow. “Oil,� She whispered. “Where am I?�
“You’re in the office. I think you fainted.� He answered softly, relieved that she was awake.
“How did I get here?� She asked, still rubbing his cheek.
Oil smiled down at her. “You drove here,�
“Oh,� Kob tried to get up.
“No, you don’t.� Oil said, lifting her up in his arms. “I’m taking you to the doctor,�
“How do you know I fainted?� Kob asked, snuggling deeply into his arms.
Oil stopped at the sound of her voice. Laughing despite himself, he walked over to her chair. He dumped her unceremoniously onto the chair. “Wow, you almost fooled me for a minute. I mean, your entire body went slack,� He snorted, “I can’t believe I almost fell for it,�
“What are you talking about?� Kob asked, confused.
“Don’t play actress with me, Kob! You’re trying to make me forget that you got me into this mess! Well, I won’t! Even after we’re married for fifty years, I’ll still remember that you played me!� Oil looked at her in disgust before walking out the door.
“Damn it! Damn it!� Kob banged her arm against the desk. “What did I do now?� Kob rushed out of the office to chase after him. She saw him at the end of the hallway. She walked quickly towards him.
Oil saw her and pulled the woman he was talking to closely to him. He caressed her hair as they spoke. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Kob falter and slow down. He smirked and turned to Pat. He laughed with her and touched her cheek, leaning down as if to kiss her.
Kob couldn’t bear to watch anymore and rushed out of the building. She got into her car quickly and took off, unaware of her destination. She didn’t get far, as through her tears; she crashed into a tree at the end of the rode. The noise was so loud that it caused many car alarms to go off.
Oil heard the noise, as did everyone else. He followed the majority of the people and hurried out of the building. He saw the black tint of her car and felt his heart stop. His scream was one of pure agony and anguish as he ran towards the car.

“How is she?� Oil asked, sweat rolling down his neck. It had been only thirty minutes since the accident.
“She’s going to be fine – only some bruising and cuts from the accident. There is, however, another thing,� The doctor motioned Oil closer. “You are her fiancé, am I right?�
Oil nodded. “Yes, doctor,�
“Well, it seems to me that she’s been exhausting herself. Do you know of any strenuous activity she’s been doing?�
Oil shook his head. “No, not really.�
“Well, it seems that her body was telling her to slow down but she wasn’t listening. I recommend lots of rest and food.�
“Thank you, doctor. Is it fine for me to go in?� Oil asked.
Oil nodded and walked quickly into the room. He walked to her side and looked down at her. She had a huge bandage over her forehead as well as her shoulder. Her face was pale and her breathing was barely audible.
“Kob?� He whispered.
Kob turned towards the voice, opened her eyes and closed it again. “Go away,� She said softly.
“No, I won’t,� Oil said. He took her hand in his.
“Let me go,� Kob tugged her hand back and opened her eyes again. “Haven’t you done enough?� She said.
“What can I say, Kob? I’m sorry about what happened,� Oil told her.
“It’s not your fault. I was running on low as it was. I was stupid to hit that tree,� Kob said, silently cursing herself for her behavior.
“No, we both know that you hit that tree because of me,� Oil said.
Kob snorted. “Oh, please, don’t put too much importance on yourself. My hitting that tree had nothing to do with you,� She lied.
Oil opened his mouth to argue, but was cut off. “Look, if you don’t mind, I want some sleep. I was in a car accident, you know. You can interrogate me later,� With that, Kob turned her head away from his view and closed her eyes.
Oil sighed in defeat and frustration. His fists were clenched at his sides as he tried to calm his emotions. He had been furious, then worried and now he was frustrated. No woman had ever put him through a roller coaster of emotions the way that Kob did.
Leaving Kob alone in the room, he went to make some calls.
Later that day, Ploy came to pick her up. “I’m glad that you’re better, Kob. Everyone’s been so worried,� She helped her cousin into a pink slip dress. “Oil, especially,�
Kob laughed. “Yeah, right,� She looked down at the dress and made a face. “Pink?�
Ploy giggled. “Yes, pink. You look great. It takes attention away from that huge bandage covering your face,� Ploy joked, expecting her cousin to laugh with her. Instead, Kob did quite the opposite—she burst into tears. “What? Kob?� Ploy bent down and grasped her hands. “I’m sorry. I was just joking,�
Kob wiped the tears away from her face. “I know. I don’t know what came over me…� She said.
“What’s going on?� Oil asked, walking into the room.
Kob quickly wiped all the tears from her face. “Nothing!� She said.
Ploy left the room, leaving Kob alone with Oil. “I’ll see you at the house, Kob,�
Oil dropped to his knees in front of his fiancé. “What’s wrong? Are you hurt anywhere?� He asked, his eyes frantically running over her face to check for an injury.
“No, I’m fine.� Kob said. She tried to maneuver the wheelchair herself but both of her arms were weak.
In the end, it was Oil who wheeled her out to the car. “We have to talk. It’s about the wedding,�
Kob flinched. “No, we don’t. Whatever you want is fine with me.� She told him.
Oil helped her into the car. “No, you misunderstand,� He said, once he was in the driver’s seat.
“Oh, really? Did I misunderstand the fact that you didn’t try to kiss Pat at the University?� Kob couldn’t help asking him.
“No, I did – but only because I knew you were watching.�
Kob averted her eyes, hiding the pain his words elicited. “I see,�
Oil cracked a smile. “Good. You don’t know how sorry I am for that,�
“I’m sure you’re sorry,� Kob said under her breath.
Five days later, with her bruises and cuts healed, Kob left the house. She hadn’t seen Oil all week and had to speak with him. It was only a few days ago that she had found out that the wedding had been pushed ahead a week. Kob was furious and curious as to why Oil still wanted the wedding. She thought that he would call it off.
Oil hadn’t seen his fiancé since he had brought her home from the hospital. He had been so busy trying to get all of his work done and out of the way so that he and Kob could have a long honeymoon. As the wedding day approached, he became even more excited. And now, the day before the wedding, he was as excited as ever. As he packed up to leave, it was close to seven o’clock.
Kob walked behind a slinky, tall brunette in heels. They both got into the elevator at the same time. They both went to push the button for the 15th floor.
“Sorry,� Kob apologized.
The woman smirked, looking down her nose at her. Her eyes traveled down in disgust at Kob’s attire. Kob was dressed in a black gym suit with her hair pulled back into a pony-tail. They both walked out of the elevator and walked in the same direction.
“Rinlanee?� Oil said, seeing his good friend. “You made it,� He hugged his friend.
“Of course, Oil, I wouldn’t miss your wedding for the world,� Rinlanee said.
Kob cleared her throat, swallowing the lump in her throat as she watched the man she loved hug the beautiful woman.
“Kob? What are you doing here?� Oil said his arm still around Rinlanee’s waist.
“I have to talk to you,� She said, shifting uncomfortably.
“Oh, ok,� Oil frowned. “Well, since you’re here, I might as well introduce you to my best friend.� He gestured towards Rinlanee. “This is Rinlanee Sripen, my friend from college. Rinlanee, this is my fiancé, Kob,�
“Nice to meet you, Rinlanee,� Kob forced a smile.
“Likewise,� Rinlanee said, nodding. “Oil, I thought we were going out to dinner,�
“Oh, yes, of course. Let me just speak with Kob for a minute and we’ll be on our way,� Oil said. He turned back to Kob and motioned for her to follow him, leaving Rinlanee alone in the lobby.
“You’re going out to dinner with her?� Kob asked.
“Yes,� He answered. “Now what is it you wanted to talk to me about?� He said, looking at his watch.
“Oh, um, nothing. I just wanted to see you,� Kob lied.
“Well, you really should’ve called. It would have saved you the trouble of coming all the way down here.� He said, smiling. “I wish I could stay with you, but I can’t. I promised Rinlanee and I haven’t seen her in months. Is that okay?� He asked, looking down at her.
“Of course, that’s fine. Well, I guess that’s it then,� Kob moved towards the door.
Oil grabbed her hand and pulled her against him. “Wait, let me just look at you for a minute. Why are you wearing your contacts?� He asked.
Kob shrugged. “You should go; you don’t want to keep Rinlanee waiting,�
Oil nodded. “I’ll see you tomorrow,� He left the room.
Kob watched with a heavy heart as he and his friend walked arm-in-arm down the hall. Her heart tightened when she heard the sound of his laughter. She had never heard him laugh like that, she thought. Sighing, she quickly left the building. She saw her fiancé and his friend leave the parking lot in his car. She got into her own car and held the steering wheel tightly. Before she could stop herself, she burst into tears. She loved a man who didn’t love her. He barely acted as if they were getting married. “It’s all your fault,� She told herself. I got him into this…this…loveless marriage. She cried harder as she thought of how pitiful she was. She had never known that loving a man could be so hard, but here was the evidence. She was crying her eyes out over a man that didn’t even care about her. How was she going to live with herself? Knowing that she had ruined his life…no, no, Kob shook her head frantically. I’m going to make him love me, she vowed. She would do everything to please him.

Chapter Eleven

“Are you ready?� Andy asked his brother.
“Yes,� Oil said, adjusting his traditional Thai wedding attire.
“There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. You know last night, the Bea—no, Kob, came by to see me.� Andy said.
“Oh, really?� Oil asked.
“Yeah, she was so weird, asking about—“ Andy didn’t finish as they heard a knock on the door.
“Everything is ready, sir,� The servant told them.
“Let’s go,� Oil said.
“But—“ Andy tried to explain that his future sister-in-law had asked all sorts of questions about Oil and his dream woman.
“You can tell me later. Right now I’m getting married,� Oil said, leaving the room.
“Gorgeous,� Pim said. She watched in pleasure at her granddaughter-to-be. Kob was dressed in a tan dress with gold trimming. It was strapless and showed off Kob’s beautiful shoulders and skin color. It also showed off Kob’s pretty bust, tiny waist and rounded hips. Kob’s hair was swept to the side and pulled into a fanciful twist with gold hairpins.
“Thank you,� Kob said, trying to smile. She was thankful that the makeup hid the puffiness of her eyes and gave color to her cheeks.
“Come now, we’re ready,� May said. She and her nieces and sisters led Kob down to the large living room. The room was transformed into a ballroom for the celebration.
Oil beamed as he watched his bride walk towards him. His wife was absolutely beautiful…and she was all his. The knowledge made his chest puff up a little bit more. He looked around and noticed how everyone was in awe of his bride.
The wedding proceeded smoothly and soon, the party was under way. Oil barely had time to speak to his wife alone, as they were surrounded by people.
“Oil, you look great,� Rinlanee said. She pulled on his arm, taking him away from his bride.
“Thanks, you too,� Oil said, noting the tan dress she wore. It almost resembled a wedding dress itself.
“Thanks,� Rinlanee fluttered her eyelashes at him.
Before Oil could go back to his bride, photographers started snapping pictures of them. Rinlanee pushed herself against him as flashes went off.
Kob watched as her new husband and his friend posed for the cameras. She smirked. “They look like they just got married.� She muttered.
“Don’t worry, honey. He’s married to you,� Ploy said, staring at Rinlanee in anger. “That bitch! I’m going to do something about this,� Before Kob could stop her, Ploy had stomped off and pushed her body between them. Kob wanted to laugh at the look of outrage on Rinlanee’s face.
“Don’t you dare ruin this day for my cousin, Oil!� Ploy warned him.
“Thanks, Ploy, I was trying to find a way to get out of that without making a scene.� Oil laughed.
“It’s nothing to laugh about!� Ploy said in a stern voice. “That was a scene. Don’t you embarrass my cousin on her wedding day. Now you go to her and show her that you love her!� Ploy practically shoved him in Kob’s direction.
“I’m sorry about that,� Oil said as he finally made his way back to his bride.
“Don’t be,� Kob said, smiling for the cameras. “We both know where you’d rather be?�
Oil gave her a confused look. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,� He said, noting that her lips were in a straight line.
“Don’t act innocent, Oil!� Kob said, staring at him. “I know that you don’t want to marry me! You don’t have to pretend anymore – for my or anyone else’s benefit!� Kob shouted that last part, causing the guests to stare at them.
Oil knew that talking to her here would only make matters worse, so he did the only thing he could think of—he lifted her up in his arms and strolled towards the stairs.
“Where are you going?� Someone called out.
“To teach my bride a lesson,� Oil roared.
The room erupted into laughter and joyful glee as the newly married couple disappeared up the stairs.
“Put me down! Put me down!� Kob hit his chest.
Oil closed the door behind him with his foot. He carried his kicking bride to the bed and dumped her on it. He followed her down, laying his body over hers.
“Get off of me!� Kob yelled, pushing at him with her hands.
Oil merely smirked as he grabbed her hands easily and held them above her head. “Quit struggling.� He warned, his eyes running over her pretty face.
“Why did you bring me up here?� Kob asked, looking up at him.
“I wanted to straighten some things out with you.� He replied. “Rinlanee is just an old friend – I don’t know why she dressed like that and no, I did not want her all over me either,� He smiled slightly when he saw her turn away from him. He released her hands and turned her face towards his. “You are my wife. Despite the reason that put us here in the first place, Kob…you’re my wife now,� Oil lightly caressed her lips as they parted in amazement. “I know that I should’ve told you sooner but, after the accident, I’ve decided to forgive you.� He leaned down to kiss her lips.
Kob closed her teeth hard over his bottom lip. “Damn!� He screamed, rolling off of her. He touched his lip and saw blood. “What the hell was that for?� He yelled, sucking his lower lip to stop the bleeding.
“I was just thanking you for forgiving me. I am so sorry that I got you into this mess,� Kob said sarcastically, as she frantically got out of the bed. “It was my fault. I shouldn’t have kissed you.� Kob’s voice became higher and higher with every word.
“You’re being sarcastic,� Oil warned, watching her.
Kob turned on him quickly, her face red with bottled-up fury. “You egotistical pig! I can be damn well sarcastic if I want! I can’t believe I almost changed my entire person because of you.� Kob nodded her head and pointed her index finger at her chest. “This is me! This is who I am! I can be the Beast! Or I can be Kob but the two are pretty much synonymous. You were only partly right about me keeping people at a distance but that’s it! I’ve only known you for a few months and already you’ve capt—“ Kob shut her mouth quickly before the words could come out. There was no way she was going to profess her love for him again, after he had rejected her the first time.
Oil stalked towards her and grasped her shoulders. “Already I’ve what, Kob?� He asked, wanting her to finish her sentence.
“Nothing. Just forget it,� Kob turned away from him. “I’m sick of the new Kob—she was trying too hard to please everyone but herself.� She said, walking towards the bathroom. “I’ll sleep on the couch,�
“Now, wait a minute,� Oil turned her back to face him. “This is our wedding night and I plan on having a proper one, too.�
“Why? We won’t be able to get an annulment then,� Kob pushed him away.
“No, I don’t want an annulment,� Oil pulled her to his chest.
“What? A divorce then?� Kob grew uneasy.
“Neither. Kob, I’ve decided that I might like being married to you,� Oil moved his hand to the back of her dress.
“No! Stop! What do you think you’re doing?� Kob squirmed to get away from him.
Oil only pulled her closer. “I’m trying to take off your dress,� He punctuated his point by unzipping the back of her dress, which fell easily to her feet.
Kob yelped and hugged him tightly, knowing that was the only way to keep him from seeing her in her underwear.
“That’s better,� Oil smiled, hugging her. He ran his hands over her silky smooth skin and breathed in her sweet scent. He lifted her up in his arms and dropped her onto the bed.
Kob shook her head from side to side, trying to avoid his roaming lips. “No, no!� She protested. “Not like this!�
Oil barely heard her as he kissed her neck. His hands ran over her smooth rounded curves, groaning in pleasure at the feel of her.
Kob tried to push him off of her with her hands. “Stop it Oil!� She yelled at the top of her lungs, tears rolling down her eyes in anger and fear. She loved him but there was no way she was going to let him take her. Not when she knew that he didn’t feel the same way about her.
Oil finally heard her and stopped. “Shhh,� He hushed her, softly touching her face. Kob flinched away from his touch. “You’re my wife now, what we do is acceptable,� He whispered, trying to calm his beating heart. She looked so beautiful in her semi-nudity.
Kob looked into his eyes then, unaware of how her blue eyes told him her feelings. “I know that, Oil, but…�
“But what?� He asked her in a soothing voice. “I’m sorry.� He continued staring at her, mesmerized by how open she was with her emotions. He was drowning in her beautiful blue eyes.
“But…� Kob breathed. She couldn’t remember her thoughts as she looked at him. He looked so handsome in his need. She saw the desire in his eyes. And she knew, by his body, that he wanted her. Maybe…
Oil saw the hesitation in her eyes then and took his chance. He bent down and kissed her cheek softly before going towards her lips. Kob knew she was lost once she felt his lips close over hers. Without another thought, Kob herself up to him wholeheartedly.

Chapter Twelve

Oil didn’t sleep that night. He couldn’t. He spent most of the night staring at his beautiful wife. Even now, at dawn, he was watching her as she slept. Long black lashes fanned over her cheeks. Her complexion was radiant and her lips, he groaned just looking at them. They were red and full. He lifted his hand and caressed her jaw, loving how silky smooth it felt. His thumb traced her lower lip while he pulled her closer to him. Their bodies were front to front, her head in the crock of his shoulder. He kissed the top of her head as he smoothed his hand over her back. I love you, he thought. Smiling, he realized how much of a fool he was. She loved him and he loved her. Why should there be any obstacles between them?
Kob breathed in his scent, enjoying the feel of his arms around her. She snuggled deeper into his arms.
“Hello, beautiful,� Oil said.
Kob looked up quickly, hitting her head on his chin. “Oh! I’m sorry,� She sat up. “Are you alright?� She asked, touching his chin.
Oil didn’t feel the pain at all…his eyes were glued to her nude body. “This is what I call a good wake-up call,� He said, pulling her on top of him.
Kob yelped as she found herself on top of him. “What are you doing? Stop it!� She lightly pounded on his chest.
Oil laughed, already feeling his body respond to hers. “How does it feel to be a wife?� He asked.
Kob laughed, loving the sound of his voice. “I don’t know. How does it feel to be a husband?�
“Well…� Oil looked at her smiling face. He kissed her soundly on the mouth. He smiled when he heard her purr. He lifted his head from hers. “Good,� He answered.
Kob blinked and stared up at him in confusion. “Good what?�
“It feels good to be a husband.� He said, grinning because he had made her forget her own thoughts.
Kob hummed in pleasure and stretched. “I think we should get up now,� She moved to get up.
“No, not yet,� Oil said before there was a huge banging on the door. “What?� He yelled.
“It’s Miss Rinlanee, sir, she’s in the hospital,� Someone called.
Oil practically threw Kob off of him. He rushed to put on some clothes. “I’m sorry, Kob, but I should go,� He ran into the bathroom and quickly brushed his teeth.
Kob watched in despair as her husband ran struggled to put on his shoes. “What about our honeymoon?� She asked, clutching the blanket over her body.
“How could you think about that at a time like this!?� Oil yelled at her. “I’ll be back later,� With that, he left the room, slamming the door behind him.
Kob was so furious she threw a pillow against the door. “You jerk!�

“You dragged me out here because of this?� Oil asked Rinlanee. She was lying on the hospital bed. “Food poisoning?�
“Well, yes, I thought I was going to die,� Rinlanee pouted, trying to grasp his hand.
“You are aware that this is my honeymoon, right?� Oil moved away from her and ran his hand through his hair in frustration.
“Well, obviously you didn’t remember,� Rinlanee shrugged. “You’re here with me instead of being with your wife, aren’t you?�
Oil opened his mouth is shock and remembrance. He had been such an ass, leaving Kob in bed like that. “I can’t do this every time you get yourself into a pit, Rinlanee. Law school was different, but now, I’m married and my wife is my first priority.�
Rinlanee stuck a pinky into the corner of her eye. Immediately tears precipitated and fell down her cheeks. “I’m sorry, Oil. I know that I’ve been nothing but a pain to you. I can’t help it. I don’t have anyone else.� Her voice shook in her speech. “I don’t have family I can run to, you know. You’re the only one I know in Thailand.�
Oil sighed, cursing himself for mistreating her. He walked to put his arm around her shoulders. “I’m sorry, Rinlanee. I keep forgetting that you have no one. There, there,� He patted her shoulders and handed her a tissue. “You’re fine now,�
“I just feel so alone, you know. And now, you have your wife…I don’t want to be a third wheel,� Rinlanee snuggled into his arms.
“You never have to worry about that, I promise,� Oil said.

“Oh, I’m sorry,� Kob apologized to the man next to her. She had accidentally touched his hand when they had gone to press the elevator button.
“I’m sorry, too,� Chakrik smiled at the beautiful woman next to him.
Kob smiled slightly as they both waited for the elevator door to open. She turned to the right and was surprised to find the man follow her. When they both stopped in front of room 343, they turned to each other and laughed.
“I guess we’re seeing the same person,� Kob said.
“It seems so,� Chakrik agreed. “I’m Chakrik, Rinlanee’s friend.� He held his hand out to her.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Kob,� Kob shook his hand.
“Nice to meet you, too,� Chakrik said, opening the door.
Kob stopped still when she saw her husband with his arm around Rinlanee. She almost dropped the fruit basket in her hands.
“Kob!� Oil said, jumping off the bed.
“Chakrik!� Rinlanee looked guiltily at her former lover.
“I hope we’re not interrupting anything,� Chakrik said stonily.
“No, I was just leaving,� Oil said, walking towards Kob. Kob walked passed him and went to Rinlanee’s bedside.
“I hope you’re feeling better,� Kob said, placing the fruit basket on the bedside table.
“Yes, thank you,� Rinlanee forced herself to be civil. “I’m sorry about your honeymoon,�
Kob nodded.
“Why don’t we let the newlyweds head home, Rinlanee? I’ll take you home,� Chakrik said, overhearing their conversation. He glared at his friend before turning to smile at Kob. “It was nice meeting you, Kob. Oil,� He nodded at Oil.
“I’ll see you later,� Kob said. “Bye, Rinlanee,�
“Bye, thanks for the fruit basket,� Rinlanee said. “Call me tonight, Oil,�
Oil merely nodded before he grabbed Kob’s arm and ushered her out of the room. “What the hell was that?� He asked her.
Kob began walking towards the elevator. “Oh, I’m sorry I came at a bad time. You and Rinlanee looked very cozy,� She crossed her arms and stood as far away from him in the elevator as she could.
Oil closed the distance between them. “No, not that. I meant, why were you flirting with Chakrik?�
Kob snorted. “That was not flirting. I thought you of all people would know what flirting was. Oh, and by the way, what you were doing with Rinlanee was NOT flirting either! That was what lovers do,� Kob pushed him away from her to get out of the elevator.
Oil followed her to her car. “We both know what lovers do and that wasn’t it! I was only comforting her. She’s sick, for heaven’s sake!� He said. “How could you been so insensitive,�
“I’m insensitive?� Kob yelled. “I’m not the one who walked out on my spouse without so much as a nice word.� She poked a finger at him. “That was you! You yelled at me and left me naked in bed. And on the day after our wedding, no less!� Her face was red with fury. “I should be mad at you, not the other way around. I mean, I tried to be nice and came to the hospital to see your friend! But what do I find? You feeling her up! Yes, and I’m the one being insensitive!� Kob got into her car and quickly drove off, leaving a trail of dust behind her.
“What do you think you’re doing?� Chakrik asked Rinlanee once they were settled in his car.
“I don’t know what you’re talking,� Rinlanee stared out the window.
“I’m not stupid, Rinlanee. I’ve known you since we were teenagers. I know you inside and out.� Chakrik said. “I hope you’re not trying to break them up,� He warned.
Rinlanee shrugged. “If they really loved each other, they wouldn’t let me come between them.�
“What would be the point?�
“I’ll get Oil to myself,� Rinlanee lied, knowing the words would hurt him.
“Don’t fool yourself. We both know that you don’t want him. You’re just doing this because you can’t have ME!� Chakrik had hit the bullet right on the head.
Rinlanee sunk deeper into the car seat. “That’s not true,�
Chakrik pulled the car to a stop in front of her house. “Don’t,� He warned her.
“Don’t what?� She couldn’t help baiting him.
“Don’t play with fire unless you want to get burned.� He said, staring down at her. He nodded towards her house. “You can get out now,�
Rinlanee turned away from him, not wanting him to see the pain in her eyes. She ran quickly into the house before the tears fell.

“Where’s my wife?� Oil asked, strolling into the house.
“In the back, sir,� The servant said.
Oil nodded before he stalked towards the back. He opened the French doors and looked around for his wife. She was nowhere to be found. Suddenly he heard the light sound of water splashing. He looked in the direction of the pool and almost died. Kob was just emerging from the pool, her body clad in a red once-piece swimsuit. She raised her head towards the sky, causing the water to drip down her face and body. She ran her hands over her hair, the motion causing her chest to push out. He had never seen her look sexier.
Kob was just drying her body off when she noticed Oil. At first she ignored him but when he still hadn’t said a word, she looked over at him. Her face crinkled in confusion as she saw him watching her. His eyes were narrowed and focused on her. He looked almost dazed, yet alert at the same time. He never blinked an eyelid. She walked around him once before stopping right in front of him.
“Yo!� She snapped two fingers in front of his face. She yelped when she felt herself being picked up. She held onto his shoulder for dear life. “What are you doing?� She screamed.
“Upstairs, bed, now,� Oil said, barely coherent. He strolled purposefully towards their bedroom. He kicked it opened and closed with his foot. He walked towards the bed.
“I have to shower!� Kob yelled, excited and a little scared at the same time.
Oil changed direction and went into the bathroom. He stripped his wife naked and stuck her under the showerhead. He turned the water on before stripping out of his own clothes. He joined her moments later.
Kob stared at him; shocked by his behavior. He looked almost furious now as the water rained down over his head; his hair was wet now and it almost covered his eyes, which traveled up and down her body. Self-consciously, Kob crossed her arms over her chest. “Why did you bring me here?� She asked.
“You wanted a shower first, remember?� Oil finally spoke, his voice harsh and raspy.
“Well, why are you here?� Kob asked.
Oil pulled her to him, their naked bodies touching. “The answer should be touching your stomach right now,� He chuckled at himself. “Wow! This has never happened to me before. When I saw you come out of the pool, I was so turned on. I wanted to take you right there on the ground,�
“Who said that you could have?� Kob asked, quickly cleaning the chlorine from her body.
“I do, of course,� Oil said, shutting off the water. He put his hands on her arms.
“Well, I wouldn’t have let you!� Kob yelled at him, remembering now the scene at the hospital. “Why don’t you go get IT from Rinlanee?� She pushed him away from her and moved to get out of the shower stall.
Oil pulled her roughly back against him. “I don’t want Rinlanee!� He said furiously, locking her in his arms.
Kob snorted. “You could’ve fooled me,�
Oil made a sound of frustration and lifted her in his arms. He walked to the bed and dropped her on it, following her down. He grabbed her hands and held them on each side of her head. He stared down at her, water droplets falling to her face. “Look at me!� He demanded.
Kob stared up at him, her gaze challenging him.
“You are my wife! Because of that, I will always treat you with the utmost respect. However, I do not like the fact that you would assume Rinlanee would even want to do anything with me. She knows that I’m married.�
“But do you?� Kob couldn’t help asking.
“Of course I do, I’m here aren’t I?’ Oil said. He kissed her lips. “I want you,� He said against her lips. “Do you want me?�
Kob didn’t speak. Will you want me forever, she wanted to ask him.
Oil continued kissing her until she responded to him. Once he felt her go weak, he stopped. “Do you want me?� He asked again.
Kob still didn’t say anything, instead gazing up at him with a dazed look. She was barely aware that her hands were now clutching his hair. Before he thought he had her wrapped around his finger, he saw anger burst back full force. “There is no way I am going to do what you want!� She yelled at him. “You were a complete ass this morning, running out on me to feel up your friend!�
“I’m sorry, okay? I realize now that I shouldn’t have called you insensitive. I did run out on you after our wedding night,� Oil agreed with her. “I’m sorry,� He said.
“How do I know that you won’t do it again?� Kob asked.
“I promise that I will never leave you naked on the bed again,� He smirked, a devilish look in his eyes. “I would rather be with you naked than anywhere else,�
Kob blushed under his hot gaze.
Oil knew he had her then. Leaning down, he kissed her passionately. She gave herself up to him then, letting her hands roam free over his back. Oil never knew such pleasure.

“Where are we going?� Kob asked, holding onto his hand covering her eyes.
Oil grinned as he walked behind her. He had one hand over her eyes and the other around her waist so she wouldn’t fall. He had taken the blindfold off of her once they had reached their destination.
“Can I see now?� Kob asked, excited. She hadn’t been able to see anything on their long car ride.
“In a minute,� Oil said. He stopped them in front of the beach. “Close your eyes,� He said before he lifted his hand from her eyes to place them around her waist. “Now,�
Kob opened her eyes to see the sun just beginning to set over the horizon. The sun was a bright red orange, while the sky above it was a pinkish gray. She sighed in pleasure as she leaned back against her husband. They both stood there until the sun was no longer visible.
“Wow – I’ve never seen the sun set before,� Kob said, a smile on her face.
“I know,� Oil kissed her cheek. “That’s why I brought you here. Happy Anniversary,� He squeezed her to him.
Kob turned around in his arms. “Happy Anniversary,� She said.
“This has been a great month of marriage,� Oil said, forcing his voice not to tremble with emotion. His eyes roamed over her beautiful face. She had no idea how happy she had made him feel. “I’m sorry about the honeymoon. So, I figured this was the next best thing,�
Kob giggled in glee. She leaned up to whisper in his ear, “Whoever gets to the water last has to cook dinner!� With that, she ran off onto the beach, towards the water.
Oil yelled, running after her. He scooped her into his arms just before she hit the water. Kob screamed when he ran into the water with her in his arms. Oil laughed and purposely fell into the water. Kob found herself lying on the wet sand with her husband above her.
“I guess you’ll be cooking tonight,� Oil said, looking down at her and grinning.
“No fair! You cheated!� Kob told him.
“No, I didn’t,� Oil denied, grinning at her. He leaned down until their noses were touching. “How about a compromise then?�
“What are you suggesting?� Kob asked, feeling her heart beat quicker as she stared into his eyes.
“I’ll cook if you walk around in those boy shorts of yours,� Oil’s voice became deeper in his arousal.
“You mean the white ones with the butterfly?�
Oil nodded.
“Ok,� Kob barely got the word out before Oil’s lips closed over hers. They shared a long passionate kiss before they both had to come up for air.
“I’d love to stay here with you all night, but I think that I have sand in my underwear,� Oil said, making a face as he went to scratch his behind.
Kob erupted into laughter, her shoulders shaking with the power. “Yeah, I think I do too,� She took the hand that Oil offered to her and got up. They walked with their hands entwined towards the car. “Where are we going?� She asked when Oil led her pass the car.
“I rented us a bungalow for the weekend,� Oil said, leading her to a small house by the beach.
“Really?� Kob asked, surprised.
“Yes, really. This is our anniversary, after all,� Oil grinned at her. “Why don’t you go shower? I’ll go get our bags,� Oil kissed her before leaving.
Kob was still smiling when she went into the bedroom. Oil had pulled out the boy shorts and matching tank for her. She quickly dried off and put on the clothes. She was just drying her hair when she walked into the kitchen. She found Oil in clean shorts and loose shirt. She walked up to him and leaned over his shoulder. “What are you doing?�
“Grinding up the meat,� He answered her. “Why don’t you put on some music while I cook?�
Kob smiled, happy that she didn’t have to do help. “Okay,� She yelped when Oil patted her butt.
Oil merely grinned.
Thirty minutes later, the couple was eating by candlelight, feeding one another. “This is great,� Kob said, giggling as she licked his fingers.
“Wait for dessert,� He said.
“What’s for dessert?�
“Well, besides me? Strawberries and chocolate,� Oil answered.
Kob’s eyes lit up in anticipation. “I’m done,� She said quickly.
Oil laughed and gave in. He stood up to clear away the table. “Fine, fine, I’ll clean up. You go get comfy on the hammock.�
Kob threw him a kiss before strolling out onto the porch. She sat down on the hammock and gazed up at the starry sky, breathing in the fresh sea air. She couldn’t stop smiling, even though her cheeks were hurting. After that day at the hospital, Oil had completely changed. He treated her with respect in public, but in private he was another story. He was extremely loving and tender and playful in the bedroom. They had great conversations together, sharing childhood stories as well as stories about work. Since the school year still hadn’t started yet, Kob was able to meet Oil for lunch at work whenever he wasn’t in court. Still, despite how great their relationship was, Kob wasn’t sure of his feelings for her. For one, he had never spoken to her about it. Her smile faltered at the thought. She knew that she loved him more and more with each passing day, but she wasn’t sure about his intentions. He had never expressed anything more than physical love towards her. He kissed her and held her hand in public and gave her presents and flowers but he had never expressed his feelings in words.
“Here we are,� Oil said, interrupting her thoughts. He plopped down next to her, a bowl of chocolate-covered strawberries in his hand.
Kob grabbed onto the hammock to keep her balance. She noticed that there was no fork. “What are we supposed to eat that with?� She asked, moving to give him room.
“Our fingers, of course,� Oil said mischievously. He turned to her and stared at her lips. When she started to blush, he picked up one strawberry and brought it to her lips. He brushed the berry over her lips, causing it to stain red. Kob watched him the whole while. She opened her mouth to receive the berry. Oil smiled and took the berry away, instead putting it between his lips. He leaned down and touched the berry to her lips. Kob immediately closed her mouth over the berry, sucking it into her mouth.
“Umm,� Oil said. “That was good, now my turn,� He offered the bowl of berries to her. His gaze grew hot when he saw her lick her lips and take the berry. She took the berry and followed his example. When she finally put it between her teeth, he couldn’t contain his excitement any longer. He put the bowl down and leaned to take the berry from her, lifting her up at the same time. Kob held onto his neck as he took them into the bedroom.

Chapter Thirteen

“What the hell have you done?� Chakrik yelled. He analyzed his girlfriend’s body.
“It wasn’t my fault. She ran right in front of me,� Rinlanee rushed to explain.
Chakrik glared at her. “You’ve been drinking,� He said.
“No, I haven’t,� She said, crying. She moved to touch Marsha, but jumped back when Chakrik narrowed his eyes. She had never seen him look so menacing.
“I am going to sue your ass off for what you’ve done,� He said, watching the paramedics come towards them. He didn’t look at her again until the paramedics put Marsha on the bed and wheeled her into the ambulance. “I’ll see you in court,� Chakrik said before he claimed into the ambulance with his girlfriend.
Rinlanee watched helplessly as the vehicle drove off. She wiped the tears away with her hands. Then she called herself a taxi.

“Kob, I’m sorry, but I can’t have lunch with you today. I have a very important client coming in,� Oil told his wife.
“Oh, okay, then, I’ll see you at home,� Kob kissed him before heading towards the door. “Bye,�
“Bye,� Oil said, looking down at his portfolio.
Kob felt a little rejected as she walked to the elevator. She looked up when the doors opened and saw Rinlanee.
“Rinlanee,� Kob greeted.
“Kob,� Rinlanee didn’t smile as she was too worried about her own life. “I can’t talk, bye,�
Kob watched Rinlanee walk in the direction of Oil’s office. Her eyes narrowed in curiosity. What is she doing here, she wondered. She shook her head before the word “affair� came up. But on the car ride home, that was all she could think about.
Kob waited up for her husband that evening. She alternated between reading and looking out the window. However, she barely remembered what she read because she was too distracted. She ended up falling asleep on chair in the bedroom. That was how Oil found her when he came home.
Sighing, he knelt down in front of her sleeping form. He smiled affectionately as his fingers lightly grazed her cheek. She moaned. Oil slowly lifted her into his arms. He carried her over to the bed. Staring down at her, he took off his clothes, stripping down to just his boxers. He slid under the covers and went to spoon his wife. After the hard day’s work, he finally felt relaxed as he lay here with his wife in his arms. He kissed her ear and squeezed her tightly to him before closing his eyes, a smile on his face.
Kob woke up to find herself alone in her bed. Sleepily she sat up in bed and looked around. Oil was no where in sight. She wondered if he even came home last night. She blushed, knowing the answer. She vaguely remembered being awoken at dawn and being made love to. She quickly ran to the mirror and gasped. The evidence of his presence was right there on her neck. She was about to turn away when she noticed a little slip of paper on the bureau.
“I’ll be with a client all day today, so you don’t have to come see me today. I’ll see you tonight. Oil,� Kob read. It was pretty informal, she thought. “After everything we’ve shared, this is all I get,� She said, her frustration evident in her voice. Sighing, she went to take a shower and get dressed, ready to face the day.

Oil sighed in exasperation. It had been almost two weeks since he had spent time with his wife. Sure he saw her on weekends, but even then he had to come into the office. It was no secret that he was involved in a criminal case, where he was defending his former lover. In fact, the tabloids were having a field day. They wrote false stories of an affair between the attorney and his client. They even wrote about trouble in the marriage. He had tried to reassure Kob but, she never wanted to hear it. He wasn’t sure what to think about that. He didn’t know if she was secure in their relationship or she just saw it as reason for a divorce. The lingering doubt had been with him for almost a week. But there was nothing he could do about it because she didn’t want to hear about it and because he didn’t have the time to speak with her.
If his client didn’t happen to be Rinlanee, he probably wouldn’t care less. But she was his friend and the victim still hadn’t awoken from her coma. The case was pretty much set. Rinlanee would lose all her money and end up in jail. Despite the loose evidence, the jury was sure to be swayed if the victim was in a coma.
Oil threw a book against the wall of his office, hating the fact that he was probably going to lose the case. He had never lost a case, ever.
“What the hell?� He cursed.
Rinlanee smiled when she walked with her luggage into the office. “Hello, Oil,�
“You look happy today,� He said, nodded towards her luggage. “You going somewhere?�
She nodded. “I’m moving in with you,�
“What?� Oil sat up straight, a look of horror on his face. “Why?�
“I’m scared, Oil. I live alone. I’m afraid Chakrik is going to kill me.� Rinlanee pouted. “Why can’t I stay with you? We used to live together remember?�
Oil stared at her. “I’m married,� He said.
Rinlanee shrugged. “So? It’s not like you married for love,� She walked towards him. “Please? I’ll sleep in the guest room. I’m sure your wife will be fine with it,�
“Why would you think that?� Oil asked, recalling that he was married to The Beast.
“Your wife is so timid, Oil. She can’t even think for herself,� Rinlanee laughed. “Besides, I’ve already sent my things there,�
“You what?� Oil screamed, getting out of his chair. He frantically began to pack up his suitcase.
“Where are you going?�
“Home,� He answered.
Kob had stared in shock as the rows of luggage were brought into her house. The chauffeur had informed her that Miss Rinlanee was moving in. At first, Kob thought of kicking the movers out, but then, she remembered the newspapers. Pictures of Rinlanee and Oil hugging and touching one another flashed in her mind. Kob sneered, remembering how Oil was trying to be sincere when he told her that there was nothing adulterous between him and his ex. Well, the validity of that was standing right in front of her. Her husband was letting his ex move into his house. And he hadn’t even informed his wife about it.
“Miss?� The chauffeur asked.
Kob blinked back to reality. “What?� She asked, her voice resembling The Beast again.
“We have to get by,� The chauffeur said, a little frazzled by the tone coming from the beautiful woman.
Kob turned around and stalked into the living room. The first thing she wanted to do was kill someone – preferably her husband, but then she remembered. She wasn’t going to lose her temper, at least not to his face. He obviously hadn’t thought much of her at all to allow his ex-lover to move into the house, so she was going to show him that she didn’t care about him either. She was going to have to pull an Oscar-winning performance to prove that. Kob knew that deep down, she would always love him. That was why it was so painful that Oil had asked his ex-lover to move in.
Oil slammed the car door behind him as he ran into the house. “Where’s my wife?� He asked the closest servant.
“She’s in the yard, all the way in the back, sir,�
Oil nodded and quickly ran to find his wife. He stopped when he saw her, taking the time to catch his breath.
Kob had never been so on-target before. She pulled an arrow from the pile next to her and quickly positioned it. She let it go clean in the air. The arrow hit the bull-eye precisely. She shot four more arrows within the next minute. All four hit the bull-eye dead on.
“That was great,� Oil said, smiling.
Kob turned to see him walk towards her. She ignored him, instead, walking over the get her arrows. She was just reaching for one when Oil pulled it for her, coming up behind her.
“Are you a sharpshooter too?� Oil asked, putting his arms around her.
Kob stayed still, immobile.
“What’s wrong?� Oil asked her, noting how rigid she was.
Kob said nothing.
Oil turned her in his arms and looked down at her. “If this is about Rinlanee moving in, let me explain…�
Kob watched him indifferently, her blue eyes ice cold. “You don’t have to explain,�
“So you understand that she’s sc—“ Oil began.
“Sure, whatever,� She said, moving away from him. “She’s your ex-lover. Of course, you have to look out for her.�
Something about her voice made the hair on the back of neck rise up. “So, you understand…�
“Just so long as we understand each other. If I get a lover, he can move in, right?� Kob said, walking back towards the house.
“Whoa! What lover?� Oil asked, not hearing the “if�.
“I do have needs.� Was all Kob said.
Oil saw red when he pulled her arm, turning her to face him. “Are you telling me that you’ve been cheating on me?�
Kob shrugged, not denying or accepting it. Oil saw that as confirmation.
“You little bitch! And all this time, I was worried about you. I didn’t want to you to believe the tabloids and here, I find out that you’ve been sneaking around on me! What a fool I’ve been!� Oil pushed her away from him, not wanting to touch her. “And to think, I’ve actually fall—“ He stopped and walked into the house.
Kob swallowed back tears as she watched him walk away from her. This is the right thing to do, she told herself. It was better this way. She couldn’t let him know how much he had hurt her. She couldn’t let him have the upper hand over her. But even as she was telling herself this, her heart was breaking. Why was love so hard? Why did she have to love a man who didn’t love her?


sarNie Egg
Chapter Fourteen

Kob was sitting in front of the bureau, brushing her hair, when Oil walked in. She didn’t look at him. She didn’t have to look to know that he was undressing. She waited until he was done, and clad in his sleeping robe, before she turned around.
“I thought you would be sleeping in the other room tonight,� She said, not mentioning Rinlanee.
Oil sneered at her. “Please! You’re still my wife and, unlike you, I remembered my morals. I don’t go around sleeping with other people!�
“Who said that I did?� Kob retorted, forgetting her plan. She was so sick of how he had treated her all day. She had spent dinner staring at her food as he and Rinlanee talked over her.
“You did, remember?� Oil said. He noted her pink cheeks and wandering eyes. Suspiciously, he walked up to stand in front of her.
Kob couldn’t hide the guilt in her eyes. She tried to turn away from him but he was too quick. She found herself flat on her back on the bed, her husband lying atop her.
“I can’t believe this!� Oil laughed hysterically. “I am so stupid! How did I not catch it this morning?� His shoulders shook with relief and mirth.
Kob felt like she was in the middle of an earthquake. She forced her face to remain placid as she stared up at him. “What are you talking about?�
Oil stopped laughing and looked down at her. “You have no idea how relieved I am right now. I was so stupid. You didn’t cheat on me. You were trying to make me believe you weren’t pissed that Rinlanee moved in. Am I right?� He asked. “You were scared of showing me how you felt about me.�
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,� Kob hoped her face wasn’t red with embarrassment.
“I am right! Ha! I knew it! Ah, Kob!� Oil leaned down to kiss her forehead. “It was Rinlanee’s idea to move in. She’s scared that Chakrik will do something to her. She doesn’t have anyone, Kob. I couldn’t say no to a friend in need.�
Kob listened intently to him. She realized that what he had done wasn’t because he didn’t care for her; he was just doing it for a friend. She squirmed under him, wanting to go and hide because of her stupidity.
Oil only grinned. “You thought I wanted her, didn’t you?�
Kob nodded, staring at the wall.
Oil leaned down and laid his face in front of hers. “I don’t, Kob. I only want you, my wife,� He stared into her eyes.
Kob nodded. “I—I—“
Oil kissed her softly. “It’s okay. It was my fault too. I should’ve let you know how I felt. I would never break our marriage vows. I take legal bindings seriously, remember?�
“Oh,� Kob said, feeling her heart break a little more. She’d forgotten, he was a lawyer – he would never do anything to break vows, legal or not. She had hoped that he would say that he loved her, or at least, cared for her.
“Yes, of course. We took vows and I plan to hold my end of the bargain. I hope you will, too,� Oil said, kissing her neck. He was unaware of the turmoil going on inside Kob. His hands slowly went to the belt of her robe. He untied the knot and slid his hands underneath it. His hands encountered the cotton of her pajamas.
Kob closed her eyes to the tears that welled up. She didn’t have his heart, but at least she could trust the fact that he remembered his vows. For now, that was enough, Kob told herself. Yet, she didn’t quite believe it.
“Ah…I’ve missed you so much. Kob…� Oil breathed, kissing her lips.
Kob returned the kiss with all of her heart, succumbing to him.

Rinlanee watched in envy as Oil stared down at Kob. They were picking flowers in the garden together. It had been another week and still, Chakrik’s girlfriend was still in a coma. Chakrik…she thought. She loved him but he hated her. He thought she had purposely run over his girlfriend but it wasn’t true at all. His girlfriend had run right in front of her car. Shaking with remembrance, Rinlanee recalled the anger and rage Chakrik had shone her when she had shown up to see his girlfriend.
“You bitch! How dare you show up here! Get the hell out!� Chakrik yelled at her.
“I just wanted to see how she was doing,� Rinlanee said, trying not to cry.
“She’s in a coma, thanks to you!� Chakrik exclaimed. “I swear if anything happens to her, I am never ever going to forgive you!�
Now, she wiped a tear from her eye. As much as she tried to tell herself that she hadn’t enjoyed it, she knew deep down that she did. She had loved running over his girlfriend. The bitch was cheating on him and he didn’t even know it.
“You think you won, Marsha!� Rinlanee whispered, her eyes narrowing in loathing. “You won’t get away with it. I’m going to see to that personally.� With a new determination, she turned on her heel and went to find her cell phone.

“Shouldn’t you be working?� Kob asked.
“No, I’m done with everything. I don’t have to be in court till next week,� Oil reached and took the rose from her. He accidentally nicked himself on a thorn. “Damn!�

Kob cried out and grabbed his hand, dropping the basket full of flowers onto the ground. “Let me see,� She watched as blood welled up at the wound. She brought his finger to her lips and gently sucked the blood away.
Oil moaned, smiling as he stared at her.
“Let’s get you a bandage,� She said.
“I’m fine,� Oil said. He pulled her against him and wrapped his arms around her. “You know, I kind of like you taking care of me like this. You’re such a good wife.�
Kob didn’t like his tone. She looked up at him. “How am I a good wife?� She asked.
“You’re so attentive to me. I feel like king of the world. You think of my needs before yours. I love that – to have so much power over someone,� Oil said, not seeing how her face had transformed from joyous to murderous.
“Oh, is that so?� Kob asked, her voice hard.
Oil gulped a little, noting how her eyes practically burned into his. “I mean, like obedient,� He practically saw steam come out of her ears. “No, not like that, just so, you know, not like your old self,�
Kob crossed her arms over her chest and tapped her left foot, waiting for him to get out of the hole he had dug himself. “And how was my old self?�
“Well, you were mean, of course. You were like a man, actually. Very intimidating—oh, shit!� He groaned. “Baby, I didn’t mean it like that,�
“Then what?� Kob asked. “You basically described a doormat. I’m obedient. I was like a man! What the hell?� She turned on her heel.
“Where are you going?� Oil asked.
“I’m going to do something that a good wife doesn’t�
“And what’s that?� He was alarmed.
“Leave the house and use your credit card to shop till I drop!� Kob left Oil to stare openmouthed after her.

“Give me the works!� Kob ordered the stylist.
The man practically squealed in excitement at the prospect of touching the beautiful woman sitting in his chair. He whistled for his best people. “Pedicure, manicure, hair, makeup,� He said. Immediately, Kob found herself being pampered. One person was at her feet, another filing her fingernails. Sighing in contentment, she sunk deeply into her chair and allowed them to take care of her.
“Your phone is ringing, miss,� The stylist informed her, holding her phone out for her.
Kob lazily took the phone. “Hello?� She still had her head leaned back, so the cucumbers wouldn’t fall from her eyes.
“Kob, where are you?� Oil asked.
“Out, why?� Kob was annoyed.
“Well, I just wanted to remind you of the gala tonight at the Grand Ballroom. It starts at seven,� He said, pausing. He cleared his throat. “Will you be back in time for us to go together?�
“Let me think about it,� Kob said, letting him sweat. “How about I meet you there? That’ll definitely show the world how happy we are. What with you showing up with Rinlanee and all,� She said sarcastically.
“Look, Kob. I am sorry about what I said to you this afternoon. Now, will you please just tell me where you are and I’ll pick you up from there?�
“No, I said that I’ll meet you there. Bye,� Kob pressed the ‘end’ button before he could say anything. She turned her phone off, too. “I need someone to go and find me a dress. Something formal. I have a gala to go to,� She said.
“Of course, miss,� The stylist called his personal assistant to take care of the task.
Smirking, Kob relaxed again. She’ll show Oil just how manly she was!

“Remember to keep an eye on her room. I want to know who goes in and who comes out of that room!� Rinlanee said into the phone. She nodded once before turning her phone off. Smiling with determination, she turned to Oil. “You look handsome,� She said, sliding her hands over his broad shoulders.
“Thank you,� He said. “You look beautiful, as usual,� He ushered her towards the limousine.
“Where is that little wife of yours?� She asked, sliding to sit onto the smooth leather seating.
“She’ll meet us there,� Was all he said.
Rinlanee felt a little twig of guilt at his unhappiness. “I don’t understand why you’re so unhappy. Shouldn’t you be grateful that she’s out of your hair for a little while? I swear, it seems like she hangs onto you like a sick puppy. When are you going to divorce her?�
Oil said nothing, waiting for the chauffer to open the door for him. Together, he and Rinlanee walked into the building. As soon as he entered the ballroom, his eyes began searching for his wife.
“Mr. Thana Suttikamol…� Someone was saying his name.
Oil turned to find a client of his. He soon found himself immersed in talks about politics. Rinlanee stood by, smiling politely, acting like she was his wife.
“Well, you see…� Oil was trying to explain. He stopped speaking when he realized that he was not the focus of attention anymore. Beside him, he heard Rinlanee gasp. Slowly he turned his head to the entrance of the ballroom.
Kob walked into the dimly lit ballroom with her head held high. She took in a moment to assess the surroundings, noticing the crystal chandelier that hug at the center of the room. Beautiful floral centerpieces and candles decorated the dining tables. The women were dressed in elegant ball gowns while the men opted for traditional tuxedoes.
Brook breathed in some much needed air before rushing forward to greet the beauty. “Hello, miss…I don’t think we’ve met.� He bowed in front of her. “I’m Brook Danuporn,�
Kob looked at him in distaste, her nose crinkling at the huge amount of cologne he wore. She merely nodded at him before moving around him.
Brook’s face became hard with anger. No woman had ever rejected him before. He walked to block her path. “I am heir to the Danuporn Jewels Empire,� He smirked arrogantly, knowing that no woman had ever turned him down after hearing that he was heir to millions.
“That’s nice,� She said, becoming annoyed. She motioned to move around him.
“That’s your wife!� Rinlanee gasped. She stared in shock and awe at the gloriously gorgeous woman. She was green with envy as her eyes traveled over the white strapless gown Kob wore. The bodice of the dress molded to her bosom, tapering down to her tiny waist. The skirt of the gown flowed softly to graze the floor. Kob’s hair was pulled away from her face, falling in long, loose waves down pass her hips. The necklace she adorned was white-gold and consisted of several different length strands that fell over the entire bodice of her gown. Kob also wore her wedding rings and diamond stud earrings.
Oil frowned and walked towards his wife. He pulled her next to him by wrapping his arm around her waist. He leaned down and kissed her cheek. “You’re finally here, darling. I’ve been waiting for you,� He said to his wife. He was looking at Brook the whole time. “I’m sorry; I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Oil Suttikamol and this is my wife, Kob,� Oil held his hand out.
Brook could only shake his hand as he realized the woman of his dreams was already taken. He held his hand out and shook Oil’s hand. “Brook Danuporn,�
“Nice to meet you, but we have to go.� Oil looked down at Kob. “I have some people you should meet,� He slowly led his wife away.
As soon as there was distance between her and Brook, Kob began to move out of Oil’s grasp.
“What are you doing?� Oil asked, pulling her closer to his side. He smiled at people he recognized.
“You can let go of me now,� Kob said. “Unless you like hanging onto all your doormats!� She couldn’t help adding.
Oil made a sound of exasperation. “Don’t put words into my mouth, Kob. I never once called you a doormat.�
“Well, you implied it when you were describing my behavior.� Kob shot back.
Oil stopped and turned her to face him. “Look, Kob! I am sorry if you thought I was calling you a doormat!�
Kob glanced around and realized that they were in a secluded area away from the party. She stared up at him furiously. “You know, for a lawyer, you’re very indecisive. First, you say that I’m fake, and then you say that I’m mannish, then feminine. Then you imply that I have the personality of a doormat. Which is it, Oil?� Kob crossed her arms over her chest, waiting for his answer.
“I don’t know! I love all of you!� Oil said.
“Love?� Kob asked, shocked.
Oil nodded and took her hands in his. “Yes, Kob. Love,�
“You love me?� She asked.
“Yes, I do. I love you.�
“I love you too,� She said, smiling. “You’ve been a real jerk lately, though.�
“I know. I don’t know what took me so long to admit it to myself. But I love you, I have since the beginning.� He smiled, breathing a sigh of relief.
Kob snuggled into his chest, letting the feeling of being loved sweep over her.
Oil laughed and hugged her to him, squeezing her tightly. Then, in their bliss, a loud bang was heard. Screams soon pierced the air.
“Everyone, on the floor now!� Marsha screamed. She lowered the gun and motioned for her men. “Quiet the fuck down!� She yelled, shooting her gun at the ceiling. Almost immediately everyone quieted. Marsha smirked, watching as everyone huddled together. She slowly skimmed the crowd. She frowned and whispered to one of her men, “Go look around, I don’t think that this is everyone,�
Rinlanee couldn’t stop trembling. Her teeth chattered as she watched Chakrik’s girlfriend walk towards her. She screamed in pain when the other woman pulled her roughly by her hair.
“Ah, just the person I was looking for,� Marsha said.
“W – what do you want?� Rinlanee asked. “I thought you were in a coma,�
“You stupid bitch! I was never in a coma. I had everyone so fooled. Did you think that I would just die like that? I have to see you suffer first,�
“But why?�
“Well, let’s see. How about the fact that I’m living under your shadow?� Marsha pulled harder on Rinlanee’s hair.
Rinlanee eyes filled with tears at the pain. “I don’t understand.�
“Why don’t you ask him?� Marsha whistled to her men – the same ones Rinlanee had hired.
Rinlanee watched in horror as Chakrik was pushed against her. He was bound and tied up, his body black and blue. “Chakrik!� She screamed in worry. “What happened?� She touched her former lover’s face. Chakrik’s head fell against her shoulder, unconscious. “You bitch!� Rinlanee whispered to Marsha. “How could you do this to the man you love?�
Marsha let out a cruel laugh and pulled Chakrik away from Rinlanee. She threw him across the room, out of Rinlanee’s reach. “Oh, please! Love? Whatever! You two deserve each other! In hell, that is. But before I kill you, I think that’ll I get rich first.� She turned to the guests. “Hand over all valuables now!� Marsha whistled for her men to get the jewels and valuables.
“Rinlanee!� Oil exclaimed. “Come on!� Oil grabbed Kob’s hand. He hid behind a wall and peered around into the ballroom. Before he could devise a plan, he felt something cold press against his head.
Kob thought quickly, kicking the man’s hand. A shot went off, hitting the ceiling. Kob grabbed the gun. She aimed the gun at the strange man. “Tie him up, Oil,� She ordered.
Oil didn’t like being told what to do, but he obeyed nonetheless. After he finished tying the man and gagging him, he turned to her. “I am the man, you know,�
Kob gave him a confused look. “So?� She shrugged.
Marsha heard the shot and quickly scanned the faces of the guests. “Go find Rinlanee’s lawyer!� She ordered. Quickly, half of the men left to search for Oil.
Rinlanee stared at Chakrik. Her heart squeezed painfully at the cuts and bruises on his face. If she lived, she vowed to hurt Marsha in every way possible.
“Let’s go,� Kob grabbed Oil’s hand. She was turning to go the other way. “We have to get help,�
“But, Rinlanee…� Oil said. He strolled into the ballroom and looked for his friend and client. He saw Marsha standing with her gun aimed at Rinlanee. “No!� Without thinking, he walked towards them. “What the hell is going on here?� He asked.
“Well, if it isn’t the lawyer,� Marsha said.
“Hands up!� Oil heard a voice behind him. He felt a gun being pointed at his back.
Oil obeyed and soon found himself seated next to Rinlanee. “Are you alright?� He asked.
Rinlanee nodded, looking at him in fright.
“What did you plan on achieving?� He asked Marsha, not at all frightened. Unbeknownst to the villains, he had noticed cops and swat cars outside of the building. He knew that at any moment, they would be storming into the ballroom.
“Why should I tell you?� Marsha asked. She turned impatiently to her men. “Are we done yet?� She asked.
“Almost, Marsha,�
Kob was at a loss for words. Oil had left her to see to his friend. It hadn’t even been ten minutes since he had confessed his love for her, and now he was in there, his life on the line, for his friend. She was unaware of the tears welling up in her eyes. Standing completely still, she watched as Oil comforted and soothed Rinlanee. She was sure that he had forgotten all about her. Completely lost in her thoughts, she was unaware of the man that crept up behind her.
“Kob!� She yelped and turned around, her gun aimed at the intruder.
“Brook? What are you doing here?�
“This is all my fault.� Brook said.
“Well, Marsha and I were seeing each other behind Chakrik’s back and I kind of gave her this idea,� Brook went on to explain how he had said that he wouldn’t marry Marsha if she didn’t have money.
Kob itched to kick the guy. “You dick! You really didn’t intend to marry her, did you?�
“No, I didn’t. I just wanted to break things off with her,�
“Great! And, now hundreds of innocent lives are endangered. Because of you!� Kob’s face was red with fury.
“I know and I feel terrible. That’s why I think that you should use me as a pawn. Marsha would never let you kill me,� Brook nodded his head eagerly.
Kob pondered the idea for a moment. “No, we should wait,�
“Ah, two away from the crowd,� One of Marsha’s men said.
Kob turned and saw two men with guns pointed their way. Thinking quickly, she tucked the gun under her skirt. “Hands up! Now move!�
Brook and Kob both walked into the ballroom.
“I have a present for you, Marsha,�
Marsha’s face showed for pleasure. She rushed over to Brook. “Darling, I’m so glad you’re here,�
Brook pushed her away from him. “Stop this, Marsha. You don’t even know what you’re doing,�
“Yes, I do. I’m doing this for us. We can get married now,�
“No, we can’t. I can’t marry a criminal,� Brook said.
Kob watched silently at their exchange. She noticed how Marsha’s face grew pale. She could only imagine the other woman’s grief. She herself looked to the man she loved, only to find him huddled over another woman.
“You bastard! You lying bastard!� Marsha cursed, tears streaming down her face. “You didn’t want me at all, did you? You used me for my body, making me fall in love with you. Ugh! I can’t believe I fell for you!� Marsha screamed in anguish. She aimed her gun at him, her arm waving unsteadily.
Kob saw her moment and slowly reached under her skirt to get her gun.
“I am going to kill you for this, Brook!� Marsha yelled.
“Marsha! The police are here!� Someone yelled. “What should we do?�
Marsha shook her head. “I don’t care! I don’t care!� She said, a wild look in her eyes.
The men saw how crazy their boss was behaving and quickly made a run for it, the loot in their hands.
“Marsha, stop. You don’t want to do this!� Brook pleaded, shaking in his expensive leather shoes.
“Like hell I don’t!� Marsha pulled on the trigger.
A shot rang out, causing everyone to gasp and scream. Then they watched in relief as their captor fell backwards, the gun flying out of her hand. Everyone cried out in joy when the police came charging in.
Some rushed over to Marsha. She was still alive but wounded. Detective Tik Jessaporn had shot her shoulder before she could pull the trigger on Brook.
“Miss, are you all right?� Tik asked Kob, helping her to her feet.
“Yes, I’m fine,� she said. “I was going to shoot her myself, before you did,� She gave the detective her gun. “Thank you,�
“No problem,� Tik helped her up.
Kob smiled and looked over at Oil. He was covering Rinlanee, protecting her. Kob bit her lower lip before it started to tremble. She had seen Oil jump to cover Rinlanee’s body at the sound of gunshot. At the same time, Kob had thrown herself over his, wanting to protect him. When she realized that Oil had dove for Rinlanee instead of herself, she had pulled back. His gesture had shown her exactly how important she was in his life. He probably didn’t even notice that his wife had wanted to protect him. He was too busy taking care of his friend to care about his wife. The wife that he supposedly ‘loved’.
“If it’s okay, can I go home?� She asked.
“Sure, just speak with the police officer over there first. He’ll take your statement,� Tik informed her.
“Thank you,� Kob gave the police her statement before leaving. When she was in the taxi, she quickly made a few phone calls, first to the house, then to her cousin and finally to the airport.

Chapter Fifteen

“Is Kob upstairs?� Oil asked. It had been hours since the ordeal at the gala. He had spent most of the night giving statements to the police and taking care of Rinlanee. She was at the hospital now, taking care of Chakrik. He had tried to persuade her to come home but the woman wouldn’t listen. She was too worried about the man she loved. And so, Oil had let her, knowing that nothing could come between Rinlanee and Chakrik now that Marsha was in jail.
“No, she isn’t. She’s left, sir,�
“Where to?� Oil asked, perplexed.
“I don’t know. She left as soon as she arrived. I think she went to the airport.�
“But you don’t know where to?� Oil asked.
“No, sir,�
“Thanks,� Oil marched up to his bedroom and quickly took a shower and dressed.
He phoned his grandmother and in-laws. They knew nothing about Kob’s whereabouts. In fact, they didn’t even know that she had left.
“Where did you go, Kob?� Oil asked the empty room. “She’ll be back,� He said. The school semester was only three weeks away. She would be back to teach, he had no doubt about that. He did not have any idea why she had left in the first place. Hadn’t he professed his love for her, after all? What more did she want from him?

Oil sighed. He was in his new office at the university, conveniently located across the hall from Kob’s office. He hadn’t seen his wife in three weeks. He would have called the police to report her missing but he had received a postcard from her. She had only written a few words. “Oil, I’m fine. See you in three weeks, Kob,� If it hadn’t been for the postcard, he would have been extremely worried.
Oil looked up from his work, distracted by noises coming from the hallway. Curious, he got up to look. He found his secretary standing with her back flat against the wall. In fact, most of the students and staff were lined up as well.
“What is going on here?� He asked, his hands in the pockets of his slacks.
“Your wife,� Someone whispered in awe.
He stared down the hall and saw who everyone was making room for. There, walking like a model down the hall was none other than his wife. He barely recognized her.
Kob smirked when she saw Oil. She walked confidently, her shoulders back, her head held high. She knew that her red skirt showed off her great legs. The silver stilettos didn’t hurt either. To pair off with the heels, she wore a casual white knit top that showed off her golden complexion.
“Kob?� Oil squeaked.
“The one and only,� She said to him as she turned into her office. Before she walked in, she gave him one more look. The move caused her hair to flip seductively around her shoulders. Oil could barely breathe.
“Good lord! That was the Beast!� Someone said. “I’m going to be in heaven all semester,� The young man said.
“Did you see the gams on her? And, oh, boy, her ass!� Another man said.
“That’s my wife you’re talking about!� Oil yelled. He glared at the men before following his wife into her office. He shut the door behind him. “What are you up to?�
“Hello to you too,� Kob said, putting her laptop on her desk. She sat down in her chair and pulled out her laptop.
“What are you up to, Kob?� Oil asked again. Despite his fury, he couldn’t help but notice how delectable she looked.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,� Kob asked, shrugging delicately.
“You know what I’m talking about! Why are you dressed like that?� Oil asked.
“There’s nothing wrong with my clothes,� Kob defended herself.
“Your skirt is too short and your boobs are practically popping out!� Oil yelled.
Kob looked down at her shirt. The blouse was buttoned up to her throat. Her skirt ended just below her knees. “My boobs are not falling out!� Kob protested.
“I can see your bra!�
“Then you’re staring too hard!� Kob said, glaring at him.
“Go change now!� Oil ordered her. He stood with his body tense as he stared at her.
“Oh please! Now is not the time to act like a jealous husband!� Kob said exasperated. She turned to her laptop. “Now please, leave. I’ve got work to do,� She didn’t spare him any more looks as she started going over the day’s lecture.
Oil could feel the steam rising out of his head. “I am your husband, Kob! And I will not have you prancing around like some common slut!�
Kob felt a flash of anger at his words but she suppressed them quickly. When she looked up at him, her expression was indifferent. “I really don’t care what you think. You may be my husband but I am still my own person. Like I told you before, I have work to do. You know the way out,� She dismissed him.
Oil stood there, glaring at his wife. He looked from the top of her glossy black hair to her porcelain face to her hands typing on the laptop. This was not the woman he had married. This woman was the kind that men were afraid of. She was deadly. Beautiful. Intelligent. Confident. The combination could bring a grown man to his knees.
Kob had expected him to leave so she was surprised when she found herself pulled out of her chair and into his arms. “What do you think you’re doing?� She asked, struggling to get out of his grasp.
“Giving my wife a proper welcome!� Oil said before claiming her mouth with his. One of his arms was around her waist, keeping her close. His free hand was under her chin, making her powerless to move away from him.
Kob stayed still under his onslaught. It was extremely hard. Kob almost gave in to her feelings, but she forced herself to remember what he had done to her. He had lied about loving her. With his betrayal on her mind, she had no problem being unresponsive to him.
Oil moved his lips over hers, but she didn’t respond to him. After a few frustrated seconds, he lifted his head to look at her. His eyes narrowed in confusion. She stared at him with her startling blue eyes, her face showing her boredom.
“Are you done now?� She asked nonchalantly. She moved out of his grasp and sat back down in her seat. “Cause if you are, I’d like you to leave. I have class in less than thirty minutes and I have to prepare my lecture.�
Oil stood still for a minute, feeling his insides go cold as he stared at this icy woman who was his wife. Nodding his head in defeat, he strolled towards the door. “I’ll see you for lunch,�
“I can’t. I have a meeting.�
“Fine, I’ll see you after class then,�
“I have a date,� Kob told him, not looking up from her work.
“Date?� Oil couldn’t hide the hint of jealousy in his voice.
“Nothing you should worry about. I’m going out with Ploy,� Kob waited to hear the door click shut before she looked up. She stared at the empty space he had just vacated. She felt like crying. She hadn’t expected all her emotions to come pouring back, but they had. She had fallen back in love with him the moment she had seen him. He hadn’t changed at all in the three weeks she was gone. He was still one handsome, sexy man. He was her husband, and yet, he wasn’t. He was in love with someone else.
Although, her attitude in class was the same, she couldn’t stop thinking about her husband. He was constantly on her mind. The shopping date with her cousin didn’t help her either.
“This is crazy! I don’t need this!� Kob laughed in horror at her purchase.
“You are buying this and that’s that!� Ploy said. “And you better wear it tonight. You just came back from not seeing your husband for three weeks.�
Kob quieted, her laughter gone. Her husband…How was she going to face him in the bedroom?
“What’s wrong?� Ploy asked, taking the bag and handing it to Kob.
“Nothing, nothing,� Kob said, shaking her head. “Let’s go grab dinner before going home,�
“Sure,� Ploy was itching to ask Kob what had happened in her marriage to make her leave Oil for three weeks, but she kept her mouth shut. When Kob was ready, she would spill everything. In the mean time, she tried to best to distract her cousin from her marital problems.
Oil was sitting in bed watching a football game. He wasn’t too focused on it—he was waiting for his wife. Sighing, he leaned his head against the headboard. He had never felt so rejected in his life. He also had never been so perplexed in his life. There were many questions he needed answered. Just that moment, the object of his thoughts walked into the room. She didn’t look at him when she dropped her bags of purchases on the floor.
“Good evening, wife,� Oil said, crossing his arms over his chest. He watched her, his eyes moving over her enticing figure.
“Good evening,� Kob said to him, glancing at him nervously. She walked to the closet to get some towels before she disappeared into the bathroom.
Oil watched the door close. He lowered down the volume on the television set before he went to the shopping bags she had left on the floor. One particular bag had caught his attention. He picked up the pink bag and peered inside. He picked up the scraps of fabric and almost died. The black concoction was feminine and devilish. He closed his eyes and imagined her in the undergarments.
Kob was drying her hair with a towel when she walked back into the room. She found Oil holding the garter belts in his hands and blushed. Forgetting her anger at him, she walked over and grabbed the belts away from him.
“Excuse you,� She said, stuffing her underwear back into the bag.
“Sorry,� Oil apologized sheepishly.
“I don’t go through your things, so please, don’t go through mine,� Kob said. She turned and walked towards her bureau. She grabbed a brush and quickly ran it through her damp hair.
Oil crossed his arms over his chest and smiled, staring at his wife. He watched silently when she put her brush down, only to squeeze lotion into her hand. She rubbed the lotion over her legs and arms, causing Oil to sweat.
When Kob was done, she walked towards her side of the bed. She took off her bathrobe to reveal a red silk negligee. She slid under the covers.
Oil practically ran to the bed. He pulled the blanket off of her and covered her with his body. “You really know how to test my patience, Kob,�
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,� Kob said, keeping her face placid. She had to suppress her body from reacting to the feel of his hard body over hers.
“I wanted to talk things over with you before sleeping,� Oil said, staring at her.
“What about?� Kob asked.
“I don’t know…maybe, about why you left without telling me?� Oil asked.
“I didn’t think you’d mind,� Kob shrugged.
“Why would you think that? You are my wife, Kob,�
“In name only,� Kob couldn’t help saying.
“What are you talking about? I have more than proved to you that we are more than name only. Besides, I’ve told you how I felt about you,� Oil told her.
“You didn’t really mean it, Oil. You just said it to make me forgive you. Well, I did and now, everything’s fine.� Kob answered him. She turned her face away from his, not wanting him to see the tears in her eyes.
“Fine? You think we are fine? You left me, Kob.� Oil said, trying to understand. “I want to know why you left!�
“I’m surprised you noticed that I had left,� Kob said bitterly. “Look, Oil, I’m tired. I’d rather get some sleep now. We’ll talk about this in the morning,� Kob struggled out from under him and turned to her side, giving him her back.
Oil felt a tick in his cheek. He had never been so angry or confused in his life. And it was his wife’s fault. She was acting like he had done something terribly wrong, but he didn’t know what it was. “No, we are going to end this here and now!� Oil turned her back to face him. He pulled her body against his and threw his leg over hers, trapping her.
“Hey! Let go of me!� Kob squirmed. She looked up at him in anger.
“Not until you’ve answered my question. Why did you leave me?� Oil asked, locking his arms tightly around her.
“No!� Kob argued.
“Well then, we’ll just have to go to sleep like this,� Oil looked down at her. “I don’t have any problem with that, actually.� He hugged her tighter to him and lowered his head to rest atop hers. He sighed and breathed in the scent of her.
Kob struggled to get out. “Let go of me.� She said, hating him.
“No, not until you tell me what’s wrong,� Oil said, having no trouble keeping her in his grasp.
Kob suddenly stopped her struggling. She stared down at his chest and bit her lip. How am I going to get out of this, she thought. Just tell him! Her conscious screamed.
“Okay, fine! I’ll tell you!� Kob screamed.
Oil leaned back to look at her. He still kept her in his grasp. “I just felt like leaving,� Kob said.
Oil groaned. “Put the other leg,� He said, disbelieving her.
“That’s the truth!� Kob protested, glaring at him.
“Well, I don’t believe you, Kob.�
“You weren’t worried about my well being, Oil. You proved that when you protected Rinlanee,� Kob finally confessed.
“Is that the reason?� Oil snorted. “That’s not a very good one, Kob. You know that Marsha was trying to kill Rinlanee,�
Kob nodded. “But the gun wasn’t aimed at her, was it, Oil?� She said, glancing away from him. “I couldn’t stay because I needed time to think.�
“Why couldn’t you think at home?� Oil asked.
“Because you were here,�
“I don’t understand, Kob. Are you trying to tell me that you left because I was protecting my friend?� Oil asked.
Kob nodded.
“So? What is the problem? She’s my friend and there was danger,� Oil stared at the side of her face.
“Okay, how about I put it into layman terms.� Kob turned back to look at him. Her eyes were fiery while her face remained calm. “Two people are drowning in the ocean. One is the wife you ‘love’ and the other is your friend and client. If you could only save one person, who would it be?�
Oil pondered the scenario for a moment. “Well, I know that you are a great swimmer. Rinlanee, on the other hand, has never been good at swimming. So, I would probably save her because I know that you wouldn’t drown,�
Kob took the pain without flinching. She closed her eyes for a second before staring at him. “Well, I think we’re done now.� She quickly pushed away from him and jumped out of the bed. She grabbed her robe on the way out of the room. “I’ll be in the spare room. Don’t bother following me.� With that, she closed the door.

Chapter Sixteen

Kob heard someone whistle behind her. She turned around and glared at the rude man. “Is there something you wanted?� She asked.
“Yes, there is. You,� The tall man said intently. He walked up to stand close to her.
Kob snorted. “Oh, really? And why is that?� She asked, not moving a muscle.
“Because you are the woman I’ve been searching for all my life. I knew I was missing something and, now, I know. You’ve been missing from my life.� The man tried his best to give her a sexy stare. He also took off his sunglasses.
Kob tried hard to keep from laughing but failed. “Ha-ha…I’m sorry…ha-ha…� Kob slapped her knee in mirth. “You are hilarious you know that. Where did you come up with such insane lines?� She said to her old friend.
“Talking to my reflection in the mirror, that’s where,� Num said, laughing. He hugged his college friend. “Ah, Kob, I barely recognized you! You’re all grown up!�
“Thanks! I’ve missed you,� Kob said, hugging him back. “What are you doing here? I thought you were in Washington, DC,� She pulled away from him to look up at him.
“I’m here on business. A few months, actually,� Num said. He grabbed her suitcase and put his hand on her arm. “Take me to your office,�
“So, how have you been?� Kob said, ushering him to her office. “Do you want some coffee?� She asked once they were in her office.
“No, thanks,� Num walked around her office, looking at her things. “I’ve been good. You know same old, same old — dating and working.� He stopped in his tracks and looked at her, his expression serious. “I heard you got married,�
Kob looked up at him from behind her desk. “Yes,�
“Is he treating you well?�
Kob shrugged. “It doesn’t matter. It was my fault that he got into this marriage, anyway,� She looked down, not wanting him to see the hurt in her eyes.
“How did you do that? I don’t see how any man would not want to marry you out of his own free will,� Num said, sitting across from her. His eyes worriedly traced her face.
“Well, I kind of thought that he shared my feelings for him. So I kissed him. Our families witnessed it and wanted him to take responsibility.� Kob shrugged, finally looking at her friend again. “Now we’re married,�
“You still haven’t told me if he was treating you well, Kob,� Num stared at her. He noticed for the first time what exquisite features she had. Everything about her was delicate, yet strong. “Shit!� He exclaimed suddenly.
“What’s the matter?� Kob asked, alarmed.
“No, nothing – it’s just that – never mind,� Num shook his head. “Come on, tell me about this husband of yours. Is he treating you well?�
“If you mean, has he hurt me physically, then no. He has never abused me in any way, not verbally or physically.� Kob shrugged, feeling her lips trembling. “I can’t help that he doesn’t feel the same I do,�
“Oh, Kob,� Num reached out to touch her hand. “I’m sure you’ve misunderstood. I don’t believe for a minute that he doesn’t love you,�
Kob shook her head. “No, I don’t think I’ve misunderstood anything. He doesn’t love me, Num. But I love him,�
Num squeezed her hand, his heart squeezing tight. He didn’t like seeing her in pain. He would rather chop off his own hand than see her hurt. “Then make him love you.�
Kob gave him a confused look. “But I’ve tried. When he said I was too mean, I stopped. I did everything he wanted of me, but he called me a doormat. When he said that I wasn’t feminine enough, I wore more dresses. But he was too occupied with his friend to notice. I’ve tried everything, Num. But I can’t make him love me if he doesn’t…�
Num watched in sympathy as tears flowed down her face. “Avoid him, then,� He said.
“What?� Kob wiped her tears from her cheeks. “How am I supposed to do that? We live in the same house,�
“Don’t give in to his every whim, Kob. Play hard to get. Once he realizes that he’s not your top priority, and then he’ll open his eyes. Trust me, Kob.� Num advised. “So, when he calls for you, you tell him that you’re busy. Don’t run to him every time he calls,�
“Kob, we have to talk,� Oil announced when he walked into the room. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw that his wife was not alone. He looked at the man, then at their joined hands. “What the hell is going on here?� He demanded in a hard voice.
Kob pulled her hand back guiltily. “It’s not what you think, Oil,� She jumped up to her feet. “This is my old friend, Num. Num, my husband, Oil,�
Num stood up slowly, assessing the other man. He held out his hand. “Hello, Oil,�
Oil shook his hand. “Num,� He turned back to Kob. “We have to talk, Kob,� He crossed his arms over his chest and looked at her.
Kob stared at him, noting how arrogant he looked. She glanced at Num and thought about what he had told her. It was worth a try, she told herself. “I don’t see what about, Oil.�
“About last night,� Oil said.
“Excuse us a moment, Num,� Kob said. She waited until Num left the room before she turned back to Oil. “What would you like to say to me?�
“That you’re being pathetic! You cannot be mad at me because of my answer to that stupid scenario. You can’t base our whole relationship on that, Kob!� Oil told her, his face red with fury.
“Oh, so, did you come in here just to tell me that I am wrong?� Kob asked, her arms on her hips.
Oil nodded. “Yes! Now that you understand that, you better be in our bed tonight. There’s no way I’m going to let you sleep away from me. I mean, I waited three whole weeks. That’s way too long,� He rubbed her arms suggestively.
Kob forced herself not to cringe in disgust. She also suppressed her strong urge to pound him into a pile of dust. Instead, she lifted her hand to touch his face. “Oh, is my big man hungry?� She trailed her index finger over his lips. “Have you missed feeling my soft, naked body against yours?� Her finger traveled over his neck and down his chest, towards his stomach.
Oil gulped and nodded his head quickly.
“Have you missed how it feels to kiss me?� Her fingers lightly grazed his groin.
“Uh-huh,� He swallowed. He opened his arms to pull her into his chest.
Kob quickly moved away. “Well, too bad! There is no way I am going to get into your bed! You’re so dense and thick-headed. Until you realize why I left – why I’m so mad at you, you’re not going to feel any part of my body ever! Now, please excuse me I have a friend to take care of!� She smirked at him, her lips curled in triumph at his expression. She opened the door. “Good-bye, Oil,� She said. She turned to Num and gave him a beatific smile. “Let’s go to lunch, Num,� She glanced at Oil over her shoulder before she strolled out of the office with Num.

“Yeah, so, the boy just starts going, right there,� Kob said, laughing.
“Right there?� Num asked in horror.
Kob nodded. “Yep. I couldn’t believe it.� She sipped on her non-alcoholic pina colada.
Num howled in laughter.
“It wasn’t funny. I didn’t know what to do. I was so shocked when I saw the front of his pants start to get wet. I just stood there,� Kob cringed at the memory.
Num chuckled. “Unbelievable! You, speechless?�
Kob nodded. “I left the room. I was so embarrassed. I mean, the man was older than I was, but I scared him enough for him to pee his pants.�
Num continued laughing. “You’re such a riot, Kob,� He said.
“I didn’t mean to scare him like that,�
“Of course not, Kob. Just like when you didn’t mean to scare the teacher when he made a mistake.� Num said, remembering. “You didn’t back down from him at all.�
“What?� Kob asked innocently. “I had to argue my case. I thought he was wrong and I had to make him see that.�
“Yes, and you did. It was a very entertaining 40 minutes. Everyone gave you a standing ovation for making Evil Enders shake in his boots.� Num said, recalling their professor, Dr. Enders.
“Yeah, no one had ever had the courage to argue with him before, especially when it was to point out that he was wrong.�
“Yeah,� Num sighed, staring at her. “You’ve really grown up since then, Kob. I mean, you were a scrawny sixteen-year-old standing up to the old goat,�
“Yeah, it was great.� Kob confessed. “I love intimidating people,� She laughed.
“Oh, I can believe it. You must intimidate many men with those eyes of yours,� Num said. “You’re gorgeous, Kob,� He said loosely. “Too bad you’re married already. We could’ve been good together,�
Kob stopped laughing. She noticed how distant he looked. “Give it up, Num. Who is she?�
Num laughed nervously. Ah, how was he to tell her that the real reason he came over here was to forget about a girl. She would laugh at him. “No one, Kob,� Was all he said. He wondered when he should tell his friend that he was in love with her long-lost twin sister. Maybe at another time, he told himself. Kob had enough problems on her hands – the last thing she needed was to find out she had a twin sister who had been kidnapped and adopted and was now the only daughter of the Thai ambassador in the States. It was a wonder no one had seen the similarity sooner. Hell, he almost hadn’t realized it until he saw Kob again, all grown up and looking like a woman. It was just great, he thought. He had come to Thailand to forget about the spoiled brat, only to find that his best friend was now her mirror image.

Oil paced in front of the window in his bedroom. He found himself doing it often this month. As the many times before, he was waiting for his wife. The damn woman had been nothing but cold to him every time he spoke to her. Ever since that day in the office, she had barely spoken to him. She was mad as hell at him and he still couldn’t understand it. Over and over again, he went over her scenario in his head. Still, like every other time, he couldn’t understand what he had said that was so wrong.
I commended her on her excellent swimming skills, he thought. “Why were you not happy with that, Kob?� He asked aloud. He cursed in anger. “Damn woman!�
He stopped cursing when he heard the door to her bedroom open then close. She was home. His body became aroused suddenly, just thinking of her undressing in the adjoining room. It had been almost two months since he had touched her and he was not handling it well. He was frustrated and moody. He had thought of getting it somewhere else but he always backed out of it. He wanted no other woman but her. He wanted his wife, but she was angry with him.
“I should just go in there and take you,� He talked to the adjoining door separating them. He shook his head. No, no, he wouldn’t do that. He wanted her to come to him. He wasn’t sure why, but he knew that he wanted her to come to him first. But in the mean time, he would try to resolve their problem.
In the next room, Kob looked down at the journal she was writing in. Like always, she was writing about her husband and her feelings for him. Every now and then, she would look up at the door separating them. So many times, she thought of just going to him and giving in. And every time, she had stopped herself. She wouldn’t let him close to her because she knew that it would just become even more painful. She didn’t want to be near him knowing that he didn’t love her. Oh, he might say the words, but she didn’t believe it for a second.
She paused in her writing to stare intently at the door. She blinked her eyes. She would always remember that night. He had said those three words to her, only to run over and protect another woman. Her chest felt heavy, aching. The images flashed through her mind over and over again. Oil staring down at her and telling her that he loved her. Then that same Oil running into a roomful of bandits to protect his friend. Oil covering Rinlanee with his body when a gunshot was heard. Oil choosing to save his friend’s life rather than his wife’s, who was sitting right there next to him the whole time. Kob saw Oil standing with his arrogant smiling, suggestively rubbing her arms, wanted sex from her. Again and again, Kob saw him. Even with her eyes closed, she pictured Oil…betraying her.
Oil raised his head from the paper he was reading. He listened intently for the noise. He heard the sound. It sounded like muffled crying. He stood up and walked to the door adjoining his and Kob’s bedroom. Hoping that it wasn’t coming from her room, he put his ear next to the door. He closed his eyes and focused on the sound. He heard it loud and clear. His wife was crying. The sound was harsh and full of anguish. He knew why she was crying. It was because of him. She was crying over him. Despite her hard exterior, he knew that she still cared for him. He had caught her staring at him every once in a while at meetings. Of course she would look away when he looked at her, but he hadn’t missed the forlorn look in her eyes.
A feeling he had never felt before came over him. He felt his chest become heavy and rigid at the same time. He almost couldn’t breathe. His throat became tight and he found it hard to swallow. His lips began to tremble and hot tears were present behind his eyelids. He pulled his ear away from the door and leaned back against it. The guilt he felt was so raw and powerful, he felt weak. He slid down the door and sat on the floor with his knees over his chest. He put his hands over his forehead. Shaking his head, he tried to get the sound of her crying out of his head. Her crying became lower, becoming more muffled, but it still had a strong effect on him. She was trying to stop herself; she didn’t want him to hear her crying. Her intentions only made him feel worst. Kob was trying so hard not to let him know her pain.
“Oh, Kob,� Oil whispered. “I’m sorry, baby,� He said. He clenched his hands, wanting to run to her. She would only pull away and become embarrassed that he knew she was crying. He didn’t want to hurt her anymore. He had already put her through a lot of pain already.

“Kob, do you have a minute?� Oil asked the next morning at the breakfast table.
Kob looked up from her porridge. “Well, not really,� She said. She began to get out of her chair.
“Stop avoiding me,� Oil said.
She looked at him in surprise. “Excuse you? But just because I have other things to do doesn’t mean that I’m avoiding you,� She denied.
Oil nodded. “Sure it does. Now tell me, it’s a Sunday. I know that you don’t have anything to do today, so why can’t you listen to what I have to say?� He asked, not believing her.
“I have things to do, I don’t have to tell you if I don’t want to,� She shrugged and began to walk out of the room.
“As long as you’re not afraid…� Oil said, following closely behind her.
Kob turned around quickly and bumped into him. Oil grabbed her arms to keep her from falling.
“Next time, don’t stand so close to me!� Kob warned. “Why would I be afraid?�
Oil shrugged. “I can only assume that you are, since you won’t listen to me,�
“Fine! Just get it over with then!� She moved back to sit in her seat. She immediately braced herself for whatever he was about to say.
Oil smiled, following her. He stared at her for a few seconds. Only then did he notice how red her eyes were. He knew that it was from her weeping the night before. He sobered up quickly. Slowly, he took her hands in his and held them. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you,�
Kob moved her hands away from his.
“I want to apologize. I’m sorry, Kob, for everything,� Oil said sincerely, hoping that she would forgive him for whatever he had done.
Kob almost jumped with joy. Almost – but she didn’t. Instead, she looked at him with her lips curled in a sneer. “For what?� She asked.
“For hurting you, I’m sorry…I just want things to be normal between us again,� Oil pouted his lips. “Baby, you have no idea how horrible I feel for what I’ve put you through,�
Kob stayed silent.
“I know that I haven’t been the greatest husband to you but I want to change that. We’ll go on vacation, spend some quality time together. I want to show you that I am taking our marriage seriously,� Oil continued, wanting to see a response from her. “Please forgive me, Kob. I’m sorry,�
“Do you know why you’re apologizing?� Kob finally asked him, pulling her hands away.
“For hurting you,� Oil said.
“And how did you hurt me?� Kob asked.
Oil didn’t say anything, a millions words running in his head.
Kob snorted and shook her head. “Do you think that I’m stupid, Oil? You don’t even know how you hurt me, do you? You think that just because you apologized that I would forgive you? Well, you have another thing coming, mister! I am not backing down from anything until you realize that what you did was wrong!� Kob yelled at him, jumping out of her seat.
Oil went to block her exit. “Then why don’t you tell me, Kob. Tell me what I did to you. Why did you leave me for three weeks? What did I do that made you cry? Just be direct with me, Kob!� Oil asked of her, his eyes searching hers earnestly.
Kob’s jaw clenched in anger. “Fine, you hardheaded ass! You told me you loved me – but in the next instant, you ran to save Rinlanee!� Kob burst out.
Oil was shocked by her confession. “But I don’t understand. Rinlanee is my friend and she was in danger. I had to help her,�
“That’s fine,� Kob nodded. “But when the gun went off, you protected her, Oil,� Kob’s emotions finally bursting forth. She was unaware of the tears that sprang into her eyes. “You jumped to protect her, Oil. Not the wife that you supposedly loved, who was sitting right next to you. You showed me by your gesture just who you preferred – and it wasn’t me!�
Oil visibly paled, finally understanding her. “No,� He denied, shaking his head.
Kob nodded her head. “Yes, Oil. I was right there but you chose her! You may have told me that you loved me but they were just words.� She looked at him, the hurt very apparent in her eyes. Her voice trembled as she spoke. “They’re only just words when there is no meaning behind them, Oil,�
“I’m sorry, Kob. I didn’t realize. I swear it!� Oil said, reaching to hold her.
Kob moved out of his reach. She covered her midriff with her arms. “You see, Oil. I love you and I showed it when I stuck up for you, when I changed for you. I wanted to be the perfect woman for you – the woman you could grow to love. It was my fault that we got married and I will live with that for the rest of my life. But I don’t regret that I married you because I love you. I would and still will do anything for you. I thought that I could wait a lifetime for you to love me back and when you confessed your love for me, I was ecstatic.
“But you didn’t have to lie to me. I would’ve forgiven you eventually for referring to me as a doormat. There was no need for you to lie to me – to give me false hopes,� Kob was openly weeping now. She turned away from him. “I never want to divorce you, Oil, but if you want one, I will gladly oblige.� She whispered.
Oil stared at her back, his mouth opened in shock and horror. He was devastated at the thought of living without her. He closed his mouth and swallowed. “No,� He shook his head. He walked to stand in front of her. His eyes stared daggers into her striking blue ones. “I will never want a divorce from you, Kob. I know that I have been a million times the ass—but there is no way in hell that I will let you go. I love you, damn it! And if I have to spend a thousand lifetimes trying to prove to you how much, then I will!� His fingers trembled as he combed his hair back in frustration. “I had no idea what I was doing when that gun went off. I guess I just wasn’t thinking. The man that Rinlanee loved was unconscious and she was so distraught—I was only trying to comfort her. And, I knew that you were strong and could take care of yourself. Besides, I knew that you weren’t in any danger – Marsha was pissed at Rinlanee, not you!� Oil said.
Kob closed her eyes. When she finally looked at him again, her eyes were wet with tears. “That’s not the point, Oil. You shouldn’t have had to think about who to protect, especially if you already know who you love.� Kob paused when her voice broke. She took deep breaths before speaking again. “I think that you didn’t love me then. I don’t know about now, but I know that it wasn’t love that you felt for me that night. You only wanted to win. From the day we met, you’ve bested me at everything. The only thing left was my heart and you’ve got that too,�
“Can’t we start over?� Oil asked, taking a few steps forward so that he was only a few inches away from her.
“I don’t know, Oil,� Kob said. “I don’t think that I can take any more lies from you,�
Oil shook his head, not wanting to hear her words. “Kob, you have to listen to me. I love you—I have since the day I saw you flip that trainer at the University gym. I loved you when I realized that you were the Beast—even when you left me stranded in the highway after I kissed you. You have to understand that I’ve always been a man to have women swoon at my feet. But you—you were different and it took me a long time for me to realize that you had captured my heart. I have never regretted marrying you; no matter what the reason was that made us get married. I was so stupid that night and I will forever regret what I did. But, I swear to you, Kob, that I will never hurt you again.� Oil pleaded.
Kob shook her head and turned away from him. “I don’t think that my heart can take it anymore, Oil,�
Oil grabbed her hand and pulled her around to face him again. He stared into her eyes intently. “You have to trust me, Kob. Please all I ask is that you trust me.�
Kob wanted so much to deny him but she couldn’t. As much as she tried to stay angry at him, she couldn’t. She loved him…and there was a thin line between love and hate. He was so handsome and she wanted them to be happy again. Even if he didn’t love her, she knew that at least he still wanted her. Maybe, he’ll want me forever and that’ll be enough, she thought as she stared into his deep brown eyes.
Oil saw the change in her eyes and hugged her to him. “Don’t say anything, Kob. I just want to treasure this moment.� He squeezed her to him and inhaled her scent. He could have cried for this moment. He didn’t know what he had done to deserve a woman so wonderful but he was damn glad that he had her. “I love you, Kob.� He whispered against her hair.
Kob could no longer stop the tears from flowing. She let her tears run freely onto the sleeve of his shirt. Her chest ached and her heart squeezed when she felt his arms tighten around her. She almost couldn’t breathe but she didn’t care. She was happy to be in his arms again.
“I never want to see or hear you cry for as long as I live, Kob,� Oil murmured. He kissed the side of her head. “I promise you that I will make you happy,�

Chapter Seventeen

“Aren’t they just lovely together?� Someone whispered.
The other women agreed. “Yes, I wonder when they will have their first child.�
“Well, when they do, that child will be just gorgeous, I’m sure,�
The women stopped their gossiping to stare at the couple.
Kob and Oil smiled graciously at the other guests. “Why are they looking at us like that?� Kob asked her husband.
“They’re struck by your beauty, of course,� Oil said, smiling. He held his wife close to him.
“Oh, stop it,� Kob ordered. “You’ve done nothing but compliment me since we got in the car,�
“Well, it’s true. My wife is the most beautiful woman in this room—in the world,� Oil said, pulling the chair out for her.
Kob sat gracefully on her seat.
Oil sat closely next to his wife, his arm around her shoulders.
Kob squirmed a little as she noticed the many stares they were getting. “Maybe you shouldn’t put your arm around me,� She cautioned.
Oil looked up to see the stares. He only smiled more broadly and hugged her closer to him. “I don’t care about the stares but if you’re uncomfortable and want me to move, then I will,� He said.
Kob sighed and rolled her eyes. For the past few weeks, he had been nothing but considerate of her feelings. It had been what she wanted but now she wasn’t so sure. He was always there for her, opening doors for her and feeding her. He was almost treating her like an invalid. At night, she slept with his arms around her. She sighed inwardly now, as she thought of those nights. He had made no move to make love to her. Instead, at night, he only held her in his arms. She knew that he wanted her, but he made no move to be intimate with her. Oh, he kissed her, all right, but that was as far as it went. And she was fast becoming frustrated.
“I don’t care, Oil. Do whatever you want,� Kob replied.
“What’s wrong?� Oil asked, his eyes wide with surprise.
“Nothing,� Kob said, looking away from him.
“I want you to tell me if there was something wrong, Kob,� Oil said.
“Excuse me? Mrs. Suttikamol, there is someone who would like to speak with you,� A waiter informed her.
“Do you know who?� Oil asked.
“A Mr. Tepphituk,�
“I’ll be right back,� Kob told Oil. She followed the waiter to a gazebo in the garden. She was expecting to see Num, but instead she saw her former student, Chai Parapet. He was pale with bloodshot eyes. Kob knew at once that he was not himself.
“Dr. Kongying,� Chai spoke, his voice low and menacing.
“Chai, this is a surprise,� Kob said uneasily. “How have you been?�
Chai snorted. “Please! Like you even care!�
“I do!� Kob said quickly. “What did you want?� She looked around but found that they were alone.
“I wanted to see how happy you were and I see that you are. Your husband seems to really love you,� Chai slowly walked around her, trapping her in the gazebo. “It would be a shame to kill him – but I will. The pain will kill you slowly,�
Kob thought quickly. Reverse psychology might be the only way to save her husband. “Go ahead, I have no need for him, anyway,� She said haughtily, crossing her arms over her chest. “Our marriage was a mistake from the beginning – your killing him would only give me and my lover freedom. So, go ahead!�
Chai looked at her nervously, unsure. “I don’t understand, it sure looked like you loved him.�
Kob laughed. “I’m a great actress, aren’t I? I’ve got the fool thinking that I’m in love with him. He’s so clueless, Chai. Not like you at all.�
“What the hell is going on here?� Oil interrupted, his voice loud and harsh.
Before Kob could react, Chai had aimed his gun at Oil. Thinking quickly, she pushed him away. At the same time, Oil had pulled his wife under him, shielding her with his body. Kob suddenly found herself under dead weight. Alarmed, she looked at her husband’s face. It was deathly pale. So focused on his wellbeing, she didn’t notice that security guards had captured Chai and was now alerting the ambulance.
“Oil, what have you done?� Kob whispered, her eyes scanning his body for injury.
“How could you, Kob? I was clueless, was I? I trusted you and the whole time you were laughing at what a food I was for thinking that you loved me,� Oil’s eyes began to slide shut. “I thought that you had really cared for me, but I was just a joke to you, wasn’t I? And to think…I …love you so…much,� Oil lost consciousness, oblivious to the scream his words and actions had elicited from his wife.

“I don’t want to see you,� Oil managed to say. He had only been conscious for a few minutes.
“You have to eat,� Kob said to him, undeterred by his dismissal. She brought the bowl towards his mouth. “You’ve been in a coma for two days and you need food,�
“No, go away,� He said again. “Don’t you have to run to your lover or something?�
“Stop it already,� Kob shoved a spoonful of porridge towards his mouth. “You have to eat,�
Oil turned his face away. “Get out,� He repeated again.
Kob sighed. “Stop being difficult. You have to eat something.�
“How many times do I have to tell you to leave?� Oil yelled, glaring at her. “Just go away! Don’t you know when you’re not wanted?�
That comment stung a lot. Kob felt it like a blow to her chest but she quickly pushed it away. “Obviously not!� She replied, practically shoving the spoon into his mouth. “Just shut up for a minute and eat, will you? The food will give you more energy to yell at me,�
Oil opened his mouth to reply but she shoved another spoonful of porridge into his mouth. He stared angrily up at her as he furiously swallowed his food.
Kob only smiled, making him angrier.
“Now, don’t you feel better?� Kob said five minutes later after he had finished his meal.
Oil reluctantly agreed. “Now will you leave me alone?�
“No, of course not. What kind of wife would I be if I did?� Kob suddenly became misty-eyed. “I still can’t believe that jumped in front of a gun for me,�
“Well, don’t get used to it,� Oil said grumpily. He grimaced at the spasm in his side. He touched his side, only to find a huge bandage covering it.
“Just rest,� Kob said, helping him to lie back down.
“Why are you still in that dress?� Oil asked wearily, his eyes closing.
She watched as his eyes close. She lightly brushed her fingers over his cheeks. Her heart lifted a little, knowing that he was going to be okay. If it took the rest of her life, she would make it up to him. He had to believe that she had spoken lies to Chai. It had only been to protect Oil … surely he would understand once she explained it to him.

“Good morning,� Kob said, coming in with her arms full of bags and flowers. She walked to her husband and kissed his cheek. She didn’t care that he pulled away from her.
“I hope you’re hungry.� Kob continued, her voice cheerful and happy. “I brought you some of your favorites. The doctor said you could have solid foods today.� Kob placed the food on the tray over his bed.
Oil’s stomach growled of its own accord. He slowly pushed himself up. When Kob tried to help him, he pushed her hands away. Without looking at her, he began to eat.
Kob kept the smile on her face as she poured him a glass of water. While he ate, she went to the windows to open the blinds, causing bright sunlight to spill in.
“The servants are so excited to hear that you’re fine. Everyone is waiting to throw you a birthday party when you return home.� Kob said. She walked around the hospital room, tidying up the magazines and cushions on the couches. “Mom and Dad are going to come visit you once they get back from their vacation in the States. Apparently, they have some exciting news but they’re glad to hear that you’re doing better,�
Oil didn’t say anything as he ate. But he did keep an eye on her. She was wearing a tank top and casual Capri’s that showed off her long slim legs and toned arms. Her hair looked clean but her face was still pale. He noted that she slightly grimaced in pain whenever she put pressure on her right side.
“What’s wrong with your side?� He asked, curiosity getting the best of him.
“Nothing,� Kob turned back to him. “Did you sleep well last night?�
“Yes, did you?�
“Sure,� Kob lied.
“Quit the act, Kob,� Oil drank water to wash down the food.
“What act?� Kob asked. She began to put the plates away.
“This one,� Oil grabbed her wrists and pulled her to him. “Stop acting like the devoted wife. We both know that you’re only doing this because I saved your life,�
“That’s not true. You’re my husband, I care for you. That’s why I’m doing this,� Kob said. “Why are you acting like this?�
“Like what? The scorned husband? Well, that’s because I am! Or did you forget what you said about me? I sure as hell didn’t,�
“I did not betray you, Oil. I only said those things to Chai so he wouldn’t hurt you. I only want you,� Kob replied.
“Well, that’s too bad, Kob. I don’t want you.� Oil said slowly, the words forced out of his teeth.
Kob’s breath caught. She felt as if the wind was knocked out of her. “I don’t believe that, Oil. If you didn’t care for me at all, you wouldn’t be this mad at me,� Kob reasoned slowly, hoping that she was right.
“I don’t want you, Kob,� Oil said, frustrated with her. He pulled her hands down to his nether regions. “See? I’m not the least bit aroused at all.�
“That doesn’t mean anything,� Kob said boldly. She leaned in and kissed him fully on the mouth. He kept his lips immobile beneath hers as he forced his body to keep from responding. Kob groaned in frustration and tried to stick her tongue into his mouth. He didn’t cooperate with her so she gave up.
Oil looked at her triumphantly. “I told you I didn’t want you. Even my body agrees with my brain,� He pushed her hands away.
Kob stared at him blankly. “What about your heart, Oil? Does it want me?� With that, she left.
Oil watched her leave. He had had to suppress his urges to keep from responding to her. Another second and he would have taken her right then and there.

For the next two days, Kob would come in to see him and try to arouse him like before. Each time he laughed at her and each time she left him in unknowing pain.
On the third day since his recovery, Kob walked in wearing a pink halter top that Oil was sure could not hold a bra. She paired the provocative top with a white miniskirt and wedged sandals. She smirked at him when she saw his reaction. She didn’t even bother putting the food out for him. Instead, she pushed his covers away to straddle him. She kissed his face and neck and ears, causing him to moan. Kob slipped her hand between them. Then, suddenly, she jumped off of him.
“I knew it! You still want me!� She said, smiling triumphantly.
Oil looked like he was going to kill her. He was so aroused; he thought he was going to explode. “Big deal!� He yelled. “I’d get aroused at any woman who jumped on me looking like a hooker!�
The smile froze on Kob’s face.
“My body may want you but I don’t. Do you hear me, Kob? I’m sick of you—I dread every minute that I’m with you.� Oil laughed. “Why can’t you just leave me alone? Go to your lover already!�
“I can’t leave you alone, Oil!� Kob shouted, coming to stand next to his bedside. She looked at him, taking in the larger bandage at his torso. She suddenly became misty-eyed when she remembered that night. “There was so much blood—I didn’t think you would live.� Kob gasped to catch her breath.
Oil sneered at her. “If I didn’t know better—I would think that you were worried about me,�
“But I was—I still am! I have never been so scared in my life. It only pains me more knowing that the person that shot you was a former student. If I hadn’t been so mean, none of this would have happened…� Kob’s grief and lack of sleep finally caught up with her. Her shoulders shook as gut-wrenching tears took over her.
Oil could only stare at her in shock. At that moment, all the anger within him was forgotten. He remembered only one other time when she had cried like this. He had hurt her then and had promised to himself that he never wanted to hurt her again. But, here he was doing it again. “I’m fine. I’m alive, Kob,� He reassured her, feeling that he needed to.
Kob nodded. She wiped her tears away with the back of her hand. “I know but I still caused you pain. I never want you to ever be hurt again. I would never and will never harm you intentionally.� Kob told him. During her speech, she had lifted his hand so that his palm was touching her cheek.
Oil stared into her deep blue eyes and forgot the world. He watched her nuzzle her cheek against his palm. She looked so loving and beautiful that he almost forgot about her deception. Almost.
“Is that so?� He asked, his voice indifferent.
Kob noted his tone with a frown. His voice had been tender and gentle only moments before. “Yes. I would never hurt you intentionally. I love you, Oil,� She said.
Oil only nodded as he stared at his hand on her cheek. He slowly moved it to her hair, adding more force as his hand grasped her hair. He pulled her head back and moved in so that their faces were almost touching. “Well, I don’t love you, Kob.� He said slowly and deliberately.
Kob felt more tears gather in the corners of her eyes. The physical pain of having her hair pulled was nothing compared to the pain of having her heart ripped out.
“You don’t mean that,� Kob protested, shaking her head. “You shielded me from Chai. If that wasn’t love, then I don’t know what is,�
“You’re wrong, Kob. I would’ve protected anyone, you included. Did I not jump in front of Rinlanee? Wouldn’t that mean that I love her too then?� Oil pushed her away from him and laughed. “You’re pathetic, you know that? To think that I would ever love you—the Beast,� He laughed again. “I’m surprised I put up with you for this long. Me, Oil Thana Suttikamol married to the Beast of the University. Just because you dress differently doesn’t mean anything. Deep down, you’re still that mean, scared little girl who torments her students and staff.�
Kob looked at him from her position on the floor. Tears were streaming down her face as she listened to him. “What are you saying?�
“What I’m saying, Kob…� Oil purposefully enunciated every syllable. “I want a divorce. Well, that, or we have an open relationship. I am a man, afterall. I need sex—if not from you then from another woman. If you’re fine with that, then we can stay married. If not, then we’ll get a divorce.� Oil tapped a finger to his chin in thought. “I think for you, though, a divorce would be better. I mean, you don’t want the whole country laughing at you.�
“You’re delirious, Oil. You don’t know what you’re saying; you’re still high on the morphine.� Kob blabbed, not wanting to believe what he was telling her.
“I’m perfectly fine. In fact, I don’t think that I’ve ever been better. My head is clear.� Oil looked at her on the floor and smirked. “You really should get off the floor, darling. You look a mess. You’re mascara is running and your breast is popping out. Why don’t you be a good dear and go ask the doctor if I can leave,�
Kob slowly pushed herself off of the floor. She moved to the door and slowly turned the knob.
“Oh and try not to look so scorned. You needn’t put on an act for my family, too. I’m sure they believe anything you say,� Oil watched as she left and felt like throwing something—preferably himself—out of the window.
“You good-for-nothing grandson!� Pim yelled at him once she was in the room. She stood with her hands on her hips.
“What did I do?� He asked innocently.
“I saw your wife,� Pim began, walking over to check on him.
“Did she go to get your sympathy?� Oil asked. “I should’ve known,�
“She didn’t tell me anything, you idiot! She didn’t have to. It was written all over her face.� Pim glared at him. “You’ve put Kob through so much pain and you haven’t even been married a year yet.�
“I did nothing, Nana. I was the one who risked my life for her,� Oil reminded her.
Pim had to take a minute to control her temper. “If you had put aside your anger for one minute, you would’ve noticed the wound your wife is harboring,�
“What wound?� Oil asked, confused and worried now.
“The bullet went straight through you but it pierced her side. Mind you, all she needed were a few stitches and some bandages, but, despite doctor’s orders, she stayed with you for two straight days and nights to make sure you were okay. She didn’t change or sleep or ate. Heck, she didn’t want to leave to go to the bathroom for two minutes. That’s how much Kob loves you. But, you, my idiot grandson, you yell at her and belittle her. Stop thinking about yourself for once, Oil. Open your eyes and you’ll see what I mean.� Pim lectured. “I love you, Oil. You know that. I’ve raised you most of your life and all I want is to see you happy. I have seen you happy…with Kob. Honey, learn to forgive and forget,�
Oil only shook his head. “She betrayed me. She put me through hell by lying to me. She never loved me at all – she said it was all a joke, that I was clueless!�
“Keep telling yourself that, Oil. But you know the truth and so do I. You love the girl but you’re also afraid of your feelings for her. She got too close to you and you’re scared. Well, honey, you’re a grown man now and you have to face your feelings. Do you really want to spend your life in anger or do you want to be happy?� Pim asked. She kissed his head. “I have to go speak to the doctor. I’ll be right back,�
Oil barely heard her leave. He was thinking too much about what she had just said. Was his grandmother right? Maybe he was just finding reasons to be mad at Kob, thus keeping them from being fully happy. It was true that he wanted her – sometimes to a point that it scared him. Was he a fool for loving her or for believing her? He really had to think these things through. It only took him a few seconds to come to his answer. He would rather spend a lifetime with Kob, a fool in her trap, than live the rest of his life without her.

“Where is she?� Oil asked his housekeeper.
“She’s gone, sir,� The housekeeper said. “But she left you this,� She handed Oil a sealed envelope.
Oil took the envelope with shaking hands. Too scared to open the envelope at that moment, he slowly made his way up the stairs and into their bedroom. He went to sit on the bed. Taking a deep breath, he looked down at the white sealed envelope in his hand. Slowly, he opened the letter.
“Oil, by the time you read this, I’ll be half a world away. But don’t worry; I’ll gladly sign the divorce papers when you file them. Just give the papers to my parents and they’ll send them to me.
“I know that you think that I’m running away and you’re right. I am running. I’d rather not see you again, knowing that you’ll only look at me with hatred in your eyes. You are right in your assessments of me. I was not the victim. You were. I am sorry that I got you into this marriage. I had thought that you felt the same for me, but, obviously, you did not. You did not love me the way that I love you.
“It was my fault for your getting shot. I will remember that always…carry the guilt with me always. But it gives me some closure knowing that you are healed. I’ll remember you always, the good times and the bad.
“I love you, Oil. And part of loving someone is to be able to let them go. If the only way for you to be happy is for me to be out of your life, then I’ll do it. I wish you all the best in life. I hope you find a woman who you love and will love you back. I’ll always remember you and love you, but you don’t have to remember that…you don’t have to remember me at all. Just let me be a bad dream…Kob.�
Oil clutched the paper to his chest. He looked to the head of the bed and saw a framed photo of them on their wedding day. With the pain in his chest escalating, he reached over to snatch the picture frame. His fingers shook as he slowly touched Kob’s face. She looked so beautiful in the gown, but her eyes…her blue eyes looked sad. He looked at himself in the photo and noticed the anger in him. Oil slammed the frame into the bed viciously. He silently cursed himself a thousand names.
What have I done, he screamed at himself. He loved her…he loved her so much. But she didn’t know that. She thought that he despised her. And, he didn’t blame her. He had done nothing but yell at her. He had made her feel unwanted when it was actually the opposite. He had spent hours in the hospital waiting to see her. When she did arrive, he only screamed and degraded her and made it difficult for her to apologize to him.
“Kob, what have I done?� Oil spoke, his voice harsh with tears. The last time that she had left him, she had returned in three weeks. He doubted that she would return this time. He remembered clearly that she had reprimanded him for not going after her. She had felt unloved…he had made her feel unloved. After all, he hadn’t gone after his own wife. Instead, he had stayed to look after Rinlanee. He shook his head now, imagining how she must have felt. Then, after trying to beg her forgiveness, he had smothered her with his attention. Not a month later he had accused her of betraying him. When, in fact, it was he who had betrayed her. He had broken her heart endless times. And she had forgiven him all those times. Would she forgive him this time?
“I’m going to damn well try to get her forgiveness!� Oil shouted with renewed determination.
He spent the next hour begging his in-laws to tell him where Kob was. Then, he quickly made reservations to Hawaii while packing his clothes. Not three hours after receiving Kob’s letter, Oil was on a plane to win back the most important thing in his life


sarNie Egg
Chapter Eighteen

With a stick in her hand, Kob made her way onto the beach. Kob sighed at the feel of the warm, squishy sand between her toes. Smiling, she dragged the stick in the sand as she as walked down the deserted beach. She breathed in the fresh ocean air and placed a hand over her eyes to block the sun as she peered towards the horizon. She squealed in delight at the view. The sun shined brightly over her head, its rays kissing her skin. The sand was white compared to the blue of the ocean. The water was such a clear blue that it was easy to see the bottom of the ocean.
Throwing the stick away, she ran into the water. She didn’t even bother lifting her skirt before rushing into the water. She gasped in reaction to the cold water against her skin. She laughed, splashing the cold water with her hands. She looked around and saw no one. She was on a beautiful beach and she had no one to share it with. She was alone on the beach…like she was in life…truly and utterly alone. Slowly her laughter increased to one of pure hysteria. It wasn’t long before all that was visible to her were tears. Her laughter stopped then.
She sank into the water, falling to her knees. She stared straight ahead towards the horizon, wishing she was there…where the ocean touched the sky. Maybe there, she could find what she had always wanted…unconditional love. Slowly, she shook her head, telling herself that there was no such thing. In all of her twenty-four years, she had always had to work for love. From her parents to her cousins, she had had to work at gaining their love and trust. She had gone to law school for her father because he had wanted to show off his child prodigy. For her fashion designer mother, she had changed her appearance to become more feminine and stylish. She had wrestled her male cousins, beating most of them at boxing. For her female cousins, she listened to their girl talk about men and makeup. With Oil, she had thought that he had loved her for her, not wanting her to change anything about herself. But he hadn’t and he had made it perfectly clear by his distrust in her.
He doesn’t love me, Kob thought. But, at least, he’ll be happy now. He won’t ever have to see me again. I’ll never see him, ever. With that thought stuck in her head, she buried her face in her hands. Her shoulders shook with the force of her tears. She was never going to see him again. He never wanted to see her again.
“I tried to win you back once before, Kob. Will you allow me to try again?� An achingly tender voice said behind her.
Kob gasped for air as she tried to stop her tears. She barely heard the words, but she recognized the voice. Breathing heavily, she slowly turned around. Standing less than five feet away was Oil.
Without thinking of the consequences, Kob did the first thing that came to mind. She jumped out of the water and ran to him. Not waiting for permission, she launched herself into his arms. She clung to his neck and held onto him tightly.
Oil hugged her wet body to his, practically squeezing the life out of her. He buried his face into her hair, breathing in her distinctive scent.
“Please, don’t say anything. Just let me have this, Oil. I just want to imagine that you are hugging me back…that you came because you wanted to see me and not to ask me for a divorce. Let me just imagine that you came because of me…because you missed me…because you can’t live without me.� Kob said into his ear. “I love you, Oil. I’m sorry for getting your life entangled with mine. But I’ll make it up to you, I promise. I’ll give you a divorce. I’ll be out of your life forever. You won’t ever have to see me again…but for now, just let me hold you, touch for the last time…� Kob’s voice gradually became lower and lower with every breath. Her arms around Oil’s neck also became weaker.
“Kob?� Oil lifted his head to stare down at her face. He immediately became alarmed at the paleness of her skin. He smoothed a hand over her forehead. It felt like he was touching hot coals. “Oh, no,� Oil bent down to lay her on the sand. He felt the pulse at her neck. It was faint. “No, no,� He moved to lift her into his arms. It was at that moment that he noticed the blood on the skirt of her dress. He touched her body for injuries and found none.
“What’s wrong with me?� Kob asked, her voice weak. She lifted her blue eyes to Oil. “I feel so weak, Oil. And my stomach really hurts. Why do I feel like something’s dripping between my legs?� Kob let loose an agonizing scream. She looked down and saw the blood on her dress. “Oh, no! The baby!� She let out another scream as she felt a cramping in her stomach. The pain brought tears to her eyes.
Oil pushed his shock aside to focus on her. He lifted her into his arms and ran quickly to the house. “It’s okay, it’s okay,� He kept whispering to her. Once in the house, Oil laid her on the couch. He ran to get some towels which he placed between her legs.
“I—I’m so sorry, Oil. I—I never wanted you to find out like this—“ Kob screamed so loud Oil thought his eardrums would break. Then she fell unconscious.
He stared down at his wife’s face and saw a tear fall on her cheek. The single tear was followed by many more hot droplets. And they were coming from him. He was crying over his wife’s pain and for what he had told her in the hospital. It had occurred the day before she had left him.

“Are you back again? I told you that I don’t want to see you,� Oil said to her.
“I don’t care, Oil. I am your wife and I will take care of you,� Kob kissed his cheek before preparing the food into a tray for him.
“What’s the matter with you?� Oil asked, noticing her face turning green.
“Nothing,� Kob said, holding her stomach. She moved to the window and cracked one open, letting fresh air into the room.
“Are you sure?� Oil inquired.
“I’m fine, thank you,� Kob turned to grin at him. “Why all the concern for me? Am I breaking you down?�
“No! Never!� He denied vehemently. “I just don’t want to find out that you’re pregnant with my child. You’re the last woman I want to be carrying my offspring.�
Kob’s face fell immediately. “Oh,� She turned her back on him so he wouldn’t see her expression. “Well, you never took any precautions,� She pointed out to him.
“I wasn’t thinking clearly then. You were new and different. Now that I’ve had you already, I have not use for you.� Oil lied. “I never want to find out that you’re carrying my baby, Kob.�
“Don’t worry, you won’t,� Kob replied quietly.
“Good,� Oil said.

Oil rocked his wife’s body back and forth in his grief. It took him a while to realize that she had stopped miscarrying. When he did, he slowly laid her head against a pillow. He removed the bloody towels from between her legs and went to discard them. He then carried Kob into the bathroom. There, he proceeded to take of their clothes and wash them. After he was finished, he dried off her body and took her to bed. He kissed her forehead before leaving her room, his mind already plotting on how he would make his amends.

Chapter Nineteen

“No! No!� Kob cried out in her sleep.
Oil awoke instantly at the sound of her voice. He looked down at Kob, who was snuggled against his side. “Kob? What’s wrong?� He asked her.
“My baby! Oh, please, don’t take my baby away from me!� Kob tossed her head back and forth, tears streaming down her cheeks.
“It’s okay, Kob. Everything’s going to be fine,� Oil tried soothing her, hugging her body tighter to his. He rubbed his head against hers, trying his best to comfort her.
“No it’s not! Everything is not going to be fine!� Kob shouted, her body arching in fury. “I’ve lost everything! Oil hates me! He can’t stand me! My parents are disappointed in me! And, now, I’ve lost the only link between me and Oil. I’ve lost our baby. I have no one! No one!� Kob’s cries overtook her, causing her body to shake uncontrollably.
“No, baby, that’s not true—I’m here. Oil’s here,� He said, rolling over to lie on top of her. It took a while before he could stop her shaking body.
Kob shook her head at him, her eyes still closed. “No, no—Oil’s not here. He hates me! He hates me!�
“No! Kob! Look at me!� Oil shouted at her, holding his face between his hands. “Baby, wake up, wake up!�
Kob stopped her struggling immediately. She opened her eyes, which were still dazed, and gazed up at him. “I must be dreaming,� She said, her eyes glistening with tears.
“Why would you think that?� Oil asked, his eyes focusing intently on her face. He had totally forgotten the fact that she was naked under the sheets. Now the only thing that separated their bodies was his boxers.
“You’re not real,� Kob said, reaching up to touch his cheek. “You wouldn’t be holding me like this if it was really you.� She shook her head slowly, her eyes still on him. “You’re not real. You don’t know about the baby. You’re not mad at me. You love me…� She sighed at the last statement. She was caressing his face now. “I love you, Oil. I’m so glad you came to get me.� Kob reached up, simultaneously pulling his head down, and kissed him.
At the first contact of her lips on his, Oil became rigid. “Don’t, Kob. You shouldn’t,� He said, pulling away from her.
Kob laughed hysterically. “This is pathetic! Even in my own dream, you don’t want me. That’s just great,� Her laughter halted abruptly as she sobered up. “You never wanted me,�
“No, no, I want you, Kob.� Oil said. “But we can’t. You just had a miscarriage,�
“That’s okay; you don’t have to make excuses.� Kob turned her face away from him. “Even in my dream, I can’t make you love me…I guess it’s just like the song says,� Her voice became a whisper as she starting singing, “…I can’t make you love me if you don’t…� Her voice cracked as tears poured slowly from her eyes, her heart breaking all the more with every word.
Oil looked at her in frustration. He didn’t want to hurt her by making love to her. But he was hurting her anyway by not doing it. Then he realized what he had to do. He could still give her pleasure without having to hurt her. Smiling, he leaned down to kiss her ear. “I do want you, Kob. Let me show you how much…� He began to nibble on her neck as he slowly began to make love to her with his hands and mouth.
Oil had to take a cold shower after he cuddled Kob to sleep. He slipped quietly out from her arms, tiptoed into the bathroom and turned the cold water on. He shivered in reaction to the cold but, still, he stayed under the stream until his arousal went away. That had to be the hardest and most unselfish thing he had ever done. He had pushed aside his need for release to give her pleasure. He had shown her, through his actions, how much he loved her. He only hoped that she remembered it in the morning.

The sun was shining brightly into the room, causing Kob to awaken. She blinked at the brightness before turning around. She bumped into a huge sleeping form.
“Oil?� She gasped in surprise.
Oil cracked open one eye and smiled, pulling her into his arms. “Good morning, beautiful,� He kissed her temple, sighing in contentment.
“What are you doing in my bed?� She asked, shocked.
“Sleeping, what else does it look like?� Oil answered, rubbing his head against her hair. “Go back to sleep,�
Kob felt his hand on her bare waist. She sat up, shocked. “I’m naked!� She gasped.
“Yes, you are,� Oil said, staring at her exposed body. He grinned at her.
Kob gasped again, pulling the sheet to cover her nude body. Her cheeks turned bright red with embarrassment. “Who said you could sleep in my bed?�
“There’s only one bedroom in this place. Where else was I going to sleep?� Oil leaned up and propped himself on his shoulder.
She almost forgot what they were talking about—he looked so good with his hair tousled from sleep. His eyes were heavy-lidded and his lips looked extra full. Kob had a hard time swallowing as she tried to regain her composure. “Ah…well…you could’ve slept on the couch,� She said lamely.
Oil sat up and pulled her into his arms, hugging her body from behind. “But I couldn’t just let you sleep alone,�
“What are you doing?� Kob asked, confused. She wanted to stay in his arms but at the same time, she didn’t. She didn’t want to risk bring her hopes up only to see them dashed away. Her mixed emotions and sense of loneliness proved too much for her. She burst into tears so abruptly that she shocked herself.
“Kob!� Oil said in alarm. He turned her around in his arms. He pulled her hands away from her face. Oil cupped her face in his hands, forcing her to look at him. He gulped at the sight of her eyes, glittering with tears. “Don’t, please don’t cry, Kob. I can’t stand the sight of your tears anymore. It’s like a knife in my heart because I know that I caused you those tears.� Oil paused as he had to clear his throat. Lovingly, he looked at her face, his fingers shaking slightly as they wiped away her tears. “I don’t ever want to see you cry again, Kob. Please, don’t ever cry unless they’re tears of joy.� His voice was extremely urgent, yet tender at the same time. “I love you, Kob. I love you so much.�
Kob blinked at his words. She shook her head in disbelief, not wanting to hope. “What did you say?�
“I don’t want you to cry ever again, Kob,� Oil said, his thumbs rubbing her temples, his eyes gazing lovingly into hers.
“No, the part after that,� Kob said.
“I love you, Kob. I love you. You weren’t dreaming last night when I made love to you. I’m sorry you lost the baby, but I promise that we’ll have more.� Oil kissed her eyebrows. “I will live for the rest of my life to make you happy. I want to see your blue eyes light up with joy. I want to hear your wonderful laughter. I even want to hear you lecture your students to death. But even more, I want you to love me. I want you to spend the rest of your life with me and our children…� As Oil spoke, he kissed her. A peck on her eyes, a peck on her cheekbone, a peck on her forehead. Finally, though, he reached her lips. “Will you forgive me and grant a poor, stupid man another chance to spend the rest of his life with the woman that he adores?�
Kob’s lips opened in awe, her face becoming brighter. “Yes, yes! Oil, I do.� She barely got the words out before Oil wrapped his arms tightly around her, lifting her out of the bed at the same time. Kob squealed in delight beneath his mouth as her husband spun her around the room.
“Thank you! Thank you!� Oil said over and over again, alternating his gratitude of words of love.
“I love you, Oil. Don’t ever let me leave you again,� Kob said, hugging tightly to her husband.
“I won’t,� Oil said, lifting his head to stare her deeply in her eyes. “From now on, you’re going to be chained to my side, forever,�
“Forever,� Kob promised, returning his kiss. For the first time, she felt her heart expand in pure pleasure.
“As much as I’d love to stay here and kiss you, we can’t. First of all, your body isn’t fully healed yet, and secondly, our guests will arrive soon,� Oil carried his wife into the bathroom and turned on the water. “You take a shower, I’ll be back soon.� He kissed her again. “I love you,�
“I love you, too,� Kob said. “Where are you going?�
“Don’t you worry,� Oil said, leaving her to shower in the bathroom.
Kob found a long white dress lying on her bed after she got out of the shower. She went to look at it and found a note next to it. She laughed after reading it. Oil had told her not to wear any underwear beneath the dress. And that he loved her. She practically squealed when she finally had the dress on. The silky fabric felt so smooth against her skin. Before leaving the room, she checked her reflection in the mirror. She gasped in pleasure at her appearance. The white dress clung to her body, showing off all of her curves. Her hair was loose and shiny as it fell down her back. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes bright with happiness.
“Kob, you look beautiful,� Ploy said once Kob came out of the bedroom. She handed her a small bouquet of white and pink calla lilies.
“What are you doing here?� Kob said, accepting the flowers.
“A special request,� Ploy kissed her cousin. “Your groom is waiting,� Ploy gestured towards the open door.
Kob gave her a funny look but she walked outside. She gasped at what awaited her. Her family and friends were waiting for her outside. They were all grinning and holding small bottles of bubble soap. She grinned at them, waving. Suddenly, the crowd parted. Oil walked through the crowd, looking quite handsome in casual white slacks and matching buttoned shirt that he left untucked. He was also barefoot, like she was. He smiled when he saw her.
“You look beautiful, wife,� He said, extended a hand to her.
“You don’t look bad either, husband,� Kob answered, accepting his offered hand.
Oil led her onto the sand, whistling. At once, the crowd surrounded the couple and music played. Their family and friends began to blow bubbles over them. Oil twirled her around before pulling her into his arms.
“What is all this?� Kob asked.
“This is our wedding reception. Since the first one was so bad, I wanted to make it up to you,� Oil answered, dipping her body.
Kob squealed in delight. “Thank you,� She said, tears in her eyes now.
“What’s wrong?� Oil asked. “Please don’t cry,�
Kob shook her head. “No, they’re happy tears. You don’t know how much I needed this,�
“Trust me, Kob, I do. I needed this too,� Oil leaned down and kissed her lips softly. “I love you, Kob Suttikamol. I promise to make you happy for the rest of your life. I will cherish you, adore you, but most of all, love you. I want to see you pregnant with our children. I want to see you scare your students when you lecture them. I want you to try to kick my ass in kickboxing…� He said.
“Hey! I will kick your butt!� Kob said indignantly.
“I know, I know.� Oil kissed her hand. “I just want to see you do everything, Kob. Thank you for allowing a poor fool like me another chance at happiness. I love you so much and I don’t ever want you to doubt me ever,�
Kob nodded. “I believe you, Oil. I love you too. You’ve made me the happiest woman on earth,�
“And, I am the luckiest man,� Oil said, kissing her still.
Kob laughed suddenly. “You know, you’ve ruined my reputation. I’m not longer the Beast,�
“Yeah, I, Oil Thana Suttikamol, have tamed the Beast.� Oil sighed dramatically. “I will surely go down in history,�
“You did not tame the Beast!� Kob hit him playfully on his shoulder.
“Yes, I did,� Oil grabbed her hands in his. “It’s all right. You can tame the Beast later,� His eyes moved to his pants, his smile devilish.
“Ugh!� Kob gasped, her face red.
Oil wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her. Kob threw her arms around her husband’s neck and returned his kissed wholeheartedly. Finally, she had found unconditional love and it was with the last person she had thought she could find it with. Her husband, who had stolen her promotion, kicked her butt, and, finally, had captured her heart. Just like she had his.

The end….


sarNie Granny
love love love this...you are a really great writer....oil and kob are awesome...thanks...i totally see this being a thai lakorn....^^

love how you put other actors/actresses in there (Tik Jesadaporn, Num, Chai,....)


sarNie Adult
yep i read this when it was posted back in the days....i just read it twice again within these two days.....i had nothing better to do....lolz.....more like killing time at work by reading.....lolz


sarNie Adult
I loved this....it was a wonderful story, filled with passion, drama, everything you want in a good story!!!!!!! You got some talent my dear and I hope you post more of your stuff soon!!!!!!!!


sarNie Adult
I remember reading this story back in the days. It one of the great fanfic back then. I wonder who wrote "The Guardian" w/ Oil and Kob, that was a good one too but the writer never got to finish it. I thought this fanfic ended perfectly, so there will be a sequel? Hmm...wonder what it would be about. Will Kob have a baby beast?


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Great ending....thx for the story. it was really good. BY the way, what happened to Num and what about Kob's twin sister who was kidnapped?Did you forget to mention them? Anyways, thx again. :blush: