Taew, Best & Pancake Presenter of Yves Rocher


sarNie Coma
taews sooo pretty! the new haircut looks nice on her. not to mention, she has such a sweet smile. her and pancake kinda look alike


Staff member
lol i thought that to for a bit hehe..

i love taew's smile it's so cute.. :wub:

was best also one?


sarNie Adult
yeah, teaw stood out against all... this girl is so beautiful and fresh...


Expired Sarnie
I never think best is cute or pretty...hate her...anyway everyone else look pretty except for her...
I don't hate her, but she's a horrible actress and I don't find her attractive or cute either.

Taew is getting skinner and skinner every time I see her. But she has a gorgeous friendly smile that I just love.

Pancake looks pale, it could be the makeup or she needs to take a vacation.