Taeng Yan Neung Pi kaung Rao (Our 1 year Marriage) Ch.10 Updated 12.9.12


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Here's the teaser

(Was it right to marry him)​
Mark: Will you marry me​
Mint: Ka…..​
Man: Will you take this wife to be yours​
Mark: Yes​
Man: And Mint do you take-​
Mint: Yes (she blurted out)​
Mark: what are you scared off​
Mint: Your not covered​
Mark; Your gonna have to get use to it​
Mark: Let's make this night ours​
Mint; Ours​
Mark: Chai.​
(Until his pass comes to huant him again)​
Mark: what are you really trying to do​
Kimberly: Ruin your life​
Mint: You had an affair?​
Mark: Mint i didn't-​
Mint: You lied to me​

(Searching the room and found mails and child support )​

Mint: What is this​
Mark: Mint-​
Mint: You have a child Mark​
Mark: Mint this is my child Gino​
Mint: (she smiled and bended down to him) Hi i'm Mint​
Gino: Your not my mom​
Mint: (She smiled) Though i'm not, we can still work things out na​
Both Gino and Mint were in the kitchen, he was sitting on the watching Mint making cupcake, he grabbed the whip cream can and sprayed a little whipe cream on her​

and laughed, Mint looked up at him)​

Mint: You think this is funny (Gino shook his head yes) Your not the only one who's gonna have fun​

(she grabbed the other can as both of them sprayed each other, Mark came in)​

Mark; What are you guys doing​

(Both gino and Mint looked at each other and started to spray Mark)​

Mark: Stop stop. ok ka​

(he grabbed a can and joined in to)​
Gino: Mae mai mi rak gun (aka: My mom doesn't love me at all)?​
Mint: Though your mom don't love you, i still love you na.​
Gino: what do you mean​
Mint: Let me be your new mom that will love you forever na, Mae sak yan (aka: Mom promise)​
Mark: Though theres good or bad thing in our marriage promise me will make it together na​
Mint: I promise ka​
Gino: I love you mom​
Mint: (she smiled) Mae rak tur na​
Kimberly: Gino you love her more then your real mom (Kimberly walking in)​
Gino: Mae​
Kimberly: How dare you do this to my son making him love you​
Gino: Mom don't do anything to her na​
(Kimberly grabbed her son and started spanking him as Mint grabbed Gino away)​
Mint: Why are you abusing your own kid hah?​
(Kimberly slapped her)​
Gino: MAE (Gino cried out)​
(Mint then slapped Kimberly back)​
Kimberly: Your coming with me Gino​
Mint: Don't take him away​
Gino: Mae ka​
Mark; Kimberly don't do that na​
Kimberly: she's the reason my son died Mark​
Mark: no it's not Kimberly​
(Pointing the out to Mint as Mark blocked her and Kimberly shot Mark)​
Kimberly: MARK!!!!!!!!​
Mint; Please…… after Gino's funeral, I'm gonna file for divorce.​
Mark:I won't let you divorce me Mint​
Mint; I lived enough with pain, losing the best child I've ever met​
Mark: What about me mint?​
mint: Though wear not together, I promise i'll never forget what we had and how powerful our love was? I Love You Mark​
Mark: Mint please…….​
Mint: Goodbye?​


sarNie Egg
Chapter 8:​

Yaya was left alone with her husband Nadech in the store. Still standing there like a dummy just smiling at her.​

"Owww. What are you waiting for? I'm hungry? Hurry,hurry" Yaya rushed Nadech to her. He just smiled and went to her with the bags of food.​

"Hungry?" Nadech asked Yaya. "Mak" She replied back.​

Nadech laughed along with Yaya to. He setted up the food for the both of them. There were Deserts,Chips,Fruits, everything Yaya liked. As Yaya was​

still in her good mood, she then snapped out of it. She looked at Nadech "Why are you doing this now?" Yaya asked Nadech.​

Nadech sighs and puts the fork down, he turned around and got up walking away to the clear glass window. He puts one hand​

on the window leaning his forehead on the glass window. "Poom mai roo, mi neung mai mi arai row waung roo ni ka not ni"​

(Aka: I don't know? There's like nothing between us now)​

Yaya was hurt, hurt so much that she felt like she would just die right now. In front of him. "Khun mai day rak chan, ek thock bay, chai mai?"​

(Aka: You don't love me anymore, Right?)​

Yaya said walking up to him putting her hand on his shoulder. Nadech turned around to face her. "Mai jing?" Nadech said.​

Nadech: Chan Yan Rak Khun (I still love you) It's just that I-I still need time​






Yaya then stopped, and was shock..He was right, she was the one who ask him to marry her.​

Yaya walking up to the front desk "Kor Tor Na Ka, Can you give this to P'Nadech" Yaya told the lady working at the front desk.​

"Oh day ka" the lady said yes…..As the lady carried the basket of snacks and food to nadech's office, Yaya was looking through the window.​

Nadech: Thank you​

?: It's ok ka.​

As NAdech was looking through it he saw the note.​

Nadech: Will you marry me, Love Yaya​

Nadech smiled at her note, he look at the suggestion​


as he slightly looked up there he saw Yaya moving away fast hoping he wouldn't see her. He grabbed the pen and circled.​

He walked out and gave her the basket. "Kor for na ka. But i don't like these." he walked back to his office.​

Yaya was left holding the basket. "Owww he didn't even dare to open the bag at all" she then opened the bag to eat it herself.​

When she looked at the note she saw he circled YES. SHE SMILED BIG and ran to Nadech, Nadech turned around as she jumped into his arms.​
~End of flashback~​

"I think i wasted my life with enough, lets divorce by the end of the month Nadech" Yaya said wipping her tears leaving the store.​

"YAYA-YAYA. WAIT" Nadech said, but he didn't dare to leave the store. No one is here to watch.​

Mint was just starring out to space, stirring her milkshake. "Mint-Mint" no mater how much Mark called, Mint didn't look at him. He carefully tapped her​

"Alai?" she said frightened "Are you ok" Mark asked her wiping the cream away from her lips. She smiled at him, telling him she was ok.​

Mark asked what she was thinking of, Mint thought of why Mark was mad in the car, she knew he was, she looked at him firmly. "Why were you has this morning?" Mint said to him​

Mark was shock how did she know, he then pretend to lie "Uh. UH Oh….. no i wasn't mad baby?" he said tying to lie. "Mark don't like to me, I know when your lying, Your​

voice gets high and pitchy" Mint got him there… "Mark" Mark looked at her when she said her name. "It's nothing Mint, Don't worry na" he said smiling like nothing​

happened. "Mark….Don't lie to me? ever since we got married, you been acting weird" Mint said to him.​

Mark: Its nothing Mint why are you so worried.​

Mint: Beacause your my husband.​

Mark: You think i am cheating on you Mint​

Mint: I never said that?​

Mark: Mint don't turn this marriage into a disaster, not now, not tomorrow. Nor never ok. I love you and thats it?​

mark got up from his chair and pulled a chair to sit next to Mint, he puts both his arm around her. "Poom rak khun" he told her sweetly. Mint smiled, wasn't a good one​

but it still cheered Mark on. "I love you to" Mint told him. Mark kissed her cheek. "I wanna go back to work" Mint said to him Mark looked back up to her​

"Thum yan" (aka: Work) Mint shook her head yes. "Owww….You have (He looked at his watch) 45 minutes left..we should (He kissed her neck) go home and"​

Mint pushed him away "Ba" "Dai, later na" Mark said, Mint thn got up as Mark got up to…holding her hand to the car.​

When Mint and Mark entered the store, as they entered the store, Mint saw a tall man figured, smelled so good, he wore white shoes with a white leather jacket a black pants.​

The man turned around slowly, with his shades… Mark was shocked "BRAD PITT" brad smiled "Yes"​

Mark: So nice to see you, you know i am a fan​

Brad: Really​

Mint: Oh yeah he is telling the truth, almost the entire house is filled with your pictures.​

Brad: Nice….​

Mark: What are you doing here?​

Mint walked over to Brad​

Mint: Brad Pitt is going to buy one of my gym stones to bring to American ka.​

Mark: Why didn't you tell me he was coming huh?​

Brad: Oh don't blame your wife…It was a plan to surprise you Mark​

Mark: You know my name to​

Mint: He just happy very happy? Brad​

Brad: I see..​

As soon Janie walked in "Hey-" she looked up and saw Brad "BRAD PITT" she fainted. "Janie" Mint and Mark said.​

Mint: Janie​

Mark: Janie​

Brad: Is she alright​

Mint: She is…she is also a big fan to? Mark carry her to the couch now?​

Mark carried janie to the couch. And went to Brad asap.​

Mint: Go back to Work mark i have work to disscus with Brad​

Mark: No​

He scared Mint with his No.. "I am staying here with You and Mr.Brad​

Mint: Mark​

Brad: It's ok​

Mint: Ok..​

Mint looked at Mark, Mark gave her a face.​

"This green gem stone was found in the cave of Mt.everest, as i discover it..It was once a gem stone made by an ancient Princess that lived 900 years ago​

this gem stone represents the lover she once had, he was poor, her father didn't dare to accept him, so the guy made her this with his bare hand and climb​

up to her room to give it to her, he then was killed by her father, she then married this gem stone with a letter and died in front of her father"​

Mint told the history to Brad…Brad liked it… "I like it, I want this one, how much" he asked Mint "Oh in thailand its 500,000 bht ka, but i will give it to you for 200,000 bht"​

Brad: I will take it ka​

Mark: Mint why not give it to him lower then 200,000 huh?​

Mint: Because this is a ancient history gem why would i huh?​

Brad: She's right Mark, something like this, isn't easy to find.​

Mark: Oh Yes​

Mark looked at her Mint kicked him under the table "Owww" Mark said "Are you ok Mark" Brad asked "I'm fine" Mark said trying to ease the pain.​

Mint: where will you be staying Brad.​

Brad: I don't know yet​

Mark: Our place. we have a guess room​

Mint: Yeah, stay at ours so you won't waste money for a hotel​

Brad: If you guys don't mind then-​

Mark: we don't mind​

Mint: Mark (Mint slapped his arm)​

Brad: Its good that your his wife…He's a big fan I got there​

Mint: Yes.​

Mark: Please welcome to our home.​

As Brad was examine the home he saw many pictures of both of the couple. "You guys are one cute couple" Mark smiled and puts his arm around Mint​

"Well got to know which one is the one for you" Mark said. "Yes, Lucky man, don't lose what you already have ok" "Yes" mark said.​

Mint: Well i will go to bed now…Mark please lead Brad to his room ok​

Mark: Yes My love​

As Mark leaded Brad to the room, he then left Brad alone to his peace. He knew he was being very annoying today. Thinking Brad had enough of him.​

He walked in the room. he saw Mint showering. He then puts himself in his boxer and jumped into bed. As Mint got outt she puts on her gown and saw Mark on the bed.​

"Sleeping already" as she jumped into bed to Mark grabbed her and started kissing her lips. Mint then pushed him off "Ni what are you doing huh?" she said firmly,​

"I told you this afternoon that when we get home we-" "Brad pit is here. Have manners na" Mint said to him. "But-" "Mark" Mark got off of her and laid next to her. Holding her tight​

against his body, "Ok ka, then let me cuddle you then" he said laughing. Mint looked at him smiling as he closed his eyes? Mint them thought?​

Mint: Mark​

Mark: hmmm…​

Mint: When will we have a little one huh?​

Mark opened his eyes and looked at her. The word little one reminded him of his son Gino. "We will, we will Mint" Mark said to her in his soft voice.​


Expired Sarnie
I love this whole Mark-Mint-Kim fiasco lol

I don't know who to hate more, Mark or Kim. Mark for not telling the truth to Mint and for leaving his son behind. Kim for sabotaging a marriage that were purely out of love and using her son as a tool for revenge.


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I love this whole Mark-Mint-Kim fiasco lol

I don't know who to hate more, Mark or Kim. Mark for not telling the truth to Mint and for leaving his son behind. Kim for sabotaging a marriage that were purely out of love and using her son as a tool for revenge.
i cant fault this
i fell so sorry for mint now


This is too good...and yes i do not know who to hate.....Its said how mark left his son behind.....But Kim is like hurting a perfect marriage rite now awwwwwww?


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Chapter 9:​

Next morning Mint woke up to make breakfast for the 2 mens in the house, she saw Brad walking down. "Oh Brad" she said taking off her gloves.​

"Well i am making pancakes and other food before i head off to work," Brad looked at her "Oh thanks no need to do much" he smiled.​

"Oh Brad hi…so when are you like leaving thai." Mark asked Brad "Oh leaving today at noon so yeah" "Oh i will take u there ok."​

As the day went on Mark sent Brad to the airport….Mark had great time with him today at the theaters and the fair today for 5 hours.​

He came home so happy. Mint was sleeping on the couch with a book in her hand. ark took the book and read the title out loud​

"9 Ploy" (aka: The 9 gemstones) He looked down at Mint, and throws the book on the table. He bent down to her level. Feeling her breathe against his, he smiles for bit until his phone rung.​

He then got up fast going out to the front door…..​

Mark: Hello.​

Mint heard him instantly. It was so easy to hear cause the 2 big front door was opened and he was just standing there and the couch was next to the door.​

(On the phone)​

Mark: Give me more time Kim​

Kim: Mai…I told you, the end of the month Gino is coming…​

Mark: Kim…let me have a start with my life Kim​

Kim: I don't care.​

Mark: What kind of mother are you huh?​


Mark: At least i am a good father unlike you Kim.​

When Mint heard those words she got up, from the couch. She sat there looking out at no where. Mark already has a little one of his own, and that is what he meant.​


Mint: Mark​

Mark: Hmmmmm​

Mint: when will we have a little one huh?​

Mark: We will, We will​

~End of flashback~​

He said that because he already had a small one of his own. Mint carefully got up from the couch and stood behind him.​

Mark: What you and me had in Korea was 6 years ago Kim.​

Mark hung up on Kim….As he turned around, there he saw Mint, tears falling off her cheeks to the cement. "Mint'' he said quietly.​

Mint blinked many time. Mint ran away to the room as Mark chased her up the stairs he took hood of her tightly. "Mint it's not what you think."​

Mint: You Lied to me Mark​

Mark: Mint i love you and only.​

Mint: Mark…I already know the truth…I waste the only one you slept with Mark​

Mark: Mint, that women she decided me I was drunk​

Mint: I don't care…I am going?​

Mark: Mint diow.​

Mark ran after her in the room, he stopped her packing and pinned her to the bed. "I am not letting you go anywhere" Mark said to her firmly. "Ploy chan" ''Mai ploy tur''​

Mark: Chan mai ploy​

Mint: Mark I'm your wife​

Mark knew what he was doing was wrong, he couldn't rape his own wife when he already had her. Mark got off of her sitting next to her, Mint sat up, she started to have tears.​

"Mint its'' "why didn't you tell me about this?" Mint blurted out before he can even finish his sentence. "I was scared, scared you won't love me anymore" He said.​

Mint turned to face him "Mark I've had always loved you, but this, the biggest problem of all, AND YOU KEPT OT FROM ME!!!!" Mint yelled at him.​

Not ever Mint ever yelled at him like this before. Mark's heart became hurt, when he started to have tears.​


Mark yelled at her. Mint ripped her tears away and looked at him "You had 6 years to tell me, but no, you decided not to tell me until your kid will show up at our doorsteps"​

Mark looked at her…. "I know i did wrong not to take responsible. I didn't because I wanted to be with you and only." He grabbed both Mint's hand.​

"Mint, Poom nkor tor" He told her, he then pulled her in for a hug, he hugged her tightly didn't want to let her go at all. Mint hugged him tight to, "Who is she?" Mint said while still​

hugging him.​

"She's Kim, the girl that appeared at our wedding" "And she has your child" Mint said​

Mark then pulled her away gently from the hug. "Chai ka"​

Mint: (She blew nose and wipe her tears away) Boy or girl​

Mark: It's a boy, he's 6 years old, his name is Gino, he's a real sweetheart​

Mint giggled a bit. "so when you meant we will have a little one, you meant him" Mint told him facing away. "Mint (putting one hand on her shoulder) Please accept him,''​

Mark asked her, Mint turned to face him, "You have to give me more time na ka." Mint got up and walked out the room grabbing her keys.​

"ALAI NA, THA ROK" Pim said loudly, "Chai ka" Mint said sadly, she sniffed, she looked away, "I just can't believe him, he wants me to accept his child"​

MM(Mint's Mom): Owww honey, divorce.​

Mint: Oww Mae ba…​

Pong: Chai Mae​

MM: Shut up son in law.​

Mint: Mae ka, Chan Rak Mark Jing jing.​

MM: Well honey, why not? Pssss (She crossed her harms) I never really liked him in the first place.​

Mint: MAE!​

As Pim was turning around she saw Mark "Mark" Mint turned to look. She looked at Mark. "I don't want to talk right now Mark" Mint got up and left to her room upstairs. Mark tried​

to follow her but her mother grabbed both his arms and lead him to sit on the couch. "How are you doing son?" "Good Mom" Mark replied to her. He felt​

awkward cause there were 6 eyes looking at him, Pim,Pong, and his mother in law. "Mae-" "No-No-NO Son," MM stopped him. "Mae ka let me talk to him" Pong said.​

Pong and Mark went to the back where the big pool was. "What is it?" Mark said madly.​

Pong: I heard​

Mark: Heard what?​

Pong: Oww your child.​

Mark grabbed Pong and Pong grabbed him, "Look i don't approve of you to be with my sister-in-law," Mark pushed him away. "It has nothing to do with you so don't inter fear with us"​

Mark said. Mark then lifted him and went up to Mint's room. as he opened her door he saw her laying on her tummy on the bed the pillow under her chin facing the window.​

"Did he leave Mom," Mint said when she heard the door opened, "No," Mint turned around to see who it was, Her husband. H ran to hug her tight. Mint struggle to get out. But couldn't.​

"Mint let me hug you," "No, I am mad, leave me alone" she tried to get out but he then hugged her onto the bed as he pinned her down, "Mint I am sorry"​

Mint: Get of of me now​

She said softly. Mark stared at her eyes, Mint did the same to him, they both couldn't resist each others yes. Mint was so into his eyes she forgot everything that had happened.​

Mark leaned in closer, as he kissed her, he then started to kiss her neck, Mint then took off his shirt gently Mark was so into having it with her again he accidentally RIPPED her shirt​

"Oww" Mint said "I' am sorry" he laughed, Mint laughed to, Mark then lifted the covers, as he sticked inside of her, Mint enjoyed it. Mark then whispered to her,​

"If you want a little one of our own, lets make one today" Mint smiled and said "Ka."​

"Mae ka, where is Gino" Kim said to her mom while taking off her shoes. "Oh he's sleeping already,"​

Kim got mad, "Mae, I told you when he comes back from american he's need to pack and go to his fathers" she said madly. "Honey but he took a 10 hour plane here, he needs rest"​

"I don't care mom," Kim went upstairs and woke up her son by yelling at him "Mae ka, chan mai bai mae, chan kol lao" he begged and cried to his mother but kim didn't care at all.​

Kim pushed him in the car, and puts his stuff in the car, she lived in Lumpang and Mark and them lived him Bangkok, it will be a 11 hour drive there.​

Mark and Mint were already home sweet home by there selves…Mint thought to herself, maybe she should give it a try. Mark sat next to her, "what are you thinking"​

Mark asked her, Mint turn to face his pure tannish white face, she leaned in to his chest and cuddle him, as mark carefully cuddle her and laid down on the couch.​

"Dai ka, I will give it a try" Mint told him, Mark giggle a little, "Thank you" Mark told her, Mint was happy, at least the house won't be so quiet now. She thought of something and got​

up fast. Standing on both her feet. "Mark, come on" she pulled him up, "what?" "When is he coming"​

Mint wanted to know so badly "Tomorrow why?" "Lets go shopping…I've always wanted to go shopping for a kid and now i do come on." Mint pulled Mark as Mark just laughed and went​

along with her, they went to the mall, the furniture store the kids store everywhere, when they spent over 200,000 bht. They needed a truck to carried all there stuff.​

Mark was so tired he then fell right asleep on the couch. "Mark, we have to set the room up come on" "Oww no, I am so tired from shopping."​

Mint didn't care so she just pulled him, "Owwwwww" Mark said "Don't be a baby" Mint told him.​

It took them 5 hours to paint the room blue, and 3 hours to set up the bed and clothe and everything. Mark looked at the clock "Owww Mint its 4am, lets go to sleep."​

"You can, I am still preparing, wow do you have pictures of him," Mint asked him "I do in my room, i will go get them," "Good i bought frames hurry"​

Mark hurried to there room to grab the box of pictures. And handed them to Mint, Mint was looking through them, the first one was when he was born at the hospital, and the second one was​

when he took his first step, and the 3rd was his first time watching baby Gino at 2 months, and when all his birthdays, "father like son, Narak ka" Mint told him. Mark smiled.​

"Lets go to bed, you can hang and frame these later na" Mark told her "Ka," Mint lifted the pictures on the bed and her and Mark went to bed in there ROOM.​

Mark hit the alarm off, he turned around to cuddle Mint but Mint wasn't there. He then turned the other wy and Mint was right in his face and scared him.​

Mint: Did i scare you​

Mark: Yes honey.​

Mint: Get up and go frame the pictures, I will set food for him na​

Mark: Ka.​

Mint went downstair to get food ready for her,him, and the new coming little boy. When Mark was in Gino's room, he saw Kim's car "Kim"​

He went down stair fast.​


Kim got out her car, and pulled Gino out,​

Gino: Mae ka. I want to go back home mom​

Kim: But i don;t want you right now​

Gino: MOM!!!!!​

Kim: GINO SHUT UP!!!!​

Kim was gonna spank him but Mark pulled him away "why are you so abusive huh? He's only 6" Mark said angrily​

"because he's annoying, annoying since the day he came into this world." "KIM THIS IS YOUR CHILD" Mark said to her, "Paw, don't agure with mom" Gino cried.​

Kim: Goodbye​

Kim got into her car and left, Gino was crying wanting to go back home where his mom and grandma was. Mark bent down to his level, and wipe his tears away.​

"Don't cry baby, Dad is here na, If you cry (wiping his tears) you won't look handsome" Mark told him softly "Paw" Gino hugged Mark tightly.​

"Don't cry baby, Dad's here" Mark kissed his son cheek while they were still hugging.​


Expired Sarnie
I am going to do a spin-off on your fan fiction if you don't mind.


sarNie Egg
Chpater 10:​

Mark pulled him away telling him everything is alright. He told him to be a big boy, Gino then wipe his tears away. Mark took his hand and walked him in the house.​

Mint came down the stairs and saw the both of them, Mint smiled at the little boy, he had sweet eyes and a cute hair style, he wore black shorts long to his knees and​

a black t-shirt that said National New York Academy. Mint walked up to them "Mint meet my son Gino Suparat" Mint smiled at him and bent down.​

Mint: Hi there (she said friendly)​

Gino: Your not my mom​

Mint looked up to Mark, Mark eyebrowed her. Mint sighs and looked back at the little boy that was standing close to his father.​

"I know i am not your mother, but we cam make things work na" Mint smiled at the end of her sentence. Gino faked a smile. Mint puts one hand on her shoulder and asked him​

if he would like to go make some cupcakes with her. Gino smiled big and said Kab. He loved to bake, mostly with his grandpa, before he passed away. "Then lets go, take off your back-pack​

and give it to your dad na" Gino then took off his back-pack and gave it to his father, and walked to the kitchen that was just right there. "Take his stuff and hang it in his room"​

Mint told Mark.​

As Mint was putting the doe in the cup cake holder, Gino carefully took the whipe cream and sprayed Mint on the cheek. He laughed. Mint stopped and looked at him angrily .​

"You think thats funny" Mint said to him. Gino was scared but said Yes. "Dai, if you want to, because your not the only one who's gonna have fun" she took the can of whip cream​

and started spraying Gino as they played. Mark came in loudly "What are you guys doing?" Mint and Gino looked at each other.​

"SPRAY" THEY both went up to spray Mark as Mark was blocking himself "Dai, I will join to" Mark grabbed a can and started playing along with them until there was no more whipe​

cream in any can. "dad i am all sticky now" he laughed. Mark laughed to, it was great seeing his son again, "Gino how bout you go up to your room and take a shower, MArk go with him"​

Mint said. "Go take a quick shower so i can read you a bed time story" Mint smiled "Bed time story" Gino said sadly. int and Mark looked at him.​

Mark: does mom read you a story​

Gino: mom never reads me a story. All she does is agure with grandma and leave.​

Mint looked at Mark, Mark didn't knew Kim was this mean of a mother, If he knew she did this, he could've took him in the first place.​

"Gino, let's go, Mint will read you a story ok." Mark carried Gino to his room.​

After reading Gino a bed time story he knocked out like that. Mint then went to her room where Mark was. "How is he?"​

"Asleep" Mint said jumping onto the bed. Mark cuddle her in, Mint hearing his heart beat through his chest. "He so adorable?" Mint said.​

Mark: Please, he got all those look from his father​

Mint: (she giggled) but the child is way cuter then the father​

Mark: What? No way, look i love the little boy but no way he can beat my looks hahahahaha​

Mint: Ok, let you win this time. (Paused) What did he mean by aguring with his grandma Mark?​

Mark didn't know what to say, he knew Kim was a striper in korea, she ran away from her family in thailand to live in korea.​

Mark: Ever since Kim came back to thai land, her mother was very upset with her, she blamed me for raping her when i didn't​

Mint: Then what did you do?​

Mark: I don't know, I went to korea that day, and i went to the club to get my stress out. Then i met her at the bar stand, she gave me a cup of wine and I was drunk so, she said​

she will take me to a hotel, so i got into her car, but the next morning, there she was laying next to me. She told me i rape her, But i wouldn't do that until i found what was in​

my body that time.​

Mint: which was?​

Mark: The doctor said, before getting drunk, i had already drink'in a thing that makes boys wanna have sex with a girl badly.​

Mint then stared away from him. "And thats how she became pregnant?" mint said softly.​

Mark: Mint you know i am really sorry for what i done 6 years ago.​

Mint: Chan kow chai? You didn't know that Kim was gonna do that. And you didn't know she was gonna become pregnant.​

Mark: And most importantly, I didn't want to lose you?​

He tapped her nose, Mint smiled, "I'm happy to have you here right now Mark?" Mark smiled and kissed her head. "Me to Mint."​

* To lazy to finish so i will make this as chapter 10 hehehe enjoy.​


sarNie Egg
Chapter 11 spoiler:​

(This chapter will be all about Yadech ka)​

?: Please sign​

Yaya looked at Nadech, she picked up the pen, she could't do it? she held the pen for at least 2 minutes until she made the move to sign her name​

Urassaya Sperbund. It was Nadech's turn. He looked at Yaya, trying to keep her tears in. Nadech picked up the pen but didn't write.​

"I am not divorcing" He said to Yaya. "Why not? We don't have anything anymore, you don't love me"​

Nadech: I never said i didn't love you.​

He pulled her in for a​


Gubgib: Hey this is a 800,000 dollar car, you dumb fawn​

Mario: I don't care​



Mint: Yaya are you alright?​

yaya: I am alright.​

she said wiping away the puke.​

Mint: Yaya do you think your pregnant​

yaya looked at Mint "Pregnant" Yaya said.​


Expired Sarnie
No!!!! Don't divorce Yadech, my heart will break.

And thank you for allowing me to write a fanfiction base on yours.




sarNie Egg
Hello so i am back pple' srry that i been gone for such an long ass time. My old account was locked and i been busy with school and exams and stuff having family vacations and stuff and didn't have much time for drama's nor my fanfic. So i will be writing soon na.