Sufun Nirondon(Who & Who)


sarNie Adult
I'm really looking foward to this but I'm a little bummed that most of it deals with the past, ie mew and nok's relationship while willy's and mew is second to that. Their reunion for me isn't as exciting as I hoped for but still, somethings better than nothing. OT but from the wrap party, yelly and willy are preggars again! I'm really happy for them and hopefully this time around they go through the pregnancy with little if no complications.


sarNie Coma
pix from p'kais webboard. since they already finish filming we should be seeing it real soon!..

mews so purdy. willy got even bigger then before



Lakorn Obsesser
Mew looks the same as ever. I remember this look of hers from Jao Gum Nai Waen... one of my favorite lakorns all time!! Thanks for sharing.


sarNie Coma
more pix from

i miss watching boran lakorns! so excited to see mew/willy back. its been so long. finally see the older faces back on screen



sarNie Adult
thanks for the clips! awww i really miss willy! mew looks sooo pretty!!!

i hope aon's character gets a girl in this one...he didn't get fon in that other one <_<

hope to see this one!


sarNie OldFart
This lakorn looks ssooooo good! I kindaa wanna see but yes I don't like perverted NOK either :( He matches Mew though. Willy and Aon are such hottires work together, l0l :wub: If it wasn't if NOK this lakorn would been perfect!