Suddenly [Short FF] chapter 2 updated 12.15.13


Nadech Kugimiya
-Smart, handsome guy. A workaholic. He loves Yaya with his entire heart.
Yaya Urassaya
-She pretty, and not stupid. Rich girl, but who does she rather prefer. Her current boyfriend or Ex-boyfriend?
Jame Jirayu
-Handsome, Player style type, company son. His relationship with Yaya. But his love for Mint is still there or not?
Mint Chalida
-College girl, smart. Jame wa her first boyfriend. And she is goin to have him no matter what.! She then changes herself

Nadech looking all good and fresh as he snaps at himself in the mirror. He places a Rose on his pocket jacket. Grabbed the bouquet of red roses and got out the car. He walks into the restaurant. It was His 5th year anniversary with Thailand's Ms.Thailand Yaya Urassaya's. He sees her with her dark curly long hair on one side of her head, a Desigb White dress that must have cost 5,000bht, and she was beautiful as always. She sips a glass of wine, just waiting for Nadech. He walks up to her. "Yaya," he said giving her the roses. She got up and he kissed her cheek, but her face was sad. As they both sat down. Nadech was all hyped and as he looks at Yaya, just looking at him sadly.

"What is it Yaya?"
"Nadech.......can we talk for a bit." She grabbed his hand on the table.
"Yea, what is it.?" His face expression was scared. Is it what he think it is?
"I wanna break up....." The room was silence for a bit. Nadech was dropped dead shock. "I'm so sorry, but---"
"Don't tell me........I guess I better get going?" Yaya grabbed his hand. And left instead. Before she walked out. She gives him a letter, and said "Sorry." And she walks out as her scent goes along with her.
Nadech opens the letter and reads----

<I'm sorry, but I found someone who can give me so much more, and someone who can actually give me attention>
"P'Jame, are you, break-breaking up with me." Mint said as she drops the flower.
"YES!!!! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY IT." He sighs and turns around.
"Taamai Ka, chan Mai dee chai Mai Ka?"
"Yes. You are such a hard person to love. Whenever I wanna kiss you, you turn away. This is crazy anyways, I'm 24 years old and your only 18. Your to young for me too. You have to go to school, study, you don't ever have time for me Mint. So I found someone who does have time for me." He gives her money for cab and leaves her, she drops to the ground and cries loudly.....was she really that bad of a girlfriend????


Chapter 1: Was It Fate? Or A Coincidence?

Nadech was still speechless at the table, he can see other couples laughing, and sharing food. Banging there class of wine together. Everyone there seemed to be happy, accept for him, who just got his heart broken. He called for the bill, but it was taken care of by her already. He got up and walks his way out.
"Jame." Mint ran and grabbed his hand. "I am not letting you go like this, I promise to be a better girlfriend? Please."
"Ploy........Poom noi." He pushes her away, and he approaches a girl. Nadech clearly sees that it's Yaya. He whispers her name, "Yaya" and they leave together in a limo. Mint stays on the ground and cried.......Nadech walks to her and hands get a napkin.
"Wipe your tears, they're not worth crying." Mint looks up at him and got up,
"Taamai Ka? I'm crying because It was love."
"Was that your boyfriend?"
"My ex."
"Well that was my ex he walk away with, and I'm sorry. She broke up with me today on our anniversary."
"Chan kor tor na."
"I guess we're both unlucky today, but crying isn't worth it so wipe it."
"Are you not sad."
"I am.............but instead of crying it our, umma dance away with it, you should also too." He puts it in her hand and walks away.
"Wait.......Khun Chue.,.."
"Nadech." He smiles and walks away,
"I'm Mint." She yelled, he waves his Hands up in the air, still walking his same direction.
Early in the morning Nadech wakes up an goes jogging. Listening to mp3 music on his phone. He runs into a girl as she lands into if him with her head curled in his chest and her yes closed shut. Nadech removed te headphones and tells her it's alright. The girl looks to see and it was Nadech.
"Mint." Nadech said. They both got up.
"You jog here to Nadech?" She asked.
"Yea. You wanna jog together?"
She agreed. They jog and talk and laughed together. They felt so good fatter what happened yesterday night that they totally forgot about it until they met face-to-face with both Jame and Yaya.


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I like it so much please more


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This is really good and interesting. I can't wait for more. I wonder what Nadech and Chalida will do.


Chapter 2:
As they all four met by chance at the jogging park everything was silent and awkward. Nadech looks Yaya in the eyes, and Mint tried to avoid Jame who was looking at her with a bad face.
"Yaya..." Nadech whispered under his breath.
"Nice seeing You.....Nadech and.....uh new girlfriend." She smiled.
"I guess you found a new one quickly." Jame told mint.
Mint and Nadech felt tolerated!
"Mai Chai fan gub shitface." As mint purposely ran through Jame and Yaya. Yaya stares back at Nadech.
"Vicious....just like how you wanted." She laughed off walking away with Jame.

Jame: Happy Birthday baby......chan rak tur Na (Kisses her cheek)

Mint: Khon Khun Mak Na P'Jame. Rak tur dee Gwa.

Jame: That's my girl----

Mint pauses the CD. She cried so much. Was she that bad of a gf!!!! She misses him dearly and wish to hug him....was she so wrong. Her door opened as her mom came in.

Mom: Honey are you ok.
Mint: Yea I'm fine. (Wiping her tears)

"There's many guys out their who are better then that Jame.!"
"Yea......I know mom, but we've dated for so long and---"
"Honey. It doesn't matter how long you guys were, he dumped you for such a dumb tomorrow my friends son is returning from the army. I'll introduce you two Na." Mother said.
As Nadech was stoping at the spot light he looks at him and Yayas university ring he had on on his finger. "Yaya, were you really that unsatisfied in our relationship." He cried out loud. As he starts to drive again. It was raining hard and hailing. He couldn't see th road as he was crossing a red light and hit a car up front. He got out fast and opened the drivers car. She was hit hard on her head and dozing off slowly. "Khun, Khun bpen alai. Don't worry I'm calling the ambulance Na."


As the young girl wakes up in a hospital room. She sees a man in a suit next to her. He gets up and asks If she was ok. She answered "my head hurts."

"It's ok. The doctor said you'll he fine."

"Who are you?"

"I'm Nadech, I'm sorry for hitting your car. The reason why your in here." He told her.

"It's was just an accident. I'm---"

"Kimberley Tiamsiri, they've checked your records."

"Oh. me Kim. Where are my glasses.....I can't see." She said.

"The doctors are getting it fixed. You'll get it by tomorrow morning. Since I got you into this mess I'll be your mentor."

"Thank you, but you don't have to---"

"No, it's ok."


"Kim, Mai bpen lai Na."

"Mom do I have to be here." Mint said...
"Yes you agreed. Now come on."

A they entered the house. They've been greeted politely by the family.

"This is my daughter Mint."

"Hi" mint said politely.

" pretty. Wait until you meet my son. He should be here in a bit so your around the house if you'll like."

As Mint toured the house....she walked around the yard and admire the she toured the living room. It was big and beautiful with big gold walls. Rich and wealthy. But the one thing that caught her attention was the family portrait. At that instance she sees Jame apart of this family.....

"How are you here." Jame said. As Mint turns around and sees him with Yaya.


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