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Discussion in 'FanSub' started by jaitee, May 25, 2010.

  1. jaitee

    jaitee sarNie Egg

    I'm sorry if I'm not suppose to make request here. But I really love to watch thai lakorn, especially when it's in thai because I love the language (helps me learn how to speak it too) it's sooo much better to hear the original voices. I'm a big fan of Aum, she's such a great actress!! And I've recently starting watching Weir's lakorn. He's such a hottie!!!! (tall guys are one of my weakness). And I definitely think they make a cute couple!! : )

    Anyways....I really really appreciate those people out there that take the time to sub lakorn for other viewers who cannot understand the language. Once I have the time, I would want to help out in return. So, my current request (if someone hasn't already started) for english subtitles for "Prajun Lai Payak." I desperately been waiting to see this lakorn.

    Thank you to those who are involved in subbing. I really appreciate all of the hard work!!!

    --Jaitee : )
  2. lady0fdarkness

    lady0fdarkness Professional Lakorn Watcher

    I have the first 6 episodes screen capped on my blog. I am subbing the rest.
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  3. sajenna

    sajenna sarNie Oldmaid

    wow lome! it's a very long job: i'm currently subbing "liam ruk" on viikii and it kills me ^_^
  4. lady0fdarkness

    lady0fdarkness Professional Lakorn Watcher

    does viikii have a good subbing program??
  5. sajenna

    sajenna sarNie Oldmaid

    you don't need to use a subbing program with viikii. it's more easy.

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