Stefan's Profile-- Thai?


sarNie Adult
Hi everyone,

I'm sure a big Stefan fan can help explain this to me. I just watched Long Ngao Jun -- great series. I really liked his role and so just kind of got me interested in finding out more about him.

Anyways, I was reading Stefan's profile and if he's Italian and Chinese-- where does Thai fit into his heritage/life? Is he any part thai at all or he just somehow ended up in the thai entertainment business?



sarNie Hatchling
:) I can answer your question.

"Stefan Salamonay" or "Santi Weeraboonchai" was born in Thailand. His father is Italian. Mother is Thai (she has Chinese blood). His girlfriend is a renowed actress named "Namfon Kulnat Preeyawat"


sarNie Egg
actually from an interview stefan had on kob's show after long ngao jun, he said that his mom is singaporean chinese and that it's only because he grew up in thailand tht he speaks thai. he doenst have any thai blood whatsoever.