Stefan & Namfon: Field of Romance


sarNie Adult
Talk about sexy...I think they fall under that too. Kullanant is very pretty and very sexy (if she posts in elegance and formal) and Stefan does have the sex symbols and he can be his sexy eyes and his body languages. The only thing that I don't like about Stefan....he likes to wear this chain bracelet on his left hand. He gets away with that...because he's half italian. I prefer that he wears watch instead. For me, I don't like any guys who wear big chain on the neck, bracelet on hands, and no earrings please. I would love to see this couple post in sexy posts in any mags would be fine for me.


sarNie Hatchling
I don't know but i just don't like her after watching the lakorn that they both play with aum and namfon with the bad girl...she was kind of scary to me...


sarNie Adult
I wonder if they are going to play a lakorn together as the main role of the lakorn? I hope they do because they make the cutest couple ever!!! ^_^


sarNie Hatchling
They're really in love. I wish their love would last forever. The only thing I think Fan has to improve is his acting skill.

kaab nis

sarNie Hatchling
hey i remeber seeing namfon in some lakorns in the 90's. now i hardly see her do any movie anymore. i think they look really good very happy for them n i hope their relationship will last