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To whom it conerns,

I am wondering why we stop putting time schedule on Youtube. Schedule is a really good way to have our channel fans manage their time.

If we can not sure when next ep comes out, we can at least tell them the process so that they won't be sufferring from aimless waiting. Actually, we used to put process, don't we. Besides, I think it is nice to constantly connect with our fans through Youtube board on left hand side.



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HEY, who changed my translations? LOL She is not talking about her arms... she is talking about her 'harem' like the middle east men have a harem of wives/mistresses etc. LOL.
Actually I did. At first I read the fix translation from nina. She has:

TF: That is right, I'm greedy when it comes to men. Man after man I want to swipe them all into my harm. But too bad that we are cousins, if not I will swipe P'Tawanchai into my harm for sure.
I thought it was arm since it doesn't make sense when it says "harm." I didn't know it was "harem." :lol: If it is, I would leave it there.


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To whom it conerns,

I am wondering why we stop putting time schedule on Youtube. Schedule is a really good way to have our channel fans manage their time.

If we can not sure when next ep comes out, we can at least tell them the process so that they won't be sufferring from aimless waiting. Actually, we used to put process, don't we. Besides, I think it is nice to constantly connect with our fans through Youtube board on left hand side.
Maybe that's a good idea. Don't put the time we release though because the viewers act like we owe them when we didn't release on time.

Maya, maybe you can post our progress up there on YouTube.
And for the timing of 9.8, e-mail laplandJJ about it. She can help you do one part.

Oh yeah for the upload. We can just upload parts that are finished and we not have to wait for the complete episode to be finished.
For example: If part 8.1, 8.2, & 8.3 are finished, we can just upload them afterwards. This way, the viewers wouldn't have something to watch while they're waiting for the next parts. That's mean you can upload 9.1 also since I'll turn them in today.


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BTW, Linda is no where to be seen. I contacted her today about 9.2, 9.3, & 9.4 but there's no reply yet. Maya, I think you would have to translate those parts. Try to contact Linda first and see what'll happen.


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Will do later.

Trying to get atleast 1 part up right now LOL. :lol:

If you can leave message at YT, tell them will get some part up today for sure, and sorry for delay because I'm new LOL. Next episode will be faster, promise. :D ;)


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Maybe because you didn't put the right username and password? If type in the username and password and select "Try to Login." Let me PM you the password just in case you forgotten.


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I'll try to finish 10-4 as soon as possible.

Kwan: Jhun, you mistakened the wrong person again.
Woosen:Go back inside. P'Tawanchai can to pick me up to go out and eat. I'm so happy.
Win: But umm. Tor Fun told me that..
Kwan: Yes, P'Tawanchai came to pick you up to go out and eat.
Woosen: Oo. How cute.
Win: Alright, let me go see Khun Daien and Khun John first.
Woosen: How come you have to go see them? I'm so hungary. P'Fun you want her as a mom so bad go see her!
Kwan: well then P'Tawanchai you go out to eat with Woosen and I'll wait inside.
Win: But...
Kwan: I'll just wait for Khun Natae to pick me up.
Win: Let's go Woosen.
Jhun: That girl is a devil child. She isn't Daien's daughter.
Kwan: Why are you talking like that? Don't talk like that.
Jhun: But I'm speaking the truth.
Wanna: Khun Tawanchai isn't home. Do you want to know where he is?
NY: I wasn't talking to you. Don't tell me anything.
Wanna: Oh but I want to tell. Khun Tawanchai went to go visit Woosen and is taking her out to eat.
NY:Not true.
Wanna: True. Tor Fun was the one that took them.
Wanna: Yes, If your younger sister gets good things, she is going to have to find someone that has a good reputation to pair up with her sister.
NY: What are you talking about? Are you saying that Tor Fun is being a matchmaker for Woosen even though she knows that Tawanchai is my fiance?
Wanna: Probably something like that. Sorry but having 2 children that are millionaires is so relaxing. Well please excuse me, I'm going to go find something to waste my money on.
NY:I think your children and father relations are a bit strange.
Wanna: What? Quit talking nonsense.
NY: I think you guys are hiding something. Don't let me catch you. I think that we should try taking DNA tests.
Kwan: I came to visit.
Daien: I'm so happy that you came.
John:I'm happy that you came also.
Kwan: I'm happy for you two about Woosen.
Daien: Thanks.
Kwan: People's dreams came true now. You must be really happy.
Jhun: Getting a devil child as your kid, how could you be happy? You are Daien's daughter. Daien's and your personality is exactly the same!
John: Yes.
Daien: Jhun, don't talk like this. If Woosen heard this she will be feel bad.
John: Well you are hurt about Woosen. I know.
Jhun: She's always yelling at Daien. Did you know that?
Kwan: Maybe it's because you just started living together and she's not used to it yet. Soon after Woosen has recieved the love she will stop yelling.
John: Not true. I think everyday, how come you can't be my darling's child?
Woosen: P'Tawanchai ka, try this one.
Tawanchai: Uh.. I'm full already.
Woosen: Just one more bite. I'll feed you.
Tawanchai: Woosen, this doesn't look right.
Woosen: well it's just one bite.
Tawanchai: Nookyoung.
NY: Not even one bite.
Woosen: Are you crazy or something? People are happy and you have to ruin it.
NY: Are you blind? My fiance's face looked so annoyed of you. didn't you notice?
Tawanchai: Stop. Both of you stop.
Woosen: How can I stop? She was yelling at me. She knows who's my mom and dad so she can't call me a (Guoy) anymore.
NY: Doesn't matter who your parents are you can still be a (Guoy) just as long as being a (Guoy) came from someone who raised you. (I didn't really say that part right so someone can go back and recheck it.)
NY: Tawanchai, get up and leave with me right now.
Woosen: He came with me. He meant to take me out to eat. You don't have anything to do with it.
NY: He was forced by someone you call mom who made Tor Fun tell him to come. Stupid.
Woosen: Now you took it too far.
NY: Even if you gave yourself free to Tawanchai, he still wouldn't take you.
Tawanchai: How embarrassing. I can't take this anymore.
NY: Tawanchai, wait for me.
Woosen: P'Tawanchai, wait for me.
Daien: Can you come visit me more often. Tor Fun?
Kwan: Of course. I'll try to visit you more often.
Daien: Woosen probably has hiding all of her feelings to herself.
Kwan: Hiding her feelings to herself?
Daien: Woosen told me that she always got hit.
Kwan: Got hit?
Daien: This has to be the reason why Woosen always yells at me. You are lucky to be Wanna's daughter then you never get hit like Woosen.
Kwan: Uhh.. well I have to say sorry for my mom.
Daien: It has to be my (Waiengum) But I'll accept it.
Kwan: If there is anything you want me to help you with I will.
Daien: How come you are so nice to me. How come you can't be..
Kwan:I'll try to talk to Woosen for you. Don't cry. Anyways you and Woosen are mother and daughter. The relationship between you two won't go away. Soon Woosen will stop yelling at you.
Daien: I love you Tor Fon.
Kwan: I love you too.
Ek: Where's my money from helping your daughter become rich?
Wanna: Go ahead and take the (Muen neung I don't know what number that is)
Ek: Only (Muen Neung?) (Don't know after that)
Wanna: Ha, I also know your secrets and all the bad things you have done.
Jhun: I also know your secrets and all of the bad things you have done. You are the one that burned down my (ChomChuon)
Wanna: This crazy, old lady is bothering us again.
Ek: Hey you crazy woman, go away.
Jhun: Someone, call the cops and come arest him. He burned down my (Chomchoen) Help Help.
Ek: I told you to go away.
Wanna: Why are you still staying here. Why don' t you run away, do you want to get caught? Hurry.
Jhun: Help.
Win: Tor Fun, where did you go with Natae? Was it fun?
Kwan: However fun your lunch with Woosen was is how fun mine was with Khun Natae.
Win: Next time don't act like cupid and try to set me up with anyone.
Kwan: But uhh..
Win: Don't try to break Noukyoung and me apart for your little sister.
Kwan: I have never thought like that.
Win: If you never thought like that then don't do it, not even if anyone made you do it. I don't like it.
Kwan: Ha. I know that your whole life you will only like Khun Noukyoung.
Win: Don't even try to say anything. And I also know that this life time you will only like Natae, but you have Ek secretly.
Kwan: Hey, I thought that your lunch was fun. Seriously (Dont know the next part) Move I'm going to my room
Win: Going to your room to go see Ek?
Kwan: Let go.
Gino:("I have no clue what he said haha but it sounds cute hehe)


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I finally finished. :lol: So sorry for the long wait, I've been busy than i've expected. :/

Grammar Check 9.5

LC: It’s has nothing to do with P’Ek, P’Fun went to buy the new dress for the party. K’Tawanchai, P’Fun said not to wait, she’ll meet up at the party.

WN&WS: You first.

LC: I’m so sick.

Sale lady: 999.B final price.

NT: Torfun, I think …

TF: Ok take this one.

Sale Lady: OK

NT: But…

TF: No but!

TF: The different between dress cost 999.B, and dress cost 99,999.B it’s just the amount of money you pay for them, that‘s all. But it’s the same when come to their use you wear them just about the same.

NT: OK I give up. But someone like K�Torfun, anything you wear is pretty.

TF: Thank you.

WS: Oh ho a pretty hotel like this, I wanted to come for so long now mom.

WN: This hotel, before I came very often, I came with Ai, errr Fun’s father. But it was just for 2 months.

TC: This way aunt Wanna, Woonsen.

NY: Welcome to our celebration party K’Duern, K’John.

D: Decorations is very pretty. Did you decorate it yourself?

NY: Thank you that you appreciate it.

J: It’s Talfun coming?
D: It’s TorFun.

NY: I have no idea. Make yourself comfortable. Please excuse me I’ll have to go take care of the people outside.

D: Sure.

Girl: Hey, K’Tawanchai came with who?

WN: What are you gossiping about.

Girl: Hello K’Tawanchai

WN: I’m K’Naroungdeth(sp. Name?) wife. TorFun’s mom.

Girl: Oh hello.

NY: Excuse me, anyone see K’Tawanchai?

WS: Right here!

NY: Tawanchai we have important guests waiting inside, lets go in.
Tawanchai, I thought this party only invite hi-so, why is there bummers in here too?

WS: Are you a kid serving drinks here?

NY: Kid serving drinks? Are you crazy?

WN: aowww if is not, then what are you?

NY: Tawanchai kick this two out of this party right now.

WN: Who would dare to kick their elderly from a family party?

NY: Your elderly status was broken since you got kicked out from Simandtraa, 18 years ago.

WN: K’Tawanchai I won’t make you lose face by talking about your uncle and grandpa in front of others here. You take care of your fiancé.

TC: Nokyoong, please I beg you.

NY: a-ha.

WS: Lets go eat delicious food over at the other side, over here let K’Tawachai take care.

WN: You crazy guy.

J: What is that? (and I don’t know what else he said)

D: That’s right, who’s having problem with who there.

NY: Oh gosh, your fake diamond is discolored already.
That's good.

TC: Let’s go.

WN: Look at this, my dress is all wet, how can we go in to the party?

WS: What to do mom?

NY: Where are you going?

TC: It’s time to introduce both of you already.

D: Yes.

NT: It’s time for you to appear, now walk faster.

TF: Don’t have to rush, if they don’t wait it would be alright.

WN: She caused this, too bad I didn’t get to slap her to show it to these hi-so people.

WS: Right now, how are we going to slap anyone. The 100 thousand dress I have, it’s all ruined.

WN: Mine too. The monthly 50,000 allowance she gave me, I bought this dress already.

TF: Mom.

NT: Woonsen.

WN: N’Fun.

WS: N’Nokyoong, she caused Mom and I to be like this.

TF: Caused it?

WN: That is right. She tried to kick us out from this party, but it didn’t work, so she had those waiter pour drinks on both our dresses.
Err N’Fun, you have to buy new dresses for the both of us. This hotel has some for sale too.

WS: Give us the money P’Fun.

WN/WS: 2,000.?

TF: Mom the dress that I’m wearing it only cost 999.- Hurry go, at the corner street ahead have it for sale too. Here.

WN/WS: So mean!

TF: Woon.

TC: Good evening all VIP guests, I’m Tawanchai Simandtra.

NY: Good evening all VIP guests, I’m Nokyoong Mahaakkradeth(Don’t know how to spell her lastname, I just sound it out, that is the closest I got lol)

TC: Today I’m happy to let everyone know that my Simandtra’s company has joined with K’John and K’Deurn Edward, the owner of Real Estate Company from England, that just built the newest high-tech Shopping Center in Bangkok.

NY: Please welcome K’Deurn and K�John Edward.

J: Hello. Thai people are very nice and very warmth. I love Thailand very much.

D: I am honored to join works with Simandtra and believe that our Shopping Center will move forward, thank you very much.

TC: Torfun is not here yet, Nokyoong?

NY: Not yet, don’t keep up with time. It’s like this with uneducated person. Not sure how she's going to do business. Let her go.

TC: But…

D: I believe K’Tawanchai and K’Nokyoong still haven’t introduce all our business partners. I would like to take this chance to invite K’Torfun up here on stage too.

J: K’Torfun, welcome please.

NY: I’m sorry K’Torfun didn’t come as promise.

TC: K’Torfun is here.
K’Torfun, have anything to say to our VIP guests?

TF: Yes.

NY: Just speak to form proper language is bad enough. If you want to lose face then go ahead.
All VIP guests, K’Torfun would like to speak in English, because tonight we have lots of Foreigner guests, but even thought the one that is not Foreigners but all was educated aboard. Please K’Torfun.

TC: Nokyoong.

TF: Hello all VIP guests. I’m Torfun Simandtra. I’m happy and thank you that everyone got a chance to join us today.

NY: K’Torfun? That’s all, I thought …

TC: Torfun.

****Torfun speak English after this, so I don’t think I need to translate this part LOL.


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hey i'm bk you can hit me with anything you want me to do i'm sooooo bored >.< but college is fun
You have to wait on Maya about it.

BTW, here are some tips about timing. If you do less mistakes in timing, then Maya won't have to spend four hours to fix it.



1. When the speaker speaks the first syllabus or word, pause the video immediately and look at the time. If the time is 00:03:02:456, then just roughly round it to hundredth of the mili-second. For example:

00:03:02:456 will be 00:03:02:400.

2. Afterward, subtract 300 from the mili-second.
For example:

00:03:02:400 will be 00:03:02:100. That way, the start time appears a little faster than the sound so the viewers' eyes can read it easier.


1. Play the video again until the speaker finished the sentence or pause. Look at the time and then add roughly 300 more to the second.
For example: 00:03:05:989 will be 00:03:06:300.
This way, there is enough time for the readers to read. Don't end the subtitle before the speaker hasn't pause or finish. If you look at 8.1 on YouTube, then you see an example of how the subtitle look when it disappears too fast.

Never breaks the subtitle line by pressing "Enter" on the keyboard.

Lookchin, I never hit you before but
I will now if you don't tell me.

Lookchin, I never hit you before but I will now if you don't tell me.

Like I said in the tutorial, when the video is encoded by the coordinator, the program automatically breaks the lines. If you break the lines yourself, then the video will think to break it again and guess what you will have:

Lookchin, I never hit you before
I will now if you don't tell

Never put one time for a long sentence nor cut the sentence up when the speaker hasn't pause yet.
For example:

Long sentence: I'm your sister who has the same mom and dad with you, why you treat someone else nicer than you treat your own sister?
Example to break it up (different times instead of one time):

Time #1: I'm your sister who has the same mom and dad with you,
[PAUSE from the speaker for 1 second or more]
Time #2: why you treat someone else nicer than you treat your own sister?

Instead of one time for a long sentence, you can have two time for two lines.

NOTE: If the sentence are too long with ONLY one time for it, it will take up the whole screen. We just want two lines of subtitles, not 3,4, or 5 lines.

Again, it will be great if you following these tips because it would mean less work for Maya to do. If any one is confuse, I can help explain in more details.


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Maya, do you have any final grammar check that you need me to do? If yes, you can send me in those.


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Maya, do you have any final grammar check that you need me to do? If yes, you can send me in those.
Yes can you please check the one Nina_K just posted up above. And here is from Reachy ...

EP. 9.6
Translator: Maya
Grammer check: Reachy
Timer: ........................

NY: What is this? Where did she study English?

TC: That’s right, how can that be?

TF: Thank you very much for helping me to show off my extra talent, even though no one has thought of or ever seen it before. (Maya: I think it is not suitable to use ‘even though’ here, for the second part: ‘…extra talent. No one has thought of or ever seen it before.’)

D: Torfun.

WS: Mom, how do I look? I don’t have confidence at all.

WN: What can we do, dress for only 999.B when wearing we don’t have 100% confident like this. (Maya: I don’t understand about 999.B. How about put in this way: ‘What can we do? These dresses look only 999. B when we wear them. We can’t have 100% confidence.)

WS: Nokyoong, she meant to cause trouble for us. Wait… I will hit her back.

Speaker: Please welcome all guests join in dinner.

WS: I’m hungry, let’s go to eat mom.

WN: A while ago I saw lots of food look so delicious. Let’s go Woonsen.

NT: You’re great Torfun.

TF: Thank you. Honestly I do like English. I even went for an exam and got scholarship already, but I probably wouldn’t even think of going to study since I am worrying about Lookchin.

TC: Thank you for getting here on time, Torfun. I’d like to congratulate that you speak English very well.

NY: Naetae, you trained her really well. She memorized it like a parrot.

NT: K’Torfun didn’t memorize it but study it.

D: Torfun you speak English really well.

TF: Thank you.

D: I have something talk to you.

J: Please Torfun, my wife wants to say sorry to you. Give her a chance, ok?


J: Yes.

WS: P’Tawanchai, I’m back.

WN: We both bought a new dress already.

NY: Just a glance, I knew right away this dress is 999.B only.

TC: Nokyoong, go to take care of guests at the other side.
Aunt Wanna, Woonsen excuse me, why don’t you find something to eat and make yourself comfortable. Lets go.

WN: Woonsen, Woonsen. Wait until our chance. Don’t rush.

WS: Where did Nokyoong take Tawanchai? This is crazy.

D: We met again Woonsen.

WS: Met again, and then what? How did you get in this party? Did you use my sister to get you in?

TF: Woonsen, K’Deurn is a business partner with me and P’Tawanchai.

WS: Err …P’Fun, have you seen K’Tawanchai?

TF: No, I haven’t. Woonsen… mom… Don’t bother him.
K’ Deurn, please go inside, foods is inside.

D: OK, let’s go.

WN: Woonsen, where were you?

WS: Went to look for K’Tawanchai. Mom a while ago P’Fun came with one lady. They acted like they are mother and daughter.

WN: A person lack love and warmness. (Maya: can I put in this way: That person must be lack of love and warmness) ,too bad for her. Who cares, ok. Lets go inside.

TF: K’Deurn I brought you some food.

D: Thank you, you got me food already, now please give me a chance to be your mother.

TF: Thank you.

WS: Mom I like this kind of party.

WN: This kind of party? I’m so used to it. I came so often before.

WS: Then I’ll see you at table, ok? mom.

WN: Sure.

D: Sorry.

WN: I don’t accept…


WN: You … nang… err…you got the wrong person.

D: No, it’s not wrong, I remember, today we have to talk.

WN: You… let go of me, I told you that you got the wrong person.

D: No, No.

TF: K’Deurn. Mom

WS: Mom. Mom.

TC: Aunt Wanna.

J: Oh my god.

WN: Let go … you… crazy woman.

D: No, I will not let you go, today we have to talk.

WN: I don’t want to talk.
If you don’t let go I’ll hit your head.

D: No, No.

TF: Mom no, mom no.

WS: You… crazy woman why you bother my mom?

D: You are Wanna’s daughter too?
Wanna, tell me which one?

WN: What? What are you talking about? I don’t know anything about you, crazy woman.

WS: Crazy, what do you want from my mom?

NY: You and your bummer mom are crazy. You cause trouble with my important guest. Get out from our hi-so party. Right now!

TF: K’Deurn I have to apologize for my mom and my little sister, ok.

WS: Nang P’Fun you’re taking in this crazy woman’s side? You considered her better than our mom? “narakun!� (leave this word for now… I’m still thinking what word to use in English, I’ll fix it later LOL. (Maya: Narakun means ‘rebellious child’ in English) Hey REACHY I just found out from someone else translation, they have "narakun" as TRAITOR. :D

WN: Woonsen, I told you to hurry up and leave this party. Hurry! lets go. Hurry!

D: No! Hold this lady.

J: This woman is a thief.

WS: You’re the one that is a thief.

WN: Woonsen, no Woonsen.

TC: Aunt Wanna, what did you steal from K’Deurn?

NT: Is there some mistake?

WS: You two are really bad. You two and nang P’Fun accused my mom. Don’t touch my mom.
Nang P’Fun you ‘ack katan you� you suppose to help mom, but instead you help mom’s enemy. (ack katan you ***leave this word for now… I’m still thinking what word to use in English, I’ll fix it later LOL.) I think "ack katan you" is the same or similar to TRAITOR too :lol:

TF: Woonsen.

NY: K’Deurn Can you tell me what it is? Tell me.

D: Is both of us. (Maya: can I change it as ‘It is about us’)

WN: Stop right now, if you don’t stop speaking crazy stuff, your dreams will disappear till you died. Remember that, you crazy woman.
Lets go Woonsen.

J: I swear my darling is not crazy. I can tell you the truth, that, that woman stole what from my darling.

Everyone: What is it?

D: No John, I don’t want my dreams to disappear, I want to negotiate with her peacefully.

NY: It’s too much. Your mom ruined my hi-so party because of low class persons like you guys.

TF: K’Deurn I will take you to clean up your dirty dress ok.

D: Good, I have something to talk to you.

NY: No need. You might not be ashamed, but Tawanchai and I are ashamed on behalf of your mom and sister. If you want to help, get out of our party, get out.

D: Don‘t worry, I can take care of it.

NY: You’re our special guest. We have to take care of you. K’Deurn I want to help you, can you tell me what had been stolen from you? It’s diamond?

D: The thing she stolen from me values more than diamond. For me, it is worth more than anything in this World.

NY: Can you tell me what it is? I promise I will help.

D: You can’t help. I knew Wanna well. This is a sensitive situation. I will try myself by using softness.

NY: Softness with a low class is not going to work. Oh sorry, this relates to Torfun too right?

D: If it relates to Torfun I will be really happy, but that will depend on Wanna. Only Wanna can tell me.

EK: Hey, what is wrong with you? You act so strange and what are we doing out here?


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Alright, I'll check them when I have the time. Those two are the only one so far, right?

IMPORTANT:Please notify either Thuy or Maya a week ahead or at least four days ahead if you're unable to accomplish your assigned task(s).


sarNie Oldmaid
Thuy, Linda (RakFong) is not active anymore right? I have to take her name out and put someone else name on translation for ep. 10 if she is busy.

I don't have final translation for 9.8. I think KaylaC did that and Nina, grammar check it. Oh and I didn't do video for preview to next episode for this. I don't know how to split and join video together for this. So I didn't add it in. I don't think they have to translate preview :lol: LOL. Sorry girls ... still learning :p LOL.

Here is video for timing for episode 9. I also put this link on first page already.

9.1 - COMPLETE! ^_^

9.2 Timer: Butterfly123

9.3 Pending: Translation!

9.4 Pending: Translation!

9.5 - Pending Finalize!

9.6 Timer: RINA

9.7 Pending: Translation - Maya -

9.8 Timer: Butterfly123


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Final Video, for those that want to download it now while links still active or you can wait for Thuy upload on the our website first that's fine. Can you guys check to see if you can watch this after done uploading, because Thuy can't view it.





8.4 pending.




8.8 pending.


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Maya, where are the translation for those videos? I'll only send to Rina since she doesn't go here. I'll check the grammar once I start and finish my homework. :lol:

Yeah, Linda won't be translation 9.3 & 9.4 She'll probably translate the others though. PM her and ask her which one she can do.


sarNie Oldmaid
Translations are posted above by Nina and Reachy. You have to final check it first before pass it to Rina though. :lol: More work for you LOL. :p

:( I guess I'll be doing translation for both 9.3 & 9.4 then :( I might not be able to do it until Sunday night or Monday. :( So more delay for ep. 9.


sarNie Fansubber
Thank Maya i have all weekend to do it ^_^and half of monday
anyhow are the translations around anywhere?
I got the translations for your parts. I'll send it tonight when I have the time to do the final checking of grammar errors.

Katerine, since Episode 9 is delaying, can you spend more time to review your timing also. When you do timing, play the video again to see if the subtitles appear at the right time and not disappearing too fast. This way, Maya won't have to spend too much time checking your parts and the other timers' parts. Thanks.