Sports Anime


sarNie Juvenile
What is your favorite sports anime or any sports anime you have seen so far?

As of right now, I'm hooked on so many of them and I think to myself, how come they aren't making more and more of sports genre anime! :D


Hajime no Ippo (Boxing)
Prince of Tennis (Tennis)
Hikaru no Go (Go)
Touch (Soccer)
Whistle! (Soccer)
Hungry Heart Wild Striker (Soccer)
Eyeshield 21 (Football)
Fighting Beauty Wulong (Wrestling/Fighting)
Dear Boys (Basketball)
Slam Dunk (Basketball)
Initial D (Car racing)
Buzzer Beater (Basketball)
Ex-Driver (Car racing)
Capeta (Kart Racing)
Captain Tsubasa (Soccer)

But my favorites in ranking order would be:

1. Hikaru no Go
2. Prince of Tennis
3. Hajime no Ippo

Are there any other sports genre anime that I haven't seen? I really want to see them all! :D


N i n j a
I've seen Hikaru no Go but I never seen Prince of Tennis. I haven't the chance to watch any animes lately. I get crazy addicted.


sarNie Egg
erh i thik ive seen most which i download..

Prince of Tennis (Tennis)
Hikaru no Go (Go)
Whistle! (Soccer)
wild striker(soccer)
Eyeshield 21 (Football)
Dear Boys (Basketball)
Slam Dunk (Basketball)
Initial D (Car racing)
Buzzer Beater (Basketball)
yakitate(bread making)
suzuka(high jump)

lol!! bread making aint a sport but i ly 2 think it is.. ^_^
oh pot really rules!! :D


sarNie Hatchling
that true love sport anime too ^^

still you forgot some ..
i have all those serie in this tread but forgot GPX Formula Zero, Double, Sin and Saga and other serie ^^

truly favorite ..humm
like POT and Hikaru a lot ^^ still other anime sport was great ^^

ps: me currently search Captain Tsubasa ..i want the old version the new version
don't care ..just want all loll

the Road 2002 because Infusion fansub stop it ..nobody take it ..
that really sad -.-