<span style="color:red"><b> Duay Raeng Heng Ruk(ด้วยแรงแห่งรัก)</b></span>


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Pretty sure that's not Mew's son.....her two sons look different from that cute little boy...


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^ it is her son. lol. check out flute site and mew's site. i wouldn't say it if i didn't read my resources :)


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Hm... her sons are named Plankton and Ethan, though. And the one that looks most similar to Nong Flute would be Ethan, but he's a lot smaller and has longer hair.

Here are some pictures of her and her sons from Interlove:

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Sah said:
Hm... her sons are named Plankton and Ethan, though. And the one that looks most similar to Nong Flute would be Ethan, but he's a lot smaller and has longer hair.

Here are some pictures of her and her sons from Interlove:

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Yeah, that's what I trying to say too.

Ethan is probably too young to act and even talk?


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i dont know about Duay Rang Hang Ruk

But Ethan will actually be in Mew and Pip's lakorn and he can talk.... he made some funny comments about getting paid :lmao:


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Children are smarter than we think. I have a 3-year old and she's been talking since she was 8 months old...saying a few words here and there...She didn't start talking really well until she was one and a half to 2...NOw that she's three, she's talking even more so it is possible that Ethan can talk and act...Kids are really smart!!! Surprised me at first but they really can!!! Ethan looks like he's about 2 in the picture...


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i like the songs in this la korn. both Mos and Ice songs are good. i like Ice role. he's bad but he has reason to be bad because he thinks his dad doesn't love him from what his dad treats him and he thinks his dad is the cause of his mom death and his aunt kept putting bad thoughts in his head. his role is sad in a way. i like that he love Emie so much & for a long time and love only her. she is like everything to him. it's sweet in a way, that first she doesn't like him but later she will love him.seem like he will go crazy later on. i like a role that even though the guy is bad but he really love his girl. only her.


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sarN said:
she got some cute kids ...cute baby ..so cutee .. i want one too . love baby!
hey sarn trust me you don't want kids they're cute but if they r any thing like my son you don't want one j/k, he's just bad at times but i luv him to death :rolleyes:


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attempt at episode 8 summary

episode starts right after the cliff hanger where paa raapee pushes khun siraphat's dad. he goes into surgery and khun sirayoot tells off his father saying he deserves this. he hopes his father goes through a lot of pain. next scene is at the house where we find out that the father was actually pretending that he was farely weak. he's able to sit up and the surgery actually did very well for him. (yay *sticks tongue out at paa rapee*)

khun siraphat and khun parunee find out that they have the same birthday, same year except they are one minute apart. khun siraphat is older by a minute! they think that's the reason that she can see him so they suggest that their birthdays are very important! he must wake up on his birthday and his friend who is the doctor also is ready to try another method in waking him up from his coma. ^_^ the lovestory between both couples are doing very well. well the relationship between their friends (reporter and doctor : reporter showing more and more interest in doctor) and khun siraphat and parunee keeps informing each other they love each other. the grimreaper still come after khun siraphat and he's scared he doesn't want to leave. he says he has a family and parunee he doesn't want to leave this world.

paa raapee gets a phone call from her hiredmen that they are on the run from the police. they want her to give them money and the amount was really high! they try to manipulate her if she doesn't give them the money and he gets caught he says he will bring her down too! she freaks out and tells them "we dont' have anything to do with each other anymore".

khun siraphat and khun parunee go to the office to find some paperwork on the new company that paa raapee started. she stole money and forge the father's signature. as paa raapee was leaving they managed to take the paperwork and then paa raapee comes back to the office hears something and notices the paperwork is missing. she doesn't see exactly who it is but she has a gun and starts shooting. no one gets hurt but the paperwork dropped.

meanwhile it's okay because back at the house of khun siraphat the father already had lawyers and the rest of the business investigated. realize that paa raapee forge his signatures and took money.

the sweetest scene you'll have to see between khun siraphat and khun parunee as they embrace each other for the first time yet he's not in his body! he gives her something special! ^_^

paa raapee had pretended she was going to visit friends out of the city but instead she was watching over the house to see what they were doing. she sees that the father can stand up and walk with some help but that there are policeoffers and people from the office there to explain about things. she panics and kidnaps nong pee and demands ransom and that they will drop all of this.

she's in a warehouse and nong pee is tied up. everyone shows up to this warehouse! khun parunee volunteers to give the ransom money to paa raapee. in the midst of everything an argument starts and paa raapee snaps. she said it's all nong pee's fault and aims to shoot nong pee however khun parunee jumps in the aim and gets shot. her soul/spirit comes out then and meets khun siraphat where they also meet the grimreapers. they try to take both of them however they encourage each other to live and to go back to the bodies. you'll see they both love each other very much.

khun siraphat wakes up and khun parunee is in surgery and at a very critcal state. the friend plays the song for khun parunee as she is still sleeping which is also the theme song.

paa raapee went nuts. she's in looney bin at the hospital. and she still hates khun siraphat. end of episode.

i'm so sorry if this was too much. i'm not good with summaries. >_<


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hi there! i've just watched epi 10 through siamvdo.com !!! it's my first episode i've seen of this lakorn! god i didn't know i could coz i don't have channel 3 on my tv..well now i could watch this lakorn through internet, it's so coool!!! i took time to read on comments until this page...it's pretty far (13 pages) the lakorn seems really good...

Mos is so cute in this serie! noon is pretty too....
Mos has chemistry with both noon and amy... i'm wondering what will happen next?

What happen btw ice n aimee? do they have an affair or something? mos seems love aimee so much... poor noon, she's so sad when she sees mos putting on the fiancee ring to aimee...

I think that mos will slowly remember things abt what happen btw him n noon...

This lakorn looks so much like the american movie starring reese witherspoon and... i forgot the main actor name...hehe

i guess the ending will be happy...and that mos will end up with noon...

how many episodes are there? I hope it will not end so soon...coz i'm just coming..hehe


ehh, i'm behind...so did Mos totally forgets who Noon is? yuck, all he remembers is Aimee? :shock: ooooh, poor Noon...hope she can do something about her love to mos :D

anyone care to summarize the latest episode? ^_^


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i juz finished tape 7 and i have 2 wait like another week or 2 b4 i can get the rest...ah! i'm so crazie foe tis lakorn....it's really sad tat Mos doesn't remember Noon @ all...**tears**

but i love Ice in tis lakorn...he acts tough and all evil..but really...deep down he's juz a lilo kid who's scared, lost and lonely...u can so see tis wen Mos finally came out of his coma and Yu wen 2 see Piya and over heard her and her mother talking..& he ran downstairs...first he wuz like swinging his fists everywhere...but then he broke down and cried...**awwwieess**he didn't have a good mother 2 teach him good from wrong..so tat's why i love Ice more than Mos in tis lakorn..ha,ha,ha..& my sistas think i'm crazie tat i like him...but i dun think so...

in the beginning I thought the scenes between Noon & Mos were really boring...they like have nothing going on..i seriously fast forward the scenes...until they started 2 develope feeling..i'm like now we're talkin'!


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I love this lakorn. Just wanted to ask what happened to Noon and why she stay in the hospital in episode 11. Maybe she had some stomach problem. I don't understand Thai that's why I am asking these silly questions....

Love the balloon scene...It was very cute that Mos and his brother did that and flew it up to Noon to see.