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It is funny and weird how Num and Yard are acting together now because that picture of Num holding Yard in his lap is from Payong. I still have the lakorn Payong that Num starred with Kob and Yard was in it. She was so cute when she was little. Anyways I wonder how they feel about acting with eachother.


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wow, yard looks beautiful in a thai traditional dress. i wonder is her n' num gonna be getting engaged or marry



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Yard looks really pretty in the dress. Was it her bday or something? lol. Can't wait for this lakorn cause Num looks FINEEEER than ever.


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Umm... Um... Well, I heard this lakorn will be done filming in about March... When did they start filming? Isn't that a bit too fast o_O??


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they're done?? it was like what? 2-3 months?? that's kinda i was hoping tat they would film it till summer vacation, then i can go watch them act!! 2 of my fav actor and actress!!!


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the opening was on january but maybe they started filming before that.

i hope we do get to see it soon


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
slap/kiss style??? that is translation for MY kind of style, lol! but what is it really about?

ah, Num looks kind of old in the first pic. but still, I love him! he's ever still so handsome!


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yards look gorgeous in here. her wardrobe is nice too. good stylist