Song Rao Nirundon


sarNie Juvenile
I love this lakorn!!! They were awesome together! Their acting was great!! They need to do another lakorn together, definately!


sarNie Adult
I'm barely watching the lakorn at first i didn't like ken but in this lakorn he was good they do have good chemistry i agree they should make another lakorn together


I love this movie..... the ending is soooo sad :( it make me cry too.....


sarNie Hatchling
omg they look so cute together!!!
does anyone have this??? i would luv to watch them...

luv luv aom!!!


sarNie Hatchling
this lakorn looks very good just from looking at the cover...will have to check it out...also ken look ken wear the shirt and tie...very mature...j/k....


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Aw, Aom looks so beautiful, and Ken looks so handsome!!! :wub: Seriously, Ken reminds me of Tik (not beacuse they look alike, but because of their hairstyle and chemistry with Aom!), and it's almost like Tik is reunited with Aom. But Ken and Aom look cute and awesome together. They match each other. All the pics are so pretty! Even the cast. Good, sad lakorn...too bad the ending was sad. :weep: