Which guy matches with Vill better

  • Son Yuk

    Votes: 9 81.8%
  • Thee

    Votes: 2 18.2%

  • Total voters


sarNie Adult
Which Guy do u think match and looks better with Vill; I just put it up since they both been link to Vill in a romantic way, but for my preference, I like Son, he is not only good looking but comes with a package of sex appeal, intelligent, smart and manly, so those qualities r hard to find in Lakorn P'ek today....Good looking inside and outside with sex for Thee, Vill might like him but my vote is 100% with Son;;;

Fanmade MV;


sarNie Egg
I like Vill with Thee but Son is a perfect guy for her too..
Any of Son or Thee, both are perfect for Vill...
That is the benefit when you come with a complete package (beauty & talented).
Vill is so lucky to have both.. :spin: :spin:


sarNie Elites
For me, definitely Son and Wiew! Son is so handsome! I do not find Thee that attractive, honestly...


Staff member

lol.. sadly im bias hehe..

but wiew n thee do look alrite.. but as i stated.. im bias hehe..


sarNie Adult
I am pretty happy most of ur votes r for Son & Vill but now it's up to Vill choice and future destiny who will Vill choose but it might not be neither guy, hehehe
For me Thee just looks more femine and girly looking, Vill & Thee looks like brother and sister than bf/gf;
As for Son & Vill, they just the version of each other, like Vill is the version of female of Son & Son is the version male of Vill so they just compliement each other in looks and intelligent...but as i said it's up Vill who she feels comfortable to be around with and who's she got feelings toward between, high school sweetheart such as Son or close bro/family such as Thee;



sarNie Adult
Love Son & Vill all the way. hope they have lakorn or anything together soon. I guess Thee doesn't have that manly body or height when standing next to Vill so it's make him looks like her brother instead of her bf/gf relationship, just can't picture it because, I love Son more...


sarNie Elites
wow, she looks good with both guys, but it's hard when i've seen her perform with son, and not thee. haha so i'm kind of bias...