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Expired Sarnie
Jeab Chompoo I miss that girl. It seems like she won't be playing nang rai but a supporting role. Anyways not a big fan of Kade nor Benz but definitely Jeab. She needs to reunite with Nam and do a sweet romantic comedy but I doubt so, because Ch7 will ever notice my plead and I am sure there are plenty of Sampope and Yohtaka fans =)


sarNie Adult
another lakorn of kade? always love him, though i watched most of his lakorns only when he plays with noon. i had loved them together. i was so happy when i found out they were dating...imagine how i felt when i found out they broke up. :(

but i'm warming up on him again though. lol.


sarNie Juvenile
benz and kade looking forward with this couple:D