Something About Number 3 Youtube ReadFlix Series

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Hello everyone!

I am inviting all of you to check out our latest project, a Youtube Original ReadFlix Series entitled, "Something About Number 3."

This wasn't supposed to be a fan fiction. An idea came to mind and I really liked the story I had in mind. And when I started writing it, I ran into the trouble of writing the names of the characters. It was taking away that rhythm. It was slowing me down.

And so the idea of using some Thai actresses and actors (for the way they are or how they portrayed their characters in some of their dramas) names came to mind.

Should you watch and follow this youtube series, you should notice character names like Min (from Min Pechaya), Kim (from Kimberley Woltemas), Aya (from Yaya Sperbund), Mik (from Mik Thongraya), Mark (from Mark Prin), and the like.

Check out the latest trailer:

Premieres on January 31, 2020.

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